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Mont Ventoux
Photo ©: Sirotti

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6th TransRockies Challenge - NE

Canada, August 12-18, 2007

2006 results     Schedule     Preview   Start list


  • Race 1 - August 12 : Panorma Mountain Villiage, BC to Invermere, BC,
  • Race 2 - August 13: Invermere, BC to Nipika Resort, BC,
  • Race 3 - August 14: Nipika Resort, BC to Nipika Resort, BC,
  • Race 4 - August 15: Nipika Resort, BC to White Swan, BC,
  • Race 5 - August 16: Whiteswan, BC to Elkford, BC,
  • Race 6 - August 17: Elkford, BC to Sparwood, BC,
  • Race 7 - August 18: Sparwood, BC to Fernie, BC,

TransRockies heads in new direction

By Paul Done

Racers gather at the start
Photo ©: TransRockies
(Click for larger image)

In 2007, the TransRockies Challenge will reverse its traditional northerly direction, and will travel south for the first time. After starting on August 12 at Panorama Mountain Resort in the rugged Purcell Ranges of the Rockies, the 600 participants from 25 countries will face 600km of riding with 12,000 metres of climbing over the course of seven epic days before finishing in the historic downtown of Fernie on August 18. During the week on their bike, the nearly 300 teams of two riders will travel through the 3,000m peaks and steep valleys of the spectacular Kootenay Rockies.

"We're really excited to have the finish line in Fernie this year," said TransRockies Event Director Aaron McConnell. "They were one of the first, and have been one of the greatest, supporters of the race. As our start line for the first five years, they have seen the event quadruple in size as it has grown from an idea to become one of the monuments of mountain biking."

Four riders ride amongst a backdrop
Photo ©: TransRockies
(Click for larger image)

Unlike most other endurance events, the athletes of the TransRockies Challenge spend the full duration of the event together -- whether on their bikes, or eating, sleeping and recuperating in the moving rider village which is built and staffed by a dedicated crew of staff and volunteers. The entire infrastructure to support the 1,000 racers, crew members and friends is moved in, built and moved in an enormous feat of logistics. The crew work first thing in the morning and deep into the night, preparing meals, fixing bikes, marking the course, setting up and tearing down tents, and doing the hundred other things necessary for the smooth operation of the event.

The TransRockies Challenge would not have grown to its current stature without great riding and from the first year when 65 teams of rode off the start line into the unknown, participants in every edition of have had a full Rocky Mountain smorgasbord of epic riding and conditions. They have taken to the trails in everything from snow, rain and mud, to baking temperatures, dust and smoke. Whatever each year brings, the riders can be sure that they will be tested by hundreds of kilometres of great mountain biking while they're supported by the best organizational team in endurance sports.

It's tent city
Photo ©: TransRockies
(Click for larger image)

The finish line of any endurance event is an emotional place and the two-person format of the TransRockies Challenge gives the finish line special meaning, as the journey and reward is shared. This year's finishers will be greeted by friends, family and the entire town of Fernie.

In 2006, the always emotional Finishers Ceremony had a new element as a commemorative "5 Finishes" belt buckle was given to a select group of four riders who were the only riders to complete all five editions of the TransRockies Challenge. This year, several more riders are eligible for the belt buckle that signifies five successful TransRockies attempts including returning three-time champion Andreas Hestler of Team Rocky Mountain/Haywood.


