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Evathlon International XC race - E1

Parnitha Mountain, Greece, October 19, 2003


Killeen kills the competition in Olympic warm up

By Dimitris Konstantopoulos

British rider Liam Killeen recorded another victory after the Roc d'Azur cross country, certifying his excellent form at the moment. This time it was the "Evathlon International XC race", held on the 2004 Olympic Games MTB circuit in Mt.Parnitha, near Athens, Greece.

Killeen dominated from the first till the sixth and final lap of the rather technical 6.1 km circuit. The 21 year old British rider left behind former Olympic champion Bart Brentjens. Despite Brentjens' second place, the points he earned guided him to first place in the UCI Cross Country men's elite rankings. Third place went to New Zealand's hope for an Olympic medal, Kashi Leuchs.

107 riders took the start but only 17 finished without losing a lap. The weather was perfect for mountain biking, with storm clouds around but without heavy rain. A lot of riders said that the 2004 Olympic Games course will be a difficult, technical circuit, despite rather flat roads and fast trails.

Before the big international event, "Thiseas" Sports club organized a youth MTB short circuit race, using part of the course around the start and finish area. Many of the young riders got an idea of what will happen next August.


Elite Men
1 Liam Killeen (GBr) Great Britain National                2.02.24
2 Bart Brentjens (Ned) TT T-Mobile/Netherlands National       1.33
3 Kashi Leuchs (NZl)                                          4.20
4 Bas Peters (Ned) Netherlands National                       5.17
5 Oliver Beckinsale (GBr) Great Britain National              6.19
6 Pavel Elsnic (Cze) TT Ceska Sporitelna MTB                  7.20
7 Robin Seymour (Irl) Ireland National                        7.51
8 Sigvard Kukk (Est) TT Kalev Chocolate Team                  8.09
9 Radim Korinek (Cze)                                         9.02
10 Nick Craig (GBr) Great Britain National                    9.21
11 Ovidiu-Tudor Oprea ROM                                    10.56
12 Milan Spesny (Cze) RUBENA MERIDA TEAM                     12.11
13 Phil Dixon (GBr) Great Britain National                   12.57
14 Zak Toogood (GBr) Great Britain National                  13.25
15 Szilard Buruczki (Hun)                                    15.07
16 Konstantinos Symelidis (Gre) Aftodromos                   16.43
17 Marios Athanasiadis (Cyp) CYPRUS National                 22.11
18 Andras Parti (Hun)                                       1 lap     
19 Georgios Fattas (Cyp) CYPRUS National                          
20 Konstantinos Bardis (Gre) Eos Acharnon                         
21 Dimitpios Galiouris (Gre) Larissa Cycling Club                 
22 Periklis Ilias (Gre) Loasda                              2 laps      
23 Hasan Kandemir (Tur)                                           
24 Michalis Chatziioannou (Cyp) Faethon                           
25 Georgios Gkinis (Gre) Loasda                                   
26 Konstantinos Konstantinidis (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Club    
27 Yunus Yetkin (Tur)                                             
28 Georgios Skalidakis (Gre) Talos Nea Kydonia                    
29 Petros Tyrologos (Gre) Nea Filadelfia Cycling Club             
30 Konstantinos Stamoulis (Gre) Panerythraikos                    
31 Georgios Saraidaris (Gre) Atlas Mytilini                       
32 Vasileios Chortomaris (Gre) Aftodromos                         
33 Georgios Pattes-Toumanis (Gre) Loasda                    3 laps      
34 Ioannis Skordas (Gre) Loasda                                   
35 Nikolaos Kostopoulos (Gre) Eos Acharnon                        
36 Ioannis Misailidis (Gre) Pesa Athens                           
37 Stefanos Gkatziouras (Gre) Elassona Sports Club                
38 Ioannis Th?Ocharopoulos (Gre) Eos Acharnon                     
39 Georgios Tsalikis (Gre) Pagkrati Sports Club                   
40 Nikolaos Mettos (Gre) Nea Filadelfia Cycling Club              
41 Theodoros Bougioukos (Gre) Patras Cycling Club                 
42 Efstathios Lazaris (Gre) OFP Kerkyra                           
43 Ioannis Passadakis (Gre) Kastro Heraklion                      
44 Emmanouil Kotoulas (Gre) PAOK Thessaloniki                     
45 Stilianos Loukopoulos (Gre) Loasda                             
46 Christos Batalogiannis (Gre) Aftodromos                        
47 Nikos Andeopoulos (Gre) Patras Cycling Club                    
48 Grigorios Melissis (Gre) Roda Volos                      4 laps       
49 Dimitrios Dimitrakopoulos (Gre) Kronos Nikea                   
50 Stefanos Vaskos (Gre) Asklipios Trikala                        
51 Stavros Papadopoulos (Gre) Messiniakos Sports Club             
52 Manolis Daskalakis (Gre) Kydon Chania                          
53 Kostas Psimopoulos (Gre) Aftodromos                            
54 Michail Dionysopoulos (Gre) Eos Acharnon                       
55 Argiris Papathanasopoulos (Gre) Eos Acharnon                   
56 Christos Katrakis (Gre) Loasda                                 
57 Athan. Koloventzos (Gre) Loasda                                
58 Anastassios Mastrotheodoros (Gre) Eos Acharnon                 
59 Orestis Andriotis (Gre) Paradissos Cycling Club                
60 Ioannis Zavalis (Gre) Thiseas Zografou                         
61 Konstadinos Grammenos (Gre) Proteas Keratsini                  
62 Theodoros Svarnas (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Club              
63 Ioannis Petridis (Gre) Proteas Keratsini                       
64 Christos Adamopoulos (Gre) Larissa Cycling Club                
65 Konstantinos Douvikas (Gre) Eos Acharnon                       
66 Orestis-Kon. Tseris (Gre) Olympiakos Peristeri                 
67 Alex. Eleftheropoulos (Gre) Talos Nea Kydonia                  
68 Stilianos Doxas (Gre) Paradissos Cycling Club                  
69 Dimitrios Kandoglou (Gre) Iraklis Thessaloniki                 
70 Konstantinos Orfanoudakis (Gre) Talos Nea Kydonia              
71 Stavros Valmas (Gre) Ermis Athens                              
72 Kosmas Ntavoutian (Gre) Messiniakos Sports Club                
73 Stefanos Kokkinos (Gre) Paradissos Cycling Club                
74 Evangelos Kosmatos (Gre) Patras Cycling Club                   
75 Dimitrios Imvridis (Gre) Paradissos Cycling Club               
76 Ioannis Psychogyios (Gre) Thiseas Zografou                     
77 Kostas Banos (Gre) Acharavi Kerkyra Cycling Club               
78 Georgios Tzortzakis (Gre) Talos Nea Kydonia                    
79 Christos Makrigiannis (Gre) OF Nea Ionia                       
80 Kos. Papadimitriou (Gre) Atlas Mytilini                        
81 Dimitrios Lamprakis (Gre) Thiseas Zografou                     
82 Georgios Paraskevas (Gre) Alexandros Nikea                     
83 Zydian Nexhipi (Alb) Kronos Nikea                              
84 Charalambos Vlachos (Gre) Acharavi Kerkyra Cycling Club   5 laps     
85 Dimitris Georgiou (Gre) PESA Athens                            
86 Ioannis Anastasiadis (Gre) Proteas Keratsini                   
87 Manos Margaritis (Gre) Pesa Athens                             
88 Papadimas Konstantinos (Gre) Roda Volos                        
89 Kiriakos Keleperas (Gre) Ialyssos Rhodes Cycling Club          
90 Stelios Ellinikakis (Gre) Talos Nea Kydonia                    
91 Nikolaos Sismanis (Gre) Proteas Keratsini                      
92 Theodoros Limpas (Gre) Kronos Nikea                            

