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Transrockies Challenge - NE

Canada, August 8-14, 2004

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Stage 7 - August 14: Rafter Six Resort to Canmore

Real race to finish at 2004 TransRockies Challenge

By TransRockies Challenge

The Rocky Mountain Bikes Team of Andreas Hestler of Vancouver and Karl Platt of Germany kept up their furious pace in the final stage of the toughest mountain bike race in the world to win the overall men's championship in the 2004 TransRockies Challenge.

Hestler and Platt were cheered on by a crowd of more than 1,000 as they crossed the finish line today in downtown Canmore Alberta Their finish time of time of 2:22:13 was just six seconds behind last year's champions Andreas Strobel and Silvio Wieltschnig, for an overall time over the 600 km, seven-day course of 29:38:39.

Second overall place was won by Troy Misseghers and Neil Grover, who finished today a little more than three minutes behind the champions. They ended the week with an overall time of 29:52:25.

"It was a big battle all week and we had to fight hard to keep our lead, said Hestler. "I was nervous about losing our position but I felt good for the final few kilometres today," said the champion.

In the master's category, Karl Arnold, 43, and Stephan Ruttimann, 40, remained untouchable in the final leg of the challenge, finishing in 2:55:03 for a total accumulated time of 32:49:40. Second place today and overall was won by Paul Newitt, 39, and Nels Guloien, 49, with a total time of 36:26:31. William Letham, 47, and James Shellard, 40. were third with a total time of 36:41:46.

Niclas Christoffersson of Canmore, a member of the men's championship team in the first TransRockies Challenge in 2002, and Marg Fedyna who rode today despite injuries from a fall in Bragg Creek two days ago, captured the mixed category championship with a finish today in 3:04:44 for an overall time of 35:14:43. They were followed one minute later today by Eric Warkentin and Louise Kobin, a member of last year's women's championship team, for an overall time of 35:37:08 for second. Third place went to Trish Grajczyk and Pat Doyle who were two hours overall behind the champions.

Germans Karen Eller and Sabrine Grona secured the women's championship with a first place finish today in 3:12:00. Second place went to last year's women's champion Christina Begy and Joan Orgeldinger who ended up almost one-and-a-quarter hour behind the leaders. Third place today and overall went to Isabelle Dube and Maria Hawkins who finished with a total time of 42:28:15.