For a thumbnail gallery of these images, click here

Images by TransRockies/www.transrockies.com

Start list

1 Andreas Hestler (Can) / Kevin Calhoun (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles /  Haywood Securities       
2 Doug Walsh (USA) / Brett Foster (USA) BradyGames / AutoQuest                                    
3 Bart Rutten (Ned) / Roald Hulshof (Ned) Dutch in the Rocks                                      
4 Ralph Bethea (USA) / David Delahay (USA) Missouri Cattlemen                                     
5 James Parris (GBr) / Joel Winter (GBr) Comfortably Numb                                         
6 Chris Petrik (Can) / David Petrik (Can) Prdel Racing                                            
7 Ian Bester (GBr) / Franco Van Schalkwyk (GBr) Team Cobra Beer                                   
8 Darren Lloyd (GBr) / Chris Dance (GBr) Puffin Dragons                                           
9 Neil Sheppard (Jpn) / David Potter (GBr) Shoganai                                               
11 David Watt (GBr) / James Roberts (GBr) Hector's Heroes                                         
12 Andrew Hieghton-Jackson (GBr) / Jonathan Beck (GBr) Wandering Chimps                           
13 Kelly Servinski (Can) / Hazen Simson (Can) Big Guy little guy                                  
14 Martin Fisher (GBr) / Ben Crimp (GBr) Total Beasts                                             
15 Kevin Flanders (USA) / Cory Mortensen (USA) Team EKHO                                          
16 Michael Whitbread (GBr) / David Harris (GBr) Peanut                                            
17 Kevin McDonald (Can) / Terry Drew (Can) gearhead.ca                                            
18 Rodney Hill (USA) / Brian Deason (Can) Spinnin' and Grinnin'                                   
19 Jim Seethram (Can) / Marcelo Lafuente (Can) United Cycle V                                     
20 Kevin Koopmans (Can) / Jason Koleba (Can) Team K2 Racing                                       
21 Flemming Sorensen (Den) / Anders Joergensen (Den) Hvalsoe MTB-CANYON                           
22 Paul Tennant (GBr) / Ian Harty (GBr) Celtic Bikers                                             
23 Stephen Wickham (Can) / Matt Janzen (Can) Team PG  /  SPF 45                                   
24 David Wilson (GBr) / Adam Morris (GBr) Afghan Hounds                                           
25 Matty Blayney (GBr) / Duane Mccreadie (GBr) Irish Bear Wrestling Team                          
26 Gordon Brown (Can) / Jeff Verheyen (Can) Misfit Psycles                                        
27 Evan Ryan (Irl) / Steve Haugh (Irl) Team Trinity Rooms                                         
28 Andy Goss (GBr) / Graham Crabtree (GBr) Grandy                                                 
29 Jon Aston (GBr) / Steven Thompson (USA) Chaos                                                  
30 Dan Jenkins (GBr) / Dick Smith (USA) London Phoenix                                            
31 Rob Lee (GBr) / Gavin Atkins (GBr) www.extreme-endurance.com                                   
33 Garin Frost (USA) / Kyle Rafford (USA) Team Catamount                                          
34 Corey Gerdsen (Aus) / Ben Hodgson (Aus) Ultimate Ride-AUS                                      
35 Marc Risdale (Can) / Mark Lepper (Can) Big Fat Misfit                                          
36 Christopher Buckman (Can) / Ryan Buckman (Can) Brothers in the Backyard                        
37 Paul Trumpelmann (GBr) / David Helm (GBr) Team TB-1 Foot                                       
38 Daniel Mutz (USA) / Mark Malatesta (USA) Hoss                                                  
39 Dominic Gauvin (Can) / Stacey Mateika (Can) Team Bodyfit                                       
40 David Nile (GBr) / Shane Kinkennon (USA) WESTERN SPIRIT                                        
42 Jay Pelletier (USA) / Sid Rappe (USA) Transrookies                                             
43 Nuno Duarte (Por) / Joao Elvas (Por) Team HolmesPlace Portugal                                 
44 Andreas Pfaffenbichler (Aus) / Max Quatember (Aus) deep fried mars bars                        
