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BC Bike Race - SR

Canada, June 28-July 4, 2008

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Stage 1 - June 28: Shawnigan Lake - Cowichan Lake District, 89km

Mona Vie Cannondale wins opening stage

Last year's winners make comeback after mechanical

By Marc Campbell

Stage winners Jason Sager and Bart Gilliespie
Photo ©: Dave Silver Photo
(Click for larger image)

Under brilliant blue skies and a hot summer sun, the BC Bike Race start gun fired to launch more than 400 riders from around the world into the first stage of the second annual multi-stage mountain bike event. Racers began what will be a seven-day, 550km journey over singletrack and logging roads from Victoria to Whistler.

Stage one presented an 87km trek from Shawnigan Lake School to the picturesque Lake Cowichan finish. Riders experienced swooping singletrack through cool BC rainforest, sprawling double-track culminating in a gruelling climb with a wickedly fast logging road descent onto reclaimed rail bed.

Team Mona Vie Cannondale's Jason Sager and Bart Gillespie were the first to cross the line, with a time of 4:14:26. The Cannondale camp was thrilled with clinching the first yellow jersey of the race. Both Sager and Gillespie are family guys who work full-time and race as a passion. When asked about their first day's experience, they immediately commented on the strengths each brought to the table to pull through the race.

When asked about their race experience, Sager and Gillespie dubbed themselves "Team Daddy", stating that each found motivation in their young families back at home. "Not knowing the course, you're riding by feel. The trails were a lot of fun, but we couldn't really look around. It's too bad because the view off the top was amazing." The winning team rode tightly with Team Kona right up through the big climb of the day. "We looked back and didn't see them, so we're not sure what happened."

Assembling for the start
Photo ©: Dave Silver Photo
(Click for larger image)

The race leaders rolled across the finish line 12 minutes ahead of second place team Kona's Kris Sneddon and Barry Wicks. Team Mona Vie Cannondale's Tinker Juarez and Mitchell Peterson had a disappointing day, crossing the finish line in 5:22:37, but look forward to closing the gap throughout the rest of the week.

Last year's overall race winners Chris Eatough and Jeff Schalk of Team Trek suffered a potentially disastrous mechanical issue during the initial circuit. Mechanics worked hard to make the fastest possible repairs and get the Trek team back on course. With a 30 minute delay behind the very last rider on course, Eatough and Schalk had their work cut out to climb their way back to the lead.

At least there was some shade
Photo ©: Dave Silver Photo
(Click for larger image)

Despite the relentless heat, Team Trek pushed to the limit and devoured the race course until they caught sight of third place Team La Ruta's Manuel Prado and Marvin Campos. The two teams remained together for the remaining low-grade 20-plus kilometres of reclaimed rail bed trail into Lake Cowichan, where they broke out into a full-sprint finish. Team La Ruta just edged past Team Trek to claim third spot overall in a time of 4:26:33.

"We pinned it the whole time as soon as the course opened up," said Eatough. "You have to keep fighting, no matter what happens."

Hailing from the US, the women's team Sara Bersnick-Zocchi and Kelli Emmett (Taint Slo) captured the yellow jersey, blasting through the finish line in 5:15:04.

Canadian cyclo-cross diva Wendy Simms and partner Normon Thibault (Team Kona - Riding in Memory of Denis Fontaine) claimed top honours in the Mixed category finishing in 4:51:37.

Leaders after stage 1
Photo ©: Dave Silver Photo
(Click for larger image)

Overall it was a challenging first day for competitors and event organizers. Within 5km, the first rider suffered injury during an early crash; however the heat would prove the most significant threat to racers on the course. Though race organizers anticipated the water needs to support racers through the unrelenting heat, the supply ran short at aid stations, and many racers had to wait to replenish their supply. The majority of racers crossing the finish line were feeling the effects of the heat though a few competitors hailing from hot southern countries were in their element.

Fernanda Mejia and Alonso Sanchez (CJ Bros) took the Last 2 Spots award and seemed happy despite the heat. They crossed the finish line in 7:23:26 along with a fellow countryman whose partner unfortunately suffered a serious shoulder injury during a pre-race ride in Shawnigan Lake on Day Zero. The team of three said yesterday that they hoped the weather would get even hotter to range closer to the temperatures they're used to at home in Mexico. "It was hard," said Mejia, "There were so many roots. This must be what they were talking about when they say the riding is so different in Canada. It was really fun, though!"

