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Lumberjack 100 - NE

Udell, Michigan, USA, June 14, 2008

2007 results    Results

Schalk and Sornson on top in rain-soaked Michigan

By Harlan Price in Michigan

Cheryl Sornson
Photo ©: Jack Kunnan
(Click for larger image)

Not to be outdone by the first two rain soaked races in the National Ultra Endurance (NUE) series, stop number three at the Lumberjack 100 saw 11 inches of rain and 80 mph winds the night before the race in the worst storm the area had seen in 30 years. The winds and rain forced a marathon clean-up of debris and trees from the trails, but by the time Saturday morning broke all that was left were a few welcome log hops and three muddy sections that grew as the 250 racers passed through them. Fortunately due to the nature of the mostly sandy course, the majority of the trail was well drained and the amount of standing water was limited to only those three short, but treacherous sections.

Undeterred by the conditions, Jeff Schalk (Trek/VW) maintained his control over the series lead with another close win by only a minute over Oregonian, Evan Plews (Scott/ Capitol Subaru). So far each of Schalk's three wins in the series have been by two minutes or less after 100 miles of racing. A group of eight racers made the early separation through most of the first 25 mile lap, but an attack from Harlan Price (IFRacing.org/ Industry Nine) on the first eight mile section of the second lap whittled the group down to five racers; Schalk, Plews, Chris Eatough (Trek/VW), Christian Tanguy (American Cycle and Fitness) and Price.

Price repeated the same attack on lap three and thinned the group down to himself, Schalk and Plews, but his early efforts took their toll towards the end of the lap and Plews and Schalk moved up the road without the Independent Fabrication rider.

Gerry Pflug
Photo ©: Jack Kunnan
(Click for larger image)

Schalk led most of the fourth lap and found all of his attacks answered by a tenacious Plews, who was still contending despite a flat early in lap two. It wasn't until about five miles to go that Schalk was able to get a gap and hold it to the finish despite some cramping. Filling the last two positions in the top five were Eatough in fourth and Tanguy in fifth.

In the women's field Cheryl Sornson (Trek/VW) took home her first win of the NUE series with a full day riding in front of the rest of her competitors. Sornson was off the front from the beginning using her improved 2008 form to stay away on on course that favored a rider capable of staying on the gas and riding smart lines through the narrow and curvacious singlerack. Her win put her in the overall lead for the series. Seventeen minutes back from the Trek/VW rider was Karen Potter (MTB-Mind.com) from Massachusetts and rolling across the line in third was last year's winner and local Daniel Musto of the Kenda-Titus-Hayes team.

The singlespeed division saw a new face on the top of the podium. Ronald Sanborn (McLain Cycle and Fitness) found himself in the fortunate position of first by only a minute over second place John (Fuzzy) Myline (Sho-Air, rock and Road/ Niner) with a time of 7:57:19. Third position was occupied by Nate Versluis (Founders Ale / Alger Racing) and not far behind was the series singlespeed leader Dejay Birtch (Niner Bikes).

How it unfolded

Getting some assistance
Photo ©: Jack Kunnan
(Click for larger image)

The only consistent factors in the first three races of the NUE series have been Jeff Schalk's wins and bad weather. The women's field has seen a different winner each race, the men's second through fifth positions have shifted unpredictably amongst seven different riders, and course styles keep changing. The Lumberjack 100 is the only race of the series to utilize a repeated lap format and a 100% singletrack course.

As the course careened through the Manistee National forest riders got to see their cars, support crews and chairs eight times during the race. That proximity to comfort was probably a huge factor in the attrition rate of the race where only about 150 of the 245 starters finished. Some credit for the fallout rate has to be given to the unusually large and deep mud sections at about mile 17 and the extra tree shrapnel looking to claim derailleurs. The actual race day weather was on the perfect side with temperatures in the mid 70s [degrees Fahrenheit], but it was the historic rain and wind storm the area suffered through two nights before that set the course conditions up for less than perfect racing.

