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ECV Cyclo-cross - C2

Gloucester, MA, USA, October 13, 2002


Gullickson defends Verge Series lead - with a little help

By John Verheul

Marc Gullickson
Photo: © JS McElvery
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Marc Gullickson of Mongoose/Hyundai won his second straight Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series race of the year at the ECV Cyclo-Cross in Gloucester, MA. Unlike last week when "Gully" attacked on the opening lap and rode alone for the rest of the race, this was a tactical win where U.S. National Champion Todd Wells was instrumental in setting up his teammate's victory.

An early leader was the fast-starting Jonny Sundt (K2), who was looking to make up for a poor showing the day before. Sundt led for much of the first two laps of the misty, sandy course overlooking the Atlantic. "Sometimes I have to ride from the front just to prove to myself I should be there" said Sundt. "I need my head to communicate with my legs sometimes though." On Sundt's wheel, an impressive front group formed including Gullickson, Wells, Saturn's Mark McCormack, Jonathan Page (Richard Sachs), and Jackson Stewart (Clif Bar). As Sundt started to fade, Stewart and Page were surprisingly forcing the pace.

Perhaps the key moment occured mid-race, as the barrier-hopping Wells had a mechanical problem coming through the rideable sand pit on the course's second half. It took the Mongoose rider over a lap to regain the lead group, all the time with Gullickson checking back on his teammate's progress. "It seemed like I was chasing the whole race" Wells later said. As soon as he caught back to the leading foursome, Wells launched an attack that forced Mark McCormack to chase. With McCormack unable to quickly close the gap and Page eventually falling off the pace, it was only a matter of time before Gullickson would make his final attack of the day - joining Wells off the front in the closing laps and then taking the victory.

Gullickson retains his Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series leader's jersey with two wins in two races. "I'm wearing this thing every day now!" proclaimed Gullickson, who was not surprised at all that McCormack emerged the toughest rider to challenge the Mongoose duo. "Mark's always better the second day, and a fast course like this suits him." McCormack was the only one of all the top elite riders to run the sandpit each lap, but it did not stop him from finishing a close third behind Wells and Gullickson.

Jackson Stewart and Canadian Champion Peter Wedge (Kona) rounded out the top five on the day, while Jackson Stewart (Clif Bar), Adam Craig (Giant), and Alan Obye (Devo) were the top three U23 finishers.

On the women's side, Mary McConnelough (Seven Cycles) started the day with the bullseye of the Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series leader's jersey. For the second day in a row, her main competition was in the form of the bright red Clif Bar skinsuits of Carmen D'Alusio and Gina Hall. The three riders rode much of the first half of the race together, until McConnelough and D'Alusio pulled away from Hall.

The gap back to Hall continued to grow, although she would eventually hang on for third place in front of an impressive Shauna Gillies-Smith, who had made contact with the lead group before a jammed chain forced her to run into pit #1 for a hasty bike change from her Gearworks/SRP crew.

Back up front, McConnelough and D'Alusio were evenly matched throughout the course - a sprint finish seemed inevitable. "Everyone says what a great sprinter Carmen is, I tried not to think about that" said McConnelough, who normally spends most of her time racing mountain bikes. "That's the first sprint finish I've done this year!" While the Seven rider was perfectly positioned behind D'Alusio coming onto the final uphill, headwind sprint, D'Alusio lived up to her reputation by handily taking a well deserved win. McConnelough retains her Verge Series leader's jersey.

Anna Milkowski of Gearworks/SRP charged past Kathryn Roszko (NCC/Bikereg.com) for 5th on the day.

With U.S. junior national champion Jesse Anthony riding with the elite men for the second day in a row, Rad Racing's David Fleishhauser took the win over Jamey Driscoll (GMBC/Invensys) and Joey Thompson (Devo) in a three way sprint.

Other winners on the day were Rad Racing's top man Jim Brown in Men's 35+, Tim Groesbeck in Men's 45+, and Ron Colavolpe in the Men's B race. The Men's C race winner was Ethan Fogg, while Erica Miller won the Women's B race and Ryan Barlow the Cub Junior race.

