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Photo ©: Bettini

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Shenandoah Mountain 100 (NUE #7) - NE

Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA, September 1, 2008

2007 Results       Results       NUE Standings

Eatough nabs win but Sornson and women steal the show

By Harlan Price

Cheryl Sornson (Trek / VW) celebrates
Photo ©: Jonathan Bruck
(Click for larger image)

The women's field at the Shenandoah Mountain 100 set a new turnout record for any of the 100 milers in the National Ultra Endurance series. 52 women lined up along with 450 men to start a long day in the saddle. In the end, a record number of women crossed the line to collect their finishers' pint glasses. Cheryl Sornson (Trek VW East) took the top honor in the women's class on a course dampened by a rain storm the night before.

It was a win Sornson never expected, but by this point she is used to achieving more than she has hoped. "Getting back into racing was a long shot and a tough undertaking. I am fascinated at what I can do with my mind and body at this point in my life," said Sornson after being asked about her season and first place standing in the series.

In the early 90s Sornson raced as a professional but eventually put aside the racing to pursue motherhood and a career as a guidance counselor. With school back in session, the last couple of weeks have been difficult for training for many of the women racers. Second place finisher Trish Stevenson (IFracing.org) also found herself juggling the books, a couple of jobs and training. In general, the women's field has few professional racers who are able to make a living racing without having a full time job to support themselves. Race promoter Chris Scott pays the women and men equally in an attempt to recognize the women's dedication.

Saturday night rains promised a shift in tactics for technically inclined racers looking to take advantage of slicker rocks in the Shenandoah Valley, while those weak in the rocks were going to have to step up their climbing game to put the pressure on where they could. Each tactician had plenty of opportunity to implement their know-how with 14,000 feet of climbing and 15 minute descents ahead.

True to form, Betsy Shogren (Sobe Cannondale) launched herself up the first three climbs and built a padded lead by the time she reached the top of Hankey Mountain. Sornson and Stevenson were content to sit back and wait, with the knowledge that it was Shogren's first SM100, and they were willing to see how much the inexperience would play into her race.

Cheryl Sornson
Photo ©: J.R. Petsko
(Click for larger image)

On the Dowell's Draft descent off the backside of the one-hour climb up Hankey Mountain, Sornson got nailed between the eyes with a bee sting just before the two passed Shogren, who was putting the finishing touches on a flat fix. Aware that she wouldn't be far behind, the two women pushed it to aid station three where Stevenson managed to get out first and Sornson only lagged slightly back despite the sting.

On the five-mile pavement section to the start of the next 45 minute climb to the screaming Braley Pond descent, Sornson caught a wheel for a pull and when she looked back Stevenson was out of sight. Now in first place, she put her head down and let her legs do the talking.

Stevenson pushed on and despite having only ridden once since the Fool's Gold 100 race two weeks prior, was able to hold on to second only 11 minutes down. Shogren fell to the fate of a second flat and ended the race in third with 36 minutes behind.

Velo Bella rider Johanna Kraus took almost a half hour off her time from last year and came in with a SM100 best of fourth place. Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/ Sutter Home) rounded out the top five 11 minutes behind Kraus.

In the end, Sornson was overwhelmed with her win amongst such a huge field of women and was flowing with compliments for the race and the promoter. "It was a great race once again by Chris Scott. I like to do his races. The aid stations are always so helpful and I never have to worry about getting what I need at them. The venue is great and there is always plenty of food, drink and good people."

Eatough gets one

Chris Eatough (Trek / VW) is all business
Photo ©: Jonathan Bruck
(Click for larger image)

After a 2007 NUE series without a loss [excepting the SM100 in 2008 during which Chris Eatough pulled out due to a mechanical - ed.], it had to be a little disconcerting for last year's series winner to get through four races and not have a win to show for it.

Was it a superhuman team-mate or a slow start to the season punctuated by a house move and a baby? Either way, the questions can be put to the side after this weekend's race in which Eatough (Trek VW) got back to familiar territory in the land of podiums.

Though he has no chance to win the series, since team-mate Jeff Schalk (Trek VW East) has that locked down, Eatough knows that when he is on there is very little anyone else can do to pull him down. His win tenuously places him in second overall for the series, just a sliver of a point ahead of Evan Plews (Scott/ Captiol Subaru), thereby forcing a final show down at the last race of the NUE series in Tahoe this coming weekend. Eatough has to beat Plews to put Trek one and two on the overall podium.

A recently seperated shoulder and a long season of being on form early were most likely the key ingredients to Schalk's third place finish behind Eatough and perennial threat Sam Koerber (Gary Fisher 29er Crew). The one and two finishers are both showing that a late season push is worth the wait.

From the start out the Stokesville campground, the 500 riders pushed to get position for the opening singletrack on Narrow Back mountain. Koerber squeezed into the wet rock chute first, past the radio tower on top of the ridge with Eatough following close behind and Schalk running third.

"I figured that Jeff was the guy to beat, I knew he wasn't comfortable in wet singletrack. If I could put the pressure on he would wear himself out," said Koerber, whose technical trail skills are dazzling to most. Few on the course would be able to match his get-away skills in the rocks, but the one person capable was Eatough who stuck his wheel to the bottom of the first descent.

Fighting to stay in the top ten
Photo ©: J.R. Petsko
(Click for larger image)

With a small gap the two worked together to close the door. On the gravel and road section leading up to the steep and rocky Lynn Trail, Schalk and a group including Chris Beck (Gary Fisher 29er Crew) and Michael Simonson (Trek VW Midwest) managed to catch the two riders at the bottom. On the climb before the Wolf Trail descent Schalk joined the two to the top while they dropped all others. The three stayed together through aid station two and up the hour-long climb to the top of Hankey mountain. Schalk began to show cracks in his game as Koerber was establishing a stiff ride to the summit.

"Sam was setting a good pace up Hankey. I was happy to follow," said Eatough. "I was worried about Jeff on the nontechnical climb. I realized Jeff was on the limit a bit and when Sam and I sprinted to get into singletrack first, we gapped Jeff, " said Eatough about the decisive moment for dropping Schalk.