Final general classification

1 Andreas Hestler (Can)/Karl Platt (Can) Rocky Mountain Bikes           29.38.38
2 Troy Misseghers (Can)/Neil Grover (Can) Crowsnest Red Niks               13.47
3 Andreas Strobel (Ned)/Sivio Wieltschnig (Ned) Fiat / Rotwild Adidas    1.12.55
4 Craig Stappler (Can)/Nick Friesen (Can) Team Bianchi-The Bik           3.45.29
5 Stefan Maag (Swi)/Beni Morf (Swi) Swissbike Team                       3.45.35
6 Beat Zumstein (Swi)/Marco Hinrichs (Swi) swisspower /fehr-velo         4.03.26
7 Rob Hewitt (Can)/Matthew Hewitt (Can) DMH Racing                       4.15.20
8 Torau Lesewitz (Ger)/Tino Zieger (Ger) Bike Magazine                   4.25.02
9 Jean Desforges (Can)/Benoit Poirier (Can) Haro Cda/Cybercylcle         4.59.34
10 John Humphries (USA)/Joseph Shults (USA) Western Spirit               5.16.12
11 Marty Bulcock (Can)/Gerry Erlam (Can) Enerplus 2                      6.09.26
12 John Gibson (Can)/Mike Seniuk (Can) Kona Factory - NRG E              6.10.46
13 Jeff Nielson (Can)/Evan Weselake (Can) Enerplus                       6.18.39
14 Andy Reed (GBr)/Giles Turner (NZl) INFORM CYCLE                       7.07.06
15 Oliver Mau (Can)/Burkhard Weis (Can) No Idea                          7.10.23
16 Pavel Richtr (Cze)/Lukas Klezl (Cze) programcycle sugoi               7.25.46
17 Eric Turgeon (Can)/Jean-Franc Bruneau (Can) FIVETRACKS Dalbix         7.28.39
18 Michael Bennett (Can)/Fritz Mckellar (Can) Amtech.ca                  7.30.49
19 Dan Mccarthy (USA)/Mario Correa (USA) Team Hops                       7.37.33
20 Davin Vande Beek (Can)/Peter Woodman (Can) Buzz and Woody             7.42.58
21 Andrew Handford (Can)/Matthew Handford (Can) Brothers Handford        7.53.41
22 Wayne Calder (Can)/Tim Brezsnyak (Can) Deadgoat Racing Bow            8.17.37
23 Daniel Albert (Can)/Joel Samson (Can) Brunet                          8.30.07
24 Thomas Egger (Ita)/Rolan Ausserhofer (Ita) Sanvit Team South Ty       9.05.55
25 Ashley Quan Meyers (Can)/Ronald King (Can) Terrascape                10.00.40
26 Ari Laurell (Can)/Ryan Castonguay (Can) Raising The Barr             10.19.59
27 Etienne Larivee (Can)/Francois Doyon (Can) Cybercycle                10.57.47
28 Corey Martin (USA)/Ben Kaiser (USA) Cerberus                         12.15.51
29 Tanner Erickson (Can)/Gerry Erickson (Can) Me' an Dad                12.33.33
30 John Meritt (Can)/Brad Pochay (Can) Team Fernie                      13.01.37
31 Nichola Broskovich (USA)/Jim Swigart (USA) Stanford Cycle Center     14.44.03
32 Scott Bentley (Can)/Eldon Brown (Can) Team Get A Job                 15.15.26
33 Ken Waring (Can)/Brian Evans (USA) Evans/Waring                      15.21.42
34 Trent Basarsky (Can)/Drew Smith (Can) Nirvana                        15.36.29
35 Randy Barker (Can)/Trent Rees (Can) Team Onspec                      15.41.28
36 Bob Wong (Can)/Nick Melnyk (Can) Team Wheeznkoff                     15.44.25
37 Enrico Pizzorni (Ita)/Marco Zanetta (Ita) Ruotequadre Italy          16.03.25
38 Steve Turner (Can)/Dave Robertson (Can) Team TransMission            16.11.06
39 Max Hochholzer (Ger)/Wolfga Hochholzer (Ger) Bike Sport News         17.29.54
40 Patrick Mccabe (Can)/Tyler Kosaka (Jpn) Team Active Therapy          17.48.59
41 Dominic Gauvin (Can)/Stacey Mateika (Can) Team Bodyfit Home &        18.40.30
42 Mark Neill (GBr)/Eric Pecheur (Fra) Refuel                           19.57.05
43 Sam Brovender (Can)/Mark James (Can) Drink Fresh Beer                20.04.28
44 Roger Horton (Can)/Jeff Faulds (Can) LOW-Riders                      21.27.48
45 David Hazlett (Can)/Dave Vriens (Can) Columbia Sportswear            21.54.17
46 Todd Delyea (USA)/Brandon Kaastad (USA) Storm Cycle                  22.10.21
47 Claude Laberge (Can)/Christian Jende (Can) 2 Guys & 4 Wheels         22.32.47
48 Brett Wolfe (USA)/Matt Hill (USA) Under Hill Over Wolf               22.36.34
49 Graziano Angeli (Ita)/NA Trentino-Doloriti                           26.03.21
1 Karen Eller (Ger)/Sabine Grona (Ger) Scott Contessa                   37.56.59
2 Cristina Begy (USA)/Joan Orgeldinger (USA) Maverick/GoFast             1.14.06
3 Isabelle Dube (Can)/Maria Hawkins (Can) Team Drake                     4.31.16
4 Kimberly Shopland (Can)/Kim Spencer (Can) Polar Peak Lodges            8.02.09
5 Patricia Pennock (Can)/Barb Fedun (Can) Along For The Ride            25.39.52
1 Christoffersson, (Can)/Marg Fedyna (Can) Lifesport JBA Stonew         35.14.43
2 Eric Warkentin (USA)/Louise Kobin (USA) Cateye Endure                    22.25
3 Trish Grajczyk (Can)/Pat Doyle (Can) Deadgoat Racing                   2.00.47