45 Henning Dybendal (Nor) / Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Norefjell CK                                 
46 David Ivanko (Can) / Sean Ivanko (Can) The Terrible Ivans                                      
47 Greg Standish (GBr) / Anthony Clifford (GBr) BEAR SCARERS                                      
48 Danny Reimer (Can) / Steffan Reimer (Can) Farm Boys in Lycra                                   
49 Kent Stuckert (Can) / Tim Nelson (Can) T and K Adventures                                      
50 James Watson (GBr) / Thomas Credland (GBr) John Henry Memorial Fund                            
51 Howard Lowe (GBr) / Mark Humphrey (GBr) Helly Hansen UK                                        
52 Michael Plata (Can) / Keith Batstone (Can) New Grad, New Dad                                   
53 Matthew Wilkie (Can) / Rocky Culver (Can) Team Elkford                                         
54 Chris Latura (USA) / Sam Allin (USA) Llikzzub                                                  
55 Chris McGregor (Can) / Joel Stiles (Can) team cyclepath vancouver                              
56 Randar Real (GBr) / Warren Frost (GBr) Realfrost                                               
57 Dennis Marineau (Can) / Dan Sigouin (Can) Big Hearts, Small Brains                             
59 Adrien Regimbald (Can) / Dan Mccarthy (USA) United Cycle Team IV                               
60 Philip Lett (Can) / Dean Neville (Can) Kemakol Brothers                                        
61 Simon Koster (USA) / Ben Ollett (USA) Source Endurance                                         
62 Ryan Leech (USA) / Chip Kogelmann (USA) VisitPA.com                                            
63 Steve Schwarz (USA) / Wolfgang Macholz (USA) Kuhl Clothing                                     
64 William Moffett (USA) / James Elliott (USA) YeRen ASR                                          
65 David McCormick (USA) / Kayden Kelly (USA) Team Grognard                                       
66 Danilo Mathez (Swi) / Pierre Berberat (Swi) Frenetic-Volvo                                     
67 Mark Beaman (Can) / Jason Marriott (GBr) The Rifles                                            
68 John Myers (USA) / Shey Lindner (USA) Myers Mechanical                                         
69 Josh Davies (USA) / John Maguire (USA) Big RED                                                 
70 Branden Johannesen (USA) / Tom Harrington (USA) Let's Deux This                                
71 Steve Gaffney (Can) / Brian Cooke (Can) Opus                                                   
72 James Johnson (USA) / Jason Cronk (USA) J squared                                              
73 Brian Dunham (Can) / Peter Dunham (Can) Dunham Bros                                            
74 Allen Deahl (USA) / Guy Orozco (USA) livin the dream canada                                    
75 Jody Reid (Can) / Thomas Bounds (Can) Ridley's Chinook                                         
76 Carter Busse (USA) / Brent Kline (USA) Poison Oakers                                           
77 Padraic O`Brien (GBr) / Willoughby Morgan (GBr) UBHRFC                                         
78 Lucas Stevens (Ned) / Emiel Stevens (Ned) stevens²                                             
79 Steve Champa (USA) / Fritjof Pameijer (USA) Team Bootygrabber                                  
80 John Yip (Can) / Bill Trayling (Can) Runningfree.com                                           
81 Werner Folscher (Can) / Mark Grimmett (Can) Perfect Strangers                                  
82 Jeremy Schneir (USA) / Rich Coppola (USA) Team Meltdown                                        
83 David Teirney (USA) / John Eshuis (NZl) Mainfreight Mavericks                                  
84 Craig Stappler (Can) / Jon Nutbrown (Can) Ridley's Cycle /   Deadgoat                          
85 John McKnight (Can) / Bailey Mcknight (Can) les pachydermes                                    
86 Justin Scharp (USA) / Jim Easterbrook (USA) Donner Party                                       
87 Harper Forbes (Can) / James Galipeau (Can) Relentless & Runningfree                            
88 Henry Geddes (USA) / Adnan Kadir (USA) Peaks                                                   
