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Swisspower Cup / Swiss National Race Series #3 - 1

Muttenz, Switzerland, April 13, 2008

2007 Results   Results    Overall standings

Animated race tests legs of some World Cup favorites

Third victory for Vogel

Instead of horses, it was the mountain bikers who occupied the horse race track in Muttenz last weekend. In front of an ecstatic crowd, Florian Vogel (Swisspower Mountainbike-Team) won the men's event, while local woman Kathrin Leumann (Goldwurst-power / Sputnik) celebrated her first victory of the season.

Christoph Sauser (Specialized), who turned 32 on Sunday, and legend Thomas Frischknecht (Swisspower Mountainbike-Team) did their first race in Switzerland, both having recently returned from Cape Epic in South Africa. Non-starters were Nino Schurter, who is taking a break from racing, as well as Ralph Näf and last year's winner José Hermida. The riders opted to start in the Bundesliga race instead.

The race on the Schänzli (little ramp) was held over three laps on the track before heading out on a nine-kilometre loop, to be done six times. The pace was fast right from the gun and the decisive move came already on the first lap, with Florian Vogel and Martin Gujan (Athleticum MTB Team) able to get off the front. Italian champion Marco Fontana (Hard Rock FRW) was able to catch the duo, with Sauser and Lukas Flückiger (Athleticum MTB Team) chasing behind.

Fontana tried to attack, but couldn't drop the other two. Vogel's attack was more successful, dropping both riders initially. Gujan was able to fight back and he and Vogel started the last lap together. One kilometre from the line they had 30 seconds on Fontana. Vogel (bird) flew away from Gujan in the finale and won the race, with Gujan celebrating his second place like a victory. Fontana hung on to third, ahead of Sauser and Andreas Kugler (Fischer-BMC). Frischknecht finished sixth.

Home victory for Kathrin Leumann

In the women's event, Maroussia Rusca (Scott Allianz Suisse), who has won the race twice in the past, did not start. Right from the beginning of the race, a leading group developed with Swiss champion Petra Henzi (Fischer-BMC), Kathrin Leumann, Esther Süss (Wheeler Pro Team/RC) and Marielle Saner (Bikepark.ch / BMC). Henzi dropped out after two laps. Leumann was cheered on by "her" spectators and won the race ahead of Süss and Saner.

The favourites won the junior women (Vivienne Meyer) and junior men (Matthias Rupp) classes.


Elite men

1 Florian Vogel (Swisspower Mountainbike-Team)        1.57.19
2 Martin Gujan (Athleticum MTB Team)                     0.34
3 Marco Aurelio Fontana (Hard Rock FRW)                  1.19
4 Christoph Sauser (Specialized)                         2.31
5 Andreas Kugler (Fischer-BMC)                           2.55
6 Thomas Frischknecht (Swisspower Mountainbike-Team)     2.58
7 Lukas Flückiger (Athleticum MTB Team)                  3.00
8 Jean-Christophe Peraud (Orbea)                         4.19
9 Alexandre Moos (BMC Racing)                            4.32
10 Hannes Metzler (Giant-Swiss-Team)                     5.33
11 Mathias Flückiger (Athleticum MTB Team)               6.14
12 Giuseppe Lamastra (Hard Rock FRW)                     6.40
13 Jürg Graf (Swisspower Mountainbike-Team)              6.57
14 Gion Manetsch (Athleticum MTB Team)                   7.09
15 Kashi Leuchs (Cannondale-Vredestein)                  7.19
16 Paul Van der Ploeg (Cycling Australia/TIS MTB)        7.24
17 Lukas Kaufmann (Thömus Racing Team)                   8.39
18 Lachlan Norris (Cycling Australia/TIS MTB)            8.45
19 Thomas Zahnd (Stöckli-Craft)                          8.58
20 Pascal Meyer (Scott Allianz Suisse)                   9.13
21 Daniel Suter (Giant-Swiss-Team)                      10.02
22 Joris Boillat (Frenetic-Bernasconi)                  10.52
23 Patrik Gallati (Swisspower Mountainbike-Team)        11.03
24 Marco Arnold (Gisler-Craft)                          11.34
25 Till Marx (Swisspower Mountainbike-)                 12.13
26 Severin Disch (Scott Allianz Suisse)                 12.25
27 Samuel Reichen (Velo Franz/Univega)                  12.44
28 Pascal Schmutz (Corratec Team Schweiz)               13.46
29 Martin Fanger (Giant-Swiss-Team)                     13.46
30 Florian Meyer (Velobern Racing Team)                 14.09
31 Bilal Akgül (Turkish National MTB Team)              14.10
32 Tobias Hollenstein (Bike Team Ramsauer-)             14.42
33 Paul Remy (Ygaw Biking Team)                         14.58
34 Ivan Planzer (Giant-Swiss-Team)                      16.45