Stage 2 will take racers from Lake Cowichan to Port Alberni over 125km. More hot and sunny weather is expected.


For a thumbnail gallery of these images, click here

Images by Dave Silver Photo /www.davesilverphoto.com



1 Jason Sager and Bart Gilliespie (USA)/(USA) Mona Vie Cannondale                       4.14.26 (20.5km/h)
2 Kris Sneddon and Barry Wicks (Can)/(USA) Kona                                           10.00
3 Manuel Prado and Marvin Campos (CRc)/(CRc) La Ruta / Sho-Air / Economy Car Rental       12.07
4 Chris Eatough and Jeff Schalk (USA)/(USA) Trek VW Mountain Bike Team                    12.08
5 Andreas Hestler and Max Plaxton (Can)/(Can) Rocky Mountain Bikes                        18.59
6 Nat Ross and Chris Beck (USA)/(USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher                                  19.01
7 Russell Stevenson and Toby Swanson (USA)/(USA) Team Benaroya III                        22.20
8 Tim Bennett and Adrian Jackson (Aus)/(Aus) Flight Centre                                29.05
9 Jason First and Matt Ryan (USA)/(Can) Crank Brothers                                    34.35
10 James Kennedy and Nick Both (Aus)/(Aus) Flight Centre - B                              40.49
11 Ian Mackie and Logan Wetzel (USA)/(USA) Team Benaroya II                               41.16
12 Leighton Poidevin and Ryan Draper (Can)/(Can) Team Canmore                             45.35
13 Tyler Merritt and Brooke Scatchard (USA)/(USA) Green Mountain Boys                     45.56
14 Simon Zahnd and Ramon Krebs (Swi)/(Swi) Hirslanden-Globetrotter On                     47.13
15 Roger Bartels and Shane Bresnyan (USA)/(USA) Norcal Bike Sport / Mountain Hardware     47.14
16 Kevin Perry and Jimi Mortenson (USA)/(USA) Beaver Creek 1                              48.22
17 Warren Ellis and Ron Ellis (Can)/(Can) Eagle Homes                                     50.49
18 Drew Simson and Jon Firth (Can)/(Can) Ridin' Dirty                                     54.40
19 Tate Graves and Jesse Swift (USA)/(USA) Bikeparts.com                                  59.39
20 Gary Robbins and Todd Nowack (Can)/(Can) Momar / Helly Hansen                        1.01.11
21 Graham Tutti and Adam Smith (Can)/(Can) Comor / John Henry                           1.04.04
22 Timmy Dougherty and Dejay Birtch (USA)/(USA) Sobe/Cannondale/Niner                   1.04.40
23 John Courtney and Sullivan Reed (Can)/(Can) Cycle Logic                              1.06.01
24 Tinker Juarez and Mitchell Peterson (USA)/(USA) Monavie Cannondale                   1.08.11
25 Duane Epp and Stephen Chapman (Can)/(Can) Team Suck                                  1.10.08
26 Scott Penzarella and Grant Smith (USA)/(USA) Team Bike-Rx                            1.14.09
27 Justin Mark and Jeff Riemer (Can)/(Can) Helly Hansen                                 1.14.32
28 Gant Enderle and Grant Folske (USA)/(USA) Cyclepath                                  1.14.35
29 Robin Dutton and Jay Latiff (Can)/(Can) Arrowsmith Bikes                             1.14.58
30 Aaron Vanderwaal and Andrew Rigel (USA)/(USA) Mafia Racing                           1.16.17
31 Peter Butt and Dave Nairn (USA)/(Aus) Butt                                           1.20.46
32 Barry Lyster and Steven Devantier (Can)/(Can) Team Pedal                             1.27.11
33 Paul Chetwynd and Yoshito Tsuji Japan/(Can) Brown Fish Jumpers                       1.28.37
34 Trevor Stone and Clive Russell (Can)/(Can) Spin Doctors                              1.29.04
35 Erik Bakke and Jon Nutbrown (Can)/(Can) Ridley's Cycle/Deadgoat Racing               1.36.42
36 Brian Stevenson and Jeffrey Carter (USA)/(USA) Bc Buds                               1.39.32
37 Jason Sumner and Reed Melton (USA)/(USA) Melton-Sumner                               1.39.46
38 Stuart Horak and Hugh Thompson (Can)/(Can) Horak                                     1.39.56
39 Robert Kranz and Chip Meek (USA)/(USA) Spin / Dieringer Bikes                        1.40.56
40 Toph Leonard and Zach Bingham (USA)/(USA) Beaver Creek 2                             1.42.42
41 David Huntley and Trevor Jones (Can)/(Can) Team Norco/ Experience Cycling            1.47.35
42 Brent Martin and Richard Boase (Can)/(Can) Ryders                                    1.52.22
43 Craig Barlow and Mark Macnab (Can)/(Can) Big Ring Racing                             1.53.11
44 Peter Mason and Anthony Bereznai (Can)/(Can) Big Ring Racing's Ripped Ninja Squad    1.56.51
45 Jay Clinton and Edward Moreadith (USA)/(USA) APB/BWR-Asheville                       1.58.52