89 Gary Buxton (Can) / Alaric Fish (Can) Canmorebound - BMO                                       
90 Michael Hironimus (USA) / John Gray (USA) Passion Trail Team                                   
92 Wolfgang Seidl (Aus) / Sebastian Kellermayr (Aus) Austrian Grizzlies                           
93 Heiko Wild (Ger) / Michael Dotterweich (Ger) bikedress.de                                      
94 Christian Egan (USA) / Marco Marchese (USA)  Missing Bag                                       
95 Angus Jennings (NZl) / Nick Ross (NZl) 100% New Zealand                                        
96 Rob Sandolowich (Can) / Brian Betsworth (Can) Team Twinkies 1                                  
97 Reyno La Cock (Can) / Jacques La Cock (Can) Chicken Run                                        
98 Tom Ashworth (Can) / Colin Fisher (Can) Team Twinkie 2                                         
99 Mario Roma BRZ / Odair Pereira BRZ Scott - PowerBar - Magura                                   
100 Andres Rojas (Col) / Carlos Zuluaga (USA) ZerieUSA                                            
101 Pascal Mueller (Swi) / Daniel Schmid (Swi) Hammermann                                         
102 Dominic Limb (GBr) / David Pickford (GBr) Sprocket and Hubs                                   
103 Robert McClure (GBr) / Charles Pennington (GBr) Baghdad Berzecas                              
104 Adam Erritzoe (Den) / Thomas Dam (Den) Team Mermaid                                           
105 Keith Berkoben (USA) / George Kenty (USA) Higher Education 2                                  
106 Martin Delisle (Can) / Alexandre Boutin (Can) Devinci                                         
107 Scott Nichols (USA) / Patrick Batten (USA) Scat                                               
108 Federico Ramirez (CRc) / Ivan Amador (CRc) La Ruta                                            
109 Marc Leblanc (Can) / Ryan Draper (Can) Pearl Izumi-Scott Canada                               
111 Joe Wilson (GBr) / John Wilson (GBr) M.A.D                                                    
112 Matt Green (Can) / Hadley Matt (Can) Rocky Mountain  /  EAsports                              
114 Neil Pennock (GBr) / Young James (GBr) Team Fuddy                                             
117 James Lewis (Can) / Bill Hoyne (Can) Ready Made Llamas                                        
133 Kyler Rendle (USA) / Mark Stephenson (Can) Team Hannibal´s Army                               
134 Kurtis Bond (Can) / Brent Rosvold (Can) Crook'dShanks                                         
135 Peter Gowthorpe (Can) / Hung Lehong (Can) Brainchild / Cyclepath Oakv                         
136 Colin Davis (Can) / John Firth (Can) Couloir / Aliance Sports                                 
138 Ricco Friedrich (RSA) / Claude Van Cuyck (RSA) SIMply do it                                   
139 Kevin Curtis (USA) / Joseph Berg (USA) TekRacing                                              
144 Bill Slater (Can) / Ian Parker (Can) Klondike Cog Cursers                                     
145 Christopher Morris (Can) / Randal Wichuk (Can) Furmivall Scullers                             
146 Daniel Sessford (Can) / Jonah Clark (Can) Midnight Sun Coffee                                 
147 Andrew Barrett (GBr) / Darren Wild (GBr) Team Baz and Daz                                     
148 Thomas Woeckener (Ger) / Christian Westermeier (Ger) national team of bavaria                 
149 Todd Martin (Can) / Scott Benson (Can) Martin / Benson                                        
150 Nicholas Winfield (Can) / Brian Henderson (Can) Team Chelsea                                  
151 Gary Brown (Can) / David Brown (Can) CGI - Brown Brothers                                     
152 Mike McKee (Can) / Erik Bakke (Can) Specialized / Solo-GI                                     
153 Jeff Riemer (Can) / Chris Birch (Can) ARROWSMITH BIKES                                        
154 Trev Williams (Can) / Charlie Cooper (Can) Scheffer Andrew Ltd.                               
155 Andrew McLaren (RSA) / Menno Jongsma (Can) Team Sawtooth                                      