On the line was a smaller field than the first two races of the series, but the depth of competition only suffered minor set backs. The women's field still had the hard charging Cheryl Sornson (Trek/VW) and last year's race winner Danielle Musto (Kenda, Titus, Hayes). Stepping in to fill the empty positions were Karen Potter (MTB-MIND.com) and Master's rider Anne Grofvert (Bicilibre/ Founders). For the men, the absence of Sam Koerber and Josh Tostado gave a bit of relief, but the presence of Schalk, Chris Eatough (Trek/ VW), Evan Plews (Scott/ Capitol Subaru), Harlan Price (IFRacing.org) and Christian Tanguy (American Cycle and Fitness) left no sure bets available.

Men's race

Men's podium
Photo ©: Jack Kunnan
(Click for larger image)

Race promoter Rick Plite took the riders two miles down the paved road before the trail entrance to give the racers a chance to spread out before hitting the opening singletrack and climb that would be seen four times through the day. For the men Michael Simonson (Trek/VW) led much of the first lap, and he used his local knowledge of the trails to put pressure on the other riders who were less familiar with the fast cornering required for the course. Tree slaloms, beach-sand corners and a bit of leaves on top of some slick dirt made a technically weak course, more challenging as speeds increased. About half way into lap number one a group of eight riders split off the front of the race. Simonson, Plews, Schalk, Price, Eatough, Tanguy, Gerry Pflug (Speed Goat) and John (Fuzzy) Myline (ShoAir/ RocknRoad/Niner) held a steady pace coming into the end of the first lap.

Lap number two saw eventual third place finisher Price accelerating through the first eight mile loop and putting the pressure on the the group to take the corners a little faster. "I knew Jeff and Evan were a little more timid in the corners, so I used my brakes as little as possible and since I could hear when they touched their brakes I would take an extra pedal stroke coming out of corners. It was a really fun course if you liked to lean it over and get loose."

Going into the outer 17 mile loop a group of four had come back together, with Schalk sitting in front of Eatough, Price and Tanguy. Plews had actually made a very quick recovery after changing a front flat early in lap two. "I started washing out and since it wasn't sealing up I had to make a quick change. I chased really hard, and made it back up to the group at the mud hole." The mud hole was really three different sections about 50 yards total, consisting of standing water in the forest as high as the hubs. It was a minor inconvenience compared to the flooded houses that lined the road on the way to the race course, but it wrecked havoc on drive trains, resulting in dry chains and poor shifting. Many racers choose to run the sections to avoid complications.

Since it was a lap race, riders could plan their race tactics based on an intimate knowledge of the course, and by the third lap Price had decided that the first eight mile loop was the place to attack again. His repeated acceleration dropped a cramping Eatough and Tanguy, but he was unable to shake Schalk and Plews.

When asked about how the course played to his strengths, Schalk recognized that this was not the ideal course for him. "I came in planning to just trying and keep in sight of the front of the race." He executed that plan flawlessly, always bridging back to Price on his attacks, and when the IFracer started to fade going in to lap four, he was able to take advantage of the opportunity to pull away with Plews close behind.

For 20 miles the Trek/VW rider tested Plews by attacking on the small rises but he was unable to get away from the tenacious Oregonian. "Jeff was standing up on every climb, but I was more fatigued and it was more comfortable for me to stay seated and close the gaps on the flats," said Plews.

"It was like the Monty Python sketch in the Holy Grail, where every time I thought I got away I'd turn around and he'd be there." Schalk said. Eventually with about five miles to go he was able to pull away and put a gap between Evans and himself. Still by the finish line Schalk only had 1:03 min on Plews. Afterwards Schalk was happy with his finish. "The fact that I've only won by a minute or two each time is sort of a miracle. Each time it's been a slightly different scenario, and required some different strategy." It seems his ability to adapt race strategy is proving to be as valuable as his physical strength. With three wins Schalk is poised to take the NUE series without a hitch.