Koerber had the lead into the off-camber, sometimes rocky, sometimes buff eight minute descent to aid station three. "We got a big gap on the downhill. We were just flying," said Koerber. "Jeff was just gone, we must have gotten a minute on him. At the next feed station, Chris was like this is it."

Ahead of the rest of the field, the two were working alone on the road to the Mountain House climb, while Schalk was left to ride solo. On the next climb Eatough upped the pace and managed to get a 20 second gap on Koerber, but lost that advantage on the next downhill into aid station four and the half way point. Still looming ahead on the course was the 25 mile section between aid stations four and five where the course rolls on a false flat climb for about 18 miles before shooting skyward for six miles to aid station five.

A couple miles away from aid station four, Koerber turned a minute climb into a wall and fell off of the pace being set by Eatough. Motivated by a receding Koerber, the Trek Factory rider took his yet to be released 2009 Trek Top Fuel 9.9 to the finish in a solo run for the podium. A small flat on the Chestnut Trail descent was quickly remedied with a burst of C02 and the tubeless sealant held for the rest of the race.

Chris Eatough trying to pop the bubbly
Photo ©: J.R. Petsko
(Click for larger image)

Despite his drop from the pace, Koerber managed to make it to aid station five and refuel with some fresh water. That was all the pickup he needed to stay steady for the remainder miles and crossed the line 11 minutes behind Eatough. Schalk kept his head up and finished in third without knowing that Beck was hot on his heels and only a minute behind at the finish line.

It's difficult enough to get splits on the course to people ahead of you, and pretty rare to ever know how close someone is behind. Beck who had crashed earlier and broke a front brake lever off had his own late race dilemma when Aaron Oaks (Bull Dog Campmor) saddled up next to him on the death march section between aid stations four and five.

"I was caught by Aaron on the flatest most open section just before the climb up to aid five," said Beck. "We rode together to the aid station. I took two bottles and kept going. I hit it hard, and tried to get him on those hard grindy climbs. I don't think Aaron understands how quickly we get in and out of the aid stations in these races." said Beck. That tactical effort positioned him for a fourth place on the day while Oaks came in for a fifth, just three minutes back.

Shogren #2 takes first in men's singlespeed

Gunnar Shogren over the top of Soul Crusher
Photo ©: J.R. Petsko
(Click for larger image)

Gunner Shogren (Sobe / Cannondale) grabbed the lead early amongst the singlespeeders and showed a field of 74 men what a man with a cane can do. His younger statesman, Chris McGill (WV 29er Crew), was barely in the rears on an average of one minute per 10 miles, while Charlotte, North Carolina phenomena Rich Dillen (Team Dicky), spent his time blowing hot breath on McGill's neck, but wasn't able to turn the legs faster to overcome his eight second deficit in the end.

Pennsylvania resident Mathew Ferrari (Mt Nittany Wheelworks) had to do battle with the recent winner of the 2008 Single Speed World championships facial hair contest Topher Valenti (Bikesport). His efforts netted him a fourth place overall and relegated Valenti to fifth.

Women's singlepeed won by Tomaszewski

Rebecca Tomaszewski (Wake Racing) won the women's singlespeed division ahead of Reenie Greene.

Master Division's Turner dominates

Master men podium
Photo ©: J.R. Petsko
(Click for larger image)

Greg Turner (RBM/Velo VooDoo) really left no room for guessing who was the strong man on the course this year by keeping everyone on his class at least an hour and twenty minutes off his wheel.

John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE) proved that their was room between the one-two duo of Turner and Scott Root (Dirty Harrys Bikes/Nimmo Chiropractic), and forced Root to stay on his game as the two came across the line only three minutes behind. Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication) scooted across the line in a respectable fourth place while James Merton Wilson (Human Zoom Pabst Blue Ribbon) rounded out the top five.

Tahoe-Sierra Last Stop on the 2008 NUE series tour

This weekend the Tahoe Sierra 100 will mark the end of the 2008 NUE series. Look for some of the stiffest competition to show as every winner of the men's 2008 NUE series races. Jeremiah Bishop will be coming from two weeks at high elevation in Brian Head, Utah. Josh Tostado is driving out from Breckenridge, Colorado. Schalk and Eatough are trekking from the East, as well as Harlan Price, who will be returning to his first race since fracturing his wrist a month ago. Evan Plews, who has been absent from the hundred milers since Lumberjack, plans to attend. A US$2,500 for first place will be sure to pull a couple more heavy hitters to the line-up.

The women's field will have fewer of the top women, but Sornson has committed, and the rest are yet to be heard from.

Though the top overall spots are filled, there are still some battles for second and third overall positions in the series. Chris Eatough will have to keep Evan Plews behind him by the finish line to keep his small lead for second place. The men's singlespeed class now features a tie between Fuzzy John Myline and Chris McGill. All ties will be decided at the final race.


