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John Bryan Classic (Zipp OVCX #9) - NE

Dayton, Ohio, November 9, 2008


Knapp takes revenge

The 9th stop of the Zipp OVCX Cyclocross Tour and the 6th race in the CapCity Cyclocross Series came to Yellow Springs, Ohio this weekend and brought with it the first taste of true cyclocross weather. As the mercury dipped into the upper 30's, and a light sprinkle of snow treated the spectators, the riders discovered a classic cyclocross course.

Designed by local cross legend Phil Noble, the BioWheels team put together a 1.3 mile parcours that included tight technical sections, wide open drags on open fields, flowing fast turns, the squiggles of pain, a short stint of smooth single-track in the woods, and of course--the Yurt of Hurt!

In the Women's A race, BioWheels very own Amanda McKay ran away with the win powered by her green striped leg warmers. It was not an easy won victory for the pint-sized powerhouse from Biowheels, as Julie Lewis Stroka came prepared to do battle--dressed in her CapCity Cross Series leaders jersey. Stroka and Bridget Donovan from the Columbus Trek Store made the race interesting and kept the pressure on McKay as they completed the podium.

On the men's side, Ryan Knapp exacted revenge after his stinging defeat of just one week earlier. He rode away from the men's field, leaving both Isaac Neff and Mike Purvis having to settle in for the bottom spots of the podium.


