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American Mountain Classic - SR

Brian Head, Utah, USA, August 21-24, 2008, August 21-24, 2008

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Race 1 - August 21: Brian Head Prologue, 6mi

Trek/VW in both leaders' jerseys

Trek/Volkswagen team-mates Jeremiah Bishop and Lea Davison claimed a pair of victories in Stage 1 of the American Mountain Classic. Bishop and Davison will take to the start line of Stage Two wearing the race leaders' jerseys.

The race started with a six-mile Prologue using the town trail in Brian Head. The loop is a mix of fire road, single track and double track and will gave racers a taste of what it will be like racing at over 9,000 feet for the next three days.

In the men's race a fast pace was set from the gun by German Ben Sonntag. Sonntag and race favorites Jeremiah Bishop and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski separated from the chasing field.

Ultimately, the win was decided in an all-out sprint to the line between Bishop and Horgan-Kobelski. Bishop claimed the victory and was awarded a $500 USD cash prize for the effort. Bishop's team-mate Brian Smith also took a stand on the podium with a fifth place finish.

The women's field - stacked with the nation's top endurance racers - had to contend with the likes of cross-country stars Lea Davison and Heather Irmiger and professional triathlete Jenny Smith. This trio of racers was able to charge ahead of the field and cross the finish line for first through third places, respectively.

Davison's win came 27 seconds ahead of Irmiger, with Smith only 48 seconds back. Davison also claimed a $500 cash prize for the day.

Amateur racers used the prologue to establish starting positions for tomorrow's stage.