Women's race

Danielle Musto
Photo ©: Jack Kunnan
(Click for larger image)

Cheryl Sornson (Trek East Coast) made no hesitation on her way to snagging her first win of the NUE series by putting 15 minutes into her nearest competitor Karen Potter (MTB-MIND.com). On the start line Sornson stepped up to the front line ready to apply a new race strategy after a bonk at the Mohican 100 two weeks before had put a severe hurt on her standings in the series.

Despite the difficulty of eating and drinking on a trail that consisted of such tight singletrack she was able to stay on top of nutrition and the competition for the whole day. Sitting on the front all day in a mass start race provides its own difficulties. The paranoia of not knowing who was coming up from behind until they got to you, or who that is just in front can make for a nerve racking day. "I had no idea where anyone else was all day. I had to keep going as fast as I could. Fortunately I felt great all day," said Sornson in a phone interview on the long trip back to Pennsylvania after the race.

Women's podium
Photo ©: Jack Kunnan
(Click for larger image)

Her nearest competitor for the day was Shrewsberry, Connecticut resident Karen Potter. Also on her own all day, Potter suffered through the unknown and overcame the third and fourth laps when the course no longer seems to be fun, to hold onto a 100 miler best of second place. "There was a lot of singletrack, and I liked the twisty stuff a lot." When asked about her plan's for the NUE series she officially threw her hat into the ring, saying "I hope to be competitive. But there are some pretty strong women out there." A sixth place at the Mohican 100 and the second on the weekend definitely puts her in a strong position to challenge in the podium race.

Team Kenda-Titus-Hayes rider Danielle Musto showed signs of a recovery to form after a rough start to 2008, with a third place finish on her home course. She won the race last year, but her attention for this season has shifted more to the 24hr racing she has done so well with in the past. Her chances of a home course advantage has been narrowed by the number of women participating in the races these days. "Things are definitely more competitive these days. The first Lumberjack had like 10 women and now it's 30. It's awesome," said Musto.

Stepping up and showing a strong finish was masters female rider Anne Grofvert (Bicilibre/Founders) who placed fourth overall in the women's field.


Fuzzyjohn Myline
Photo ©: Jack Kunnan
(Click for larger image)

The men's singlespeed category also saw a shuffle in the upper deck of the field. Dejay Birtch (Niner) lost his grip on the top spot he seemed to have a firm hold on with wins in the first two NUE races. Stepping up to push the Niner rider back to a fourth place finish was Ronald Sanborn (Mclain Cycle and Fitness), John (Fuzzy) Myline (ShoAir/ RocknRoad/ Niner), and Nate Versluis (Founders Ale/ Alger racing). Chip Meek (Spin/ Dieringer) rounded out the top five, nine minutes behind Birtch. Both Sanborn and Fuzzy managed to get top ten overall finishes in the men's field with one minute separating their for eighth and ninth overall positions.


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Images by Jack Kunnan

Results (NUE #3)


1 Cheryl Sornson (Trek East Coast)                        8.45.10
2 Karen Potter (MTB-Mind.com)                               17.13
3 Danielle Musto (Kenda-Titus-Hayes)                        58.09
4 Anne Grofvert (Bicilibre / Founders)                    1.18.45
5 Laureen Coffelt (RB's Cyclery)                          1.34.21
6 Tara Tasma (Giant)                                      2.13.23
7 Noreen Greene (Www.Blessoconsulting.com)                2.38.46
8 Shari Versluis (Founders Ales/Alger Racing)             3.04.00
9 Shelly Wilson (Pedal And Tour)                          3.13.22
10 Cricket Butler (Bicycle Sport)                         3.45.23
11 Kerry Combs (Independent Fabrication)                  4.02.35
12 Lynn Banas (Dark Horse Racing)                         4.06.06
13 Andrea Balding (Dark Horse Racing)                     4.08.22
DNF Charis Aiello                                                
DNF Kerry Block (Dark Horse Racing)                              
DNF Kristie Brown (Breakaway Bicycles)                           
DNF Shirlee Finch (Dark Horse)                                   
DNF Lynda Racey (Dark Horse Racing)                              
DNF Lindsay Rodkey (Velo Bella-Kona)                             
DNF Liz Schleeper (Tripower)                                     
DNF Roberta Wilkinson (Wilkinson Tree Service)                   
DNF Jessica Woodard-Robbert                                      
DNS Mary Dein                                                    
DNS Fiona Lockhart                                               
DNS Namrita O'dea (55Nine Performance/Vassago)                   
DNS Erika Tieszen (Sin)                                          
DNS Sandra Tomlinson (Kenda Vanderkitten)                        

