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Bundesliga #3 - HC

Heubach, Germany, May 10, 2006


Super crowd and Scandinavian victories

By Erhard Goller

Fredrik Kessiakoff (Cannondale-Vredestein)
Photo ©: Armin Kuestenbrueck
(Click for larger image)

More than 10,000 people in Heubach, Germany, saw the victories of Scandinavian riders Gunn-Rita Dahle (Nor) and Fredrik Kessiakoff (Swe). Dahle won the hors classe race solo, 2'01 in front of Irina Kalentieva (Rus) and 5'41 ahead of Nina Goehl (Ger), who profited from a flat tire of Adelheid Morath (Ger) on the seventh of eight laps.

Kessiakoff got the lead together with Roel Paulissen. But in lap four, he made a move and Paulissen couldn’t follow. Later, on lap 9 and while still in second place, Paulissen had a bad crash, tearing off the top of his small finger. He was taken to hospital for an operation. That meant Christoph Soukup (Aut) moved up to second place, while Torsten Marx (Ger) showed his good form this season and finished on the podium as third.

A lot of flat tyres influenced the race: Ralph Naef (Swi) and Lado Fumic (Ger) did not finish, and German Moritz Milatz, riding in fourth place, had a crash after his tyre exploded.

"It was a super crowd here in Heubach," said Kessiakoff. "The race is well organised and I like to ride in Germany."

Soukup agreed: "The race here is extremely hard. I took care on the rocky sections. Heubach is one of the best events I have ever done. The German Bundesliga is fantastic, it's not comparable with other countries."

Third placed Marx commented, "I put 2.5 bar in my tires, because I knew the downhill was dangerous. On the demanding uphill part, I think I was one of the strongest riders."

Gunn-Rita Dahle
Photo ©: Armin Kuestenbrueck
(Click for larger image)

Women's winner Gunn-Rita Dahle said, "It’s amazing to be here in Heubach. Last year I was sick and couldn’t take part. Now I’m happy to be here and take the win. The event is important for me and the whole team."

Kalentieva commented, "For me, second place is a great success. Gunn-Rita is not to be beaten yet. Heubach is my home race, because for the most part of the year I live in Aalen, just ten kilometres from here. So I’m very glad."

Finally, third placed Goehl said, "It’s nice to be on the podium. But actually Adelheid should have gotten this third place. She had a lot of bad luck."

After three races, the women's ranking of German Bundesliga is led by Irina Kalentieva (155), followed by Dahle (140) and Ivonne Kraft (135). Kessiakoff took over the lead in the men's ranking (125). Soukup (112) is second, Martin Gujan (Swi, 89) is third.


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Images by Armin Kuestenbrueck