For a thumbnail gallery of these images, click here

Images by Jonathan Bruck

Images by J. R. Petsko / www.wvmba.com


Open men

1 Chris Eatough (Trek Volkswagen)                                     7.14.19
2 Sam Koerber (Gary Fisher 29er crew)                                   12.36
3 Jeff Schalk (Trek VW East)                                            23.06
4 Chris Beck (Gary Fisher / Joe's Bike Shop)                            24.46
5 Aaron Oaks (Bulldog/Campmor)                                          27.32
6 Michael Simonson (Trek/VW)                                            45.01
7 Greg Kuhn (Team Fraser)                                               45.02
8 Garth Prosser (Sobe Canndale)                                         49.35
9 Jens Nielsen (Sport Systems MTC)                                      53.11
10 Mike Blewitt (Cranks Bikeshop, North Sydney)                         56.48
11 Blair Saunders (Henrys)                                            1.11.30
12 Andy Gorski (Speedgoat/SPK/Salsa)                                  1.15.04
13 Charlie Storm (Inland Construction)                                1.18.39
14 Jamie Huber (Sicklers/Twin 6)                                      1.25.16
15 Morgan Olsson (GVC / Cycles de Oro)                                1.26.16
16 Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)                                         1.28.26
17 Ryan Fawley (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)                          1.29.12
18 Rich O'Neil (Giant Bicycle)                                        1.29.58
19 Joseph Dombrowski (Haymarket Bicycles p/b Function Drinks)         1.31.04
20 Roger Masse (Trek VW East)                                         1.34.24
21 Joshua West (BIKEMAN.com)                                          1.37.53
22 Bob Koerber (sam's garage)                                         1.40.03
23 Ryan McKinney (Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo)                 1.41.02
24 Tony Browntown (Team YeRenOA.com / Shenandoah Mountain Touring)    1.44.16
25 Chris Strout (World Bicycle Relief)                                1.46.29
26 Brad Majors (World Bicycle Relief)                                 1.46.32
27 Adam Stepanovic (Accepting Interesting Offers)                     1.48.54
28 Chris Goddard (Fraser Bicycle)                                     1.49.34
29 Ed Moreadith (Atlanta Pro Bikes)                                   1.51.11
30 Peter Schildt (Engin)                                              1.51.14
31 Aran Cacciola (Boone Bike n Touring)                               1.52.07
32 Stephen Cummings (Indiana Regional Medical Center)                 1.56.26
33 Paul Buschi (Giro D' Ville)                                        1.56.37
34 Robert Herriman (Wolverine/American Cycle & Fitness)               1.58.06
35 Dan Dunbar (Feedback Sports)                                       1.58.37
36 Morgan Miller (WV Nightclub/WV 29'er)                              2.00.29
37 David Olsen (Gripped Films Kenda Racing (GFK))                     2.02.17
38 Dennis Baldwin (Ellicottville Bike Shop)                           2.04.27
39 Tim Collins (D and Q Racing)                                       2.05.39
40 Peter Hufnagel (Nature's Path--Bike Stop)                          2.06.47
41 Mark Senkowski                                                     2.06.51
42 Robert Anderson (Plum Grove Cyclery)                               2.07.14
43 Jimmy McMillan (Giant Bicycle - Richmond MORE)                     2.07.22
44 Steven Viers (Pedalshop - Old Dominion Brewing Co.)                2.07.26
45 Colby Waller (NCVC/Iva Health)                                     2.08.59
46 Alistair Siebert (NYCMTB-Peak Bikes)                               2.11.24
47 Evan Ellicott (Bike Doctor)                                        2.13.05
48 Eric Russell (Clif Bar)                                            2.16.27
49 Dan LaRocque (Endorphin Fitness)                                   2.19.30
50 Matthew Lee (Sobe Canndale)                                        2.20.26
51 Andy Wiedrich (WV Nightclub Contingent)                            2.23.23
52 Darrell Prillaman (Boone Bike n Touring)                           2.25.14
53 Shawn Tevendale (Trek VW/ Bike Factory Racing)                     2.26.35
54 David Tevendale (Bike Factory Racing)                              2.26.36
55 Joe Fish (Roweletts / Design Physics)                              2.27.00
56 Kyle Lawrence (Shenandoah Bicycle Co./Gary Fisher JV)              2.28.16
57 Dan Sypniewski (Team Fraser)                                       2.30.53
58 Jonathan Posner (GFK Racing)                                       2.31.39
59 Jason Hilimire (Gary Fisher 29er Crew/Geneva Bicycle)              2.31.42
60 Eric Welp (DCMTB/City Bikes)                                       2.33.00
61 Dennis Helton (Bio Wheels - Asheville)                             2.34.25
62 Calvin Cheung (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)                       2.35.13
63 Neil Jacobs (cycles de oro / GVC)                                  2.35.58
64 Eric Krause (Bio Wheels - Asheville)                               2.38.23
65 Jeff Bahnson (Secret Henry's Team)                                 2.39.03
66 Chris Scott (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)                          2.39.37
67 Jeffrey Traasdahl (Race Day Designs)                               2.42.55
68 Brian Shernce (Team Bulldog / Campmor)                             2.42.58
69 Eric McKeegan (Dirt Rag Magazine)                                  2.46.08
70 David Bozak (Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo)                   2.46.34
71 Mike Buchness (Pedal Shop)                                         2.50.34
72 Michael Runnals (Unattached)                                       2.52.28
73 Jason Berry (Gripped Films Kenda Racing (GFK))                     2.53.03
74 Chris Pic (Blue Competition Cycles)                                2.53.23
75 Philip Wright (Ather Try)                                          2.53.32
76 Derek Dotson (Highland's Ski House)                                2.54.21
77 Chris LaPlante (team E.S.P. Auto)                                  2.54.34
78 Freshman Dan (Team Green)                                          2.57.23
79 Brian Lennon (CAMBA / Bike Authority)                              2.59.03
80 Neil Popovich (Bobs-Photogallery.com)                              2.59.09
81 Wade Newell (Team Trip)                                            2.59.44
82 Wayne Stone (lobo pace)                                            2.59.48
83 Chris Nystrom (C3-Sollay.com !)                                    3.00.11
84 Evan Riley                                                         3.00.53
85 Tyler Van Rensselaer (Endorphin Fitness)                           3.01.01
86 Chase Lyne (JMU CYCLING)                                           3.01.43
87 Kent Baake (Citybikes/Continuum Energy)                            3.03.27
88 Nick Pence (Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition)                   3.04.14
89 Matthew Donahue (DCMTB City Bikes)                                 3.06.05
90 Dan Orzell (Benidorm Bikes)                                        3.07.18
91 David "Lee" Hauber (Clarksville Schwinn)                           3.07.44
92 Tom Brockman (Clarksville Schwinn)                                 3.07.47
93 Paul Mica (NCVC/INOVA Health)                                      3.09.45
94 Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle & Sport)                             3.11.21
95 Christian Quinn (Team Green)                                       3.13.15
96 David Parsons-Foresi (PULA)                                               
97 Roberts Moore (Canndale)                                           3.15.13
98 Ian Spivack (pilar and lucas)                                      3.15.29
99 Mike Klasmeier (DCMTB/City Bikes)                                  3.15.48
100 Andy Kinley (Bear Stearns)                                        3.16.24
101 Andrew Blatecky (JV Squad)                                        3.16.39
102 Henry Loving (ENDORPHIN FITNESS)                                  3.17.40
103 David Cornelius (JRVS/Casey Auto)                                 3.21.30
104 Matthew Day (Fooftown)                                            3.21.47
105 Alex Kopko (Independent Fabrication)                              3.22.04
106 Brent Lester (Paceline Bicycles)                                  3.22.47
107 Jon Rittling (Endorphin Fitness)                                  3.23.58
108 Todd Henson (Queen City Wheels)                                   3.25.02
109 Ryan Heerschap (Team Bulldog/Campmor)                             3.25.08
110 Daniel Sluzas (Specialized)                                       3.26.46
111 Thomas Gillespie (Altius Family & Sports Medicine)                3.26.49
112 Greg Garrison (Me)                                                3.27.24
113 Andy Rhodes (Rhodes Speciality Services)                          3.28.38
114 Ronny Angell (Odyssey Adventure Racing)                           3.31.05
115 Mikeal' Brown (BioWheels)                                         3.31.29
116 Shane Cusick (designforum - landscape architects)                 3.31.31
117 Jeff Plassman (Optimal Solutions Physical Therapy)                3.32.08
118 Gary Morris (GMO)                                                 3.33.29
119 Richard Frye (UNC Cycling)                                        3.36.03
120 Jason Willis (Blackwater Bike Shop)                               3.37.33
121 Matt Smith (Wilderness Voyagers)                                  3.37.35