4 Sibylle Adam (Swi)/Adrian Riesen (Lie) Swisslie Express                2.46.20
5 Sisley Kaltenbach (Swi)/Jill Vale (Can) Black Pearl                    3.56.15
6 Ryan Draper (Can)/Cyd Fraser (Can) Reboundcycle.com 1                  4.09.38
7 Gilles Morneau (Can)/Isabelle Cantin (Can) Le Peddalier/Kona           5.16.57
8 Carlyle Norman (Can)/Tom Zidek (Can) The Bike Shop                     7.28.19
9 Fraser Atkinson (Can)/Monilee Lloy (Can) F.A.E.                        7.59.11
10 Mark Mcleod (RSA)/Nicky Mcleod (RSA) Hogsnose                         8.09.28
11 Stephanie Kucharski (Can)/Mark Bohnet (Can) Clear-Vue                 8.39.41
12 Tim Butler (USA)/Sue Butler (USA) Singletrack Minds                  10.04.39
13 Caroli Van Den Bulk (Ned)/Dave Cormack (RSA) Power To Be             13.26.45
14 Juliette Franklin (Can)/David Ford (Can) Dirrrty Deadgoats           15.24.53
15 Gerry Mccuaig (Can)/Linda Green (Can) Deadgoat Silver Bullet         16.39.05
16 Todd Carscadden (Can)/Martha Handford (Can) Team Emerson             17.43.21
17 Carolyn Soules (Can)/Don Thomas (Can) Team Cyclepath                 20.34.56
18 Caroline Schwabe (Can)/Trevor Pombert (Can) United Cycle             25.14.04
19 Marie Letarte (Can)/Eric Valcourt (Can) Diesel/Bicycles Recor        30.21.50
20 Richard Woodbury (USA)/Laurie Woodbury (USA) Woodbury & Woodbur      26.58.43
1 Karl Arnold (Swi)/Stefan Ruttimann (Swi) VC International Brig        32.49.40
2 Paul Newitt (Can)/Nels Guloien (Can) Pedal/Kona                        3.36.51
3 William Letham (Can)/James Shellard (Can) Team Revolution              3.52.06
4 John Ramsden (Can)/Dean Irvine (Can) Dark Horse                        4.43.45
5 Randy Richmond (Can)/Con Diamond (Can) Gericks Cycle - Nelso           4.50.46
6 Francois Amyot (Can)/Daniel Auclair (Can) Zoot Allure                  4.59.22
7 Darrell Jones (Can)/Mike Tingley (Can) Team Bragg Creek                7.02.29
8 Tim Wilkie (USA)/Alan Ludtke (USA) Team Riverbrook                     7.12.54
9 Antonio Malvar (Por)/Jose Dias Da Cunha (Por) Ciclonatur               8.18.45
10 Jeff Bandura (Can)/Bart Nakano (Can) FloraGlo / AllMax / Tel          8.34.44
11 Marco Gauvin (Can)/Marty Halprin (Can) M&M                            9.06.17
12 Paul Done (Can)/Tim Peek (USA) Team Sugoi/Hack and                    9.17.32
13 Marc Wangsgard (USA)/Kurt Frankenburg (USA) Los Tortugas              9.26.06
14 Brian Berg (Can)/Urs Bleuler (Can) Sunfield / Webber Nat             10.48.00
15 Greg Stevenson (Can)/Jim Clement (Can) Trail Trouble                 11.12.17
16 Brad Neumann (USA)/Vince Haag (USA) dos locos                        11.53.24
17 Kai Muenzer (Ger)/Clive Rubens (Can) Shockjocks                      13.30.38
18 Michael Letourneau (Can)/NA Baker Hughes                             14.47.38
19 Tom Daley (Can)/Kevin Simpson (Can) Reboundcycle.com 2               17.17.21
20 Frank Ploeger (Ger)/Thorsten Buss (Ger) Mountains Too                18.19.56
21 Ron Andrews (Can)/Cal Vettese (Can) The Bush Pilots                  18.53.39
22 Jim Seethram (Can)/Simon Parker (Aus) Aluminium Mules                23.04.22
23 Mark Young (Can)/Gerard Gervais (Can) Maxion Nutrition Mtb           23.47.04
24 Jim Doilney (USA)/Lee Boswell (NZl) Roughriders                      24.16.36
25 Steve Cunningham (Can)/Andrew Block (Can) Nervous Energy             24.16.43
26 Pete Stein (USA)/Jerry Cooper (USA) Team 110                         25.46.24
27 Lyndon Decore (Can)/Doug Boyer (Can) The Degenerates                 26.02.52
28 Guy Dutil (Can)/Marcus Brady (Can) Team Synergy NEMA                 27.38.38
1 Robert Matteson (USA)/Dave Bradshaw (USA) Two by One                  40.56.11
2 Lindsay Gauld (Can)/Jeff Fielding (Can) Olympia Cycle                     9.03
3 Christian Zander (Ger)/Jan Miestereck (Ger) Bayer Business Servic      8.15.59
4 Lynn Ware Peek (USA)/Carol Frankenburg (USA) Vintage Whine            11.16.54
5 Brian Tuffs (Can)/Tim Hudema (Can) Crank 'n' Stein                    11.41.13
6 Karen Stark (Can)/Lisa Lange (Can) Pete's Peddler's                   11.48.29
7 Bryan Anderson (Can)/Leah Guloien (Can) Team Sugoi/Ken and            13.01.19
8 Ross Phillips (Can)/Ray Warner (Can) Yukon Blurr Brothers             14.14.58
9 Mark McCullough (Can) Reboundcycle.com                                16.27.30
10 Ken Oertle (USA)/Tom Neppl (USA) Bike TRACS                          17.18.20
11 Jacquie Phelan (USA)/Bruce Ramsay (Can) Mud Life Crisis              18.22.11
12 Marshall Cant (Can)/Alyssa Myshok (Can) Syncros-Kreb's               20.48.38
13 Rachelle Van Zanten (Can)/Brent Reulling (Can) Redbike/ERTC          30.19.41