1 Jeff Schalk (Trek/VW)                                   7.07.47
2 Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru/Scott Usa)                      1.03
3 Harlan Price (Ifracing.Org)                                3.49
4 Chris Eatough (Trek/VW)                                    8.18
5 Christian Tanguy (American Cycle & Fitness Wsc)           20.54
6 Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat/Spk/Salsa)                         40.31
7 Michael Simonson (Trek Factory)                           44.36
8 Garth Prosser (Sobe Cannondale)                           57.23
9 John Meyers (Bells Brewery & Quiring Cycles)              57.42
10 Greg Kuhn (Team Fraser)                                1.04.30
11 Jason Lummis (Bells Brewery/Quiring Cycles)            1.08.35
12 Chris Strout (World Bicycle Relief)                    1.12.59
13 Robert Herriman (American Cycle & Fitness/Wsc)         1.21.21
14 Matt Thourot (Bicilibre)                               1.27.37
15 Brad Majors (World Bicycle Relief)                     1.31.17
16 Dan Jansen (Niner)                                     1.31.39
17 Dan Kotwicki (Dakotech / Trek)                         1.35.04
18 James Rasmussen (Trek/Cross Roads Racing)              1.36.01
19 Mike Doody (Rocky Mountain Racing)                     1.47.59
20 Will Baker                                             1.49.39
21 Steve Clark (Saturn Of Toledo)                         1.51.26
22 Don Roth                                               1.52.10
23 Sam Hayward                                            1.56.12
24 Alex Kopko (Independent Fabrication)                   1.56.54
25 Ezra Mullen (Cross Country Cycle)                      2.15.21
26 Thomas Sterling (Treefort Bikes.com)                   2.17.30
27 Tom Mcardle                                            2.27.06
28 Chad Schut (Bunker Hill Bikes/Sram/Quiring Cycles)     2.32.27
29 Wesley Jones (Cannondale Midwest Racing)               2.33.57
30 Dennis Lessard (Team Venom)                            2.36.35
31 Hamish Bingley                                         2.37.09
32 Michael Seaman (Specialized)                           2.43.28
33 Jorden Wakeley (Wakeley Firewood)                      2.50.14
34 Christopher Westra                                     2.50.29
35 Chip Richards (Founders)                               2.56.28
36 Justin Lund (Evomo)                                    3.00.57
37 Ray Fulkerson (Team Chemistry)                         3.05.24
38 Bill Kerr                                              3.11.03
39 Brian Scharp (Zondervan)                               3.11.04
40 Cameron Kohn (Team Venom)                              3.11.53
41 Joshua Mccreedy (Oregon Township Fitness Pioneers)     3.12.57
42 Dwayne Merritt (Team Fraser)                           3.14.19
43 James Gallagher (Team Active Racing)                   3.16.59
44 Ed Fostveit (Blue Sky Velo)                            3.17.32
45 Rich Lytle (Snotfoot Racing)                           3.21.19
46 Tod Horner (Structural Systems)                        3.26.45
47 Jason Mishka (Maumee Valley Wheelmen)                  3.29.27
48 Vincent Schultz (The Hanson Hells)                     3.30.36
49 Ryan Knopf (Cannondale Midwest)                        3.39.02
50 Mark Jenkins (Green Hills Trails)                      3.40.17
51 Jon Heft (Trails Edge Cyclery)                         3.40.45
52 Tony Sebastian (Cycletherapy)                          3.41.14
53 Mike Belanger (Macomb Bike And Fitness)                3.43.45
54 Scott Mcbain                                           3.43.52
55 Ralf Scharnowski (Founders Ale / Alger Cycle)          3.44.39
