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Kissavos Cup #1 - E1

Greece, May 11, 2003


Tudor makes a Greek double

By Dimitris Konstantopoulos

Romanian rider Ovidiu-Tudor Oprea made it a double win in two days at this weekend's international cross country race at Kissavos Mountain in Central Greece. On both days "Tudi" did perfect rides, reserving his strength for the last half of the race and coming back from third place at some parts of each race to take the overall victories.

Day 1

Ninety-five riders started five laps of a course that presented difficult uphills and technical dowhills. Kostas Symelidis (GRE) was too fast in the first two laps, and though he had a two minute advantage he was unable to maintain it after a crash with a lapped rider. Tudor Oprea (winner of the 2002 Balkan penninsula championships), was the final winner, despite the efforts of Irish National Champion and last year's winner Robin Seymour to keeps track of the Romanian. In the last lap Symelidis found his strength again and passed Seymour to win the silver medal.

Day 2

Tiredness from the previous day's climbs meant only 70 riders were present at the start line, with Oprea, Seymour, and Symelidis among others in the first row. The second day's course was less demanding as far as climbing went, but more technical. Symelidis attacked early in the race, but soon dropped back to fourth, and that's where he finished. Oprea seemed to be more relaxed after the previous day's strong showing. Hungarian Szilard Buruski, rode a fuss-free race to take second with Seymour once more in third.


