Fitness Features

Welcome to's section devoted to fitness and riding technique. In this section we'll cover training, position, bike set-up, injury prevention and cure and everything else that affects your ability to ride further, faster and stronger.

Index to fitness resources

Prestige Training & Racing Camps Italy - Since 1999 the aim of Prestige Holidays has been to give cyclists a chance to experience Italy, the home of cycling. They offer touring holidays, to specialized training camps for amateur and professional cyclists. They also offer the chance to race and train year round, with their own team based in Italy.

AthletiCamps - AthletiCamps sponsors a series of cycling training camps throughout the year in the Northern California area that feature physiological testing by Massimo Testa MD as a cornerstone of all their camps.  Their staff and contributors have a proven track record of helping riders realize their goals.

Ideal Cycling Camp Italia - Train on the roads the Italian professional cyclists train on, and race 2 or 3 times a week with the certified Ideal Cycling Camp Italian team in local amateur races.

Ciclismo-Euskadi training camps - Race and train and tour in Spain's Basque country.Ciclismo Euskadi cycling camps will be open from the first week of June to end of July in 2001. All cyclists are welcome in the beautiful Basque region of Northern Spain. The camp is most suited to avid touring riders, fitness riders, and those who want to take the next step and live out their dream of training and racing in Europe.