46 Stewart Grimm and Cosmo Richards (Can)/(HKg) Fat Monkeys                             2.03.04
47 Ryan Shebelsky and Douglas Lange (USA)/(USA) Go Cyco                                 2.03.29
48 Aaron Amar and John Loewen (Can)/(Can) Don't $$#@! With John And Aaron               2.03.58
49 Danny Johnston and Brian Gibbons (Can)/(Can) 42                                      2.06.28
50 Peter Dunham and Brian Dunham (Can)/(Can) Dunham Brothers                            2.07.24
51 Jason Berry and Jonathan Posner (USA)/(USA) Gripped Films/Kenda (GFK) Racing         2.07.32
52 Lester Pardoe and Geoff Luttrell (USA)/(USA) The Chippy Minton's                     2.07.49
53 Michael Schmidt and Bill Bruzzese (USA)/(USA) Velocity                               2.10.19
54 Kevin Smith and Stewart Kerr (Can)/(Can) Skyline                                     2.24.11
55 Matthew Young and Richard Alm (Can)/(Can) Innovative Fitness                         2.25.48
56 Andrew Hamilton and Steve Wickham (Can)/(Can) Slow Twitch                                   
57 Tony Webster and Donatus Kulisch (Can)/(Ger) Don Quijotes                            2.26.20
58 Stefan Birrer and Agustin UreŃ▒A (Mex)/(Mex) Sector Bike                             2.28.21
59 Michael Dougherty and Stewart Mc Intosh (Can)/(Can) The Inflatables                  2.30.20
60 Tim Neal and Wayne O'Young (Aus)/(Aus) Puffing Billy Goats                           2.34.34
61 Gary Tait and Darryl Steane (Can)/(Can) Ice Road Bikerz                              2.36.15
62 Jason Edens and Randy Salamon (USA)/(USA) Recycled Cycles                            2.55.28
63 Mark Gedraitis and Duane Turgeon (USA)/(USA) Massholes On Wheels                     2.57.34
64 Mark Duk and Brad Marlborough (Can)/(Can) Pain For Pleasure                          3.03.21
65 Andrew Clayton and Martin Bain Venn (GBr)/(GBr) South African Tough Men              3.08.54
66 James Northwood and Travis Astell (Can)/(Can) Pedal Beyond                           3.11.36
67 Brian Edmond and Thomas Fletcher (Can)/(Can) Go Banana                               3.14.07
68 Michael Lingelbach and David Reid (USA)/(USA) Klunker                                3.14.55
69 Alan Bransdon and Joseph Krznaric (Can)/(Can) Flaming Gallah                         3.15.52
70 Erik Larson and Neal Baker (Can)/(Can) Fat Man And Little Boy                        3.19.30
71 Clarke Tanner and Jeff Plassman (USA)/(USA) Optimal Solutions Physical Therapy       3.22.42
72 Steve Tam and James Odbert (USA)/(USA) Visenka - We Love Bacon                       3.24.23
73 Christian Bowman and Daniel Ness (USA)/(USA) Schweddy Chamois                        3.25.01
74 Michael Kehler and Brady Holland (Can)/(Can) Team Holsby                             3.25.18
75 Moshe Hakimi and Bruno Therond (Aho)/(Aho) Crashed Helmet                            3.25.53
76 Mike Johnson and Richard Usher-Jones (Can)/(Can) Johnson Usher-Jones                 3.27.52
77 Joest Hoekstra and Oscar Balsalobre (Swi)/(Swi) J&O                                  3.28.39
78 Craig Bartlett and Dave Brown (Can)/(Can) Craig/Dave                                 3.31.58
79 Sheldon Thistle and Darcy Lawley (Can)/(Can) Chouda Glide                            3.34.03
80 Bernado Casillas and Juan Anaya (Mex)/(Mex) Cimabike.com.Mx                          3.39.40
81 Jorge Schiller and Javier Lerma (Mex)/(Mex) Sinaloa Bikes                            3.45.28
82 Sergio Alejandro Paez and Mauricio Osorio (Col)/(Col) Synergy Adventure Colombia     3.46.28
83 Keith Bailey and Sean Elliott (GBr)/(GBr) Beef Pie                                   3.52.19
84 Dan Higginson and Nick Hartwell (GBr)/(GBr) Pork Pie                                 3.53.00
85 Charles Eagan and Jason Clarke (Can)/(Can) Go Orange                                 4.00.08
86 Michael Zocchi and Richard Blair (USA)/(USA) Zocchi-Blair Project                    4.10.12
87 Steve Francis and Sam Masson (USA)/(USA) Bloody Rippers                                     
88 Garry Westcott and Francisco Alba (Can)/(Mex) Save Your Skin                         4.16.04
89 Volker Rosendahl and Alfre Fuentes Espinosa (USA)/(USA) Transalp Conquerors          4.22.10
90 Roy Wallack and Ed Korb (USA)/(USA) LA Times - REI                                   4.35.47
91 Mike Mikuska and Glen Moore (Can)/(Can) M                                            4.47.20
92  Unknown and Unknown (Can)/(Can) Unknown                                             4.52.13 