Sam Morse and Matt Hersey retain their Verge Series leader's jerseys in Men's 35+, and Men's B. Paul Curley and Tim Groesbeck are tied for the Men's 45+ Verge Series lead, each with a first and a second.


Images by Paul Weiss/www.paulweiss.bz

Images by Jonathan S. McElvery

Images by Chris Harnish

Images by Chris Harnish/www.peoplecycle.org


Elite/U23 Men
1 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose/Hundyai)                     57.44
2 Todd Wells (Mongoose/Hundyai)                           0.02
3 Mark McCormack (Saturn)                                 0.15
4 Jackson Stewart (Clif Bar)                              0.25
5 Peter Wedge (Kona)                                      0.31
6 Jonathan Page (Richard Sachs)                           0.40
7 Adam Craig (Giant)                                      1.28
8 Alan Obye (Devo)                                        1.45
9 Jonny Sundt (K2 Bike)
10 Michael Broderick (Seven Cycles)                       1.02
11 Justin Lille (Trek/VW/Goodales)                        1.06
12 Doug Swanson (Trek/VW)
13 Andy Jacques-Mayne (Clif Bar)                          1.11
14 Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development)                     2.33
15 David Wyandt (Clif Bar)
16 Josh Anthony (Saturn Development)                      3.06
17 Johs Huesby (Independent Fabrication)                  3.07
18 Michael Mueller (Cannondale/Wheelworks)                3.25
19 Matthew Svatek (Cannondale/Wheelworks)
20 Jeremy Powers (Devo)                                   3.32
21 David Werling (NECSA/Mike Fraysee's Sports Resort)     3.36
22 Michael Yozell (Guy's Bicycle Club)                    3.44
23 Chris Peck (Cannondale/Wheelworks)                     3.50
24 Kirt Fitzpatrick (Trek/VW/Goodales)
25 Jacob Stechmann (Flanders)                             3.55
26 Brandon Dwight (Excel Sports/Ritchey)                  4.05
27 Rob Hult (O'Neils)                                     4.12
28 Brian Astell (CCB International)                       4.23
29 Sean Groom (Team Snow Valley)                          4.32
30 Jonathan Bruno (Boston Cross)                          4.33
31 Geoff Proctor (Montana Velo)                           4.52
32 Eugene Ruiter (Trek/VW/Goodales)
33 Jer Walker (Suburban Homes)                            5.13
34 Daniel Coady (NCC/BikeReg.com)                         5.17
35 J.D. Bilodeau (NCC/BikeReg.com)
36 Adam Hodges (NCC/BikeReg.com)
37 Bill Elliston (Jaeger)                                 5.19
38 Nathan Rice (Catamount Cycling Club)
39 Christophe Chesaux (Espoir de Laval)                   5.26
40 Lawrence Perera (CCB International)                    5.32
41 Mukunda Feldman (NCC/BikeReg.com)                      7.35
42 Todd Rowell (NCC/BikeReg.com)
One lap behind
43 John Foley (Bike Alley)
44 John Hanson (NECSA/MFSR)
45 Ben Peters (NECSA)
Elite Women
1 Carmen D'Alusio (Clif Bar)                             44.31
2 Mary McConneloug (Seven Cycles)
3 Gina Hall (Clif Bar)                                    1.24
4 Shauna Gilles-Smith (Gearworks/SRP)                     2.00
5 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks/SRP)                          2.18
6 Kathryn Roszko (NCC/BikeReg.com)                        2.50
7 Darcy Cornell (Bike Alley)                              2.55
8 Sara Cushman (Gearworks/SRP)                            2.59
9 Cori Page (Richard Sachs)                               3.33
10 Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs)                          3.47
11 Mary Ann (NEBC/Cycleloft)                              3.54
12 Sheila Vibert (Redhook)                                4.43
13 Marianne Stover (Gearworks/SRP)                        4.51