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Images by Pua Sawicki


Elite Men

1 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek-Vw               20.00
2 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gar      0.01
3 Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) 3D Racing             0.17
4 Tim Allen (USA)                              1.04
5 Brian Smith (USA) Trek/Vw                    1.07
6 Colin Cares (USA) U23 Usa Na                 1.25
7 Manuel Prado (USA) Sho-Air                   1.39
8 Alex Grant (USA) Rocky Moun                  1.47
9 Kelly Magelky (USA) Trek Vw                  2.00
10 Jake Wells (USA) Mafiaracin                 2.06
11 Greg Krause (USA) Ellsworth                 2.10
12 Ben Preston (USA) Brick Oven                2.24
13 Blake Harlan (USA) Monaviecan               2.48
14 Reed Wycoff (USA) Contender                 2.58
15 Ethan Passant (USA) Brick Oven              3.00
17 Chad Harris (USA) Racer's Cy                3.20
18 Sid Taberlay (Aus) Sho-Air                  3.27
19 Eric Neat (USA) Schampa/Tr                  3.33
20 Miles Venzara (USA) Mrv Enterp              3.46
21 Greg Gibson (USA) Mtbracenew                4.13
22 Ernest Marenchin (USA) Asylum Cyc           4.26
23 Chris Brandt (USA) Collins/Sp               4.54
24 Shawn Adams (USA) Lake Effec                5.16
25 Kurt Ireland (USA)                          5.27
26 Jeff Herrera (USA) Procon/1St               5.32
27 David Baker (USA) Sunnyside                16.01
16 Greg Lewis (USA) Directory                  3.09
DNF Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona                         
DNF Michael Mccalla (USA) Scottusa                 
DNF Evan Plews (USA) Scottusa/C                    
Men's Open 50-54
1 Dana Franklin (USA) Pro Cyclin              25.24
2 Jim Gibson (USA) Absolute B                  4.59
DNF Tom Politzer (USA) Laterne Ro                  
DNF Rob Burgard (USA) Na                           
DNF Keith Bontrager (USA) Bontrager                
Men's Open 55-59
1 Robert Bernhard (USA) Calcoast              30.08
2 Ralph Pilley (USA) Na                        2.26
DNF Rick Sederberg (USA) Bell & Co                 
Men's Open 60+
1 Zeke Lilly (USA) Cycle Sout                 32.30
2 Frederic Schmid (USA) Na                     2.33
3 Robert Dahlgren (USA) Na                     5.29
Sportsmen 19-29
1 Jay Cruickshank (USA) Rouse Raci            31.23
DNF Clayton Bell (USA) Bell & Com                  
Sportsmen 30-39
1 Lars Morris (USA) Na                        26.39
2 Tony Parkinson (USA) Dna Cyclin              0.25
3 Douglas Dillon (USA) Na                      1.32
4 Stephen Hales (USA) Revolution               1.45
5 Geoff Palmer (Can) Nanaimo Ur                2.33
6 Rob Wells (USA) Rouse Raci                   3.53
7 Aaron Smith (USA) Racers Cyc                 6.08
8 Paul Saueracker (USA) Team Everg             6.47
9 Jonathan Rouse (USA) Rouse Raci              6.48
10 Jorge Santoscoy (Mex) Na                   21.07
DNF Daniel Toogle (USA) Rouse Raci                 
DNF Gregory Klein (USA) Rouse Raci                 
DNF Jeffrey Gardner (USA) Team Everg               
DNF Curtis Cramblett (USA) Na                      
DNF Bill Mulroy (USA) Na                           
Sportsmen 40-49
1 Vincent Sabotin (USA) Spartan               29.13
2 James Wedge (USA) Revolution                 0.35
3 Gavin Burke (USA) Bear Valle                 1.05
4 Andrew Jordan (USA) Revolution               1.26
5 Mike Vanrandwyk (USA) Southwest              1.50
6 John Lien (USA) Na                           1.53
7 Frederic Lequient (USA) Synergy-Ta           1.57
8 Doug Ovard (USA)                             3.34
DNF Elden Nelson (USA) Team Fatty                  
DNF Brian Kelley (USA) Kelley Chi                  
DNF Kevin Talbot (USA) Team Big B                  
Sportsmen 50+
1 Dick Newson (USA) Cutthroat                 30.44
2 Larry Tucker (USA) Racers Cyc                0.04
DNF Jeffrey Matous (USA) Tbd                       
DNF John Vieira-Mceldowney (USA) Cool Cycli        
DNF Reid Ferguson (USA) Na                         
Elite Women
1 Lea Davison (USA) Trek-Vw                   23.42
2 Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Gar             0.27
3 Jennifer Smith (USA) Trek/Vw                 0.48
4 Pua Sawicki (USA) Ellsworth                  1.04
5 Sue Butler (USA) Monaviecan                  1.59
6 Amanda Riley Carey (USA) Kenda-Titu          3.00