56 Mike Neeley (Rockin Robin)                             3.53.37
57 Denis Hall (Annarborphoto.com)                         3.58.16
58 Alex Pless (Team Fast)                                 3.58.22
59 Matt Craig (Team Fast)                                 4.02.07
60 Shawn Davison (Founders Ale/Alger Racing)              4.04.31
61 Kevin Flanders (Peace Coffee Racing)                   4.09.31
62 Ralph Oppermann (Team Afd)                             4.13.22
63 Tom Crimp (Auxiliary Racing)                           4.20.05
64 Jared Medler (Morgan's Garage)                         4.24.08
65 Grant Hammons (Team Dave)                              4.24.48
66 Ryan O'dell (Endura)                                   4.25.58
67 Daniel Sterling (Racing Greyhounds)                    4.28.59
68 Kevin Dittmer (Racing Greyhounds)                      4.29.00
69 Matt Rouse                                             4.31.12
70 Jonathan Banas (Spokedrunkies / Dark Horse Brewery)    4.31.37
71 Marshall Michmerhuizen (Macatawa Cycling Club)         4.34.30
72 Jo Theart (Autocar)                                    4.46.51
73 Conrad Vanhaitsma                                      4.48.12
74 Eric Cook (Team Active Racing)                         4.48.31
75 Jurrien Davison (Hup United)                           4.50.47
76 Mitch Bernskoetter (Green Hills Trails)                5.09.31
77 David Staublin (Rapid Wheelmen)                        5.14.50
78 Patrick Bagi (Custer Cyclery)                          5.17.54
79 Douglas Schmidt (Team Dave)                            5.19.43
80 Russell Petts (Petts Pit Crew)                         5.25.07
81 Robert Mueller (Insites)                               5.26.11
82 Rob Lundquist (Anna River Pedalers)                    5.28.29
83 Dan Henshaw (Breakaway Bicycles)                       5.45.08
DNF David Appel (Heroes Foundation)                              
DNF Brad Bacon (Alger/Founders)                                  
DNF Doug Bailey (Slingshot)                                      
DNF Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle & Sport)                       
DNF Steve Bartzen (Founders Ales)                                
DNF Aaron Bennett                                                
DNF Keith Bosker                                                 
DNF Scott Bosley                                                 
DNF George Bracken                                               
DNF Mason Brown (Www.Onagerband.com)                             
DNF Matt Levasseur (Sugar Construction)                          
DNF Scott Callens                                                
DNF Scott Cole (Specialized/Hayes/Ergon)                         
DNF Brook Cox                                                    
DNF Mike Crandell (Dell Racing)                                  
DNF Brian Czarnecki (Crash Test Dummies)                         
DNF Mike Doezema (Hup United)                                    
DNF Matt Dolmage (5 Hour Energy)                                 
DNF Mark Farmer (Ohio Orthopedic/Moro Cycling)                   
DNF Mark Fraker                                                  
DNF Dan Frayer (Autism Speaks.Org/Team Active.)                  
DNF Bruce Geffen (Tortoise And The Hare)                         
DNF Chris Goddard (Team Fraser)                                  
DNF Joe Greer                                                    
DNF Doug Groff (Aao)                                             
DNF Jim Grubaugh (Ocd Customs)                                   
DNF Peter Gurney (Team Terpening)                                