Elite Men

1 Ryan Knapp (BikeReg.com/ Ridley Factory Team)            
2 Isaac Neff (Alderfer Bergen Cycling Team)                
3 Mike Purvis (Barbasol)                                   
4 Mitchell Kersting (Barbasol)                             
5 Michael Mihalik (Beaver Valley Velo)                     
6 Phil Noble (Bio Wheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)            
7 Mike Kennedy (Barbasol)                                  
8 Campbell Dan                                             
9 Mitch Graham (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)           
10 Brent Evans (Saturn of Toledo / Shell)                  
11 Weeks Matthew                                           
12 Bush Rob                                                
13 Zachary Edwards (DRT Racing)                            
14 John Gatch (Huntington Bank / Specialized)              
15 Hank Campbell (Floridacross)                            
16 Kyle Wingler (alan north america)                       
17 Christopher Chartier (Alderfer Bergen)                  
18 Lucas Keith                                             
19 Groff Brandon                                           
20 Chris Mayhew (JBV Coaching)                             
21 Nick Tinsler (Darkhorse - RPC Mechanical)               
22 Andy Moskal (RGF Solutions / Panther Cycling Team)      
23 Rick Toler (Team Kreitler Rollers)                      
24 Markstein John                                          
A Women
1 Amanda McKay (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)           
2 Julie Lewis Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)                   
3 Bridget Donovan (Trek Store Cincinnati)                  
4 Teri Meek                                                
5 Michelle Morris (One Call Now)                           
6 Christine McCarthy (Jeni's Ice Cream)                    
7 Jamie Clifton (National Engineering - COBC)              
8 Rebecca Finley (Vanderkitten)                            
9 Nancy Henderson (Central Ohio Bike Club)                 
10 Melissa Corliss                                         
1 Frederick Rose (BikeReg.com)                             
2 Morgan Webb (Barbisol)                                   
3 Michael McShane (Calistoga Racing Team)                  
4 erik fagerberg (Calistoga Racing Team)                   
5 john mandrola (Calistoga Racing Team)                    
6 Timothy Beirne (Better Cycling/Calistoga)                
7 Brian Anoroot                                            
8 Rudy Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)                          
9 Joe Bellante (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)           
10 Jerry Witham                                            
11 John May                                                
12 Dan Lach (Cyclesport/Zephyr Wheel Sport)                
13 Mark Strecker (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)         
14 mike otting (Mercyhealthplex/7hills racing)             
15 Scott Young (Tri Tech)                                  
16 Mark Brown                                              
17 James Perren                                            
18 Lou Beckmeyer                                           
19 James Turner (Team IPRO)                                
20 Dan Ramsey                                              
21 Douglas Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels)                    
22 Matthew Koehn (Speedway Wheelmen)                       
23 doug hamilton (BioWheels Racing)                        
24 Murray Wilmerding (Bio Wheels)                          
25 Mitchell Beckner (One Call Now)                         
B Men
1 Keith Lucas (CKW Racing / Outdoor Ventures)              
2 Tom Brockman (Louisville Fire Fighters)                  
3 Chris Mayhew (JBV Coaching)                              
4 david hauber (Louisville Fire Fighters)                  
5 Chris Nevitt (BikeClicks/Team Louisville)                
6 Andrew Dillman (Red Zone Racing)                         
7 Mason Murjam                                             
8 tony franklin (biowheels)                                
9 Steven Gers (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)            
10 Joe Hall (COBC)                                         
11 Michael Chewning (Team Hungry)                          
12 Ben Bonney                                              
14 Mark Farmer (Ohio Orthopedic/Moro Cycling)              
15 Layne Peters (Team Awesome)                             
16 Michael Riley (Ohio Orthopedic)                         
17 Patrick Kelly (Smitty's Cyclery)                        
18 John Markstein (Team Awesome / Jeni's)                  
19 Drew Bercaw                                             
20 Andrew Millard (ZWS/CycleSport)                         
21 Jason Leaman (Stark Velo)                               
22 Ryan Lindsay (Zephyr Wheel Sports/Cyclesport)           
23 Thomas Kyle                                             
24 Mark Trousdale                                          
25 David Groen (National Engineering)                      
26 Katsuhiro Tanda (Team Athens)                           
27 David Farnham (B1 Bicycles)                             
28 Ryan Williams (RR Donnelley/Spin Bike Shop)             
29 tim brown (jenis /team awesome)                         
30 Doug Webster                                            
31 joe Bonnell (Echelon Cycling Team)                      
32 Bryan Hammond                                           
33 Jake McKeegan (Tri-Tech)                                
34 Mike Benedek                                            
35 Andy Johnson (Echelon Cycling Team)                     
36 Gary Dugovich (Beaver Valley Velo)                      
DNS Scott Bond (Speedway Wheelman)                         
DNF Kevin Wahila (ProGraphics)                             
DNF Christopher Slone (Team Dayton Cycling)                
DNF Kyle Davidson (Revolution Bike & Bean)                 
DNF Luke Stifler                                           
B Women
1 Teri Meek (Bikeclicks.com/Team Louisville)               
2 HANNAH MOSSMAN (One Call Now)                            
3 Alecia DiCello (Jeni's Ice Cream)                        
4 Laura Stahl (Jeni's Ice Cream)                           
5 Colleen Morris (One Call Now)                            
6 Brooke Crum (Kreitler Racing)                            
7 jeni roosen (Seven HIlls)                                
8 Dulle Rouston                                            
9 lauryn campanell (Dayton Gruppetto)                      
10 sUSAN mCdANIIE (Seven HIlls)                            