14 Susan MacLean (BOB)                                    5.11
15 Steph Roussos (7-Up)                                   5.56
16 Elizabeth LeFavour (Dansko/IF/Wheelworks)              6.17
17 Kerry Litka (New Hampshire Cycling Club)               6.33
18 Rebecca Sox (Dansko/IF/Wheelworks)                     7.09
19 Melanie Swartz (Potomac Velo)                          7.26
20 Samantha Derry (ProCycles)                             8.21
One lap behind
21 lap Jennifer (Dansko/IF/Wheelworks)
Junior Men
1 David Fleishhauser (Rad Racing NW)                     42.48
2 Jamey Driscoll (GMBC/Invensys)
3 Joes Thompson (Balance Bar/Devo)
4 Konrad LeBas (CCB International)                        0.04
5 Troy Wells (Kingston Cyclery)                           1.10
6 Kevin Wolfson (NEBC/Cycleloft)                          1.20
7 Adam Snyder (Balance Bar/Devo)                          2.20
8 Morgan MacLeod (Portland Velo Club)                     2.22
9 Geoffrey Johnson (Portland Velo Club)                   2.33
10 Art Rand (CCB International)                           3.32
11 Ethan Tieger (Essex County Velo)                       5.16
One lap behind
12 lap Jonathan (Southern Maine Cycling Club)
35+/45+ Men
1 Jim Brown (Rad Racing NW)                              42.00
2 Michael Bernard (Arc-En-Ceil)                           0.15
3 Sam Morse (Mass Bay Road Club)                          0.19
4 Tim Haitz (Team Dupont/Ritchey)                         0.37
5 John Verheul (Ideal Tile)
6 Scott Wade (Gearworks/SRP)                              1.14
7 Mike Umbrell (Minuteman Road Club)                      1.17
8 Robert Bisson (Gearworks/SRP)
9 Dan Massucco (Minuteman Road Club)
10 Eric Marro (BOB)
11 Joel Brown (Cox Communications)                        1.28
12 Tim Groesbeck (CCB International)                      1.49
13 Paul Boudreau (Essex County Velo)
14 Paul Lynch (Missing Link Bicycle Club)                 2.01
15 Michael Shore (BOB)                                    2.04
16 Paul Curley (Gearworks/SRP)                            2.15
17 Philip Kenealy (New Hamphire Cycling Club)             2.29
18 Scott Collins (Squadra Casterama)
19 Malcolm Toynbee (BOB)
20 Robert Kramer (Mass Bay Road Club)
21 Michael Barrett (Gearworks/SRP)
22 Doug Aspinwall (NCC/BikeReg.com)
23 Craig Harrison (New Hampshire Cycling Club)
24 Chris Milliman (Putney/West Hill)
25 Christopher Smith (Harpoon/Rage/Int'l Bike)
26 Gene Garneau (Mercy Cycling Team)
27 William Sawyer (Gearworks/SRP)
28 Paul Weiss (Portland Velo Club)
29 John Mosher (NEBC/Cycleloft)                           2.31
30 David Schacte (Providence Velo Club)
31 Andrew Whelan (Portland Velo Club)
32 Kevin Callahan (Bicycle Link)
33 James Black (Essex County Velo)                        2.48
34 David Carlsen (BOB)
35 Paul Nyberg (Benidorm/Eastern Bloc)
36 David Genest (Richard Sachs)                           4.45
37 Garabed Minasian (unattached)
38 Richard J. Perrotti Jr. (Travis Cycle)                 4.52
39 Jeff Cohen (NCC/BikeReg.com)                           5.04
40 Larry Bettencourt (CCB International)
41 Wil Malonson (Travis Cycle)
42 Wayne Cunningham (NEBC/Cycleloft)                      5.28
43 Brian McInnes (Travis Cycle)                           6.10
44 Richard Costa (Bontrager)
45 Stephen Cruickshank (Boston Road Club/ATA)
46 James Paterson (unattached)
47 John Jansen (Berkshire Cycling Association)            6.24
48 Bruce Thompson (Minuteman Road Club)
49 John Coscia (NEBC/Cycleloft)                           6.35
50 Michael Oster (Swamp Yankee Road Club)
51 Theo Kindermans (unattached)                           7.00
52 Kurt Loell (East Bay Cycling Club)
53 Richard Wolfe (unattached)                             7.30
54 Daniel Russell (Missing Link Bicycle Club)             7.50
