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Chicago Cyclo-cross Cup #3- NE

Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, October 12, 2008


Klug and Dust climb to success to take Chicago Cyclo-cross Cup #3

By Imelda March

Debbie Dust (Verdigris Custom Homes)
Photo ©: Chicago Cyclocross Cup
(Click for larger image)

Atypical cyclo-cross weather once again was around for the Chicago Cyclo-cross Cup #3 race that had enthusiasts travel to Hawthorn Woods, a suburb just outside of Chicago. Sun, warmth and temperatures in the high 70s Fahrenheit greeted the racers in this installment.

The race course was not designed for the faint at heart. The hilly course had racers going up and down a toboggan hill multiple times within each race coupled with a muddy section, off camber and fast asphalt sections. Thus, another key ingredient was to have brought some climbing legs and an arsenal of gearing, a twist since flatter courses is more of the norm in Illinois.

Elite Men

Kevin Klug (Killjoy) brought his top-notch fitness and won. He was followed by Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes) and 3rd place finisher Scott McLaughlin (Sram).

Elite Women

Debbie Dust (Verdigris Custom Homes) took the women’s division in her first outing this season. She was followed by teammate June Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes) and Holly Klug (Killjoy) in third place.


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Images by Chicago Cyclocross Cup

Images by Jef Kao

Images by Pony Shop (Chicago)