DNF Mark Hadfield (Team Moosen Tbm)                              
DNF Chris Hansen                                                 
DNF Chad Jordan (Pure Balance Xc)                                
DNF John Kline (Singletrack Outfitters)                          
DNF Scott Krahn (Racing Greyhounds)                              
DNF Jim Lewerenz (Rochester Bike Shop+Lewereuz Medical)          
DNF Lloyd Lind (Rbs Cycling Team)                                
DNF Joseph Meiser (Salsa Cycles)                                 
DNF Kelly Messick (Team Moosen Tbm)                              
DNF Cory Mortensen (Ekho Heart Rate Monitors)                    
DNF Dennis Murphy (Founders Ale/Alger Cycle)                     
DNF Scott B. Brozowski                                           
DNF Peter Oleskie Jr (5 Hour Energy)                             
DNF Austin Oleskie (5 Hour Energy)                               
DNF Bruce Osani (5 Hour Energy)                                  
DNF Jacob Ridley                                                 
DNF Tim Riekena (Green Hills Trails)                             
DNF Adam Rosender                                                
DNF Steve Sams (Saturn Of Toledo)                                
DNF Eric Schmidt (Ausable Valley Cycling Club)                   
DNF Jason Schneider (Team Sandbag)                               
DNF Robin Scurr (Cannondale Midwest Racing)                      
DNF Erik Silvassy (Team Trails Edge)                             
DNF Russ Skinner                                                 
DNF Michael A Smith (Www.MTB29Er.com)                            
DNF Charlie Swett (Team Active Racing)                           
DNF Scott Tencate                                                
DNF David Tietz (Wildzipper.com)                                 
DNF Alex Vetter (Mjolnir)                                        
DNF Jesse Ward (Dean Titanium Bicycles)                          
DNF Jeff Weaver (Jeff Weaver)                                    
DNF David Weiss (Revolution)                                     
DNF Jason Weller                                                 
DNF Derek Wrathell (Solo One)                                    
DNF Bob Perra                                                    
DNF Bert Reynolds                                                
DNF Kerry Robbert (Structural Systems)                           
DNF Greg Southwell (Saturn Of Okemos)                            
DNS Kip Biese (Old Town Bike Shop)                               
DNS Edward Barker (Cycletherapy Racing)                          
DNS Josh Bennett                                                 
DNS Allen Duncan                                                 
DNS Robert Erra                                                  
DNS Paul Filliman                                                
DNS Scott Holquist (Paint Creek Bicycles)                        
DNS Blake Jenssen                                                
DNS Floyd Landis (Smith & Nephew/Bhrhip.com)                     
DNS Joe Lapinski (Team Tree Farm)                                
DNS Nicholas Shaffer (Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon)             
DNS David Shore                                                  
DNS Hugh Smallwood (Cannondale Midwest Racing)                   
DNS Cully Todd (Sobe Cannondale)                                 
DNS Nathaniel Voss                                               
DNS Cadet Bryant (Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles)                
Men's singlespeed