156 Robert Champagne (Can) / Colin Champagne (Can) Toyota Never Quit Team                         
157 Niall McGrath (Can) / Sean Bartlett (Can) Fly Boys                                            
158 John Courtney (Can) / Johnathon Stamp (Can) Fuzzy Bunny                                       
159 Tim Heemskerk (Can) / Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle Team                                      
201 Nikki Kassel (Can) /    Raven (Solo)                                                          
203 Nicole James (Aus) / Claire Stevens (Aus) Alice Spring Chickens                               
204 Jen Galbreath (USA) / Catherine Talbot (USA) We're 40!                                        
205 Jenny Hillman (Can) / Jo Turnbull (NZl) CANIWI GIRLS                                          
206 Amy Guidinger (Can) / Josee Hull (Can) Guidi-up                                               
207 Fi Spotswood (GBr) / Meggie Bichard (GBr) Minx / Extreme Endurance                            
208 Tori Fahey (Can) / Cindy Koo (Can) Team Pulse                                                 
209 Hilary Bloor (GBr) / Helen Lambert (GBr) Team Hilly Hell                                      
218 Nichola Sartisson (Can) / Hanne Nielsen (Can) Like Fine Wine.........                         
222 Lee-Ann Nessman (Can) / Joanne Porta (Can) Portman blues                                      
223 Steven Scott (Ken) / Rob Doyle (Can) Jua Kali                                                 
224 Richard Sinclair (Aus) / Rebecca Wolfe (NZl) Grumpy Boots                                     
301 Louise Kobin (USA) / Eric Warkentin (USA) shoair / rockandroad / xfusio                       
302 Lesley Kirkwood (GBr) / James Rigby (GBr) Giant Innuendo                                      
303 David Randall (Ger) / Victoria Smith (Ger) TEAM OUTLYNE                                       
304 Amanda Purtschert (Ecu) / Daniel Espinosa (Ecu) AURELIAN ECUADOR                              
305 Michel Bujold (Can) / Mireille Montminy (Can) Lessard - Cycle Lamberts                        
306 Sam Ervin (Can) / Krista Sutton (Can) The Vegemites                                           
307 Marisa Tosi (Can) / Roy Custodio (Can) RAM                                                    
308 Carrie Williamson (Can) / Trevor Sutherland (Can) ScapeGoat Racing                            
309 Nathalie Friebel (Can) / Peter Friebel (Can) BlitzPrint                                       
310 Rob Hand (GBr) / Victoria Hand (GBr) Team Hoot                                                
311 Alberto Puddu (RSA) / Landy Puddu (RSA) amashova                                              
312 Sam Dagan (USA) / Dan Williams (USA) Blumberg Dagan LLP                                       
314 Catriona Morrison (GBr) / Richard Jennings (GBr) Team Scandal                                 
315 Elsa Dahlie (Can) / Brian Carson (Can) Schmoe Racing too                                      
316 Drew Bell (Can) / Angela Spence (Can) Stubble Jumpers                                         
317 Nik Ringwood (GBr) / Hilary Catchpole (GBr) Team Hayland Tiling                               
318 Ric Fields (USA) / Wendy Lyall (USA) let's just ride                                          
319 Mack Tilling (USA) / Shanti Tilling (USA) Team GoGo                                           
320 Bryant Hebert (Can) / Yoko Kodama (Can) DEKIRU                                                
321 Terry Schinkel (Can) / Tracey Schinkel (Can) TnT                                              
322 Duhane Lam (Can) / Kathy Mckay (Can) West Point / Steed Cycles                                
323 Paola Albertoni (Swi) / Luca Ruffa (Swi) Ergall                                               
324 Allan Kendall (Can) / Lori Mccullagh (Can) Middle-Age Kamikaze's                              
325 Tina Horsley (Can) / John Ashby (Can) Go Van Go                                               
326 Cindy Mohn (Can) / Joel Brazeau (Can) Hydrate or Die!                                         
327 Lewis Crawford (GBr) / Jo Crawford (GBr) Fat Tired                                            
328 Hillary Harrison (USA) / Susan Haywood (USA) Trek VW - Giant                                  
