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Ohio State Championships - NE

Columbus, Ohio, November 23, 2008


Card and Borem win Ohio titles

The Ohio State Championships were held in Columbus on a course that featured equal parts power and equal parts skill. The presence of strong winds on race day made the power sections more significant, as three sections of lengthy straightaway went straight into a headwind. The park was extremely spectator-friendly, with most watchers perched up on the finish line hill looking down on the entire course.

In what would be a convergence of three Midwestern series (Zipp OVCX, Cap City, and Lake Effect), a group of 40 elite men tore off the line in pursuit of Ohio State Championship titles, Zipp OVCX points and prize money. The beginning laps suggested a tight race in the making.

A group of six separated from the pack including old school hard men Phil Noble (Biowheels) and Jonathan Card (Saturn Toledo), OVCX leader Ryan Knapp (bikereg.com), and mountain man Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat). After a crash by Kennedy in a tight corner put him off the back of the group, Knapp and Card accelerated off the front.

As the winds died down some in the second half of the race, more riders took the risk of going off solo. Knapp was the obvious aggressor, and tried many times to pull off the solo win but only Card could match his power. The last 30 minutes turned into a two man race between Knapp and Card, with Mike Mihalik (Beaver Valley Velo) busting out of the early group and dangling behind.

As the two leaders started the bell lap, it was obvious to the assembled spectators that a battle royale was brewing. They entered the finishing straight and the crowd grew silent. Knapp started the sprint from second wheel and seemed to have better of the veteran Card - until his pedal unclipped. Card was able to sprint up the hill for a well deserved gold medal. Knapp settled for second, with Mike Mihalik rounding out the podium in third.

In the women's race, it was Nicole Borem (DRT Consulting) taking the top spot over a well-dressed Christy Blakely (BMW) and youngster Michelle Morris (One Call Now), who battled back from sixth place to take State Championship honors as the top Ohio rider.

Race notes

- 17-year-ld Anthony Marut (Lake Effect) took top honors in the Category 3/4 men's race.

- Indiana native Sam Morrison won the 17-18 junior race

- Sam Dobrozsi won two Ohio state championships in both the junior men's 15-16 and 17-18 categories.

- Hannah Mossman overcame a strong field to win the junior women's 13-14 race.

- Will Mandrola survived the long ride from Kentucky to take the juniors 10-12 win.

- Laura Stahl (Team Awesome) dominated the women's 3/4 for a gold medal.

- Gerry Pflug won the elite masters race and then lined up for the elite category 1/2/3 race and got fourth.


Men 1/2/3

1 Jonathan Card (Saturn Of Toledo)                                   
2 Ryan Knapp (Bikereg.Com)                                           
3 Michael Mihalik (Beaver Valley Velo)                               
4 Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat\Spk\Salsa)                                  
5 Andy Messer (DRT Racing)                                           
6 Phil Noble (Bio Wheels/Reece Campbell Racing)                      
7 Mike Kennedy (Barbasol)                                            
8 Mitch Graham (Biowheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)                     
9 Matt Weeks (Lake Effect)                                           
10 Donald Galligher (DRT Consulting)                                 
11 Chris Nevitt (DRT Consulting)                                     
12 Nate Ziccardi (Jeni's/Team Awesome)                               
12 Garth Prosser (Sobe/Cannondale)                                   
14 Ryan Myers (DRT Consulting)                                       
15 Chris Chartier (Alderfer Bergen)                                  
16 Thomas Dominic (Spin)                                             
17 Kyle Wingler (Alan Factory Team)                                  
18 Ray Hurton (Team Columbus)                                        
19 Mike House (RGF Solutions)                                        
20 Justin G Pokrivka                                                 
21 Nick Tinsler (Darkhorse - Rpc Mechanical)                         
21 Brandon Groff (Team Awesome/Jeni's Ice Cream)                     
23 Andrew Hague (Echelon)                                            
24 Dave Steiner (Snakebite)                                          
25 Rick Toler (Krietler Rollers)                                     
26 Andy Moskal (RGF Solutions/Panther Cycling Team)                  
27 Dan Mendoza (Pista Elite)                                         

One Lap Behind

28 Hank Campbell                                                     
29 Cameron Jackson (RGF Solutions Cycling Team)                      
30 Ernest Marenchin (Speedgoat.Com)                                  
31 Chris Mayhew (JBV Coaching)                                       
32 Justin G Pokrivka (Dirty Harrys)                                  
33 Keith Lucas (CKW Racing / Outdoor Venture)                        
34 Sam Morrison                                                      
35 Katsu Tanda                                                       
DNF Zachary Edwards (DRT Racing)                                     
DNF Ben Ortt (Gary Fisher)                                           
Women 1/2/3