55 Timothy Bailey (Missing Link Bicycle Club)
56 Peter Wilson (Cyclonauts)                              8.05
57 John Modder                                            8.23
58 Micheal Jink (Essex County Velo)                       8.39
59 Thomas Cormier (BOB)                                   9.08
60 James Quinn (The Bicycle Link)                         9.11
61 Bill Hurley (Boston Road Club/ATA)                    11.30
One lap behind
62 Sean LeBas (Laurel Bicycle Club)
63 Dan Tieger (Essex County Velo)
64 David Leeberg (Gearworks/SRP)
65 Brian Bicki (Team Hawaiian)
66 Brian Geddes (NCC/BikeReg.com)
67 Jim Titone (unattached)
68 Thomas Downey (MBRC)
69 Vincent Donahue (Worcester CC)
B Women
1 Erica Miller                                           32.39
2 Stephanie White (New Hampshire Junior Cycling Academy)
3 Celeste Drumm (Mean Wheels)                             0.35
4 Jess Truslow (NEBC/Cycleloft)                           1.42
5 Michelle Kersbergen (NCC/BikeReg.com)                   2.35
6 Regina Hammond (CRCA/Miya Shoji)                        3.23
7 Jennifer Klafin                                         4.10
8 Martha Wilson (Dansko/IF/Wheelworks)                    4.55
9 Lori Whynot (NEBC/Cycleloft)                            5.18
10 Donna LeCasse (Berkshire Cycling Association)          6.00
One lap behind
11 Jean Cunningham (NEBC/Cycleloft)
B Men
1 Ron Colavolpe (Portland Velo Club)                     42.12
2 Matt Hersey (Liquid Motion)                             0.14
3 Byron Holt (Boston Cross)                               0.30
4 Matt DeMeis                                             0.36
5 Matt Kraus (Boston Road Club/ATA)                       0.53
6 Christopher White (BOB)                                 1.15
7 John Meerse (Buffalo Bicycling Club)                    1.16
8 Brendan Sullivan (Boston Cross)                         1.33
9 Brant Hornberger (NCC/BikeReg.com)
10 Jonathan Lawrence                                      1.40
11 Josh Begin (Independent Fabrication)
12 Dan Davenport (Richard Sachs)                          1.44
13 Peter Martel (NCC/BikeReg.com)                         1.49
14 Josh Garland                                           1.53
15 Sean Sullivan (Essex County Velo)                      2.04
16 Juston Manville (C.S. Ardagna)                         2.13
17 Greg Montello (Essex County Velo)
18 David F. (Boston Bicycle Club)
19 Robert Campos (So Ho Capital)                          2.22
20 Matt Nalesnik
21 Joel Dexter (Team Bikeman)                             2.25
22 Matt Wilson (The Bicycle Link)                         2.27
23 Michael Cole (Landry's/Litespeed)                      2.32
24 Paul Rhodes (C.S. Ardagna)                             2.36
25 Peter Rubijono (Boston Bicycle Club)
26 John Burns
27 Rodney Nobrega (S&W Sports)
28 Ethan Parsons (NCC/BikeReg.com)                        2.44
29 Ian Everand (Velocity Racing)                          2.56
30 Ross Brody (University of Maine)                       3.04
31 Alan Starrett (Bikeman/Bath Cycle)                     3.40
32 Mark Donahue (Southern Maine Cycling Club)             3.42
33 Shepherd Myers (Finger Lakes Cycling Club)             3.44
34 Euclides Arnado (Cox Communications)                   3.52
35 Zac Daab (Seven Cycles)                                4.00
36 David Connery (Boston Bicycle Club)                    4.01
37 Richard Battaglia (Southern Maine Cycling Club)        4.18
38 Joshua Bardige (Boston Road Club/ATA)                  4.19
39 Samuel Wheeler-Martenis (CCB International)            4.27
40 John Gadrow (Squadra Casterama)                        4.32
41 Art Trapotsis (Boston Road Club/ATA)                   4.33