Elite Men
1 Fredrik Kessiakoff (Swe) Cannondale-Vredestein              1.54.26
2 Christoph Soukup (Aut) Team Fuji-Bike                          3.32
3 Torsten Marx (Ger) Team ALB-GOLD Mountainbik                   5.39
4 Martin Kraler (Aut) Giant-Racing-Team                          6.42
5 Bas Peters (Ned) binnenvaart-merida                            7.10
6 Stefan Sahm (Ger) Giant-Racing-Team                            7.39
7 Moritz Milatz (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking Team                8.11
8 Jochen Käss (Ger) Team ALB-GOLD Mountainbik                    9.42
9 Martino Fruet (Ita) L'Aarcobaleno Carrarro Team                9.49
10 Johannes Sickmüller (Ger) Stevens Racing Team                10.08
11 Klaus Nielsen (Den) DK-Köge                                  10.28
12 Friedemann Schmude (Ger) Giant Deutschland                   10.28
13 Christof Bischof (Swi) Bikin Cyprus Int MTB team             10.37
14 Rene Tann (Ger) Heijdens Ten Tusscher                        11.09
15 Steffen Thum (Ger) MayerArbeitsbühnen / STEV                 11.42
1 lap behind
16 Tim Böhme (Ger) Team ALB-GOLD Mountainbik                         
17 Olaf Rochow (Ger) TV 63                                           
18 Sid Taberlay (Aus) Team Dolphin                                   
19 Kashi Leuchs (NZl) Cann-Vredestein                                
20 Andreas Dilger (Ger) Tübingen                                     
21 Daniel Eriksson (Swe) Team TREK MC Center                         
22 Andi Weinhold (Ger) SRM Simplon Team/RSC                          
23 Marco Schätzing (Ger) Genius Generation / SSV M                   
24 Nicolas Vermeulen (Bel) Lingier-Versluys mtb team                 
25 Frank Schotman (Ned) Binnenvaart-Merida                           
26 Benjamin Rudiger (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                               
27 Marc Gölz (Ger) Fumic Racing                                      
28 Frank Lehmann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                                  
29 Markus Kaufmann (Ger) Team VAUDE-Daempfle-Mathi                   
30 Benjamin Joerges (Ger) TrichiTissue                               
31 Daniel Eiermann (Ger) Tricho Tissue/MVV                           
DNF Andras Melts (Hun) H-Nagymaros                                   
DNF Jacek Trzop (Pol) ADVENTURE-Crazy Crank-Ken                      
DNF Vero Lüscher (Ger) KROSS Racing Team                             
DNF Tim Wijnants (Bel) Team Dolphin                                  
DNF Rumen Voigt (Ger) RSV Schwarzenburg                              
DNF Sebastian Szraucner (Ger) Radsportverband NRW / Tea              
DNF Marcus Giese (Ger) Specialized                                   
DNF Markus Ziegler (Ger) Neumayer Tekfor/ SC Hausa                   
DNF Sebastian Weigel (Ger) White Rock/Zweirad Riese                  
DNF Robert Michaelis (Ger) Stevens Mountainbike Team                 
DNF Phillipp Rothe (Ger) FUJI-BIKES / RFV "Die Löw                   
DNF Philipp Scheffzek (Ger) Leica Sportclub Nußloch/                 
DNF Martin Krieg (Ger) Fusion A-team/ TB Neuffen                     
DNF Tom Haacke (Ger) Endorfin-solvis Racing Team                     
DNF Dirk Fehrentz (Ger) RSC Lüneburg/Team Bergamo                    
DNF Marios Athanasiades (Cyp) Bikin Cyprus Int MTB team              
DNF Nikodemos Protopapas (Cyp) Bikin Cyprus Int MTB team             
DNF Daniel Vogt (Ger) Endorfin-Solvis-Racing Team                    
DNF Michael Huemer (Aut) Radrennclub Windhaag                        
DNF Sebastian Mordmüller (Ger) Team Springe / Stevens Mo             
DNF Roel Paulissen (Bel) Giant-Racing-Team                           
DNF Magnus Darvell (Swe) Falu CK                                     
DNF Jochen Conconcelli (Ger) Fumic Racing                            
DNF Roland Danner (Ger) FUJI-Bikes/ RSV Haslach                      
DNF Florian Ackermann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube Juniorteam                  
DNF Pretersma Jelmer WED Team Dolphin                                
DNF Heiko Gutmann (Ger) RSV Bike-Arge St                             
DNF Peter Nilges (Ger) Team Specialized/WSG Bad                      
DNF Christian Birngruber (Aut) Radrennclub Windhaag                  
DNF Peter Hafner (Aut) KIRCHER Racing Team                           
DNF Wolfgang Fink (Ger) KROSS Racing Team                            
DNF Alexander Wetterhall (Swe)                                       
DNF Hannes Genze (Ger) Team ALB-GOLD Mountainbik                     
DNF Hubert Pollinger (Ita) Sunshine Racers Nals                      
DNF Lutz Baumgärtel (Ger) MTB-RG Bautzen/Hai-Bike R                  
DNF Hjalmar Bengtsson (Ger) Huddinge                                 
DNF Lukas Schmitz (Ger) Bergamont / TGV Schotten                     