1 Nicole Borem (DRT Consulting)                                      
2 Christy Blakely (Bmw)                                              
3 Michelle Morris (One Call Now)                                     
4 Amanda Sproat (Gary Fisher 29Er Crew / Trek Store Of Columbus)     
5 Julie Lewis-Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)                             
6 Bridget Donovan (Trek Store Cincinnait)                            
7 Christine Mccarthy (Team Awesome/ Jeni's Ice Cream)                
8 Leah Halloran                                                      
9 Jamie Clifton (National Engineering)                               
10 Nancy Henderson                                                   
Elite master men

1 Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat\Spk\Salsa)                                  
2 Frederick Rose (Bikereg.Com)                                       
3 Erik Fagerberg (Calistoga Racing Team)                             
4 John Mandrola (Calistoga Racing Team)                              
5 Justin G Pokrivka                                                  
6 Garth Prosser (Sobe Cannondale Mtb)                                
7 Jeffrey Craft                                                      
8 John Koury (Two Johns)                                             
9 John May                                                           
10 Rudy Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)                                   
11 Andrew Klumb                                                      
12 Bill Crank (Pedal The Planet/Ces)                                 
13 Bruce Pisarek (Central Ohio Bicycle Club/National Engineering)    
14 Derek Wilford (Lake Effect Racing)                                
15 Bill Marut (Lake Effect Racing)                                   
16 Nate Loman (Summit Freewheelers/Rainbow Inks)                     
17 Daniel Lach (Zws/Cyclesport)                                      
18 Mike Otting (Mercyhealthplex/7Hills Racing)                       
19 Scott Young                                                       
20 James Turner (Team Ipro)                                          
21 Tj Turner (Biowheels Racing)                                      
22 Charles South                                                     
23 Lou Beckmeyer (7 Hills)                                           
24 Matthew Koehn (Speedway Wheelmen)                                 
25 Mike Ramsey (7 Hills)                                             
26 Douglas Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels)                              
27 John Reidel (Alan)                                                
28 James Merchant                                                    
DNF Justin G Pokrivka (Dirty Harrys)                                 
DNF Lou Beckmeyer                                                    
DNF Rick Toler                                                       
B men

1 Anthony Marut (Lake Effect Racing)                                 
2 Chris Mayhew (JBV Coaching)                                        
3 Keith Lucas (CKW Racing / Outdoor Venture)                         
4 Mason Morgan (Jeni's/Team Awesome)                                 
5 Joshua Prater (Speedway Wheelmen)                                  
6 Adam Jackson                                                       
7 Ben Bonney                                                         
8 Steven Gers (Biowheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)                      
9 Katsuhiro Tanda (Team Athens P/B Kt Prototype)                     
10 Eric Lundgren (Iron City Bikes)                                   
11 Michael Chewning (Team Hungry)                                    
12 Layne Peters (Team Awesome)                                       
13 Joseph Hall (National Engineering (Cobc))                         
14 Ryan Lindsay (Zws/Cyclesport)                                     
15 David Groen (National Engineering)                                
16 Brendan Jones (Beaver Valley Velo)                                
17 Mark Farmer (Ohio Orthopedic/Moro Cycling)                        
18 John Markstein (Jeni's / Team Awesome)                            
19 Jon Clous                                                         
20 Scott Carter                                                      
21 Mark Trousdale (Speedway Wheelmen)                                
22 Joe Bonnell (Echelon Cycling)                                     
23 John Proppe (Unattached)                                          
24 Michael Riley (Ohio Orthopedic)                                   
25 Jonathan Lomax                                                    
26 Blair Fraley (Echelon Cycling Team)                               
27 David Farnham (B1 Bicycles)                                       
28 Jason Leaman (Stark Velo)                                         
29 Laurence Pesyna (Savagehill Cycling Team)                         
30 Scott Bond (Speedway Wheelman)                                    
31 Tim Brown                                                         
32 Doug Webster                                                      
33 Josh Murphey (Bareknucklebrigade)                                 
34 Aaron Beck (Team Awesome)                                         
35 Michael Benedek                                                   
36 Douglas Bernard                                                   
37 Jake Mckeegan (Tri-Tech)                                          
DNF Peter Czerwinski (Echelon)                                       
DNF Riley Marn                                                       
DNF Mike Miller                                                      
DNF Jon Claus (Ohio)                                                 
DNF Chris Grisvard                                                   
Juniors 10-12

1 Will Mandrola (Red Zone Cycling)                                   
2 Andrew Rademacher (Queen City Wheels Youth Cycling)                
3 Abigal Roof                                                        
4 Nora Bell                                                          
Juniors 13-14