1 Ronald Sanborn (Mclain Cycle & Fitness)                 7.57.19
2 Fuzzyjohn Myline (Shoair/Rock N' Road/Niner)               0.58
3 Nate Versluis (Founders Ales/Alger Racing)                20.17
4 Dejay Birtch                                              23.11
5 Chip Meek (Spin/Dieringer)                                31.50
6 James Gomez (My Wife)                                     51.37
7 John Schott (Put The Fun Between Your Legs)             1.00.05
8 Joe Kucharski (Team Active)                             1.01.25
9 Robert Kranz (Spin--Rr Donnelley)                       1.04.23
10 Unknown                                                1.08.36
11 Joe Kedrowski (Founders Ale/Alger Racing)              1.08.52
12 James Gomez (My Wife)                                  1.21.31
13 Brad Hranach (Team Sandbag)                            1.21.35
14 Wayne Cook (Mysinglespeed.com)                         1.28.08
15 Chris Maltby (Mysinglespeed.com/Hammer Nutrition)      1.34.34
16 Tim Curtis (Founders Ales/Alger Cycles)                1.39.17
17 Thomas Greene (Www.Blessoconsulting.com)               1.42.05
18 Matthew Schneider                                      1.51.12
19 Brad Wagner (Team Afd)                                 2.00.43
20 Stephen Cain (Dexter Bike And Sport)                   2.05.35
21 Greg Hintz (Auxiliary Advertising)                     2.05.43
22 Mike Connolly (Spokedrunkies/Dark Horse Brewing)       2.06.34
23 Todd Powers (Team Sandbag)                             2.13.13
24 Shaun Welch (Mysinglespeed.com)                        2.49.23
25 Rick Bentley (Team Fast)                               3.12.32
26 Kevin Laroe (Wheelsinmotion/Kona/Tifosi)               3.17.26
27 Todd Kent (Anna River Pedalers)                        3.17.27
28 Jason Whittaker (Mclain Cycle & Fitness)               3.50.06
29 Mike Woods (Racing Greyhounds)                         4.08.16
30 Steve Tafelsky (Mysinglespeed.com)                     4.14.04
31 Thomas Landry (Mysinglespeed.com)                      4.31.03
32 Thomas Werth (Mysinglespeed.com)                       4.31.05
33 John Swanberg (Anna River Pedalers)                    4.38.58
DNF Michael Chambers                                             
DNF Mike Clark (Velo City Cyles/Hup United/Crazy Bastards)       
DNF Jeff Cooper (Mysinglespeed.com)                              
DNF Eric Ellerholz (Mysinglespeed.com)                           
DNF Ron Grant (Mysinglespeed.com)                                
DNF David Hintz (Auxiliary-Walt Works)                           
DNF Ted Kushion (Gazelle Sports)                                 
DNF Cary Marsh (Single Speed Cycling Club)                       
DNF Eddie O'dea (55Nine Performance/Vassago)                     
DNF Kevin Paquette (Mysinglespeed.com)                           
DNF Len Parmenter (Detroit Dog Biscuit company)                  
DNF Nate Phelps (Sun-Dress Queens)                               
DNF Jim Sarks (Saturn Of Toledo Shell)                           
DNF Erich Gross (Alterra Coffee)                                 
DNF Jared Smerecki (Cycletherapy)                                
DNF Jerry Stoeckigt                                              
DNF Marty Swanson (Stubway Riders)                               
DNF Layne Peters (Team Awesome)                                  
DNS Mark Becker (Mysinglespeed.com)                              
DNS James Byrne                                                  
DNS Ryan Mc Cullough (Bodygoals.com/First Endurance)             
DNS Christopher Schmidt (Red Jacket-Bluesky Health Cycling)      
DNS Louis Secreto (Human Zoom-Pabst Blue Ribbon)                 
DNS Jeff Miller (Terre Haute Cycling)                            
Men Masters

1 Hugh Melling                                            9.34.58
2 John Majors (Giffin Interior)                              8.13
3 Jim Jordan (CFX Prod)                                      9.23
4 David Coar (DRT Consulting)                               13.38
5 Jack Kline (Endoman Promotions)                           16.51
6 Mark Olin (RBS Cycling)                                   58.42
7 Philip Javaman Cannon (West Michigan Coast Riders)      1.16.14
8 Craig Morris (Racing Greyhounds)                        1.43.49
9 Ed Mccalley (Bike Zoo)                                  2.05.55
10 Tad Peacock (Endoman Promotions)                       2.10.10
11 James Lessard (Aberdeen Bike & Fitness)                2.35.54
12 Tim Morgan (Morgans Garage)                            3.16.45
DNF Randy Bultman (Velo-City Cyles)                              
DNF Gary Cale (Bareknuckle Brigade/P&T Fitness)                  
DNF Steve Kinley (Sobe Cannondale)                               
DNF John Kowalczyk (Rapid Wheelmen)                              
DNF Mark Neale (Autocar)                                         
DNF Bill Potapa                                                  
DNF Doug Schneider                                               
DNS Jeff Doerr                                                   
DNS David Haddock (HDH Telecom)