DNF Simon Scherzinger (Ger) Rothaus-Cube Juniorteam                  
DNF Achim Beckedahl (Ger) Team Endorfin-Solvis                       
DNF Tobias Ullmann (Ger) RF-Hilpoltstein                             
DNF Florian Kremmaier (Aut) RC-ASKÖ-NF Mazda Eder Wal                
DNF Ralf Naef (Swi) Multivan Merida Biking                           
DNF Michael Stieglbauer (Ger) Sportivo St.Englmar Tom#s              
DNF Philipp Hoffmann (Ger) Genius Generation / SSV M                 
DNF Christoph Hopp (Ger) NAT/Zweirad Riese Racingt                   
DNF Franz Hofer (Ita) NSR Torrevilla                                 
DNF Martin Siefermann (Ger) RSV Edelweiss                            
DNF Calle Friberg (Swe) Team Merida Sweden/Swedis                    
DNF Markus Emmerich (Ger) Ralph-Denk-Bikestore                       
DNF Tobias Mayer (Ger) Neumayer Tekfor/ SC Hausa                     
DNF Georg Huber (Aut) Radrennclub Windhaag                           
DNF Lukas Gerum (Ger) Team Ergon Topeak                              
DNF Patrick Engel (Ger) Team Komet Ludwigsburg                       
DNF Shawn Lewis (Aus) Team Dolphin                                   
DNF Christopher Maletz (Ger) NAT/Zweirad Riese Racingt               
DNF Wilko Rochow (Ger) SRSUNTOUR / Fuji-Bikes                        
DNF Béla Grosz (Hun) Pilis CrossCountry Club                         
DNF Tobias Brenzel (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                       
DNF Stephan Schiele (Ger) Fun and Bike                               
DNF Max Oeste Macdonald (Swe)                                        
DNF Lado Fumic (Ger) Fumic Racing                                    
DNF Robert Kircher (Aut) KIRCHER Racing Team                         
DNF Tobias Witzack (Ger) RV Schwalbe                                 
DNF Robert Mennen (Ger) Team Fuji Bikes / BSV Pro                    
DNF Uwe Hochenwarter (Aut) Kellys Bicycles SC Hermag                 
DNF Stefan Mindt (Ger) Team Springe RSV                              
DNF Benjamin Vogel (Ger) KROSS Racing Team                           
DNF Martin Wölfel (Ger) Team Trenga de/ SSV Mount                    
DNF Matthias Schinnerl (Aut) ÖAMTC Power Bike Team Win               
DNF Gerald Burgsteiner (Aut) ktm.mountainbiker.at                    
DNF Roman Rametsteiner (Aut) Team KTM-ENSERV Linz/OÖ                 
DNF Benjamin Schmieg (Ger) VAUDE Dämpfle-Mathis                      
DNF Alexander Speisekorn (Ger) Team GIANT - Nolte Küchen             
Elite Women
1 Rita Dahle Flesja Gunn-(Nor) Multivan Merida Biking Team    1.36.57
2 Irina Kalentieva (Rus) Team Topeak Ergon                       2.03
3 Nina Göhl (Ger) Multivan Merida Biking                         5.41
4 Adelheid Morath (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                             6.36
5 Ivonne Kraft (Ger) Team Fuji Bikes / MBC Boc                   6.36
6 Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Ceska sporitelna MTB Team                9.13
7 Lene Byberg (Nor) Bikin Cyprus Int MTB team                    9.21
8 Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger) WorldSportStars-Focus-Tea             10.01
9 Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Tonis Pro Team Kirchberg                  10.45
10 Katrin Schwing (Ger) RSC Neustadt                            11.26
11 Laura Turpijn (Ned) binnenvaart- merida                      12.02
12 Bernardine Boog-Rauwerda (Ned) Giant                         13.33
13 Anja Gradl (Ger) ESV Regensburg                              14.39
1 lap behind
14 Hanna Klein (Ger) KROSS Racing Team                               
15 Heike Hundertmark (Ger) Team Voitl-Bikes / MBC Bo                 
16 Elina Sophokleous (Cyp) Bikin Cyprus Int MTB team                 
17 Sandra Gockert (Ger) Stevens MTB Team HAM                         
18 Maria Osl (Aut) Tonis Pro Team Kirchberg                          
19 Nina Kunz (Ger) Merida / TV Rechberghause                         
20 Catherine Delfosse (Bel) Massi-Abarth                             
21 Sandra Weber (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                                   
22 Silke Schmidt (Ger) Suntour Fuji/RSF Niederli                     
23 Mirjam Leibfritz (Ger) Ghost-Racing                               
24 Rebecca Burbach (Ger) SC Truchtelfingen                           
25 Teresa Jaworska Maria (Pol) ADVENTURE-Crazy Crank-Ken             
26 Claudia Hessel (Ger) NAT/Zweirad Riese Racingt                    
27 Alexa Hüni (Ger) Team VAUDE Dämpfle Mathis                        
28 Silke Keinath (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                         
DNF Almut Grieb (Ger) MayerArbeitsbühnen / STEV                      
DNF Agnes Naumann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                                 
