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Canadian National Mountain Bike Championships

Canada, July 19 - 21, 2002


Cross Country and Team Relay

The eyes of many in the mountain biking world were on the small Canadian town of Kamloops this weekend, as Sun Peaks resort played host to the 2002 Tim Horton's Canadian National Mountain Bike Championships. With many of the world's top cross-country riders in attendance including reigning men's world champion Roland Green and three-time women's world champion Alyson Sydor, these races were expected to be hard-fought and good indicators of who to watch for the remainder of the international season. The race organizers, meanwhile, had done their part by setting a gruelling course which alternated between long climbs and bone-jarring technical singletrack descents. Add in the dry, dusty and hot weather and the race promised to be extremely tough.

Unfortunately, the anticipated showdown between Green and his challengers was not to be as Green, who was riding with a broken finger, Seamus McGrath and Ryder Hesjedal all dropped out within the first lap. Having already met the performance criteria for upcoming international competitions, they had only to start the race to keep their eligibility and elected to save their energies for another day. With some of the top contenders out, the race for the podium was left wide open. Kona rider Geoff Kabush stepped into the gap, taking the lead on the first lap and building on it for the rest of the race. He eventually finished with a cushion of almost two minutes over his team-mate Peter Wedge, while Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain) rounded out the top three. Fourth place overall and the U-23 title went to Gearsracing.com's up-and-comer Ricky Federau, who has been showing this year that he is a rider to watch in the future.

In the women's race, Alyson Sydor did not disappoint, proving that even though she no longer dominates the international scene as she once did, she is still a force to be reckoned with in any race. Taking advantage of her excellent technical skills and the tough course, the Trek-VW rider romped to a four-minute victory over Marie-Helene Premont (Oryx). Kiara Bisaro of Gearsracing.com took the final spot on the podium. The women's race was also marred by the absence of some major contenders, with Chrissy Redden and Trish Sinclair among the absentees.

While the furore surrounding the high dropout rate amongst the top riders is sure to continue a for a while yet, the racers will not have much time to dwell on it as the Commonwealth Games mountain bike race is fast approaching. Expectations for the Canadian team are high, and nothing less than domination by the Canadian team is likely to make the fans at home happy. Those riders not on the team for Manchester will meet again in two weeks time for the final round of the Canada cup series.


Senior Elite Women - 32.50 Km
1 Alison Sydor (Trek Vw)            
2 Marie-Helene Premont (Oryx/Carrera/Subaru)     3.58.41
3 Kiara Bisaro (Gearsracing.Com)                 6.05.11
4 Eron Chorney (Rocky Mtn Bicycles)              7.32.09
5 Willow  Koerber ( Cane Creek)                 10.57.83
6 Sandra Walter (Kappa/Flash-5/Alpha)           12.43.60
7 Amber Chorney-Wilson                          14.03.15
8 Julie Sanders (Oakley)                        16.12.04
9 Tanis Banks                                   17.38.68
10 Sue Trimble (Gearsracing.Com)                17.46.17
11 Claire Townsend                              20.37.48
12 Sarah Pike (Bike Barn)                       20.37.76
13 Wendy Simms (Steed Cycles)                   21.45.23
14 Marisol Bernier (Specialized/Smith)          25.20.16
15 Annie Tykwinski (Pedalhead Bicycle)          25.37.17
16 Karen Dewolfe (Harpoon Brewery)              26.20.13
17 Marie-Helene Cote (Specialized/Subaru)       26.21.75
18 Angela Teng (Flash 5/ Brodie)                27.56.67
19 Linda Robichaud (Norco Factory Team)         28.10.56
20 Nikola Starko (Rebound Cycle)                28.20.78
21 Jen Sawrenko (Dizzy Cycles)                  31.38.29
22 Ann Yew (Bcsport/Trek/Schwalb)               32.15.38
23 Danelle Kabush (Team Ont./Gearsracin)        35.56.69
24 Madelaine Bouz                               36.26.96
25 Cynthia Graham (Flash-5/Brodie/Black)        38.58.71
26 Clare Hall-Patch (Gearsracing.Com)           41.53.12
27 Michelle Scheiber (Fact Canada)              42.48.62
28 Alison Testroete (Tactic Acid Racing)        43.05.35
29 Cristina Piccone (Dizzy Cycles)              46.57.18
30 Jennifer Schulz (Fresh Air Experience)       49.07.30
31 Angela Mawdsley (Team Ontario/Baycyc.)       49.12.64
32 Nicole Lavoie                                49.36.68
33 Tracey Temple (Bike Cellar/Trek)             50.42.61
34 Nancy Austin (John Henry Bikes)              51.49.08
35 Annette Svederus (Trek/Unlted Cycle)         55.44.60
36 Karley Cunningham (Fly Gurlz)                59.16.16
37 Sarah Robbins (Sca/Bike Doctor)              59.45.11
38 Krista Koval                     
39 Jill Parnell                     
40 Trish Grajczyk (Bow Cycle)       
   Chrissy Redden (Subaru)                           Dnf
   Trish Sinclair (Gearsracing.Com)                  Dnf
   Erica Drew (Quadra Wood Products)                 Dnf
   Shannon Hood                                      Dnf
   Anne-Marie Jobin (Oryx/Procycle/Ttn)              Dnf
   Martina Feldmann (Fact Canada)                    Dnf
   Melanie Mcquaid (Saucony/Fisher)                  Dnf
   Barbara Belcher (Soliton/Texana Rice)             Dnf
   Krista Morrison (Cyclepath)                       Dnf