1 Sara Bresnick-Zocchi and Kelli Emmett (USA)/(USA) Taint Slo                           5.15.04
2 Katie Lindquist and Amy Harris (USA)/(USA) Lindquist                                    35.43
3 Kristenn Magnusson and Lisa Ludwig (Can)/(Can) Helly Hansen Vancouver Island            37.58
4 Fanny Paquette and Vanessa Stark (Can)/(Can) Mountain Biking                            48.23
5 Michelle Newton and Alex Watson (Can)/(Can) Steed Sistas                                51.07
6 Lisa Le Poole and Alana Heise (Can)/(Can) Creeky Saddles                              1.21.20
7 Emily Chastain and Kirsty Exner (Can)/(Can) Kirs N Em Bikes                           1.26.40
8 Jodi Siever and Cathy Graham (Can)/(Can) Double Trouble                               1.35.29
9 Elizabeth Vollmer and Cristina Begy (USA)/(USA) Miss Mavericks                        1.39.50
10 Tanya Hanham and Kari Ferlatte (Can)/(Can) Big Ring Racing-Fresh Air Experience      2.25.56
11 Karley Cunningham and Vik Veldhoen (Can)/(Can) Dead Last                             2.31.23
12 Kathleen Negraeff and Cheryl Giffin (Can)/(Can) West Side Moms Like Dirt             2.41.35
13 Trina Prior and Donna Green (Can)/(Can) Tired Butt Inspired                          3.36.19
14 Jessica Fleishman and Meg Cronin (USA)/(USA) Contessas                               3.36.38
15 Grant Lamont and Dave Heisler (Can)/(Can) Bcbr Guest Team 2                          1.09.57