DNF Anika Bach (Ger) Dresden                                         
DNF Nicole Pflumm (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                        
DNF Tanja Ruppert (Ger) FRM-Rohloff/RSC-Niedenste                    
DNF Kerstin Kögler (Ger) FX Sports                                   
Junior Men
1 Simon Scheiber (Aut) Union Radclub Ötztal/Ralk              1.31.52
2 Johannes Tiedt Yannick-(Ger) Harvestehuder-RV                  0.44
3 Sebastian Lehr (Ger) HaiBike Racing Team                       2.36
4 Matthias Wengelin (Swe)                                        2.47
5 Mattias Nilsson (Swe)                                          3.25
6 Felix Euteneuer (Ger) Bicycles an More / Bergam                4.19
7 Julian Schwendemann (Ger) Neumayer Tekfor/SC Hausac            4.50
8 Lukas Platzgummer (Ita) Sunshine Racers Nals                   5.07
9 Markus Trost (Ger) TSV Dettingen/Erms                          5.33
10 Sascha Knöpfle (Ger) Rothaus Cube Juniorteam                  6.42
11 Markus Bauer (Ger) RV Viktoria Wombach/Team                   7.28
12 Christian Lau (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                       7.43
13 Markus Knott (Ger) Radsport2000 RC Straubin                   7.45
14 Hendrik Utzat (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                       8.22
15 Julian Bosch (Ger) VAUDE Dämpfle-Mathis                       9.25
16 Pascal Ketterer (Ger) Rothaus Cube Juniorteam                 9.58
17 Alexander Forst (Ger) Team Spinning Wheelz                   10.10
18 Thorsten Eiermann (Ger) Stevens Bikolution                   10.52
19 Florian Thaller (Ger) Ralph Denk Racing Youngst              10.55
20 Mario Waibel (Ger) MSC Gerstetten/Best Bike                  11.02
21 Simon Gegenheimer (Ger) Cycle Sport Remchingen               11.27
22 Philipp Daum (Ger) www.Drahtesel-Online.de                   12.01
23 Ralf Genal (Ger) Schneelaufverein Ravensbu                   12.17
24 Günther Höck (Aut) RV Schuler                                12.42
25 Tobias Henkel (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                      12.50
26 Torben Saßnick (Ger) Team Fahrradhaus/MTV Bad                19.03
1 lap behind
27 Jan Herrmann (Ger) MTB/Team GAINT-NOLTE Küch                      
28 Michael Margesin (Ita) Sunshine Racers Nals                       
29 Simon Tatomir (Ger) RIG Freiburg                                  
30 Stefan Linse (Ger) Sinsheim                                       
31 Dominik Fischer (Ger) Sportivo St.Englmar Tom#s                   
32 Johannes Közle (Ger) Fun&Bike/Cube                                
33 Jens Ostwaldt (Ger) Team Springe RSV                              
34 Patrick Titus (Ger) Team Cube/ FC Wüstenselbi                     
35 Norman Schlegel (Ger) Rothaus Cube Juniorteam                     
36 Tom Ettlich (Ger) Hallescher MTB-SC                               
37 Hannes Kuttler (Ger) Team Springe                                 
38 Marcel Prill (Ger) Neumayer Tekfor/SC Hausac                      
39 Svante Johanßon (Ger) RSC Lüneburg/Stevens Moun                   
40 Philipp Zimmerhakl (Ger) Team Steinlach - Wiesaz                  
41 Hannes Gasteiger (Aut) Tonis Pro Team Kirchberg                   
42 Sebastian Huber (Ger) USG Raubburg                                
43 Andreas Stich (Ger) VBC Waldshut-Tiengen                          
2 laps behind
44 Christoph Pinkert (Ger) TSV Freiberg/ Fuji-Bikes                  
3 laps behind
DNF Andreas Ihle (Ger) MTB Heidelsheim                               
DNF Robert Weißbach (Ger) RSC 93 Marienberg                          
DNF Felix Rüb (Ger) VBC Waldshut-Tiengen                             
DNF Marc Mensebach (Ger) Radsportverband NRW / Tea                   
DNF Andy Eyring (Ger) HaiBike Racing Team                            
DNF Steffen Stanger (Ger) Schneiderhahn CUBE                         
DNF Christoph Schröder (Ger) RSG Nordheide                           
DNF Marius Müller (Ger) Team Puhl                                    
DNF Markus Ulz (Ger) SG Reinfelden                                   
DNF Patrick Thoma (Ger) HaiBike Racing Team                          
DNF Tommy Galle (Ger) NAT/Zweirad Riese Racingt                      
DNF Magnus Schaub (Ger) VBC Waldshut-Tiengen                         
DNF Danny Neumann (Ger) Radsportverband NRW                          
DNF Tom Bohleke (Ger) Müritzsportclub- Warene                        
DNF Jörg Feiner (Ger) Schneelaufverein Ravensbu                      
DNF Timo Modosch (Ger) SSV Wildpoldsried/Ghost R                     
DNF Armin Neumeier (Ger) Zwillingscraft (RSV Götti                   
DNF Max Schäfer (Ger) MTB TECK / Team GIANT ? N                      
DNF Marius Klein (Ger) Team SR SUNTOUR/FUJI-BIKE                     
DNF David Hofmann (Ger) Bad Dürrheimer Mineralbru                    