1 Hannah Mossman (One Call Now)                                      
2 Robert Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)                                  
Juniors 15-16

1 Samuel Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels)                                
Juniors 16-17

1 Colleen Morris                                                     
Juniors 17-18

1 Sam Morrison (Indiana Fast Man!)                                   
2 Sam Dobroszi (Udf)                                                 
3 Brian Hammond (Krietler Rollers)                                   
Men 4 Open (Cat. C)

1 Dave Mundy                                                         
2 Scott Ellis (Rmr)                                                  
3 Peter Hills (Team Dayton)                                          
4 Cory St.Clair (Pro Chain Cycling)                                  
5 Jaden Sempsrott (Cincinnati Off Road Alliance)                     
6 Tim Delgado (Team Hungry Cycling)                                  
7 Cameron Poole (Team Dayton)                                        
8 Scott Murschel (Team Abundance)                                    
9 Peter Koury                                                        
10 Phillip Boydelatour                                               
11 Derrick Young (Unattached)                                        
12 James Billiter                                                    
13 Kevin Vanwert (Zephyr Wheel Sports)                               
14 Scot Herrmann (Team Dayton)                                       
15 Tim Sholl (Ohio Orthopedic/ Moro Cycling)                         
16 Chris Bishop (Trek Store Columbus)                                
16 Rick Voithofer                                                    
17 Adam Schmidt (Biowheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)                    
18 Doug Carraway                                                     
19 Andy Fisher                                                       
19 Robert Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)                                 
20 Stephen Farrens                                                   
21 Dan Mascret (B1 Bikes)                                            
DNF Spencer Hackett                                                  
Masters Men 3/4 35+

1 Thomas Hayes (Velo Bike Shop/Cherrystreet Coffee)                  
2 Lars Andersen (Unattached)                                         
3 Marty Smith (Commonwealth Eye Surgery)                             
4 Corey Green (Ghisallo Cycling Team)                                
5 Glen Gardner                                                       
6 Greg Charkoudian                                                   
7 Dave Johnson                                                       
8 Rodney Roof (Zws/Cyclesport)                                       
9 Unknown                                                            
10 Rick Maier (Team Dayton Bicycling)                                
11 John Thomas (Unattached)                                          
12 Chris Fischer (Central Ohio Bicycle Club)                         
13 Richard Elwell                                                    
14 Alexis Roccos                                                     
Masters Men 3/4 45+

1 David Coar (DRT Consulting)                                        
2 Scott Bond (Speedway Wheelman)                                     
3 Mike Otting                                                        
4 David Hart (Zws/Cyclesport)                                        
5 Mitchell Beckner (One Call Now )                                   
6 Richard Toler (Kreitler Rollers)                                   
7 Fraser Cunningham (Zephyr Wheel Sports)                            
8 Dan Ramsey (7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex)                              
9 Jonathan Spicker (Queen City Wheels)                               
10 Dell Williamson (QCW)                                             
12 Christopher Grisvard (Team Columbus)                              
13 Charles South (3Rvs Koehlinger-Kelly)                             
14 Doug Hamilton (Biowheels Racing)                                  
15 Scott Belcher                                                     
16 Nate Szabo                                                        
17 Henry Dimmick                                                     
18 Jim Pontius (Zws/Cyclesport)                                      
19 Chris Karwisch                                                    
20 Joe Deloss                                                        
21 Jon Schaer                                                        
22 James Merchant                                                    
23 Richard Allen                                                     
24 Marty Withrow (Echelon)                                           
25 Fred Dirkse                                                       
26 Addison Smith                                                     
27 Joe Siebeualler                                                   
28 John Rademacher (Queen City Wheels)                               
29 Mark Mckenney (7 Hills Racing)                                    
DNF Peter Czerwinski (Echelon)                                       
DNF Kenny Sipes (CKW Racing / Outdoor Venture)                       
DNF Michael Kreate                                                   
Women 3/4

1 Laura Stahl (Team Awesome/Jeni's Ice Cream)                        
2 Hannah Mossman (One Call Now)                                      
3 Kiersta Tucker                                                     
4 Alicia Dicello (Team Awesome/Jeni's Ice Cream)                     
5 Amy Kulesza (Bikesource)                                           
6 Ryan Heflin                                                        
7 Melissa Corliss                                                    
8 Jeni Roosen (MHP/7 Hills)                                          
DNF Alison Bedingfield                                               
Women 35+

1 Gerry Schulze                                                      
2 Shellie Heggenberger                                               
3 Jamie Clifton (National Engineering)                               
4 Bridget Sempsrott (Cincinnati Off Road Alliance)                   
5 Karen Hamilton (Biowheels Racing/Reece-Campbell)