Elite Men 1,2,3
1 Kevin Klug (Killjoy)                            
2 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)            
3 Scott McLaughlin (SRAM)                         
4 Matthew Stewart (Bicycle Heaven St. Charles)    
5 Bob Downs (Planet Bike)                         
6 Christado Lombardo (Verdigris)                  
7 Brian Conant (Pony Shop)                        
10 Andrew Daby (Vitamin Water-Trek)               
11 Kyle Bush (Slimen und Grossen)                 
12 Tim Yuska (Get a Grip)                         
13 Cory Hickman (Vitamin Water-Trek)              
14 Joe Farns (WDT Cycling Team)                   
15 Brian Hancock (Team Giant-Michigan)            
16 Rory Shackles (Turin)                          
17 Ted Ramos                                      
18 Ryan Gingerich                                 
19 Dave Norton (Johnny Sprockets)                 
20 Brian Parker                                   
21 Peter Chrapkowski (Killjoy)                    
22 Brad Zoller                                    
23 Kurt Tromp (Turin)                             
24 Paulo Urizar                                   
25 Tony Wagner (Gear Grinder)                     
DNF Tim Boundy (Verdigris Custom Homes)           
Elite Women 1,2,3
1 Debbie Dust (Verdigris Custom Homes)            
2 June Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes)            
3 Holly Klug (Killjoy)                            
4 Leah Sanda (Flatlandia)                         
5 Jessica Hill (Trailsend)                        
6 Emily Macdonald (XXX Racing/Athletico)          
7 Beth Christiansen (XXX Racing/Athletico)        
8 Debbie Pielet (Albertos)                        
9 Gina Kenny (ABD)                                
Men 30+
1 Walid Abu-Ghazaleh (Yojimbos)                   
2 Christando Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)    
3 Eric Sondag (Vision Quest)                      
4 Matt Silvia                                     
5 Michael S Hills (Effetto Coniglio)              
6 Lou Kuhn (Pony Shop)                            
7 Ross Cerniglia (My Wife Inc)                    
8 Ted Ramos (Get a Grip)                          
9 Jason Meshberg (Flatlandia)                     
10 Mike Heenan (My Wife Inc)                      
11 Bob Karlow (Verdigris)                         
12 Nathan Gayeski (XXX Racing/AthletiCo)          
13 Greg Gohman (Redline)                          
14 Dru McCulley (Effetto Coniglio)                
15 Greg Niedbola (Project 5 Racing)               
16 Brian Karlow                                   
17 Jason Klein (Redline)                          
18 Joe Kallo (UCVC)                               
19 Ken Dorado (Get a Grip)                        
20 Jacob McCulley (Effetto Coniglio)              
21 Matt Hunt                                      
22 Mark Feary (Pony Shop)                         
23 Brian Dougherty (Verdigris Custom Homes)       
24 Dan Mallek                                     
25 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)           
Men 40+
1 Christian Zauner (Calistoga)                    
2 Tim Boundy (Verdigris)                          
3 Randy Warren (XXX Racing/AthletiCo)             
4 Chris Henning (Northbrook Garner)               
5 Chris Dimmick (Turin)                           
6 Steel Bokhof (Turin)                            
7 Tom Taylor (PYOC)                               
8 Tony Pacin (ABD)                                
9 Vladimir Polski                                 
10 Wm Huntsberger (DICE)                          
11 Michael Stanley (XXX Racing/AthletiCo)         
12 Robert Knutsen                                 
13 Robert Schrank (Team Type 1)                   
14 Andrew Hines (Team Mack)                       
15 Brian Kavanagh (Pony Shop)                     
16 James Linn (Turin)                             
20 Paul Morrison (Beurey Veepak)                  
17 Vince Boyer (Village Cyclesport)               
18 James Brady (Pony Shop)                        
19 Roman Mandzij (Pony Shop)                      
21 Robert Dills (Knox Velo Club)                  
22 Richard Projans (Colavita)                     
23 Jeff Provisor (North Branch)                   
24 Frank Shapiro (Albertos)                       
25 Tom Panton (XXX Racing/AthletiCo)              
DNF Henry Saha Saha                               
Men 50+
1 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)            
2 Phil Curran (DICE)                              
3 Bob Garner (VC Bikesport)                       
4 Tom Palmer (Brazen Dropouts)                    
5 Tom Shaver (MS Racing)                          
6 Greg Youngen (Blue Competition Cycles)          
7 Thomas L Carlson                                
8 John Duncker                                    
9 Thomas K. Swatek                                
10 Timblelton (Team TATI)                         
11 Walter Stoops                                  
12 Barry Taerbaum (Albertos)                      
13 Chris Mailing (Turin)                          
14 Steven Greenwald (Colavita)                    
15 Richard Kryszak (South Chicago Wheelmen)       
16 Bruno Bertocci                                 
Men Cat 3
1 Brad Zoller                                     
2 Aspen Gorry (Pony Shop)                         
3 Kevin Sparrow (Vanilla Bicycles)                
4 Greg Heck (XXX Racing/AtheliCo)                 
5 Tim Yuska (Get a Grip)                          
6 Jon Svyko (Amgen)                               
7 Brian Parker (XXX Racing/AtheliCo)              
8 Dave Norton (Johnny Sprockets)                  
9 Jason Schisler (Vision Quest)                   
10 Peter Chrapkowski (Killjoy)                    
11 Al Urbanski (Chicago Cuttin Crew)              
12 Jeffrey Wat (Vitamin Water-Trek)               
13 Fohn Fitak (Flatlandia)                        
14 Ryan Gingerich                                 
15 Scott Arrignoni (Verdigris Custom Homes)       
16 Michael Seguin (XXX Racing/AtheliCo)           
17 Glen Jones (Brazen Dropouts)                   
18 Kevin Clark (Half Acre)                        
19 Ernesto Ciccolini (Yojimbos)                   