DNF Stefan Lockinger (Aut) RC-ASKÖ-NF-Mazda Eder Wal                 
DNF Arne Rollert (Ger) Radsportverband NRW / Tea                     
DNF Sebastian Esswein (Ger) MayerArbeitsbühnen / STEV                
DNF Niklas Gustavson (Swe)                                           
DNF Tobias Trautmann (Ger) White Rock/Zweirad Riese                  
DNF Mario Schädle (Aut) Radhaus Lechaschau RC Reu                    
DNF Benedict Bosler (Ger) KROSS Racing Team                          
DNF Emanuel Hatt (Ger) Biketeam Oberallgäu                           
DNF Matthias Mayer (Ger) RSV Staubwolke                              
DNF Michael Pfanzelt (Ger) Team Rocket/RC Kaufbeuren                 
DNF Patrik Konrad (Ger) Wabern                                       
Junior Women
1 Stefanie Andris (Ger) RV Stegen e.V                         1.08.48
2 Vera Andreeva (Rus) Giant                                      0.19
3 Lisa Reiser (Ger) Bike Junior Team/SC Hausa                    0.30
4 Judith Pollinger (Ita) Sunshine Racers Nals                    2.32
5 Ines Thoma (Ger) HaiBike Racing Team                           3.33
6 Silja Vetter (Ger) Neumayer Tekfor/SC Hausac                   6.01
7 Nicole Lechl (Ger) HaiBike Racing Team                         6.50
8 Hanna Walter (Ger) Bad Dürrheimer Mineralbru                   8.07
9 Debora Jaworska (Pol) ADVENTURE-Crazy Crank-Ken               12.33
1 lap behind
10 Tanja Schneider (Ger) Seiler's Radsport Neuffen                   
DNF Josefa Beck (Aut) RC-ASKÖ-NF-Mazda Eder Wal                      
DNF Katharina Haase (Ger) TSV Böhringen Team Bergam WTB              
B Class Men
1 Matthias Bettinger (Ger) Rothaus-Cube Marathonteam          1.20.48
2 Manuel Lohr (Ger) Cube/Bikestaionkelheim.de                    1.11
3 Nico Weber (Ger) MayerArbeitsbühnen / STEV                     1.41
4 Joachim Oechsner (Ger) ghost-racing-team                       3.59
5 Matthias Ball (Ger) Mosbach                                    4.44
6 Martin Danzer (Ger) Cube/Bikestationkelheim.d                  5.23
7 Sven Pieper (Ger) TEAM VELO-SPORT GÖTTINGEN                    6.02
8 Wolfgang Fischer (Ger) www.supernova-lights.com                6.42
9 Kim Tofaute (Ger) Team Topeak Ergon                            7.36
10 Bastian Hilty (Ger) RSV Vaihingen                             7.37
11 Torsten Becker (Ger) White Rock/Zweirad Riese                 7.58
12 Stefan Schairer (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                   8.11
13 Olaf Nützsche (Ger) Team Diamondback                          8.30
14 Andreas Krakau (Ger) www.supernova-lights.com                 8.43
15 Ulrich Rose (Ger) D                                           9.46
16 Gregor Hyneck (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                     9.51
17 Johannes Striller (Ger) Erbach                                9.52
18 Felix Schuldt (Ger) TEAM Best Bike Parts/Chem                 9.55
19 Christopher Zimmermann (Ger) Müritzsportclub- Waren e         9.59
20 Markus Bock (Ger) Edi's Radl Stall                           10.39
21 Markus Lang (Ger) Herrenberg                                 11.17
22 Dietmar Baumelt (Ger) Gonso-Rawoflex-Team                    11.22
23 Scott Mclaughlin (USA) SRAM Factory Team                     12.26
24 Daniel Berhe (Ger) Bad Dürrheimer Mineralbr                  12.54
25 Dennis Herter (Ger) Neumayer Tekfor/SC Hausac                13.09
26 Gregor Arndt (Ger) www.supernova-lights.com                  13.32
27 Uwe Porwollik (Ger) SVG Zehlendorfer-Eichhör                 14.06
1 lap behind
28 Matthias Ulrich (Ger) Puhl/ RSF Niederlinxweile                   
29 David Schwendemann (Ger) RSV Staubwolke Haslach                   
30 Rogal Tiboral (Ger) D                                             
31 Fabian Eppler (Ger) Gonso-Rawoflex-Team                           
32 Christoph Groß (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                        
33 Meik Schmidt (Ger) RSV Breisgauperle                              
34 Bernd Kohlhaas (Ger) RSC Wincheringen                             
35 Christian Kurtz (Ger) Hausdorf                                    
36 Fabian Pahn (Ger) TSG 1847 Leutkirch                              
37 Jürgen Gugu (Ger) RC Herpersdorf 1919e.V                          
38 Thomas Uhlirsch (Ger) RRC Aalen                                   
39 Bernhard Völkel (Ger) TSG LEUTKIRCH                               
40 Lothar Saßen (Ger) Team Spinning Wheelz                           
2 laps behind
41 Uwe Glaser (Ger) Endorfin-Solvis                                  
DNF Markus Zuber (Ger) Ghost Racing Team/RSB Bay                     
DNF Achim Scholz (Ger) Warstein                                      
DNF Benjamin Boll (Ger) SV Kirchzarten                               
DNF Peter Dertinger (Ger) RC Herpersdorf 1919e.V                     

