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Last updated November 30, 2004

Q I can't see your news pages, is the site down?

A Ad-blocking software such as found in Norton's Internet Security are known to cause problems with a lot of websites. While they do a good job of blocking intrusive pop-up advertising, they also "censor" key-words on web-pages that they believe are related to advertising. As part of this, some websites can have entire sections, such as our comprehensive news pages, blocked.

The only fix for this is to either turn off ad-blocking for our site, or to disable Norton's Internet Security's ad-blocking feature completely.

By blocking ads on Cyclingnews, you reduce the funds available to supply you, the reader, with the world's best cycling coverage.

Q Your site hasn't been updated for days, what's up?

A Cyclingnews is updated on an almost hourly basis, so it's highly unlikely that the site really hasn't changed for more than a short while. If you come to the site and find that the most recent news link is a few days old, then the most likely problem is that you are looking at a version of the front page that has been 'cached' (stored), either in your browser or in your Internet Service provider's systems.

If you find the site is 'old', try these steps:

1 Hold down the 'shift' key while you click on 'reload' in your browser. Alternatively, click on 'refresh' or press the 'F5' key. This will force your browser to download a new version of the page, rather than using the one it has stored.

2 Empty your local cache. In Internet Explorer, from the 'Tools' menu choose 'Internet Options'. Under the 'General' tab, in the Temporary Internet Files box, click on 'Delete Files'

3 If your browser is set to use your Internet Service Provider's proxy server, turn it off like this: In IE, from the 'Tools' menu choose 'Internet Options'. Under the 'Connections' tab highlight the setting for your connection and click on 'Settings…' In the 'Proxy server' box uncheck the box marked 'use a proxy server'

4 After the site URL in your browser's address window, type '?=123' and press return. This is sometimes effective in 'busting' ISP's invisible caching systems. Any numbers will work in place of '123'.

If all else fails, click here for our problem-reporting page and let us know what the problem is, so we can try and fix it.

Many thanks

The Cyclingnews team