Behind one lap                                           

35 Nicolas Lüthi (Prof Flühmann CCL)                         
36 Patrick Tresch (Gisler Bike+Hike)                         
37 Fabien Canal (Lapierre International)                     
38 Joel Graf (BSK Graf/RV Altenrhein)                        
39 Thomas Stoll (BIXS Pro Team)                              
40 Rudolf Biedermann (Scott Allianz Suisse)                  
41 Manuel Scheidegger (Velobern Racing Team)                 
42 Günther Huber (Südtirol Rainer Wurz AVS)                  
43 Samuel Jud (Bergamont)                                    
44 Lukas Buchli (BIXS Pro Team)                              
45 Marco Lang (goldwurst-power / Ridley)                   
46 Damian Perrin (Velobern Racing Team)                      
47 Markus Bless (Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach)               
48 Lucien Peterhans (Velo Franz/Univega)                     
49 Mathias Krähemann (Bike Team Ramsauer)                   
50 Sämi Wüthrich (Velobern Racing Team)                      
51 Oliver Schär (Röbis Velo-Shop)                            
52 Joel Niederberger (Stöckli-Craft)                         
53 Yunus Yetkin (Turkish National MTB)                       
54 Kamil Alev (Turkish National MTB)                         
DNF Anders Ljungberg (IK Hakarpspojkarna)                    
DNF Marcel Wildhaber (Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach)          
DNF Hanspeter Gisler (Gisler / Craft)                        
DNF Silvio Bundi (Giant-Swiss-Team)                          
DNF Daniel McConnell (Cycling Australia/TIS)                 
DNF Max Plaxton (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)                    
DNF Marc Colom (Calvisson Egobike)                           
DNF Daniel Schütz (Scott Allianz Suisse)                     
DNF Michael Hutter (Gili’s Velolade)                         
DNF Claudio Andenmatten (Velobern Racing Team)               
DNF Stefan Schütz (Mahu)                                     
DNF Sepp Freiburghaus (Thömus Racing Team)                   
DNF Jonas Baumann (Campione Celeste BMC)                     
DNF Marcel Bartholet (Scott Allianz Suisse)                  
DNF Balz Weber (Bikepark.ch / BMC)                           
DNF Friedrich Dähler (goldwurst-power / Ridley)              
DNS Christian Leuenberger (KL-Swiss MTB Racing)              
DNS Urs Föhn (GU Plus / Thomyk Team)                         
DNS Marianna Giorgio Della (S.C. G. Gerbi 1910)              
DNS Norbert Wyss (Thömus Racing Team)                        
DNS Ueli Schädler (Energie MTB Team)                         
DNS Brice Faugeron (BH Sr Suntour)                           
Elite women  
1 Katrin Leumann (goldwurst-power / Sputnik)          1.49.13
2 Esther Süss (Wheeler Pro Team/RC)                      0.24
3 Marielle Guinchard Saner (Bikepark.ch / BMC)           0.55
4 Nathalie Schneitter (Colnago)                          4.14
5 Sandra Walter (X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team)               4.41
6 Renata Bucher (Stöckli - Craft)                        4.59
7 Bettina Schmid (Fischer-BMC)                           5.36
8 Kathrin Stirnemann (Merida Suisse Team)                6.58
9 Kate Potter (Cotic Bontrager Race Team)                8.34
10 Fabienne Niederberger (X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team)     10.03
11 Tory Thomas (Torq nutrition / SRAM)                  10.41
12 Zoe King (Cannondale/SRAM/Maxxis)                    11.48
13 Emma Colson (Topbike Tours / Sooty Park)             12.07