DNS Amy Kulesza (Team Awesome/Jeni's)                      
B Masters
1 Rodney Roof (Zephyr Wheelsports/Cyclosport)              
2 Glen Gardner (Vortechs Group)                            
3 Lars Anderian                                            
4 John Downey                                              
5 Chris Halioris (BikeClicks / Team Louisville)            
6 John Thomas                                              
7 Richard Maier (Team Dayton Bicycling)                    
8 Justin Forbes (Team Koehlinger / Kelley)                 
9 Shawn Sichak (Cycle Sport)                               
DNS Jerry Hayes II (Queen City Wheels)                     
DNS Bo King (Humana/Cyclers Cafe)                          
DNS brian segal (Bike Clicks/Team Louisville)              
DNF Jeff Schoeny                                           
B Masters 45+
1 Scott Bond (Speedway Wheelman)                           
2  Toler Rick                                              
3 David hart (Midwest Flyers)                              
4 Lou Beckmeyer (Mercy HealthPlex/7 Hills)                 
5 Jonathan Spicker (Queen City Wheels)                     
6 Dan Ramsey (7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex)                    
7 Charles South (Koehlinger-Kelly/3RVS)                    
8 Fraser Cunningham (Zephyr Wheel Sports)                  
9 Scott Belcher (7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex)                 
10 Dave Billman                                            
11 Harry Wicks (Bio Wheels)                                
12 Dell Williamson (UDF/QCW)                               
13 Jim Pontius (Zephyr Wheel Sports)                       
14 John Reidel (ALAN Factory)                              
15 David Hyland                                            
16 Randy Morris (One Call Now)                             
17 JOHN RADEMACHER (Queen City Wheels)                     
18 Mark McKenney (7 Hills Racing)                          
19 Bob Wydra                                               
Women 35+
3 Jamie Clifton (National Engineering - COBC)              
5 Christina Halioris (BikeClicks / Team Louisville)        
6 Karen Hamilton (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)         
1 Gerry Schulze                                            
4 Bridget Sempsrott (Cincinnati Off Road Alliance)         
2 Shellie Heggenberger                                     
C Men
1 Dave Mundy                                               
2 Luke Stifler                                             
3 Corey Green (Ghisallo)                                   
4 Gregg Shanefelt (ONU Multisport)                         
5 John Francisco (Red Zone Juniors Cycling)                
6 Luke Haley                                               
7 Cameron Poole (Team Dayton)                              
8 bryan bell (Dayton Gruppetto)                            
9 Keith Morlen (SONOVELO/BOLLA)                            
10 Jaden Sempsrott (Cincinnati Off Road Alliance)          
11 Josj Lahmann                                            
12 Phillip Boydelatour                                     
13 Scott Murschel (Team Abundance)                         
14 Tim Scholl                                              
15 Derrick Young                                           
16 Kerry Noldstrom                                         
17 Casey Karnes                                            
18 Geoff Thielmeyer (Seven Hills Racing)                   
19 David Rich                                              
20 Rick Voithofer                                          
21 Doug Carraway                                           
22 Evan Clark                                              
23 Spencer Renck                                           
24 Peter Deucher (Team Spin/ RR Donnelley)                 
25 Bill Meek (Bikeclicks.com/Team Louisville)              
26 John Dwyer                                              
27 Dan Mascret (B1 Bikes)                                  
28 Adam Schmidt (BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing)          
29 Michael Miller                                          
30 Cooper Simon                                            
31 Brian Schultz (Organic Athlete)                         
32 Stephen Farrens                                         
33 david garlow                                            
34 richard mccreary (Team Dayton)                          
34 Mark Whitt                                              
35 lance brown                                             
36 Daniel Bartholmeu                                       
37 Frans Tan                                               
38 Ritchie Buenviaje                                       
40 Amtley Williams                                         
41 Spencer Hackett                                         
DNF Dennis McCoy                                           
DNF James Sells (International Christian Cycling (IC3))    
DNS Kirk Allgood                                           
DNS James Billiter                                         
DNS Allan Sommer (Category 6)                              
DNS Ryan Callahan (Moro Cycling)                           
DNS Michael Galinger                                       
Juniors 10-12
Junior Men
1 Gavin Haley (Red Zone Cycling)                           
2 Ian McShane (RED ZONE Cycling)                           
3 James Franusio                                           
4 Will Mandrola (Red Zone Cycling)                         
5 Nicholas Beirne (Red Zone Racing)                        
6 Ryan Madis (One Call Now/Project Velo)                   
Junior Women
1 Eden Webb (Red Zone Cycling)                             
2 Rachel Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels)                      
3 Cate McShane                                             
4 Frances Haley (Red Zobne Cycling)                        
5 Nova Bell                                                
Juniors 13-14
Junior Women
1 HANNAH MOSSMAN (One Call Now)                            
Junior Men
1 John Francisco (Red Zone Juniors Cycling)                
2 Robert Sroka (Lake Effect Racing)                        
3 Erick Madis (One Call Now/Project Velo)                  
4 Spence Penke                                             
5 Cooper Simon (Red Zone Cycling)                          
6 mitchell brown                                           
7 John May                                                 
Juniors 15-16
1 Andrew Dillman (Red Zone Racing)                         
2 Drew Bercaw (Project Velo/ One Call Now)                 
3 Samuel Dobrozsi (Queen City Wheels)                      
4 Luke Haley (Red Zone Cycling)