122 Kirby Walke (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)                         3.37.36
123 Scott Davis (Thursday's Child)                                    3.38.01
124 Jason Walder (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                         3.38.59
125 Doug Milliken (ABRT/Latitude)                                     3.40.54
126 Michael Stoll                                                     3.40.58
127 Wes Jones (canndale midwest racing)                               3.41.02
128 Jay Cullen (Endorphin Fitness)                                    3.43.29
129 Van Phillips (Bikes Unlimited)                                    3.44.21
130 Al Yoon (GFK Racing)                                              3.44.36
131 Ken Tankersley (Bike Factory Racing)                              3.44.46
132 Matt Reish (Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition)                  3.47.02
133 Ian Herring (Team Moonstomper)                                    3.47.14
134 Matt Thompson (Secret Henry's/TwinSix)                            3.47.44
135 Dariusz Maciag                                                    3.47.45
136 Jarred Musser (Barry's Public House)                              3.48.18
137 Brent Goldstein (First Descents)                                  3.49.10
138 Robbie Bruce (Blackwater Bike Shop)                               3.50.09
139 Scott Miller (Team Saddleblock)                                   3.50.52
140 David Sanders (Cycle Therapy/Team Saddleblock)                    3.50.54
141 Rob Brawley (Blue Sky)                                            3.51.38
142 Kevin Horvath (WWW.757.CX)                                        3.52.56
143 Lance Pope (NA)                                                   3.53.13
144 James Pennington (Pauls Cycling and Fitness)                      3.53.28
145 Chip Waite                                                        3.54.13
146 Pat Wallace (Ellicottville Bike Shop)                             3.56.16
147 Kyle Rodland (Charlottesville Racing Club)                        3.56.33
148 Jonathan Kersting (West Liberty Cycles)                           3.56.36
149 Jason Campbell (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                           3.56.50
150 Chad Rathbone (Broad Street Hooligans)                            3.58.05
151 Kevin Crossin (Oasis Bike Works)                                  3.58.07
152 Jake Davidson (Intense/Bean's/Ergon/Crank Bros/Evomo)             3.58.55
153 Jef Williams (The Bicycle Chain)                                  3.59.07
154 Kevin Cox                                                         3.59.15
155 Eric Sauer (GVC/Cycles de Oro)                                    3.59.20
156 Pete Dzirkalis (justridingalong.net)                              4.00.06
157 Douglas Pepelko (Applied Security Inc)                            4.01.13
158 Jody Bailey (My lovely wife)                                      4.01.54
159 Keith Jackson (Team)                                              4.02.09
160 Scott Pleban                                                      4.03.00
161 Grant Hammons (Team Dave)                                         4.03.53
162 Davy Hazlegrove (Blackwater Bike Shop)                            4.04.18
163 Kevin Diamond (Race Pace Bicycles)                                4.05.13
164 James Burris (Black Dog Bikes)                                    4.05.39
165 Jon Gerst (Team Moonstomper)                                      4.06.15
166 Peter Kennedy (C3-Sollay.com)                                     4.07.40
167 Nathan Mirus (BioWheels Cincinnati)                               4.08.24
168 Albert Ciesielka (aroundnj.com)                                   4.08.43
169 Gregory Morrison (Chain Gang)                                     4.10.41
170 Martin Kozera (sweetsingletrack.com)                              4.11.20
171 Alex Kurland (FoofTown)                                           4.11.56
172 Ben Brown (Moon Stomper)                                          4.11.59
173 Kevin Wetzel (Triple Lung-R Martin Builders)                      4.14.12
174 Blair Hill (The BGH Group)                                        4.15.17
175 Todd Grean                                                        4.17.10
176 Dennis Throckmorton (Team Rowlett's / Design Physics)             4.17.33
177 Nick Kruczynski                                                   4.18.09
178 Robert Thomas (Secret Henry's Team)                                      
179 Jason Hopkins (Rowletts/Design Physics)                           4.18.39
180 Eric Brooks (Team Cheese-Sea)                                     4.19.18
181 Marco Deshaies (Athens Bicycle)                                   4.19.49
182 Ben Reisse (Race Pace Bicycles)                                   4.22.23
183 Dale Witt (IC3)                                                   4.23.24
184 Hans Schmidtl (Whistle Stop Bike Shop)                            4.27.21
185 Steve Schumaker (SS & MS)                                         4.29.52
186 Brad Jacobs (Team Saddleblock/Paceline)                           4.35.22
187 Alex Viorst (My Family)                                           4.36.12
188 Justin Steiner (Dirt Rag Magazine)                                4.36.32
189 Robert Maye (Bike Beat)                                           4.36.47
190 Roger Sattler (Rowletts/Design Physics)                           4.37.20
191 Bruce Torrence (Team Ashland)                                     4.37.41
192 Blake Sorg (tritown bicycles)                                     4.39.11
193 Nathan Whitacre                                                   4.39.46
194 Bradley Ungurait (No.)                                            4.40.06
195 Markley Anderson (Team Crank)                                     4.41.26
196 Mike Davis (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                           4.42.42
197 Hamid Hariri (Gripped Films - Kenda)                              4.43.53
198 David Satira (JRVS/Casey Auto Group)                              4.44.13
199 Matthew Panas                                                     4.44.49
200 Paul Sullivan (Team Moonstomper)                                  4.48.10
201 Matt Schumaker (SS & MS)                                          4.49.35
202 Zoltan Buki (HPC-LIST)                                            4.50.10
203 Ray Harmer (Team Elise)                                           4.51.19
204 Jonathan Ritchie (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)                    4.51.29
205 Blair Harris                                                      4.51.31
206 Paul Panetta                                                      4.52.06
207 Mark Stahl (SEAVS Racing)                                         4.53.46
208 Scott Stahl (SEAVS RACING)                                               
209 Steven Tetreault                                                  4.54.44
210 Mike Fornecker (Just for Men)                                     4.55.16
211 Kenneth Nelson (Saddleblock)                                      4.55.47
212 Jason Hiser (Bike Factory Racing)                                 4.59.23
213 Doug Schmidt (Team Terre Haute)                                   5.02.26
214 Joseph Grimes (Columbus Bike Racing)                              5.04.53
215 Doug Tolbert (Team Odin)                                          5.06.30
216 Nick Pejeau (Columbus, IN - Bicycle Station)                      5.07.12
217 Todd Bayliss (Pedal Shop / ODBC)                                  5.11.37
218 Brian Spring (MTB Mind)                                           5.12.13
219 Dave Nelson                                                       5.13.02
220 David Henrickson (Warrenton Cycling Center)                       5.13.59
221 Paul Leeger (YEREN ASR)                                           5.14.08
222 Russ Adams                                                        5.14.11
223 Deitrich Wiegman (Gripped Films Kenda Racing (GFK))               5.15.42
224 Tim Nielsen (SunGard)                                             5.15.52
225 Erik Gruner (Team Gruner)                                         5.17.00
226 Matt Lough (Cisco Systems)                                        5.19.42
227 Bobby Hall (Casey Auto Group/JRVS)                                5.19.46
228 Ted Evans (tedevansrealestate.com)                                5.20.21
229 Josh Lewis                                                        5.22.05
230 Jeremy Kinsell (Spokes Etc./ Edwincycles.com)                     5.22.24
231 Justin Tweedie (Kerw)                                             5.23.29
232 Jeff Olson (Wife and Kids)                                        5.24.48
233 Kirk Felton (-)                                                   5.27.49
234 Michael Manning                                                   5.33.51
235 Travis Blalock (Wife and Kids)                                    5.36.47
236 Richard Chittick (Richmond MORE)                                  5.37.46
237 Darren Bernard (Haymarket Bicycles P/B Function Drinks)           5.38.01
238 James Elliott (YeRen ASR/Virginia Off Road Series)                5.38.04
239 Aaron Burk (Athens Bicycle)                                       5.38.50
240 JJ Foley (DCMTB/City Bikes)                                       5.38.54
241 Steven Sullivan                                                   5.43.02
242 Matthew Comer (Team MWC)                                          5.51.35
243 Dan Schmiesing (StandardAero)                                     5.51.39
244 Rob Riddell (West Liberty Cycles)                                 5.59.58