Junior Expert Men 17-18 - 32.50 Km

1 Maximiliam Plaxton                
2 Frederic Bussieres (Gearsracing.Com)           1.05.51
3 Derek Zandstra (Team Ontario/Baycyc.)          3.59.92
4 Jeremy Trudel (La Vie Sportive)                4.49.35
5 Bradley Fairall (Rocky Mtn Bicycles)           5.26.95
6 Tyler West (Rocky Mountain Bikes)              6.14.95
7 Ryan Thorpe (Team Ontario/Baycyc.)             6.56.13
8 Matthew Green (Steed Cycles/Sram)              7.46.83
9 Tim Sherstobitoff (Fresh Air Experience)       8.05.31
10 Jean-Francois Vennes (Record/Tva)             9.35.13
11 Adam Coates (Gearsracing.Com)                11.31.52
12 Pierre-Alex Couture (Subarn Specialized)     11.59.33
13 Justin Bell                                  12.31.66
14 Doug Shankland (Team Ontario/Ziggys)         15.30.54
15 Rob Britton (Bike Doctor)                    16.00.17
16 Cory Wallace (Freewheel/Team Ab)             18.28.04
17 Jean-Sebastien Perron (Quebec)               20.08.70
18 Daniel  Sessford                             21.28.91
19 Paul Brown (Gearsracing.Com)                 22.18.11
20 Matthew Hobor (Sooke Cycle)                  22.46.09
21 Kyle Swain (Kona)                            24.06.52
22 Matt Bevis (John Henry)                      26.47.89
23 Steve Morrison                               28.37.29
24 Justin Enns                                  36.12.58
25 Alan Whitten                                 37.34.46
   Martin Lazarski (Gearsracing.Com)                 Dnf
   Stefan Widmer (Khs Bicycles)                      Dnf
   Steve Cochrane (Pedalhead)                        Dnf
   Jordan Rasmussen (Rocky Moutain Bikes)            Dnf
   Byron Dawson                                      Dnf
   Colin Kerr                                        Dnf
   Kwanah Sioui                                      Dnf