338 Derick Berry (Can) / Heidi Berry (Can) Team Berry                                             
341 Steven Johnson (Can) / Margie Smith (Can) Wilson MountainSports / EAS                         
342 Madelaine Bate (Can) / Lonn Bate (Can) Team MOBI                                              
343 Norman Bernt (Ger) / Anna Bernt (Ger) Team Trebur                                             
344 Cyd Fraser (Can) / Leighton Poidevin (Can) Fearless Beavers                                   
345 Normon Thibault (Can) / Wendy Simms (Can) Frontrunners--KONA                                  
401 Jon Gould (USA) / Scott White (USA) Team Tamarack Resort Idah                                 
402 Dave Burwash (Can) / Tim Girvin (Can) Pain in the Kootanies                                   
404 Cunningham Rick (GBr) / Kane Stuart (Aus) SABWAMP                                             
405 Dan Wray (Can) / Lake Arapakis OMN Tail Gunners                                               
406 Robert Watson (Aus) / Ryan Lennox (Aus) GONGSTERS                                             
407 Antony Gray (GBr) / Brian Trill (GBr) Team Milo                                               
408 Aaron Snively (Can) / Eric Ravnaas (Can) St James Connection                                  
409 William Gilbert (GBr) / Chris Ward (GBr) London Dynamo                                        
410 Staale Hoegden (Nor) / Terje Sirevaag (Nor) Gyldne Tider                                      
411 Grant Snyder (Can) / Rob Sangers (Can) Glenburnie Trails                                      
412 Jeff Shikaze (Can) / Greg Shikaze (Can) Cyclepath Oakville - N4S                              
413 Trever Bushnell (USA) / Art Macfarland (USA) Baja Racers                                      
414 Tim Brezsnyak (Can) / Mike Piker (USA) Deadgoat / FitzgeraldRacing                            
415 Edward Roddy (Can) / Pat Doyle (Can) Deadgoat Racing                                          
416 Don Keller (USA) / Sebastian Hargrove (USA) Wish You!                                         
417 Thomas Henn (Ger) / Werner Vollrath (Ger) Team Hunsrück                                       
418 Philip Kujawa (GBr) / Thomas Jason (GBr) the jaffamen                                         
419 David Knox (GBr) / Darrell Boult (GBr) Num Nutz                                               
420 Richard Davies (Can) / Dave Macdowell (Can) Roasted Salty Nuts                                
421 John Ramsden (Can) / Trevor Stone (Can) Steed Cycles / Dark Horse Racing                      
422 Kevin Holliday (GBr) / Rob Shaw (GBr) Square Wheels                                           
423 Peter Hart (GBr) / John Hart (GBr) Hart Attak                                                 
424 Steve Walsh (Can) / Kevin Walsh (Can) Schmoe Racing                                           
425 Gerry McCuaig (Can) / Lloyd Murray (Can) Deadgoat Racing  /  Bow Cyc                          
426 Swart Ben (RSA) / Tjaart Van Nieuwenhuizen (RSA) OUT OF AFRICA                                
427 Keith Dunleavy (GBr) / Steve Reece (GBr) Nickel Minors                                        
428 Jeff Shugg (Can) / Keith Shugg (Aus) Shuggmiester                                             
429 Dale McAllister (Can) / Larry Michienzi OMN Karma Rocks the Rockies                           
430 Nathan Uskosky (USA) / Rob Robson (USA) W&R                                                   
432 Mike Cavaliere (Can) / Stan Magee (Can) The Riders of Graymont                                
433 Jeff Scott (Can) / Travis Wolfe (Can) MRC                                                     
434 Arthur Sombrowski (Can) / Brendan Morgan (Can) Fernie Grizzlies                               
435 Koen Christo (Can) / Hanes Kevin (Can) ROOKIES                                                
436 Mark Leeper HNK / Andrew Thomson HNK Go Buddy Go                                              
437 Darryl Mekechuk (Can) / Yuri Lipkov (Can) Pedals Without a Cause                              
438 Bruno Normand (Can) / Stefan Muller (Can) VeloEpic                                            