Behind one lap                                             

14 Sarah Koba (Koba)                                         
15 Lilian Huwyler (Bike Team Ramsauer-)                      
16 Susanne Litscher (Swiss Wheeler Team)                     
17 Coralie Redelsperger (V.C.C.M.M)                          
18 Corina Gantenbein (Biketeam.gr)                           
19 Claudia Sieder (Südtirol Rainer Wurz AVS)                 
20 Gabriela Glaus (VC Kerzers Scott)                         
21 Céline Farner (Velo Franz/Univega)                        
22 Myriam Saugy (Texner BMC)                                 
23 Terri Rhodes (Trek Cycles Australia)                      

Behind two laps                                            

DNF Daniela Stünzi (X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team)                
DNF Joelle Schmutz (Corratec Team Schweiz)                   
DNF Caroline Mani (CC Etupes)                                
DNF Berergere Boes (Breiz Mountain)                          
DNF Petra Henzi (Fischer-BMC)                                
DNF Katherine O’Shea (Fitzroy Cycles / Michelin)             
DNF Gabrielle Mosset (Free Velo Passion VCFM)                
DNF Nadia Walker (X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team)                  
DNS Kathrin Heimberg (X.0-Felt Womens MTB Team)              
DNS Janine Droz (Thömus Racing Team)                         
DNS Annette Griner (Rothaus-Cube MTB Team)                   
DNS Maroussia Rusca (Scott Allianz Suisse)                   
DNS Andrea Kiser (Thömus Racing Team)                        
DNS Rowena Fry (Orbea)                                       
DNS Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)                   
Junior men  
1 Matthias Rupp (Swisspower Mountainbike-)            1.35.34
2 Bryan Falaschi (Zeta Cycling Club)                     4.04
3 Lukas Loretz (Scott Allianz Suisse)                    4.41
4 Alex Paton (Active Cycles)                             4.56
5 Daniel Kaufmann (Koba Team/RC Gränichen)               5.39
6 Matthias Stirnemann (Merida Suisse Team)               6.14
7 Mirco Widmer (Fischer Junior MTB-)                     6.39
8 Gian-Marco Gasser (Tower Sports - VC)                  7.06
9 Aurélien Daniel (EKIP Magic Armor)                     7.27
10 Arnaud Grand (Thömus Racing Team)                     7.27
11 Sebastian Batchelor (Sandy Wallace Cycles)            7.34
12 Valentin Scherz (Pro Cycles - Scott)                  7.58
13 Norman Amiet (Zeta Cycling Club)                      8.18
14 Reto Indergand (TG Zentralschweiz)                    8.23
15 Karl Poirer (BH-SR Suntour)                           8.34
16 Simon Weber (Merida Suisse Team)                      8.35
17 Titouan Perrin (Ygaw Biking Team)                     9.20
18 Jörg Egli (Swiss Wheeler Team)                        9.47
19 Simon Wäfler (Merida Swiss Bike)                     10.28
20 Benedikt Mündle (Merida Adolf’s Bike)                10.29
21 Michael Butler (Active Cycles)                       10.36
22 Martin Strebel (Fischer Junior MTB)                  11.13
23 Bastien Bugnard (Stöckli)                            11.27
24 Maxime Ottmann (Egobike - MSC)                       11.34
25 Hamish Creber (Sandy Wallace Cycles)                 11.37
26 Marc Koller (Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach)           12.01
27 Anthony Grand (DOM Cycle / VC Rennaz)                12.18
28 Pim Heinrich (TG-Zentralschweiz)                     13.03
29 William Verney (Felt Racing)                         13.14
30 Olof Jonsson (VC Rennaz / Corratec)                  13.47
31 Emilien Barben (Zeta Cycling Club)                   14.08
32 Rick Reimann (PBR-MATIC-SWISS-MTB-)                  14.13
33 Jeremias Marti (TG-Zentralschweiz.ch)                14.23
34 Fabian Cavelti (Biketeam.gr)                         14.43
35 Ewan Clark (Drumlanrig/Riks Cycles)                  15.15
36 Patrick Marcher (Südtirol Rainer Wurz AVS)           16.50