245 David Doyle (wavywaves.com)                                       6.01.35
246 Thomas Waniewski (High Roads)                                     6.01.56
247 Randy Chandler                                                    6.03.29
248 Tim Stelzig (unaffiliated)                                        6.04.53
249 Jack Leetum (Shenandoah Bicycle Co.)                              6.07.50
250 Mike Dant (Team Adventure Family)                                 6.12.57
251 David Zwerg (Transition Bikes)                                    6.17.47
252 Richard Wiegert (Global Services Corp./JSOMTC)                    6.21.16
253 Adam Caldwell (Team Eltoreo)                                      6.23.31
254 Larry Wood (LTD Management)                                       6.24.17
255 Mark Thomson (Mark Thomson)                                       6.24.19
256 Phillip Burgess (SCO/Bike Zoo)                                    6.25.08
257 Kevin Brown (Trips for Kids)                                      6.25.10
258 Tim Sharff (Cycles Ed Ashland, Virginia)                          6.26.26
259 Travis Williams (T6-Yellow Helmutt-Richmond Brownies)             6.27.44
260 Swamper (Independent Fabrication / Real Courier)                  6.36.41
261 Ralph Oppermann (Team AFD)                                        6.38.42
262 Angus Mackenzie (Frame Repairs R US)                              6.38.44
263 Brandon Vincent (PedalShop/ODBC)                                  6.38.46
264 Jae Choi (NYCMTB-PEAK Bikes)                                      6.45.19
265 Paul Croft (JRVS/Casey Auto Group)                                6.46.57
266 David Welty (Blue Ridge School)                                   6.56.08
267 Steve Bourque (Log Posse Racing)                                  6.57.48
268 Jason Heller (Shendao Clinic)                                     6.58.00
269 Kirk Jansen (Zior)                                                6.59.42
270 Matt Clark (Odyssey Adventure Racing)                             7.07.08
271 Dan Oats (JV Squad)                                               7.09.32
272 Alexander Castro (Spokes Etc.)                                    7.10.41
273 Sean Sharff (Cycles Ed Ashland, Virginia)                         7.11.49
274 Gary Cadelina (LUCBAN)                                            7.12.23
275 Robert Cragg (http://smugglersound.blogspot.com/)                 7.13.11
276 Ben Reeder (LoweRiders)                                           7.15.41
277 David Zuk (Team TFK)                                              7.24.44
278 Thomas McKenzie (Cornerspeed.net)                                 7.24.48
279 Mark Veerman (Team beer gut)                                      7.26.29
280 Tom Walsh (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                            7.26.31
281 Daniel Rapp                                                       7.29.23
282 Raymond Velez (wife and dogs)                                     7.35.53
283 Brian Findley (EVMA old school)                                   7.35.55
284 Roberto Galindo (GCG)                                             7.42.26
285 Lloyd Barnett (Dynasis)                                           7.42.28
286 Robert Honaker (Log Posse Racing)                                 7.53.21
287 Chris Crowley (Bicycle Michaels, NOLA...FC SAPC)                  8.01.50
288 Brad Showalter (Ford's Mama)                                      8.06.38
289 Phil LoVerde (LoVerde LLC)                                               
290 Peter Rajcani (Triangle Cyclopaths / TORC)                        8.27.33
291 Luke Tabor                                                        8.43.13
DNF Al Inigo (fooftown/giro d'ville)                                         
DNF Benjamin Carten (Herndon Street Racing)                                  
DNF Bill McGovern (Pure Foods/Halters Cycles)                                
DNF Brandon Reynolds (Team Sensamelia)                                       
DNF Carlo Alfano (Team To da Moon!)                                          
DNF Charlie Bowman (Bowman Landscaping)                                      
DNF Chris James (MORE)                                                       
DNF Christian Spang (Team Water on Mars)                                     
DNF Cody Alvarez (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                                
DNF Dan Fudala (Shit Happens)                                                
DNF David Snapp (mhe & wonder twins)                                         
DNF Dean Freeman                                                             
DNF Dennis Albright (PDI)                                                    
DNF Drew Sandberg (PDI)                                                      
DNF Frank Mayer (2 Boys, 2 Dogs, a Girl, & the Wife.)                        
DNF Gregory Norman                                                           
DNF Jason Harris (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                                
DNF Jay Dicharry                                                             
DNF Jeff Hackett (El Gringo racing)                                          
DNF Joey Boyle (Athens Bicycle)                                              
DNF Kieron Joy                                                               
DNF Mario Esposito (good fellas)                                             
DNF Mark Timberlake (Hunt Enterprises)                                       
DNF Marty Lamp (Team R Martin Builders)                                      
DNF Matt Linderman (N/A)                                                     
DNF Matthew Bailey (lapse in judgement)                                      
DNF Matthew Burks                                                            
DNF Mike Blankenship (C & H Hearts Racing Club)                              
DNF Mike Lang (Recessive Gene's Cycle Shop)                                  
DNF Mike Philipsack (PDI)                                                    
DNF Mike Phillips (The Beav)                                                 
DNF Nathan Allen (├śme├▒)                                                    
DNF Nick Pendleton (Unattached)                                              
DNF Paul Arsenault (Summit Physical Therapy)                                 
DNF Peter Fraker (Plum Grove Cyclery)                                        
DNF Rick Webb (Baltimore Bush Doctors)                                       
DNF Roberto Pareja (Team Pareja)                                             
DNF Ryan Knopf (Candale Midwest Racing)                                      
DNF Scott Mcahren (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                               
DNF Seth Heerschap (Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition)                     
DNF Shayne Smith (Los Locos)                                                 
DNF Simon Thrush (Arqiva Inc)                                                
DNF Steven Capace (Not for Sale)                                             
DNF Steven Hoover (Trek VW East)                                             
DNF Than White (Shenandoah Bicycle Co.)                                      
DNF Tim Dougherty (Sobe Canndale)                                            
DNF Twingo Wahba (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                                
DNS Bill Scoggins (Karen,Katie,Nick)                                         
DNS Brian Furtaw (PDI)                                                       
DNS Christopher Burgess (Team XXX Country)                                   
DNS Dave Vannier (DCMTB/City Bikes)                                          
DNS David Wotton (Team Lucky Green)                                          
DNS Eamonn Lanigan (Team Booty Patrol)                                       
DNS Greg Schuster (Me, Myself, and I)                                        
DNS Greg Thomas (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                                 
DNS Jeffrey Carter (Mafia Racing)                                            
DNS Joe Gore (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                                        
DNS John Gray (Virginia Beach Wheelmen)                                      
DNS Jon Gdowik (Trek VW East)                                                
DNS Justin Wagner (SVBC)                                                     
DNS Kirk Hill (Manatee Racing)                                               
DNS Mark Lattanzi (Odyssey Adventure Racing)                                 
DNS Michael Koch (Trysports)                                                 
DNS Michael Nicolini                                                         
DNS Michael Penosky                                                          
DNS Mike Carpenter (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)                             
DNS Mike Hirn (Serena and Kids)                                              
DNS Paul Zimmerman (W.A.N.)                                                  
DNS Raymond Crew (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                                    
DNS Robin Oscar (Scenic City Velo)                                           
DNS Seth Rafie (Conte's Bicycles Arlington)                                  
DNS Stefan Schwarzkopf (Comet)                                               
DNS Steve Weyl (team dawg)                                                   
DNS Will Delker (WEAPON OF MODERATE DESTRUCTION)                             
Open women