440 Kevin Cadieux (USA) / Lance Polloreno (USA) 2XU                                               
441 Erin Walker (USA) / Dan Harting (USA) Fightin' Bobas  /  Gianni                               
442 Shawn Taylor (USA) / Tom Lamphier (USA) Idaho Two Wheels Vertical                             
443 Nir Heler (Can) / Mike Carter (Can) Racing Snails                                             
444 Geoff Jones (USA) / Scott W. Witthoff (USA) LittleMan Sporting Club                           
445 Richard Wilson (GBr) / Gary Baum (GBr) Team Lemonade Sparkle                                  
446 Robert Bessette (Can) / Richard Bourbonniere (Can) RB Squared                                 
447 Ted Staib (USA) / Randy Clough (USA) Caution: Frequent Stops                                  
448 John O'Shannassy (Can) / Brad Loewen (Can) Painted Shorts                                     
449 Ivam Melo BRZ / Mauricio Goncalves BRZ Brazilian Boys                                         
450 Gert Du Plessis (Can) / Christopher Allen (Can) NAFI                                          
451 Oggie Sokolovic (Can) / James Irwin (Can) Nucking Futs                                        
452 Carlo Rebolini (USA) / Mike Heedles (USA) Garden City Trailblazers                            
453 Jason Grinstead (USA) / Chris Handy (USA) Cyclelogical Problems                               
454 Brad Pochay (Can) / Dirk Dorenbos (Can) Hardline                                              
455 Charles Steyn (RSA) / Charles Jnr Steyn (RSA) KANIMAMBO                                       
456 Sean Staplin (Can) / Todd Loewen (Can) Fernie Wolverines                                      
457 Pieter Van Rooyen (USA) / George Oertel (RSA) Makgadikgadi Cubs                               
459 Trevor Pombert (Can) / Roger Clemens (Can) United Cycle Team III                              
460 Peter Keiller (Can) / Michael Cranwell (Can) MISFIT PSYCLES                                   
461 Jeff Kelley (USA) / Kelley Jim (USA) Little Lebowski Urban Ach                                
462 Andy Aufschnaiter (Can) / George Andrew (Can) Astoria De'd Dogs                               
463 Paul Newitt (Can) / Dean Irvine (Can) Team Pedal  /  Kona                                     
464 Jim Baker (Can) / Armando Dattoli (Mex) Mex y Can                                             
465 Steve Swenson (Can) / Dennis Smaggus (Can) Cyclepath Calgary                                  
466 Dave O'Neill (Can) / Kevin Harris (Can) Mud Life Crisis                                       
467 Greg Mook (GBr) / Mark Wynn (GBr) Team Labora                                                 
468 Christian Stabell Eriksen (Nor) / Ole Kristian Silseth (Nor) Centra Performance               
469 Gary Bruce Turner (Nor) / Per Oskar Jr. Ternsten (Nor) Team Syklisten                         
470 Lothar Schaer (Swi) / Andy Roethlisberger (Swi) Swiss Animals                                 
471 Robert Kelly (Can) / Mckague Jeff (Can) Big Sugar                                             
472 Alfons Breu (Ger) / Wolfgan Zauritz (Ger) TEAM WEVA  /  BIONICON                              
473 Keith Dodds (Can) / Alex Hiddink (Can) Flyin 40's                                             
474 Michael Borneo (USA) / Steve Quinlan (USA) Old & Slow                                         
475 Michael Zymowski (USA) / Larry Mcdonald (USA) McZee                                           
476 Paul Donnelly (GBr) / Andrew Jackson (GBr) TransRocky Horror Show                             
477 Christian Denfeld (Ger) / Frank Schuckhardt (Ger) Rocky Mountain Pulskiller                   
478 Tony Dallimore (GBr) / Mike Yates (GBr) PelotonTwo GB                                         
479 Michael Glass (USA) / Mark Neumann (USA) One Less Car                                         
484 Ashley Scott (GBr) / Nigel Wilkinson (GBr) Sportmind                                          
485 Klaus Pauly (Ger) / Ingo Kemsies (Ger) Starship Troopers                                      
486 Andy Harris (Can) / Greg Thompson (Can) DreamCatcher Chalets                                  
487 Erik Nieuwerth (Ned) / Aad Van Der Velden (Ned) Team Holland 1                                