Senior Espoir Men 19-22 - 39.00 Km

1 Ricky Federau (Gearsracing.Com)   
2 Kris Sneddon (Kona)                           13.03.39
3 Shawn Bunnin (Doug's Spoke/Oakley)            13.21.30
4 Will Routley (Rocky Mtn/Haywood)              14.07.55
5 Mike Garrigan (Team Ontario/Hardwoo)          15.16.53
6 Dustin Macburnie                              17.07.28
7 Matt Patterson (Team Ont./Bay Cycle)          17.33.06
8 Leith Mcleod (Olympia/Vw/Kahire)              20.01.62
9 Van   (Highland's Cycl Team)                  20.48.05
10 Matthew Hadley (Power Bar Team Elite)        22.51.02
11 Eric Batty (Bay Cyle Racing)                 23.17.89
12 Julien Fillion (Conifere.Com/Intersp)        24.19.37
13 Alan Reain (Full Cycle)                      26.32.12
14 Thomas Skinner (Team Ontario/Khs)            27.14.81
15 Mark Foster (Bicycle Nova Scotia)            27.16.88
16 Martin Lafontaine (Oktos)                    31.58.31
17 Matt Douglas (Bay Cycle Racing)              34.49.29
18 Benjamin Schmidt (Flash 5/ Brodie/ Ez)       40.12.64
19 Carsten Ivany (Aubrey Organics)              44.20.38
20 Jean-Philippe Provost (Prorider Eye Wear)    45.33.50
   Andrew Watson (Team Ont./Bianchi Ca)              Dnf
   Cedric Lajeunesse (Specialized/Subaru)            Dnf
   Edmond Blanchette (Vw/Kaltire/Olympia)            Dnf
   Ben Sigston (Rocky Mtn/Haywood)                   Dnf
   Terry Garnett                                     Dnf

Senior Elite Men - 39.00 Km

1 Geoff Kabush (Kona)               
2 Peter Wedge (Kona)                             1.47.27
3 Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mtn/Oakley)             2.34.95
4 Mathieu Toulouse (Gearsracing.Com)             7.10.58
5 Andrew Kyle (Norco Factory Team)               7.31.29
6 Chris Sheppard (Haro Lee Dungares)            10.47.27
7 Michael Pruner (John Henry Bikes)             11.46.07
8 Roddi Lega (Green Mountain Cycle)             12.23.86
9 Greg Reain (Gearsracing.Com)                  15.05.00
10 Jesse Jakomait                               15.38.75
11 Ryan Ingham (Olympia/Giant)                  17.38.41
12 Mark Webster (Specialized/Rudy Pro)          18.00.88
13 Nick Kiraly ( Sram/Scapin (Vic Aus ) )       18.32.95
14 Menno Hubregtse (Trek Canada)                21.27.01
15 Ian Carbonneau (Prorider/Peacock)            21.45.77
16 Justin Mark (Airbomb/Ellsworth)              23.08.93
17 Bruno Lafontaine (Ogc/Fisher)                25.25.14
18 Carlos Capela                                28.19.09
19 Duane Myers (Safeway/Spokes&Atti.)           29.16.21
20 Michael Johnson (Spoke N'motion)             29.34.38
21 Cory Zetterstrom (Bruce Cycles Works)        31.03.05
22 Dave Burch                                   34.33.88
23 Michael Dennis (Gears Racing)                35.14.95
24 Andre Sutton (Moulden)                       37.55.24
25 Paul Lapointe (Volkswagen/Olympia)           38.30.07
26 Jason Shenkariuk (Ogc/Gary Fisher)           40.19.03
27 Simon Norris (Chain3)                        40.59.23
28 Tim Oliver (Specialized/Rudy Pr.)            41.49.38
29 Dylan Snowdon                                44.40.63
30 Trevor Hopkins (Snowcovers Sports)           46.47.21
   Yannick Michaud                                 D.S.Q.
   Roland Green (Trek Vw)                            Dnf
   Ryder Hesjedal (Subaru/Gary Fisher)               Dnf
   Seamus Mcgrath                                    Dnf
   Julian Hine (Gearsracing.Com)                     Dnf
   Carter Hovey (Bianchi)                            Dnf
   Bill Hurley (West Quebec Wheelers)                Dnf
   David Crewe (Eurotech Cycle)                      Dnf
   Paul Daniel (Peyto Cycles)                        Dnf
   Troy Misseghers                                   Dnf
   Jaimie Douglas (Giant North America)              Dnf
   Drew Mackenzie (Roach/Race Face)                  Dnf
   David Vunic (Trek Bikes)                          Dnf
   Nick Lynem (Ogc/Bike Pedlars)                     Dnf
   Wade Wallace (Peddalhead)                         Dnf
   Jamie Kornell (Roach)                             Dnf
   Brian Cooke (Bicycle Cafe)                        Dnf
   Greg Penner (Vw-Olympia)                          Dnf