1 Cheryl Sornson (Trek VW East)                                       9.08.14
2 Trish Stevenson (Independent Fabrication)                             11.28
3 Betsy Shogren (Sobe Canndale)                                         35.59
4 Johanna Kraus (Velo Bella)                                            48.57
5 Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/ Sutter Home)                                 59.21
6 Tanya Nestvogel (Vantaggio/Specialized)                             1.07.16
7 Anina Aaron (C & H Heart's Racing Club)                             1.16.39
8 Christine Putnam (Ken's Bike Shop/ Heart's)                         1.29.31
9 Lauri Webber (Secret Henry's Team)                                  1.45.54
10 Alisha Lion (Studio7Multisport)                                    1.49.13
11 Laura Winberry (Campmor)                                           1.50.42
12 Denelle Grant (Bike Factory Raing)                                 2.04.41
13 Rebecca Van Dyke (Specialized D4W Demo)                            2.07.58
14 Laureen Coffelt (RB's CYCLERY)                                     2.25.57
15 Anna Kelso (DCMTB/City Bikes)                                      2.27.17
16 Karen Moody (Sorella Cycling/ BVM Engineering)                     2.29.22
17 Tracy Posner (Velosophy)                                           2.48.10
18 Liz Notter (The Bike Lane)                                         2.50.50
19 Misty Tilson (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)                         3.08.27
20 Christy Tankersley (Bike Factory Racing)                           3.28.44
21 Lisa Vible (C3-Sollay.com)                                         3.40.37
22 Ellen Reynolds (myself)                                            3.43.06
23 Sandy Metzger (Me)                                                 4.18.33
24 Julie Setliff (Blackwater Bike Shop)                               4.18.34
25 Melanie Nystrom (T & G's Mom)                                      4.33.24
26 Francine Rapp (YeRen)                                              4.38.27
27 Anet Lamberson (Zanet)                                             4.40.30
28 Becky Bafford (The Bicycle Escape/Single Speed Outlaw)             4.43.25
29 Joy Ferenbaugh (Team SARJ)                                         4.51.26
30 Whitney March (Shenandoah Bicycle Co.)                             5.15.37
31 Mary Carson                                                        5.22.09
32 Susan Lowley (Team SARJ)                                           5.54.10
33 Blair Anderson (Plum Grove Cyclery)                                5.57.00
34 Lindsay Bayer (LP Racing)                                          5.59.29
35 Rachael Finley (Team SARJ)                                         6.06.54
36 Dawn Kaczor (mtbmind.com)                                          6.13.15
37 Kelly Hazlegrove (Blackwater Bike Shop)                            6.16.39
38 Stacia Brooks (MORE)                                               6.22.38
39 Annie O' Tabor                                                     6.49.16
40 Gillian Parsons (The Peddler)                                      6.51.04
DNF Amy Tice (Team SARJ)                                                     
DNF Deborah Elliott (Hincapie/Coca-Cola p/b Barkley)                         
DNF Hollie Flynn (Odyssey Adventure Racing)                                  
DNF Jennifer Barden (Team Cougar)                                            
DNF Julie Urlaub (Team Bikesport)                                            
DNF Karen Potter (MTBMIND.COM)                                               
DNF Kat Hansen (Pedal Shop)                                                  
DNF Kristin Eddy (Team Clean n' Green)                                       
DNF Michele Co (Bike Factory Racing)                                         
DNF Nicky Fleisher (Log Posse Racing)                                        
DNS Cricket Butler (Bicycle Sport)                                           
DNS Elizabeth Vollmer (Mafia Racing)                                         
DNS Jennifer Kegel (W.A.N.)                                                  
DNS Lindsay Rodkey (Velo Bella - Kona)                                       
DNF Jennifer Leister                                                       