Bundesliga standings after round 3

Elite Men

1 Fredrik Kessiakoff (Swe) Vredestein-Cannondale           125 pts
2 Christoph Soukup (Aut) Fujibikes                         112
3 Martin Gujan (Swi) Athleticum                             89
4 Lado Fumic (Ger) FumicRacingTeam                          77
5 Torsten Marx (Ger) Alb-Gold                               76
6 Florian Vogel (Swi) Swisspowerteam                        70
7 René Tann (Ger) Heijdens-Ten Tusscher                     52
8 Jochen Käß (Ger) Alb-Gold                                 52
9 Moritz Milatz (Ger) Multivan Merida                       47
10 Bas Peters (Ned) Binnenvaart-merida                      45
11 Tim Böhme (Ger) Alb-Gold                                 42
12 Andreas Kugler (Swi) Athleticum                          41
13 Silvio Bundi (Swi) Athleticum                            40
14 Stefan Sahm (Ger) Giant Racing Team                      39
15 Kashi Leuchs (Ger) Cannondale-Vredestein                 36
16 Steffen Thum (Ger) MayerArbeitsbühnen/Stevens            36
17 Peter Riis Andersen (Den) Cannondale-Vredestein          30
18 Michael Weiss (Aut) SRM Simplon Team                     30
19 Klaus Nielsen (Den) Team Alb-Gold                        30
20 Johannes Sickmüller (Ger) Stevens Racing Team            30
21 Martin Kraler (Aut) Giant Racing Team                    30
22 Andreas Dilger (Ger) Team Alb-Gold                       26
23 Jose Hermida (Spa) Multivan Merida                       25
24 Alban Lakata (Aut) Team Specialized                      24
25 Benjamin Rudiger (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                      23
26 Nino Schurter (Swi) Swisspowerteam                       22
27 Friedemann Schmude (Ger) Team Giant                      21
28 Martino Fruet (Ita) L'Aarcobaleno                        21
29 Hannes Genze (Ger) Alb-Gold                              20
30 Till Marx (Swi) Swisspowerteam                           18
31 Marco Schätzing (Ger) Genius Generation                  18
32 Olaf Rochow (Ger) Team Fujibikes                         18
33 Hakon Austad (Nor) Team Hoydal                           17
34 Christof Bischof (Swi) Bikin' Cyprus                     17
35 Frank Lehmann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                         16
36 Balz Weber (Swi) Bikepark.ch/Tui                         14
37 Marc Gölz (Ger) FumicRacingTeam                          13
38 Frédéric Frech (Fra) Scott Allianz Suisse                12
39 Sid Taberley (Aus) Team Dolphin                          12
40 Andi Weinhold (Ger) SRM Simplon Team                     19
41 Jimmy Tielens (Bel) Dolphin Bike Team                     9
42 Daniel Ericsson (Swe) Team Trek MC Center                 9
43 Gion Manetsch (Swi) Athleticum                            8
44 Markus Kaufmann (Ger) Vaude Dämpfle-Mathis                8
46 Jürg Graf (Swi) Scott Allianz                             6
47 Tobias Witzack (Ger) Fujibikes                            6
48 Davy Coenen (Bel) 2mega-saeco                             6
49 Nicolas Vermeulen (Bel) Lingier-Versluys                  6
50 Axel Bult (Ned) Heijdens-TenTusscher                      5
51 Frank Schotman (Ned) Binnenvaart-merida                   5
52 Ole Christian Fagerli (Nor) Team Hoydal                   4
53 Ruud Rentmeester (Ned) Binnenvaart-Merida                 3
54 Christopher Maletz (Ger) NAT/Zweirad Riese                1
55 Pavel Zerzan (Cze) Ceska Sporitelna                       1
56 Benjamin Joerges (Ger) TrichiTissue                       1
Elite Women