Master Expert Men 30-39 - 32.50 Km

1 Ian Smith (Oak Bay Bicycle)       
2 John Fokkema                                   4.25.96
3 Pete Leibel                                    5.03.76
4 Brennan Covey (Mcdonald/Bigrockbeer)           5.20.79
5 David Kvick (Dizzy Cycles)                     6.00.02
6 Gary Wade (Trek)                               6.31.02
7 John Irvine (Kona/Tantalus)                    6.31.25
8 Tyler Dumont (Flash 5/Brodie/Ezup)             7.38.40
9 Barry Tanemura (Skookum Cycle & Ski)          10.50.94
10 Van   (Bike Barn)                            11.51.68
11 Paul Newitt (Escape Velocity)                13.36.92
12 Pat Doyle (Deadgoat Racing)                  16.40.72
13 Richard Hamilton                             16.59.03
14 Chris Brown                                  17.59.69
15 Norman Thibault (Frontrunners)               19.21.75
16 Peter Neff                                   19.53.46
17 Andrew Kent (Arrowsmith Mtn Cycle)           20.38.18
18 Jeff Fedyk (Tantalus Bike Shop)              22.08.18
19 Steve Cote                                   24.42.02
20 Newell  Hedstrom ( Bike Doctor)              27.23.74
21 Douglas Dewar                                27.33.82
22 Ken Dean (Kona Factory)                      27.53.29
23 Angus Kim                                    36.01.84
24 Andre Laprade (Gerick Cycle)                 37.33.45
25 Mike Charuk (Natural Earth Racing)           38.20.66
26 Graham Garrison (Dizzy Cycles)               41.40.87
   Lonn Bate (Spokes & Attire Rac.)                  Dnf
   Rick Rodland (Flash-5/Brodie/E-Zup)               Dnf
   Jeff Seaborn (Titus)                              Dnf
   John Tolkamp                                      Dnf
   Paul Sudlow (Calgary Cycle)                       Dnf
   Spencer Royds (Mountain Bike City)                Dnf
   Matt Klymson (Cycle Solutions)                    Dnf
   Travis Rowlandson (Freewheel Cycle)               Dnf
   Ronald Edwards                                    Dnf
   Bob Fawcett (Rebound/Trek)                        Dnf

Team Relay

1 Ricky Federeau (Gears Racing #1)              46.20.90
  Marty Lazarski (Gears Racing #1)
  Sue Trimble (Gears Racing #1)
  Greg Reain (Gears Racing #1)

2 Mark Webster (Team Alberta)                   47.04.50
  Cory Wallace (Team Alberta)
  Rachel Morris (Team Alberta)
  Roddi Lega (Team Alberta)

3 Mark Foster (Team Nova Scotia)                48.14.30
  Kyle Swain (Team Nova-Scotia)
  Karen De Woolfe (Team Nova-Scotia)
  Dustin Macburnie (Team Nova-Scotia)

4 Shawn Bunnin (Team Saskatchewan)              48.58.20
  Cory Zeterstron (Team Saskatchewan)
  Sarah Robbins (Team Saskatchewan)
  Rob Britton (Team Saskatchewan)

5 Michael Dennis (Gears Racing #2)              53.43.40
  Frederick Bussiere (Gears Racing #2)
  Mark Bonham (Gears Racing #2)
  Claire Hallpatch (Gears Racing #2)

6 Eric Goss (Team Dirt Bag Racing)              54.49.10
  Kevin Macquish (Team Dirt Bag Racing)
  Kate Scallion (Team Dirt Bag Racing)
  Matt Hadley (Team Dirt Bag Racing)

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