Men Singlespeed

1 Gunnar Shogren (Sobe Cannondale)                                 8912.33.30
2 Chris McGill (WV29er Cannondale)                                       9.56
3 Rich Dillen (Team Dicky)                                              10.04
4 Matthew Ferrari (Mt Nittany Wheeworks)                                16.46
5 Topher Valenti (Bikesport)                                            20.07
6 Dave Yacobelli (Chenango Point Cycles)                                26.30
7 Nate Kraxberger (NYCMTB - Peak Bikes)                                 33.52
8 Tomi McMillar (TomiCOG/G'burg Cupcake)                                34.42
9 Johnny Martin (WV Nightclub Contingent)                               44.08
10 Robert Kranz (Spin - RR Donnelley)                                   46.04
11 Chad Miller (BBD)                                                    51.18
12 Sam Allin (Pedal Shop)                                               52.44
13 Mark Elsasser (Independent Fabrication)                            1.03.05
14 Benji Klimas (WV Nightclub Contingent)                             1.04.58
15 Shawn Hall (Team Marty's)                                          1.10.59
16 Andy Sanidas (Igleheart Custon Frames)                             1.12.06
17 Les Leach (Beer)                                                   1.21.45
18 Mike Ramponi (Independent Fabrication)                             1.24.46
19 Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)                                       1.25.15
20 Michael Mazzarese (Avalon Cycles)                                  1.28.10
21 Jonathan Meredith (Telly Savalas Players Club)                     1.35.19
22 Thomas Greene (JRA CYCLES, in Meffa, MA.)                          1.38.01
23 Dave Holmes (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)                                1.38.06
24 Andy Licious (WV Nightclub Contingent)                             1.39.19
25 Nik Obriecht                                                       1.41.02
26 Todd Bauer (Avalon Cycles)                                         1.47.29
27 Chas Mick (G-Rose)                                                 1.50.41
28 Peter Kotses (Athens Bikes n Babes')                               1.52.30
29 Brian Quarles (Northside Marauders)                                2.05.34
30 Greg Leister                                                       2.05.55
31 Albert Greene (Yellow Breeches Racing)                             2.08.11
32 Jonathan Wheaton (DCMTB/City Bikes)                                2.12.46
33 Ryan Delaney (JV Squad)                                            2.14.15
34 David Kelnberger (Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo)                        2.15.44
35 Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes)                                   2.16.09
36 Daniel Atkins (Bike Doctor Linthicum)                              2.21.45
37 Matt Ruscigno (SWARM!)                                             2.21.57
38 Rolf Rimrott (Bike Line)                                           2.22.59
39 Aron Yevuta (WV Nightclub Contingent)                              2.29.23
40 Chris Phillips (WV Nightclub Contingent)                                  
41 Buddy Briggs (Secret Henry's / Twin Six)                           2.33.30
42 Scott Cardwell (That 80's Team)                                    2.34.12
43 Bob Lamberson (TEWG)                                               2.37.29
44 Matt Hoey (MONGER)                                                 2.37.37
45 Jon Schultz (Single Speed Outlaw / Bicycle Escape)                 2.39.44
46 Dominic Cilento (Mobtown Mono Veloce)                              2.53.24
47 John Powers (Second Empire Team: Bull City Cycling)                2.55.09
48 John Critchfield (PedalShop/ODBC)                                  2.57.41
49 Cliff Hatchett (Beer)                                              2.59.05
50 James Rhew (SOFa)                                                  3.02.20
51 Oliver Carbonell (Inwood Velo)                                     3.05.21
52 Johan Nel (BlackBeanCycles)                                        3.08.46
53 Dmitri Zorine (None)                                               3.17.14
54 Creedence Shaw (On The Couch)                                      3.17.39
55 TC Carney (Three-Four Racing)                                      3.20.33
56 Max Steinbrenner (trophy bikes - team shiftless)                   3.22.12
57 Mike Brown (SORBA/OMBA)                                            3.23.28
58 Josh Hepler (Bustass Notgas III)                                   3.29.01
59 Simon Muil (Riding is Fun Training is Cheating)                    3.30.28
60 Larry Camp (The Bike Lane)                                         3.35.58
61 Chris Coulter (Cycletherapy)                                       3.41.54
62 Matt Briskie (Trek Raleigh, Raleigh Gyros)                         3.52.24
63 Robert Clifford (Bikes Unlimited)                                  3.57.56
64 Allen Campbell (Blackwater Bike Shop)                              3.57.58
65 Aaron Butt                                                         4.41.56
66 Yueqing Xie (YH)                                                   6.45.01
DNF David Bryan (Bull City Cycling)                                          
DNF Jeff Cooper (mysinglespeed.com)                                          
DNF Jim Malta (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                                       
DNF Michael Davidson (Darkhorse Cycles)                                      
DNF Quinn Hershberger (Blackwater Bike Shop)                                 
DNS Greg Bell (Friendly Bike)                                                
DNS Nick Hodge                                                               
DNS Tom Marquis (Pedalshop / Old Dominion Brewery)        