488 Tom Ebbern (Can) / Darrell Jones (Can) Mudmen                                                 
489 Evan Plews (USA) / Steve Yenne (USA) Capitol Subaru Cycling                                   
490 Fraser Ross (Can) / Craig Bartlett (Can) Sitka Developments                                   
491 Peter Henderson (Can) / Keith Evans (Can) kf-dyna                                             
601 Gerhard Kiessling (Ger) / Kerstin Loeffler (Ger) Los Bandidos  /  Ghost Team                  
602 Heinz Schauer (Ger) / Barbara Gleske (Ger) alpine sun and shower (Solo)                       
603 John Platt (GBr) / Freddie Platt (GBr) Red Planet Bikes                                       
604 Trish Grajczyk (Can) / Dave Ford (Can) Deadgoat Racing                                        
606 Michelle Klapatiuk (Can) / Chris Klapatiuk (Can) Married with Children                        
608 Gilles Morneau (Can) / Isabelle Cantin (Can) Kona / Le pédalier                               
609 Jill Parry (Can) / Rob Lubig (Can) Edgeheads                                                  
610 Harvey Brust (Can) / Melissa Brust (Can) The Tortiose                                         
611 Linda Green (Can) / Brendan Oconnell (Can) Gemini Goats                                       
612 Anthony Hannem (Can) / Kendra Olsen (Can) Misfitpsycles                                       
614 Annie Rogoschewsky (Can) / Evan Harbinson (Can) Pebbles & Bam-Bam                             
615 Kim Pardoe (USA) / Aaron Miripol (USA) chipoltle titus / mashoogs                             
622 Monte McKelvie (Can) / Bridget Nowakowski (Can) Cariboo Fools Gold                            
624 John Manning (Can) / Laddie Hannam (Can) Over the Hill                                        
626    /    Unknown                                                                               
701 Simon Parker (Can) / Clive Burke (Can) Super Elliott                                          
702 Richard Woodbury (USA) / Laurie Woodbury (USA) Woodbury                                       
703 Dieter Sartisson (Can) / Ron Spencer (Can) Team Velocity                                      
704 David Innes (USA) / Robert Barrett (USA) Ultracats                                            
705 Bill Benson (Can) / Don Sissons (Can) Syngenta Prairie Boys                                   
706 Clive Rubens (Can) / Peter Roginski (Can) Canmore Boyz                                        
707 Dave Moroz (Can) / Russ Strilchuk (Can) Rubber Side Down                                      
708 Cam Thomas (Can) / Derek Fidler (Can) Fidas                                                   
709 François Amyot (Can) / Daniel Auclair (Can) Zootallures                                       
710 Robert Wurm (USA) / John Dunn (USA) Road Rash                                                 
711 Gord Lawrence (Can) / Blaine Nester (Can) Too Much Fun                                        
712 David Stewart (Can) / Willie Muller (Can) mcbike riders                                       
714 Russell Mackinnon (Can) / John Homer (Can) Boulevardiers De La Buisson                        
715 Peter Sizemore (USA) / Blair Fackler (USA) WHYNOT                                             
716 Tom Collins (Can) / Les Davidson (Can) THIS 2 SHALL PASS                                      
717 Zenone Giacomuzzi (Ita) / Michael Gruener (Ita) Südtirol                                      
718 Gary Pelletier (Can) / Marty Halprin (Can) Tough Lumber                                       
719 David Eckersley (GBr) / Ronald Eckersley (Can) Team Twin-100                                  
720 Joey Cowan (Can) / Roy Moe (Can) Couloir, RBCDS,Cannondale                                    
721 Pat Gilmar (Can) / Ron Clark (Can) Fernie Goats                                               
722 Hamish Gordon (Can) / Steve Varga (Can) Team R.A.C.E.  /  Kamikaze                            
728 Pete Madden (NZl) / Steve Wilson (NZl) Team Kiwi                                              
729 Alex Muehlbauer (Ger) / Andreas Klier (Ger) Le Soprano Bike Team                              
732 Peter Van Der Velden (Ned) / Gerard Casteleijn (Ned) team holland 2