7 Rebecca Rusch (USA) Specialize               3.09
8 Cassandra Perkins (USA) Sobe Canno           3.31
9 Amber Monforte (USA) Amber Monf              3.33
10 Elizabeth Carrington (USA) Focus-Ride       3.48
11 Lyn D'amato-Franklin (USA) Tokyo Joe'       4.03
12 Rachel Cieslewicz (USA) Monaviecan          9.26
DNF Louise Kobin (USA) Sho-Air                     
DNF Kelley Cullen (USA) Rocky Moun                 
DNF Angela Sucich (USA) Voodoo Cyc                 
Elite Master Women 4
1 Sharon Mcdowell-Larsen (USA) Sharon Mcd     31.39
Elite Master Men
1 Art O'connor (USA) Monaviecan               23.29
2 Ted Macblane (USA) Hub Of Asp                0.43
3 Steve Meyer (USA) Ellsworth/                 1.13
4 Tim Butler (USA) River City                  1.23
5 Andrew Ferguson (USA) Directory              1.28
6 Peter Tempest (USA) Adventure                2.16
7 Mark Wille (USA) Red Rock R                  3.38
DNF Mike Hileman (USA) Team Sho-A                  
DNF John Foster (USA) Fca Endura                   
DNF Tinker Juarez (USA) Monaviecan                 
Women's Open 19-29
1 Jocelyn Johns (USA) Mud Honey'              31.04
Women's Open 40-49
1 Heidi Volpe (USA) Shoair                    30.31
DNF Deb Wilson (USA) Na                            
DNF Stephanie Vogel (USA) Na                       
Women's Open 50+
1 Devora Peterson (USA) Tokyo Joes            36.01
Sportswomen 30-39
1 Lucy Jordan (USA) Revolution                32.43
2 Sara Delano (USA)                            0.31
Single Speed Open Men
1 Todd Brown (USA) Shoair                     27.39
2 Jeff Sumsion (USA)                           0.12
Men's Open 40-44
3 Scott Clark (USA) Visenka/Sc                29.11
Single Speed Open Men
4 Kevin Boom-Boom Flander (USA) Ekho Hrm /    31.20
5 Cory Mortensen (USA) Ekho Heart             37.48
Open Men Team
1 Chris Latura (USA) Joe Blob                 30.17
2 William Moffett (USA) Yeren Asr              0.03
DNF Michael Piker (USA) Peaked Spo                 
DNF Brett Soltz (USA)                              
DNF Abdul Dandan (USA) Team Lumbe                  
DNF Tim Brezsnyak (USA) Peaked Spo                 
DNF Todd Konecny (USA) Big Ring B                  
DNF Paul Reinbach (USA) Team Lumbe                 
Junior Men 18 & Under
DNF Matts Hanssens (USA) Na                        
Open Mixed Team
1 William Shelton (USA) Arizona Cy            25.46
1 Emily Shelton (USA) Arizona Cy              36.45
DNF Heinrich Deters (USA)                          
DNF Julie Minihan (USA)                            
Men's Open 19-24
1 Peter O'donnell (USA) Jenny Crai            24.57
Men's Open 25-29
1 Jason Siegle (USA) Bear Valle               24.10
DNF Chris Baker (GBr) Baker                        
Men's Open 30-34
1 David Ochs (USA) Brick Oven                 23.30
2 James Robinson (USA) Team Adren              2.46
3 Adam Hart (USA) Possabilit                   2.55
4 Daniel Perez (USA) Jenson Usa                4.04
5 Rod Leveque (USA) Jenson Usa                 5.07
Men's Open 35-39
1 Derek Hermon (USA) Bear Valle               24.24
2 Mario Correa (USA) Sho-Air/So                0.54
3 Chad Theule (USA) Onesource                  1.00
4 Brian Oliver (USA) Utahmounta                1.14
5 Tim Poppe (USA) Na                           2.35
6 Todd Branham (USA) Long Cane                 3.29
7 Corey Coplea (USA) Red Rock R                3.59
8 Chris Coble (USA) Synergy-Ta                14.53
DNF Gabriel Williams (USA) Racer's Cy              
DNF Erik Keniston (USA) Na                         
DNF Simon Thrush (USA) Team Arqiv                  
DNF Paul Reinarz (USA) Paul Reina                  
DNF Anthony White (GBr) Betdgoldte                 
DNF Jason Sumner (USA) Velonews                    
Men's Open 40-44
1 Tim Zandbergen (USA) Sho-Air/Ro             24.06
2 Ethan Franklin (USA) Tokyo Joe'              1.50
3 Erik Trogden (USA) Celo Pacif                4.28
4 Michael Adams (USA) Collins Cy               4.29
5 Ken Boyer (USA) Na                           5.07
6 Craig Ferrari (USA) Na                       6.34
7 Mike Ripley (USA) Collins Cy                 8.29
8 Scott Kreeger (USA) Na                       8.43
DNF Mark Ross (USA)                                
Men's Open 40-44
1 Garret Ferrari (USA) Na                     27.32
2 Robert Laroche (USA) Procon                  1.09
DNF Andrew Rollin (USA) Na                         
DNF Brad Sneed (USA) Team Revol