42 Bruce Pierce (Boston Bicycle Club)                     4.45
43 Elliot Lander (Essex County Velo)                      4.46
44 Richard Kotch (Union Velo Club)                        4.52
45 Andrew McAllister (BikeZone)                           5.10
46 John Legere (Eastern Bloc)                             5.11
47 James McCowan                                          5.36
48 John Poland (GVCC)                                     5.39
49 Garvin Louie (Union Velo Club)                         5.45
50 Ryan Themig (Boston Bicycle Club)                      5.52
51 Jude DeMets                                            5.55
52 Lee Moser (CRCA/SoHo Capital)                          5.57
53 Darren Crupi (HNECC/Peerless)                          5.58
54 Judd Milne (Potomac Velo)                              6.02
55 Brian Dahlmann (Boston Bicycle Club)                   6.03
56 Phil Brubaker (Putney/West Hill)                       6.04
57 Robert Frechette (CRUM)                                6.13
58 Matthew Crews                                          6.43
59 John Fox (HVVC/WebEvent.com)                           6.47
60 Todd Crisafulli (Boston Cross)                         6.50
61 Jay Francis (NEBC/Cycleloft)                           6.53
62 Matthew Odachowski (Boston Bicycle Club)               6.55
63 Mark Wysocki (Pedros)                                  7.50
One lap behind
64 John (Boston Road Club/ATA)
C Men
1 Ethan Fogg                                             29.27
2 Jerome Hughes                                           0.37
3 Tim Hopper (Boston Cross)                               0.39
4 David Drumm (Mean Wheels)                               0.57
5 Brian Bigelow (BOB)
6 David Frederickson (unattached)                         1.07
7 Ryan Davenport (Team Psycho)                            1.53
8 Kevin Kerwood (NCC/BikeReg.com)                         2.03
9 Matthew Shoemaker                                       2.04
10 Edward Dishong (New Hamphire Cycling Club)             2.12
11 Hans Fernsebner (Essex County Velo)                    2.14
12 Peter Hutchins (NCC/BikeReg.com)                       2.23
13 Kalle Karu (Harpoon/Rage/Int'l Bike)                   2.26
14 Nathan Mealey (NCC/BikeReg.com)                        2.28
15 Stephen Kelley                                         2.30
16 George Bennington (Portland Velo Club)                 2.47
17 Michael Ross                                           3.03
18 Dave Mazur (Minuteman Road Club)                       3.00
19 John Beaudoin (Southern Maine Cycling Club)            3.09
20 Stuart Beaulieu (Salem Cycles)                         4.12
21 Harold Chan (HVVC/WebEvent.com)                        3.17
22 Chris McKernan (Hind)                                  3.29
23 Daniel Warchol                                         3.40
24 Michael Olbrys (NEBC/Cycleloft)
25 Jason Hughes
26 Michael Pavlov (Essex County Velo)                     3.54
27 Jamie Young                                            3.57
28 James McDonald
29 Paul Brais (Hawaiian)
30 Zach Johnson
31 Justin Saxby
32 Bob Edwards                                            4.12
33 Lawrence King (Providence Velo Club)                   4.56
34 Anthony Velleco (Harpoon/Rage/Int'l Bike)              5.28
35 Francis Blake-Dillard (Boston Cross)                   5.54
36 Ben Johnson
37 Peter Richardson (Southern Maine Cycling Club)         6.15
38 Bob Jenney (Gate City Velo)                            7.51
39 Robert Lindberg                                        8.37
40 Timothy Alty (BikeZone)
Cub Juniors
1 Ryan Barlow (Coyote Hill)                              35.00
One lap behind
2 Samantha Barlow (Coyote Hill)
3 Silas Anthony (Essex County Velo)
4 Alyssa Crowther ( NCC/BikeReg.com)