Behind one lap 
37 Fabian Obrist (Chälbli Bikes)                             
38 Michael Wildhaber (Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach)          
39 Marc Flury (Thömus Factory Team)                          
40 Mike Schuler (TG Zentralschweiz)                          
41 Benoit Beaud (PEV Genève)                                 
42 Lucas Pérez (ASPTT Mulhouse FR)                           
43 Yoann Mercier (Team PB)                                   
44 Tobias Fédier (VC Horgen)                                 
45 Rafael Haubensak (Sherpa Tensing Pedalerie)               
46 Alex Huber (Südtirol Rainer Wurz AVS)                     
47 Benjamin Walker (VMC Erstfeld IG Radsport)                
48 Michel Wörner (goldwurst-power / Ridley / VCR)            
49 Maxime Schmid (VC Rennaz/Dom Cycle)                       
50 Quentin Burillard (Velo Club Dolois)                      
51 Pierre Martin (Velo Club Dolois)                          
52  Hermann (Biketeam.gr)                                    

Behind two laps  
53 Fabian Aschwanden (VMC Silenen/IG Radsport)               
DNF Kevin Jelsch (SSOL HABSHEIM)                             
DNF David Bieri (NG Kraf Creationi de)                       
DNF  Schummer (VC Sundgovia Altkirch)                        
DNF Alain Page (DOM Cycle / VC Rennaz)                       
DNF Max Carbo (Vallée du Trient)                             
DNF Donat Albin (Biketeam.gr)                                
DNS Mirco Zürcher (BSK Graf/VC Volketswil)                   
DNS Adrian Amsler (Velo Franz/Univega)                       
DNS  Hungerbühler (Velo+Bike Team Seetal)                    
DNS Tim Kunze (MSC Gerstetten)                               
DNS Basil Fanti (RRZ Goldwurst.ch Nordwest)                  
DNS Oliver Walder (Peko Engineering / Trek)                  
DNS Kevin Keller (Kona Vélotop)                             
Junior women 
1 Vivienne Meyer (Scott Allianz Suisse)               1.24.48
2 Michelle Hediger (Fischer-BMC)                         3.25
3 Karin Rappo (Mahu / BSO)                               5.36
4 Marina Giger (Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach)            7.07
5 Lorraine Truong (Prof Flühlmann / CCL)                 8.37
6 Jennifer Sägesser (Thömus Racing Team)                 9.04
7 Nicole Hanselmann (Hobi-Bau/MF.Hügler Wetzikon)       14.11
8 Aurelia Sonderegger (Bsk Graf/RV Altenrhein)               
9 Claire Hassenfratz (Giant Italia Team)                     
10 Deborah Motsch (Breiz Mountain)                           
11 Carina Cappellari (Suso Bike / RSV Pizol)                 
12 Annabel Simpson (Team Chance)                             
13 Deborah Spescha (Biketeam.gr)                             
14 Tanja Starkermann (Fischer Junior MTB Team)               