1 Irina Kalentieva (Rus) Ergon Topeak                      155 pts
2 Gunn-Rita Dahle (Nor) Multivan-Merida                    140
3 Ivonne Kraft (Ger) Team Fuji Bikes                       135
4 Adelheid Morath (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                       110
5 Nina Göhl (Ger) Multivan-Merida                           64
6 Anna Enocsson (Swe) Ghost International                   55
7 Hanna Klein (Ger) Kross Racing Team                       54
8 Heike Hundertmark (Ger) Team Voitl-Bikes / MBC Bochum     48
9 Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger) Focus Sportsstar                  45
10 Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Ceska Sporitelna                   42
11 Laura Turpijn (Ned) Binnenvaart- merida                  40
12 Katrin Schwing (Ger) Team Trek                           40
13 Nina Kunz (Ger) Merida / TV Rechberghausen               34
14 Agnes Naumann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                         33
15 Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Tonis Pro Team                       33
16 Catherine Delfosse (Bel) Massi-Abarth                    29
17 Petra Henzi (Swi) Fischer BMC                            25
18 Maria Osl (Aut) Tonis Pro Team                           25
19 Maroussia Rusca (Swi) Bikepark.ch/Tui                    24
20 Sandra Weber (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                          24
21 Esther Süss (Swi) Ghost International                    23
22 Lene Byberg (Nor) Bikin Cyprus                           23
23 Sabine Spitz (Ger) Team Specialized                      22
24 Maria Östergren (Swe)                                    21
25 Githa Michiels (Bel) Thompson Team                       20
26 Anja Gradl (Ger) ESV Regensburg                          20
27 Sandra Walter (Can) Xo-Felt.ch                           18
28 Bernadine Boog-Rauwerda (Ned) Giant                      18
29 Tanja Ruppert (Ger) FRM-Rohloff/RSC-Niedenstein          17
30 Mirjam Leibfritz (Ger) Truchtelingen                     17
31 Carolin Rahner (Ger) Trenga De                           15
32 Carina Ketonen (Fin) Cycling Union Finland               14
33 Rebecca Burbach (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz              14
34 Elina Sophokleous (Cyp) Bikin Cyprus                     14
35 Katrin Leumann (Swi) Bikepark.ch/Tui                     13
36 Sandra Gockert (Ger) Stevens Racing                      13
37 Almut Grieb (Ger) MayerArbeitsbühnen / Stevens           11
38 Maria-Teresa Jaworska (Ger) Adventure-Crazy              11
39 Sandra Dolcerocca (Den) DMK                              10
40 Katja Schmidt (Ger) Ghost Racing Team                     9
41 Steffi Spieckermann (Ger) Rothaus-Cube                    9
42 Silke Schmidt (Ger) Suntour Fuji                          9
43 Tatjana Dold (Ger) Team Fujibikes                         7
44 Mirjam Wolf (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                   5
45 Alexa Hüni (Ger) Vaude Dämpfle-Mathis                     5
46 Claudia Hessel (Ger) NAT/Zweirad-Riese                    5
47 Kerstin Kögler (Ger) FX Sports                            4
48 Silke Keinath (Ger) Team Steinlach-Wiesaz                 2