Women Singlespeed

1 Rebecca Tomaszewski (Wake Racing)                                8914.27.29
2 Reenie Greene                                                       1.55.32

1 Blake Walker (JV Squad)                                          8914.13.48
2 Mark Nagy (Revolution)                                                32.36
3 Joshua Draper (Cycles DeOro Greensboro Fat Tire Society)              54.16
4 Denis Chazelle (Frappadingues)                                        56.03
5 Alistair McDonald (DCMTB/City Bikes)                                  59.26
6 Ed Ross-Clunis (Maramarc Fitness)                                     59.32
7 Joel Gwadz (DCMTB-City Bikes-Continum Solar)                        1.04.16
8 Jared Stangl (Team Lummox)                                          1.06.42
9 Rollin Talley                                                       2.11.36
10 Frank Dubec (Team VEVLO EEL)                                       2.16.55
11 Tom Michaud (SET Development)                                      2.52.08
12 Dan Schmitt (Tire Skins)                                           2.59.24
13 Mike Myers (Mt Nittany Wheeworks)                                  3.17.26
14 Jonathan Evans                                                     3.23.12
15 Barry Quigley (Pedal Shop )                                        3.27.53
16 Brandon Lockwood (AVA / Counterbalance Bicycles)                   3.47.41
17 John Moody (Wish it was Guiness)                                   3.54.44
18 Chris Cunningham (Team BRS)                                        4.10.27
19 Timothy Koch (OC Interactive Design, Smart PT)                     4.11.10
20 Fred Arden (Liney)                                                 4.15.04
21 Clair Walizer (JRVS - Casey Auto Group)                            4.25.47
22 Dink Scott Rapp (Team R.A.P.P)                                     4.29.57
23 Tommy Garrison (Gorilla on a Bike)                                 5.23.31
DNF Markus Stolmar (Team Water on Mars)                                      
DNF Pryde Dotterer (TREK Bicycles of Raleigh)                                
DNF Nolan LaVoie (Bike Factory Racing)                                       
DNS Erik Prince                                                              
DNS Ian Kennedy (BCTZ)                                                       
DNS Joshua Neider (Trails Edge)                                              
DNS Mike Barwell (Jimmy Riddle Cycles (UK))                                  
Master Women

DNF Janet Krones (Wheel Base Bikes/Trail House)                              
Master Men

1 Greg Turner (RBM/Velo VooDoo)                                    8912.37.28
2 John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE)                             1.22.32
3 Scott Root (Dirty Harrys Bikes/Nimmo Chiropractic)                  1.25.35
4 Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication)                             1.48.28
5 James Merton Wilson (Human Zoom Pabst Blue Ribbon)                  2.01.05
6 John Majors (Giffin Interior/Trek of Pittsburgh)                    2.01.18
7 Ed Mccalley (bike zoo)                                              3.21.16
8 Matthew Davies (Hudson Valley Velo Club)                            3.24.07
9 Gregg Smith                                                         3.31.13
10 Carl June (Human Zoom)                                             3.43.17
11 David Witt (Self-Sustained)                                        4.05.22
12 Shuichi Komaba (Koma)                                              4.30.55
13 Richard Pence (Van Dessel Factory Team)                            4.34.32
14 Bill Swann (YEREN ASR)                                             5.28.14
DNF Bill Tilson (WV Cyclery)                                                 
DNF Charlie Hoover (team chullaggie)                                         
DNF Dave Buemi (Black Grass Point Racing)                                    
DNF Dick Carter (My Wife)                                                    
DNF George Zubalsky (Dark Horse Cycles)                                      
DNF Tim Messersmith (Trek VW East)                                           
DNS Charles Patterson (DIRTY HARRYS)                                         
DNS Dave Buemi (Black Grass Point Racing)                                    
DNS Jeffrey Harnish                                                          

NUE Standings after six races

Elite men

1 Jeff Schalk

Elite women

1 Cheryl Sornson