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Zipp OVCX #1 - NE

Loveland, Ohio, September 16, 2008


Blown away in Ohio

A massive windstorm hit the Cincinnati Ohio area on Sunday, including the town of Loveland Ohio, site of the opening race of the 2008 Zipp OVCX Cyclocross Tour. News outlets reported that the storm, which was the remnant of Hurricane Ike, left nearly two million people without electricity and forecast that many would be without power for over a week. In Loveland itself, people in the only open store in town reported that they had seen several houses that had been destroyed by falling trees.

Though it all, the Zipp OVCX racers continued to compete at the Cycle Sport Cyclocross at Riverview Park, with Dan Campbell (RFG Solutions) winning an epic Elite Men's race that was held at the height of the windstorm. A hard, steady wind with recorded gusts of 70 mph (112 km/hour) saw riders trading pulls while riding at 7 mph on the flats while soccer goals on the accompanying field were being blown over. A seven- rider lead group formed on the second lap and stayed together for about half the race. Slowly riders were shelled out the back until only 4 remained.

With four laps to go, the remaining riders split into two groups of two riders each, with Campbell and Mike Purvis (Barbasol) forming the lead group. Campbell took the lead for good with 2 ½ laps remaining and soloed to the victory with about a 30 second margin and a huge smile. It was the first major cyclocross win for the rider who earlier this year finished second in the Tour of Ohio. Purvis' Barbasol teammate Mike Kennedy finished third ahead of Alderfer-Bergen's Mike Sherer.

The Elite Women's race was won in convincing fashion by Ashley James of Iscorp/Nova Cycle. Amanda McKay of Bio-Wheels finished second.

The next Zipp OVCX Tour race will be the Tour de Louisville at Louisville Kentucky's Tom Sawyer Park on September 28. For more information, see www.OVCX.com

Race Notes: In the Elite Masters race, Mike McShane of Team Calistoga took the win after a race-long battle among a three-man lead group The event saw a record entry, nearly doubling last year's entry total. There were so many entries in the category 3-4 race that officials split the field into two separate events. Several of the women competitors commented that it may have been the largest category 3-4 women's field, in any discipline (road, mtb, 'cross), they had raced in Ohio this year.