1 Wendy Simms and Normon Thibault (Can)/(Can) Kona-Riding In Memory Of Denis            4.51.37
2 Matt Ohran and Sue Butler (USA)/(USA) Monaviecannondale.com Mixed                       17.34
3 Trish Grajczyk and Craig Stappler (Can)/(Can) Deadgoat Racing                           38.07
4 Kristin Kopec and Mike Kopec (Aho)/(Aho) Kopec                                          45.18
5 Kate Aardal and Chad Houston (Can)/(Can) Team North Of Here                             46.17
6 Carena Dean and Andy Reed (Can)/(Can) Beerless Fevers                                   52.14
7 Mark Compton and Katie Compton (NZl)/(USA) Spike Shooter                                57.14
8 Tamara Goeppel and Thomas Tetz (Can)/(Can) Leki Bikextreme                              59.52
9 Steve Woo and Jo Bennett (USA)/(Aus) Sportgenic                                       1.02.51
10 Bill Trayling and Jenny Hillman (Can)/(Can) Runningfree.com                          1.13.39
11 Shaun Bergen and Annie Bergen (Can)/(Can) Team Bergen                                1.22.21
12 Teresa Dewitt and Dick Luttekes (Aho)/(Aho) Dickwitt                                 1.24.01
13 Sandra Garnier and Ronan Garnier (Aho)/(Aho) Crash Test Dummies                      1.24.03
14 Steven Blake and Julie Blake (Aus)/(Aus) Steamin Van Diemens                         1.42.34
15 Michael Costigan and Andrea Kraft Costigan (Can)/(Can) Dakine                        1.45.39
16 Chris Edwards and Kim Whitehouse (Aus)/(Aus) Cbd Sydney                              1.49.59
17 Craig Tolson and Bridget Mcmillian (NZl)/(NZl) Peddly Intent                         1.50.36
18 Eric Goehle and Christie Goehle (USA)/(USA) Citrasate.com                            1.52.00
19 Kerstin Loeffler and Kiessling Gerhard (Ger)/(Ger) Los Bandidos / Ghost Racing       2.07.56
20 Lucy Jordan and Drew Jordan (USA)/(USA) Married With Bikes                           2.17.10
21 Devyani Kamdar and Alan Nichols (USA)/(USA) K2 Steep & Deep                          2.23.58
22 Christoph Beyer and Holde Schneider (Ger)/(Ger) Mountainbike Magazin Cube-           2.31.10
23 Laura Fer Mejia Arroyo and Alonso Sanchez Ramos (Mex)/(Mex) CJ Bros.                 2.31.49
24 Nikki Licht and Andrew Dye (Can)/(Can) Fig Rolls Racing                              2.40.22
25 Kevin Diamond and Stacey Seidel (USA)/(USA) Lady & The Tramp                         2.47.55
26 Heather Macintosh and Billy Adams (Can)/(Can) De Apples                              2.50.28
27 Melanie Lewis and Terry Turpening (USA)/(USA) Bikebooboos.com                        2.51.23
28 Darren Harrold and Kelly Macdougall (Can)/(Can) Harrold                              2.51.30
29 Michael Casamassa and Katherine Redden (USA)/(USA) Pure Austin/Team Schein           3.01.58
30 Stephen Downey and Rachel Downey (USA)/(USA) Downey                                  3.54.35
31 Thomas Daley and Tara Irwin (Can)/(Can) Rebound                                      4.10.10
Combined 80+