20 Paolo Vrizar (XXX Racing/AtheliCo)             
21 Adrian Silva (Half Acre)                       
22 Jason Alvarado (XXX Racing/AtheliCo)           
23 Rich Delgado (Redline)                         
24 David Kockler (Flatlandia)                     
25 Jason Pova (Pony Shop)                         
Women Cat 4
1 Angie Koch (Vision Quest)                       
2 Emily Cols (Vision Quest)                       
3 Nancy Heymann (Albertos)                        
4 Lynne Arrigoni (Redline)                        
5 Lynsey Gemmell (Vision Quest)                   
6 Jamie Gavin-Smyth                               
7 Kathryn Connolly (Turin)                        
8 Anne Barnes (Turin)                             
9 Mary Roe (Team Apache)                          
10 Carolyn Golz (Pony Shop)                       
11 Jennifer Bortman (Get a Grip)                  
DNF Molly Godlewski (Chicago Cuttin Crew)         
1 Brandon Feehery (South Chicago Wheelmen)        
2 Aaron Harrison (Redline)                        
3 David Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)         
4 Connor Boundy                                   
5 Ben Lake (Team Pegasus)                         
6 Andrew Harrison (Redline)                       
Men Cat 4a
1 Jason Senffner (Pedal Power Retro)              
2 Ryan Cooper (Flatlandia)                        
3 Tyler Jenema (ACE)                              
4 John Lionberger (Pony Shop)                     
5 John Kurtz                                      
6 Maxwell Riordan (Chicago Cuttin Crew)           
7 Matthew Povlich (Team Pegasus)                  
8 Anres Romero (North Branch Cycling)             
9 Mike Conroy (Mission Bay)                       
10 Clemens Kyllman (Vision Quest)                 
11 Troy Crady (Mission Bay)                       
12 Phil Szyjka (Johnny Sprockets)                 
13 Sasha Cuerda                                   
14 Brandon Leach (Johhnny Sprockets)              
15 Tony Rienks (Beverly Bike VeePak)              
16 Cliff Golz (Pony Shop)                         
17 Garrison Riegel                                
18 William Pankonin (XXX Racing AthletiCo)        
19 Ben Levitt (Northwestern)                      
20 Scott Michalik (Vision Quest)                  
21 Scott Starbuck (Pony Shop)                     
22 Adam Stehura (Northwestern)                    
23 David Pilotto (Flatlandia)                     
24 Patrick Morgan (Beverly Bike VeePak)           
25 Tobie Depauw                                   
26 John Parr                                      
27 Michael Campbell (XXX Racing AthletiCo)        
28 Damon Nelson (Beverly Bike VeePak)             
29 Thomas Kenny (Team Extreme)                    
30 Colm Flannery (Boulder Cyclesport)             
31 Elvis Falbo (Beverly Bike VeePak)              
32 Keith Ortiz (XXX Racing AthletiCo)             
33 Josh Tromp (Turin)                             
34 Steven Oliver (Vision Quest)                   
35 Frank Shapiro (Albertos)                       
36 Wesley Walker                                  
37 Brandon Elliott (Get a Grip)                   
38 James Sorrell (Vision Quest)                   
39 Tony Bustamante                                
40 Ken Dorado (Get a Grip)                        
41 Matt Flaherty (JBC)                            
42 James Jacobs (Beverly Bike VeePak)             
43 Jeff Kao                                       
44 Bob Wilens (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
45 William McDade (XXX Racing AthletiCo)          
46 Mark Olson (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
47 Victor Niloreanco                              
48 Matthew Stevenson                              
49 Robert Sliwinski                               
50 Patrick Myers (Team TATI)                      
Men Cat 4b
1 Grant Austin (Cycle Smithy)                     
2 Eric Refvik (Verdigris)                         
3 Adrian Redd                                     
4 Kyle Hagerman (Pegasus)                         
5 Martin Michalowicz                              
6 Sam Schaeffer (MS Racing)                       
7 Sean Kozak (XXX)                                
8 Timothy McGovern (V Chicago Velo Club)          
9 Jonathon Fairman-Courage                        
10 Adam Hanzel                                    
11 Colm Flannery (Boulder Cyclesport)             
12 Wells Jackson                                  
13 Mike Strickley (Illinois State Cycling)        
14 John Villena (Cycle Smithy)                    
15 Brandon Schener (Pegasus)                      
16 Lew Chin (Cycle Smithy)                        
17 Ben Van Couveing (Pegasus)                     
18 Chris Strahm                                   
19 Jorge Cerritos (Beverly Bike VeePak)           
21 Bill Drugent                                   
22 Kevin Pietka                                   
23 Alex Tweedie                                   
24 Nicky Silvestri                                
25 Ryan Thurmann (Half Acre)                      
26 Chris Kreidl (Nova Iscorp)                     
27 Scott Larson (Cycle Smithy)                    
28 Amos Scattergood                               
29 Michael Kelly (South Chicago Wheelmen)         
30 Brendan Gately                                 
30 Alex Grohman (XXX)                             
31 Matt Walker                                    
32 Russell Stewart                                
33 Christian Ege (Pegasus)                        
34 Christopher Jensen                             
35 Robert Murray (Beverly Bike VeePak)            
36 Arthur Miles                                   
37 Tyson Stewart                                  
38 John Mosby                                     
39 David Nutt                                     
40 Greg Makowski                                  
41 Phil Ligius                                    
42 Guy Graves (XXX Racing/AthletiCo)              
43 Matt Jennings (Bike Club Lake County)          
44 Jason Nargis                                   
46 Jes Cisneros                                   
47 Sean Grady                                     
48 Mike McGarry                                   
49 Justin Andrews