Behind one lap
15 Melanie Bucher (PBR-MATIC-SWISS-MTB-)                     
DNF Lise-Marie Henzelin (Campione Celeste)                   
DNF Virginie Pointet (Prof Flühmann / CCL)                   
DNF Camille Devi (VC La Pommme Marseille)                    
DNF Céline Ernst (Stöckli)                                   
DNS Joanna Muoser (Ägeri Bike Club/Giant)                    
Amateur & Masters  
1 Thomas Litscher (Scott Allianz Suisse)              1.34.42
2 Shlomi Haimy (Scott Allianz Suisse)                    0.01
3 Jérémy Huguenin (Prof Flühmann CCL)                    2.33
4 Giancarlo Sax (Thömus Racing Team)                     4.34
5 Benjamin Büchi (Scott Allianz Suisse)                  4.54
6 Christophe Geiser (Prof Flühmann)                          
7 Silvio Büsser (RV Wetzikon / Tom's Bike)               5.13
8 Florian Peiry (Texner BMC)                             5.22
9 Bastien Minni (Egobike Safety Jogger)                  5.34
10 Marc Metzler (Gili’s Velolade)                        5.44
11 Matthias Allenspach (Tower Sports - VC Eschenbach)    5.48
12 Benjamin Loretz (Thömus Racing Team)                  5.49
13 David Baumann (Team Bike Zone)                        6.17
14 Daniel Eymann (Thömus Racing Team)                    8.22
15 Oliver Windler (Ullmann Yeti)                         9.05
16 Roger Dittli (Team Stöckli)                           9.12
17 Patric Kottmann (goldwurst-power / Ridley)            9.14
18 Christian Willi (Fischer Junior MTB Team)             9.57
19 Stefan Huber (Alptours/Pneu Egger)                   10.30
20 Sandro Hediger (Fischer Junior MTB Team)             10.34
21 Hamish Batchelor (Sandy Wallace Cycles)              10.50
22 Roland Abächerli (Giant-Swiss-Team)                  10.51
23 Christian Bickel (Total Sport)                       10.54
24 Marc Bühler (Fischer Junior MTB Team)                10.59
25 Lucien Besancon (Bergamont)                          11.02
26 Michi Klauser (Ciclosport)                           11.03
27 Alain Bischofberger (veloschöpfli.ch)                11.20
28 Florian Thie (Crazy Velo Shop / Felt)                11.36
29 Michael Montandon (Zeta Cycling Club)                11.37
30 Harold Flandre (Kona Vélotop)                        11.55
31 Richard Hoekstra (Thömus Factoryteam)                11.59
32 Marco Hinrichs (Stöckli)                             11.59
33 Daniel Geismayr (Union RV Dornbirn 1886)             12.14
34 Adrian Gerber (Velobern Racing Team)                 12.39
35 Sebastien Reichenbach (Seppey Scott Cristalp)        13.50
36 Paolo Gugelmann (Chocolat Stella-Merida-Belcar)      14.19
37 Andreas Hurter (goldwurst-power / Ridley)            15.43
38 Dumeni Vincenz (Thömus Racing Team)                  16.05
39 Arnaud Dubs (Kona Velotop)                           16.06
40 Michael Frei (Velo Franz/Univega)                    21.21

Behind one lap  
41 Roger Winkler (Alptours/Pneu Egger Biketeam)              
42 Tristan Blanchard (R’Adys/Action Sports)                  
43 Cosimo Caccia (Chocolat Stella-Merida-Belcar)             
44 Patrick Hediger (RV Merishausen/Team Russi)               
45 Sandro Kessler (Biketeam.gr)                              
46 Markus Julier (Erner Biker)                               
47 Andy Bachmann (RM Team)                                   
48 Lorenz Inauen (bsk Graf / RMC Appenzell)                  
49 Matthias Straubhaar (www.bikecenter.ch)                   
50 Patrick Gobat (Free Velo Passion VCFM)                    
51 Nicolas Aeby (Mahu)                                       
52 Jeremy Marchal (Scott France Valloire)                    
53 Luca Formoso (Cycle Shop/RV)                              
54 Marcel Kuratli (Bike Team Ramsauer-)                      
55 Adrian Berger (RV Solothurn)                              