Elite Men
1 Dan Campbell (RGF Solutions)                                                        
2 Mike Purvis (Barbasol)                                                              
3 Mike Kennedy (Barbasol)                                                             
4 Mike Sherer (Alderfer-Bergen)                                                       
5 Phil Noble (Bio-Wheels)                                                             
6 Isaac Neff (Alderfer-Bergen)                                                        
7 Mitchell Kersting (Barbasol)                                                        
8 Clayton Omer (Calistoga Racing)                                                     
9 Ryan Gamm (Team Inferno)                                                            
10 Andrew Messer (DRT Racing)                                                         
11 Joe Devault                                                                        
12 Nathaniel Cornelius (Commonwealth Eye)                                             
13 Matthew Dooley (Fred Meyer/Lakeside)                                               
14 Mitchell Graham (Bio-Wheels)                                                       
15 Zach Edwards (DRT Racing)                                                          
16 Andrew Llewellyn (Calistoga Racing)                                                
17 Jacob Virostko (Lucas Oil)                                                         
18 Royden Kern (Commonwealth Eye)                                                     
19 Matt Fox (Bio-Wheels)                                                              
20 Rick Toler (Kreitler Rollers)                                                      
21 Stewart Scovil (Calistoga Racing)                                                  
22 Andy Moskal (RGF Solutions)                                                        
23 Zachary Winn                                                                       
24 Aaron Hawkins (Team Chiropower)                                                    
25 Luca Lenzi (Cycling Center/JBCA)                                                   
DNF Ryan Myers (Nuvo Cultural Trail)                                                  
DNF Ryan Knapp (BikeReg.com)                                                          
Elite Women
1 Ashley James (Iscorp/Nova Cycle)                                                    
2 Amanda McKay (Bio-Wheels)                                                           
3 Bridget Donovan (Trek Store Cincinnati)                                             
4 Amanda Sproat (Trek Store Columbus)                                                 
5 Leah Tingley                                                                        
6 Pam Loebig (Morris Trucking)                                                        
7 Nancy Henderson                                                                     
8 Melissa Kurzhals (Team Kenda Tire)                                                  
9 Michelle Morris (One Call Now)                                                      
10 Sarah Lukas (Hyndai/Gear Grinder)                                                  
11 Shellie Heggenberger                                                               
12 Jamie Clifton                                                                      
13 April Beckner (One Call Now)                                                       
DNF Sherry Downing (Team Kenda Tire)                                                  
Masters 1/2/3
1 Mike McShane (Calistoga)                                                            
2 Fred Rose (BikeReg.com)                                                             
3 Mark Strecker (Bio-Wheels)                                                          
4 Morgan Webb (Barbasol)                                                              
5 Charley Miller (Bio-Wheels)                                                         
6 Blaine Heppner (Team Louisville)                                                    
7 Rick Lyons (Team Louisville)                                                        
8 John Mandrola (Calistoga)                                                           
9 Bill Crank (Pedal the Planet)                                                       
10 Mark Hooten (Midwest Flyers)                                                       
11 Charles Garner (Team Louisville)                                                   
12 Timothy Beirne (Calistoga)                                                         
13 John May (Barbasol)                                                                
14 Scott Young (Tri Tech)                                                             
15 Keith Hutton (Bolla Cycling)                                                       
16 Joe Collins (Team Louisville)                                                      
17 James Turner (Team I-Pro)                                                          
18 T.J. Turner (Bio-Wheels)                                                           
19 Dan Ramsey (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                     
20 Lou Beckmeyer (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                  
21 Bill Kennedy (Clarksville A-Team)                                                  
22 Doug Hamilton (Bio-Wheels)                                                         
DNF Mike Otting (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                   
DNF Jeff Steinrock (Team Louisville)                                                  
DNF Joe Bellante (Bio-Wheels)                                                         
DNF John Riedel (Alan Factory Team)                                                   
DNF Scott Bond (Speedway Wheelmen)                                                    
DNF Doug Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels)                                                 
Cat 3 Men
1 Keith Lucas (CKW Racing)                                                            
2 Christopher Nevitt (Team Lousiville)                                                
3 Michael Chewning (Team Hungry)                                                      
4 Steven Gers (Bio-Wheels)                                                            
5 Andrew Millard (ZWS/Cyclesport)                                                     
6 Allen Morris (One Call Now)                                                         
7 Donald Parr (Team Lousiville)                                                       
8 David Strole (DRT Racing)                                                           
9 Joseph Hall (Bikesource)                                                            
10 David Groen (Team COBC/National Engineering)                                       
11 Brian Collier (Bio-Wheels)                                                         
12 Christopher Cartier (Morris Trucking)                                              
13 Martin Bearden (Team Lousiville)                                                   
14 David Schell (Queen City Wheels)                                                   
15 Scott Bond (Speedway Wheelmen)                                                     
16 Patrick Kelly (Midwest Flyers)                                                     
17 Mitchell Beckner (One Call Now)                                                    
18 Ben Bonney                                                                         
19 Mark Farmer (Ohio Orthopedic)                                                      
20 Mark Trosdale                                                                      
21 Duane Walker (Team Lousiville)                                                     
22 Dave Aukerman (Indiana Hand Center)                                                
23 Robert Thomas (Midwest Flyers)                                                     
24 Martin Meadows (Speedway Wheelmen)                                                 
25 Michael Jernigan (Pro Graphics)                                                    
26 Andrew Cover (ZWS/Cyclesport)                                                      
27 Jason Leaman                                                                       
28 Christopher Slone (Team Dayton)                                                    
DNF Kerry Nordstrom (Team Hungry)                                                     
Cat 4 Men Open
1 Mark Rucker (Midwest Flyers)                                                        
2 Brent Emoff (Midwest Flyers)                                                        
3 Martin Sanders (Smitty's)                                                           
4 Nick Grigsby                                                                        