1 Andrew Handford and Pat Doyle (Can)/(Can) Different Bikes Deadgoat                    4.56.19
2 Mark Thompson and David Overstreet (USA)/(USA) Spike Shooter                            10.52
3 Dave Harrison and Matt Luhn (USA)/(USA) Grip It & Rip It                                22.30
4 Trever Bushnell and Mike Thiele (USA)/(USA) Thiele's Automotive                         32.46
5 John Ramsden and Tim Graversen (Can)/(Can) Steed Cycles Dark Horse Racing               41.55
6 Tom Ebbern and Dave Crewe (Can)/(Can) Ellsworth Canucks                                 43.18
7 Thomas Hayes and David Miller (USA)/(USA) The Grande Americanos                         48.17
8 Bruce Wilson and Jordie Allen-Newman (USA)/(Can) Team Power To Be/Cycopath              49.15
9 Christian Stab Eriksen and Brede Arntzen (Nor)/(Nor) Centra Pathfinders               1.08.30
10 Benjamin Cornell and Wes Barton (USA)/(USA) Team Now - No Opportunity Wasted         1.15.54
11 Tim Hudema and Glen Bos (Can)/(Can) Team Moose Mountain                              1.20.10
12 Steve Swenson and Mike Livingston (Can)/(MAR) Giant/Cyclepath Calgary                1.22.29
13 Vince Haag and Russ Moul (USA)/(USA) Playin' Dirty                                   1.23.07
14 Graham Ross and Michael Brooks (Can)/(Can) Different Bikes 2                         1.27.30
15 David Richardson and Garth Campbell (Can)/(Can) Stop Looking At My Bum               1.34.12
16 Tony Meleg and Nick Abbott (USA)/(USA) Fat Cyclists                                  1.42.48
17 Stuart Jones and Trevor Plestid (Can)/(Can) Winded                                   1.44.24
18 Rick Bruce and Mark Kaltenbach (Can)/(Can) Special Needs                             1.44.34
19 Grant Richardson and Gary Bavis (Can)/(Can) Threesixtythree                          1.45.17
20 Grant Fenton and Chris Voyvodic (USA)/(USA) Steamboat                                1.45.54
21 Greg Buzanis and Larry Price (USA)/(USA) Coppertank Boyz                             1.46.23
22 Angel Gioia and Eric Schroeder (FWI)/(USA) Adventure Seekers                         1.46.31
23 Rick Metzger and Craig Marshall (Can)/(Can) Vulture Enterprises                      1.48.30
24 Rob Foord and Jordan Grasby (Can)/(Can) Olympia Cycle And Kal Tire                   1.53.35
25 Scott Thomson and Rocky Moise (Can)/(Can) Shockdocs                                  2.02.47
26 Gary Tee and Peter Brown (GBr)/(GBr) Tee                                                    
27 Gary Hill and Gero Backhaus (GBr)/(Ger) Uk Double Dutch Pancake Bar                  2.03.14
28 Kris Tobias and David Dermont (Can)/(Can) Ride For Karen                             2.14.17
29 Enrique De Alba and Carlos Alberto Moran (Mex)/(Mex) Chahuistle Guanajuato Team      2.27.07
30 Todd Moyer and Chris Morris (USA)/(USA) Moyer                                        2.28.23
31 Rob Pease and Brent Lesley (USA)/(USA) Mountain Top Cyling                           2.29.37
32 Bruce Gordon and Ken Knight (Can)/(Can) Evin Ross/Bruceco Roofing                    2.33.28
33 Stefan Muller and Geoff Huenemann (Can)/(Can) Bike Over Tea Kettle                   2.36.33
34 Craig Vandelist and Tom Gettelman (USA)/(USA) Old Badgers                            2.40.36
35 Sergio Antoni Gonzalez and Victor M Ramirez Amaro (Mex)/(Mex) Cimabike.com.Mx        2.53.26
36 Andy Bentley and Andy Gilbert (USA)/(USA) Mud Slugs                                  2.58.35
37 Kevin Clapperton and Gaz Clapperton (Can)/(Can) Team Wobbly Wheels                   2.58.45
38 Michael Mcmaude and Charles Bisantz (USA)/(USA) Voyager Health Care                  3.05.34
39 Scott Mcmillian and Bill Earthman (USA)/(USA) Peak Fitness Racing                    3.18.14
40 Roland Lockhart and John Bence (Can)/(Can) Lockhart                                  3.28.20
41 Michelle Klapatiuk and Chris Klapatiuk (Can)/(Can) Married With Children             3.50.47
42 Robert Forster and Matthew Della Croce (USA)/(USA) Phase Iv Scientific Health        4.43.32

Combined 100+

1 Brian Johnson and Bruce Johnson (Can)/(Can) Double Shot                               5.47.20
2 Andy Klumb and Kent Eriksen (USA)/(USA) Bicilibre                                       37.09
3 Greg Mcdougall and Graeme Fitch (Can)/(Can) Harbour Air                               1.30.35
4 Paul Mier and Brian Mccormick (Can)/(Can) Badger Boys                                 1.33.27
5 Brad Neumann and Steve Wright (USA)/(USA) Deer Creek Destroyers                       2.09.31
6 John Carruthers and Chris Soby (Can)/(Can) Don't Know Until You Go                    2.16.31
7 Simon Parker and Paul Bougourd (Can)/(GBr) Climb And Punishment                       2.33.31
8 Guy Dutil and Mark Cox (Can)/(USA) Team Camacc                                        2.37.30
9 Michael Dubin and Ted Kahan (USA)/(USA) Dubin's Revenge                               3.52.34

Four person

1 4 Person Team (Can) BC Ferries                                                        5.39.56
2 4 Person Team (Can) BCBR Team Payne                                                      8.27
3 4 Person Team (USA)/(Fra) Novak                                                       2.16.42
4 4 Person Team (Can) Endless Biking                                                    2.22.09
5 4 Person Team (Mex) Leon                                                              2.23.10