Behind two laps  
DNF Roland Häring (VC Kaisten)                               
DNF Roland Häfeli (Fischer-BMC)                              
DNF Loic Sarret (Prof Flückiger)                             
DNF Andreas Haller (Energie MTB)                             
DNF Arnaud Pierrel (Asptt mulhouse)                          
DNF Fabio Barone (Prof Flühmann)                             
DNF Sebastian Hilbe (Union RV Dornbirn)                      
DNF Konny Looser (Swiss Bixs Team)                           
DNF Loic Keller (Kona Vélotop)                               
DNF Roland Mischler (Stöckli Bike Team)                      
DNF Arnaud Flandre (Kona Vélotop)                            
DNF Frank Malter 

Overall standings after three rounds
Elite men 
1 Florian Vogel (Swisspower)                              300 pts
2 Martin Gujan (Athleticum MTB)                           188
3 Jürg Graf (Swisspower)                                  172
4 Mathias Flückiger (Athleticum MTB)                      166
5 Andreas Kugler (Fischer-BMC)                            164
6 Gion Manetsch (Athleticum MTB)                          161
7 Hannes Metzler (Giant-Swiss-Team)                       155
8 Nino Schurter (Swisspower)                              150
9 Daniel Suter (Giant-Swiss-Team)                         138
10 Marco Aurelio Fontana (Hard Rock FRW)                  132

Elite women   
1 Katrin Leumann (goldwurst-power)                        219 pts
2 Guinchard Saner (Bikepark.ch / BMC)                     193
3 Maroussia Rusca (Scott Allianz Suisse)                  180
4 Sandra Walter (X.0-Felt Womens)                         175
5 Renata Bucher (Stöckli - Craft)                         174
6 Fabienne Niederberger (X.0-Felt Womens)                 156
7 Kathrin Stirnemann (Merida Suisse Team)                 151
8 Susanne Litscher (Swiss Wheeler Team)                   149
9 Petra Henzi (Fischer-BMC)                               145
10 Esther Süss (Wheeler Pro Team)                         142

1 Matthias Rupp (Swisspower)                              270 pts
2 Lukas Loretz (Scott Allianz Suisse)                     208
3 Sebastian Batchelor (Sandy Wallace Cycles)              170
4 Mirco Widmer (Fischer Junior MTB-)                      166
5 Matthias Stirnemann (Merida Suisse Team)                158
6 Daniel Kaufmann (Koba Team/RC)                          156
7 Norman Amiet (Zeta Cycling Club)                        155
8 Reto Indergand (TG Zentralschweiz IG)                   155
9 Arnaud Grand (Thömus Racing Team)                       154
10 Simon Weber (Merida Suisse Team)                       154

Junior women

1 Vivienne Meyer (Scott Allianz Suisse)                   300 pts
2 Karin Rappo (Mahu / BSO)                                215
3 Michelle Hediger (Fischer-BMC)                          210
4 Lorraine Truong (Prof Flühlmann / CCL)                  192
5 Marina Giger (Tower Sports - VC)                        179
6 Jennifer Sägesser (Thömus Racing Team)                  176
7 Aurelia Sonderegger (Bsk Graf/RV)                       165
8 Deborah Spescha (Biketeam.gr)                           155
9 Carina Cappellari (Suso Bike / RSV Pizol)               150
10 Tanja Starkermann (Fischer Junior MTB)                 148
Masters & Amateurs
1 Thomas Litscher (Scott Allianz Suisse)                  280 pts
2 Jérémy Huguenin (Prof Flühmann CCL)                     250
3 Shlomi Haimy (Scott Allianz Suisse)                     215
4 Christophe Geiser (Prof Flühmann)                       185
5 Benjamin Büchi (Scott Allianz Suisse)                   178
6 Giancarlo Sax (Thömus Racing Team)                      177
7 Florian Peiry (Texner BMC)                              176
8 Silvio Büsser (RV Wetzikon / Tom's)                     167
9 Daniel Eymann (Thömus Racing Team)                      157
10 Matthias Allenspach (Tower Sports - VC)                156