Day 1, 42.5km
1 Ovidiu-Tudor Oprea (Rom)                                     2.21.21
2 Konstantinos Simelidis (Gre) Aftodromos Salonika                5.39
3 Robin Seymour (Irl) Ireland National Team                       8.15
4 Mitsa Tancik (Slo)                                             17.39
5 Szilard Buruczki (Hun)                                         18.03
6 Konstantinos Bardis (Gre) Eos Acharnon                         21.09
7 Boris Popovic (Yug) Serbia-Montenegro National Team            24.44
8 George Fattas (Cyp) Cyprus National Team                       28.55
9 Jonathan McBain (GBr) Team Scotland                            32.18
10 Basileios Chortomaris (Gre) Aftodromos Salonika               29.26
11 Ioannis Dittopoulos (Gre) Paok Salonika                       36.29
12 Eleftherios Nikolaou (Gre) Roda Volos                         1 lap
13 Manolis Kotoulas (Gre) Paok Salonika
14 Stefanos Gatzioras (Gre) Elassona Cycling Club
15 Zoran Sivkovic (Yug) Serbia-Montenegro National Team
16 Konstantinos Konstantinidis (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Club
17 Andreas Perrakis (Gre) Talos Chania
18 Kostas Stamoulis (Gre) Panerythraikos
19 Vasileios Sventzouris (Gre) Volos Cycling Club               2 laps
20 Ljubisa Kondev (Mkd) Fyrom National Team
21 Michail Liontos (Gre) Aftodromos Salonika
22 Antonios Deligiannis (Gre) Paok Salonika
23 Evangellos Papanikolaou (Gre) Paok Salonika
24 Georgios Paraskevas (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Club
25 Petros Tirologos (Gre) Nea Filadelfeia Cycling Club
26 Georgios Koupartmas (Gre) Roda Volos
27 Alexandros Kambouropoulos (Gre) Eos Acharnon
28 Grigorios Melissis (Gre) Roda Volos
29 Nikos Nikolaou (Cyp) Cyprus National Team
30 Christos Batalogiannis (Gre) Aftodromos Salonika
31 Anastasios Mastrotheodoros (Gre) Eos Acharnon
32 Panagiotis Vergetopoulos (Gre) Patras Cycling Club
33  Kougionis (Gre) Paok Salonika
34 Georgios Pattes (Gre) Loasda
35 Kostantinos Douvikas (Gre) Eos Acharnon
36 Evripidis Papadopoulos (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
37 Thoedoros Parastratidis (Gre) Iraklis Salonika
38 Dimitrios Prassos (Gre) Kronos Ioannina                      3 laps
39 Georgios Tsalikis (Gre) Pagrati Sports Club
40 Stefanos Tasikas (Gre) Asklipeios Trikala
41 Sokratis Grigoriadis (Gre) Roda Volos
42 Nikos Mettos (Gre) Nea Filadelfeia Cycling Club
43 Theodoros Svarnas (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Club
44 Boro Baniski (Mkd) Fyrom National Team
45 Stelios Sofiolakis (Gre) Kastro Heraklion
46 Christos Stavrianidis (Gre) Dedalos Drama
47 Stefanos Vaskos (Gre) Asklipeios Trikala
48 Marios Doulis (Gre) Kronos Ioannina
49 Konstantinos Grammenos (Gre) Proteas Nikea
50 Alexandros Kitselis (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
51 Alex Eleftheropoulos (Gre) Talos Chania
52 Ioannis Psichogios (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
53 Ivan Majdevac (Yug) Serbia-Montenegro National Team
54 Nikos Malliaros (Gre) Paok Salonika
55 Alexandros Papadimas (Gre) Patras Cycling Club
56  Papandreopoulos (Gre) Larissa Cycling Team
57 Dimitrios Lambrakis (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
58 Vasileios Varitimidis (Gre) Dedalos Drama
59 Ioannis Petridis (Gre) Proteas Nikea
60 Michal Dionisopoulos (Gre) Eos Acharnon
61 Pantelis Koutsoukos (Gre) Volos Cycling Club
62 Konstantinos Anthimos (Gre) Phaethon Sports Club
63 Emmanouil Anastasopoulos (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
64 Angelos Paraschou (Gre) Thrakas Ippeas
65 Theodoros Katsakos (Gre) Trikki Trikala
66 Konstantinos Papadimas (Gre) Roda Volos
67 Anargiros Karatzoglou (Gre) Volos Cycling Club
68 Panagiotis Tsiamantanis (Gre) Roda Volos
69 Nikos Christidis (Gre) Thrakas Ippeas
70  Panagiotou (Gre) Larissa Cycling Team
71 Evangelos Kosmatos (Gre) Patras Cycling Club                 4 laps
72 Vasileios Sachinidis (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Club
73 Georgios Ioannoy (Gre) Thrakas Ippeas
74 Stamatis Baltsis (Gre) Toxotis Cycling Club
75 Nikos Sismanis (Gre) Proteas Nikea
76  Moschos (Gre) Larissa Cycling Team
77 Vasileios Spirou (Gre) Proteas Nikea
Starters: 95
Finishers: 77
Abandoned: 18
Day 2, 40km
1 Ovidiu-Tudor Oprea (Rom)                                     1.49.27
2 Szilard Buruczki (Hun)                                          2.36
3 Robin Seymour (Irl) Ireland National Team                       3.26
4 Konstantinos Simelidis (Gre) Aftodromos Salonika                5.13
5 Andraz Parti (Hun)                                              5.26
6 Manolis Kotoulas (Gre) Paok Salonika                            5.52
7 Richard McCauley (Irl) Ireland National Team                   11.53
8 Basileios Chortomaris (Gre) Aftodromos Salonika                12.31
9 Boris Popovic (Yug) Serbia-Montenegro National Team            13.33
10 Konstantinos Bardis (Gre) Eos Acharnon                        14.13
11 Pretsell Finlay (GBr) Team Scotland                           14.20
12 Periklis Hlias (Gre) Loasda                                   17.16
13 Dimitrios Galiouris (Gre) Larissa Cycling Team                18.15
14 Ioannis Dittopoulos (Gre) Paok Salonika                       19.06
15 Konstan Konstantinidis (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Lub         20.23
16 Marios Athanasiades (Cyp) Cyprus National Team                21.50
17 Zoran Sivkovic (Yug) Serbia-Montenegro National Team          23.55
18 George Fattas (Cyp) Cyprus National Team                      20.56
19 Georgios Tzortzakis (Gre) Talos Chania                        1 lap
20 Grigorios Melissis (Gre) Roda Volos                          
21 Kostas Stamoulis (Gre) Panerythraikos
22 Petros Tirologos (Gre) Nea Filadelfia Cycling Team
23 Steve McEwen (GBr) Team Scotland
24 Vasileios Sventzouris (Gre) Volos Cylcing Club
25 Andreas Perrakis (Gre) Talos Chania
26 Christos Batalogiannis (Gre) Aftodromos Salonika
27 Ljubisa Kondev (Mkd) Fyrom National Team
28 Stelios Sofiolakis (Gre) Kastro Heraklion                     2 laps
29 Stefanos Gatzioras (Gre) Elassona Cycling Club
30 Ivan Majdevac (Yug) Serbia-Montenegro National Team
31 Alexandar Maric (Yug) Serbia-Montenegro National Team
32 Dimitrios Papas (Gre) Patras Cycling Club
33 Nikos Nikolaou (Cyp) Cyprus National Team
34 Nikodimos Protopapas (Cyp) Cyprus National Team
35 Anas Mastrotheodoros (Gre) Eos Acharnon
36 Nikos Mettos (Gre) Nea Filadelfia Cycling Team
37 Georgios Tsalikis (Gre) Pagkrati Sports Club
38 Marko Pavlovic (Yug) Serbia-Montenegro National Team
39 Bojan Stajkovic (Yug) Korn Team
40 Antonios Deligiannis (Gre) Paok Salonika
41 Evripidis Papadopoulos (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
42 Stefanos Vaskos (Gre) Asklipios Trikala
43  Kougionis (Gre) Paok Salonika
44 Kostas Kaskanis (Gre) Larissa Cycling Team
45 Boro Baniski (Mkd) Fyrom National Team
46 Alex Eleftheropoulos (Gre) Talos Chania
47 Evangelos Papanikolaou (Gre) Paok Salonika
48 Alex Kambouropoulos (Gre) Eos Acharnon
49 Theodoros Svarnas (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Lub             3 laps
50 Christos Stavrianidis (Gre) Dedalos Drama
51 Ioannis Psichogios (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
52 Eleftherios Nikolaou (Gre) Roda Volos
53 Nikos Malliaros (Gre) Paok Salonika
54 Vasileios Varitimidis (Gre) Dedalos Drama
55 Dimitrios Lambrakis (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
56 Vasileios Sachinidis (Gre) Thessaloniki Cycling Lub
57 Em Anastasopoulos (Gre) Thiseas Zografou
58 Angelos Paraschou (Gre) Thrakas Ippeas
59 Nikos Christidis (Gre) Thrakas Ippeas
60 Theodoros Katsakos (Gre) Trikki Trikala
61 Georgios Ioannoy (Gre) Thrakas Ippeas
62 Stamatis Baltsis (Gre) Toxotis Cycling Club                  4 laps
63 Thoedoros Parastratidis (Gre) Iraklis Salonika
64 Moschos (Gre) Larissa Cycling Team
Starters: 70
Finishers: 64
Abandoned: 6