5 Tim Delgado (Midwest Flyers)                                                        
6 Jeff Schoeny                                                                        
7 Ryan Storm (Target Training)                                                        
8 Dave Mundy                                                                          
9 Cameron Poole (Team Dayton)                                                         
10 Butch Farrell                                                                      
11 Matt Becher (Smitty's)                                                             
12 Cory St. Clair (Team Turner/P.H. & B.)                                             
13 Kevin Van Wert (ZWS/Cyclesport)                                                    
14 Scott Murschel (Team Abundance)                                                    
15 Peter Hills (Team Dayton)                                                          
16 Samuel Janes (Pedal the Planet)                                                    
17 Raab Marquart                                                                      
18 Jaden Semsprott (CORA)                                                             
19 Keith Morlen                                                                       
20 Brian Segal (Team Sandbag)                                                         
21 Bill Meek                                                                          
22 John Molnar                                                                        
23 Nathan Roberson                                                                    
24 Dave Bradley                                                                       
25 Randy Morris                                                                       
26 Richard McCreary (Team Dayton)                                                     
27 Michael Galinger                                                                   
DNF Geoffrey Thielmeyer (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                           
DNF Grant Gorham (Smitty's)                                                           
DNF Brian Sparkman                                                                    
DNF Mike Szymanski                                                                    
DNF Corey Green (Ghisallo Cycling Team)                                               
DNF Dayne Hassett                                                                     
DNF Doug Pace                                                                         
DNF Riley Marn (Team Hungry)                                                          
DNF Mark Luking (Team Louisville)                                                     
DNF Cody Joel                                                                         
DNF Mike Frankenberger (Main Stream Vending)                                          
DNF Evan Clark                                                                        
DNF Lance Brown                                                                       
DNF Hunter Boshell (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                
DNF Chris Halioris (Team Louisville)                                                  
DNF Douglas Bernard                                                                   
DNF Daniel Bartholomew                                                                
Cat 3/4 35+ Men
1 Kurt Smits (Smitty's)                                                               
2 Gregory Charkoudian (Pedal the Planet)                                              
3 Thomas Mulpagano (Nebo Ridge Bicycles)                                              
4 Doug Roemer (Team Louisville)                                                       
5 John Downy                                                                          
6 Jerry Hayes (Queen City Wheels)                                                     
7 Marvin Kersting                                                                     
8 Casey Barnes                                                                        
9 Steven Webster (Team Louisville)                                                    
10 Fred Schauer                                                                       
11 Chris Carville (Bio-Wheels)                                                        
12 Guy Dillion (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                    
DNF Justin Forbes                                                                     
DNF John Thomas (ZWS/Cyclesport)                                                      
Cat 3/4 45+ Men
1 Dan Lach (ZWS/Cyclesport)                                                           
2 Lou Beckmeyer (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                   
3 Dan Ramsey (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                      
4 Jonathan Spicker (Queen City Wheels)                                                
5 Mike Otting (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                     
6 Dell Williamson (Queen City Wheels)                                                 
7 Tim Heggenberger (16 Paws)                                                          
8 John Rademacher (Queen City Wheels)                                                 
DNF Mark McKenney (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                 
DNF Matthew Koehn (Speedway Wheelmen)                                                 
DNF Mike McDaniel (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                 
DNF Scott Belcher (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                 
DNF Fraser Cunningham (ZWS/Cyclesport)                                                
Cat 3/4 Women Open
1 Therese Meek                                                                        
2 Olivia Jaras (Team Louisville)                                                      
3 Emily Benson (DRT Racing)                                                           
4 Alison Bendingfield                                                                 
5 Jeni Roosen (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                     
6 Suzanne Webster (Team Louisville)                                                   
7 Chelsea Vandedrink                                                                  
8 Julie Routson                                                                       
9 Mary Wienholts (G.E.)                                                               
Cat 3/4 Women 35+
1 Shellie Heggenberger                                                                
2 Christina Halioris (Team Louisville)                                                
3 Bridget Sempsprott (CORA)                                                           
4 Cara Boney                                                                          
5 Karen Wells-Hamilton (Bio-Wheels)                                                   
6 Susan McDaniel (Seven Hills/Mercy)                                                  
7 Laura Collins                                                                       
Junior Boys 10-12
1 Will Mandrola (Red Zone Cycling)                                                    
2 Andrew Radamacher (Kid's-on-Bike's)                                                 
3 Will Schrantz (Kid's-on-Bike's)                                                     
4 Evan Sennett (Red Zone Cycling)                                                     
DNF Matthew Pace                                                                      
DNF Ian McShane (Red Zone Cycling)                                                    
DNF Michael Gruenwald (Kid's-on-Bike's)                                               
Junior Girls 10-12
1 Eden Webb (Red Zone Cycling)                                                        
2 Rachel Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels)                                                 
3 Anna Schauer                                                                        
Junior Boys 13-14
1 John May                                                                            
2 Drew Bercaw (One Call Now)                                                          
3 Samuel Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels)                                                 
Junior Girls 13-14
1 Hannah Mossman (One Call Now)                                                       
Junior Boys 15-16
1 Drew Dillman                                                                        
2 Brian Lark (Red Zone Cycling)                                                       
3 John Dwyer