Starters: 107                                                     
Did not finish: 15                                                  
1st Junior Mountain Bike Cup
Boys U15
1 Papanastasiou Kyriakos (Dopi Dali Cyprus)                  23.39
2 Petouris Panagiotis (Koropi Cycling Club)                       
3 Mihalargias Nikolaos (Proteas Keratsini)                    0.58
4 Lafis Giorgos (Thiseas Zografou)                            1.11
5 Karagiannakis Nikolaos (Ialyssos Rhodes)                    1.28
6 Sourlatzis Cristos (Koropi Cycling Club)                        
7 Kyriakidis Xenios (Dopi Dali Cyprus)                            
8 Karalakis Charalambos (Proteas Keratsini)                   2.31
9 Nikou Andreas (Dopi Dali Cyprus)                            2.41
10 Paraskeyaidis Michail (Proteas Keratsini)                  2.51
11 Ikonomou Dimitris (Larissa Cycling Club)                  1 lap     
12 Raptis Orestis (Ialyssos Rhodes)                               
13 Priftis Antonis (Koropi Cycling Club)                     2 laps
14 Micherinas Giorgos (Koropi Cycling Club)                       
15 Fykas Christos (Koropi Cycling Club)                           
16 Souridis Panagiotis (Koropi Cycling Club)                 3 laps     
Girls U15
1 Kadi Elli (Dopi Dali Cyprus)                               28.00
2 Lazari Margarita (OFP Kerkyra)                             1 lap     
3 Rozi Dimitra (Thiseas Zografou)                            3 laps
4 Grammenou Popi (Proteas Keratsini)                         4 laps     
5 Kontosorou Athina (OFP Kerkyra)                                 
Boys & Girls (U13)
1 Georgiadis Vassilis (Dopi Dali Cyprus)                     12.09
2 Goulas Giorgos (Koropi Cycling Club)                        0.41
3 Tsopouroglou Apostolos (Larissa Cycling Club)               1.05
4 Papastamatakis Kyriakos (Ialyssos Rhodes)                   1.21
5 Christodoulou Savvas (Dopi Dali Cyprus)                     1.46
6 Platonis Panagiotis (Koropi Cycling Club)                   2.36
7 Sourlatzi Anna (Koropi Cycling Club)                        3.22
8 Grivas Dimitrios (Koropi Cycling Club)                      3.30
9 El Kanti Alexandros (Thiseas Zografou)                     1 lap     
10 Daggalakis Konstantinos (Thiseas Zografou)                     
11 Karagiorgos Dimitris (Thiseas Zografou)                        
12 Karagiannis Ilias (Ialyssos Rhodes)                            
13 Misailidis Marios (Proteas Keratsini)                          
Boys & Girls (U11)
1 Tzimas Theodoros (Aetos Athens)                            17.50
2 Savvopoulos Michail (Thiseas Zografou)                      0.24
3 Daggalaki Eftichia (Thiseas Zografou)                           
4 Antoniou Panagiotis (Salamina Sports Nautical Club)         0.35
5 Keleperas Daniil (Ialyssos Rhodes)                          1.00
6 Moraiti Stavroula (Proteas Keratsini)                       1.40
7 Karastianidi Areti (Thiseas Zografou)                      1 lap   
8 Alexandropoulos Nikolaos (Thiseas Zografou)                     
9 Tantis Aggelos (Anteos Galatsi)                                 
10 Tanti Anastasia (Anteos Galatsi)                               
Team Classification
1 Dopi Dali Cyprus                                                
2 Thiseas Zografou Sports Club                                    
3 Koropi Cycling Club                                             
4 Proteas Keratsini                                               
5 Ialissos Rhodes