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Cycle-Smart International 2 - C2

Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, November 2, 2008

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Race 3 - November 2: Elite Men

Driscoll repeats in New England

By Kirsten Robbins in Northampton, Massachusetts

Jamey Driscoll (Cyclocrossworld / Cannondale) claimed another win at round two of the Cycle-Smart Invitational. Driscoll furthered his lead as the Verge New England Cyclo-cross Series leader when he stormed ahead of a four-man front group to claim a solo win ahead of runner-up Matt White (BikeReg.com) and third placed Andy Jacques-Maynes (Specialized). Dan Timmerman (Reynolds/Swan Cycles) rolled in for fourth after an aggressive performance.

"I have a good lead in the New England Cyclo-cross Series," said Driscoll. "I'm very happy to be with my team and I have great support this year. I didn't have these kinds of expectations going into this season."

The neo-professional rider's powerful performances have captivated the cyclo-cross audience. But this time it was his 'no holds barred' approach that served him well when the time came to make his winning move on the penultimate lap.

"I kicked the riders while they were down - literally," said Driscoll regarding his clean exit out of the sand pit as his companions faltered and crashed. "Timmerman hit the deck before the sand pit and I was next in line so I got through the sand pit clean and the other guys got caught behind and had to go slower."

As Driscoll cruised in for his fifth victory of the 2008-09 season, the remaining three wrestled each other in a final sprint. "I'm pretty confident in my sprint and I felt like it was a race for second place so I stayed focused on that," said White. "I know the other guys are fast too but I didn't do any attacking or surging today.

"I just saved a bit of energy for the sprint by not attempting to try to go across to Driscoll," he added.

Another sunny day fell on the three kilometre cyclo-cross circuit at Look Park in Northampton, Massachusetts. Some course changes were implemented over night with the most decisive being the alternate directions on the previous day's run up and descent.

Some 50 riders lined up in their appropriate rows with thicker and warmer coverings, due to a winter bite in the air. If there were a most aggressive rider's award it would have to go to Timmerman, the rider who kicked off the race with an surprise advantage and continued to attack the leaders once they caught up.

"I felt pretty good today," said Timmerman. "I was hoping to make Driscoll a little tired by forcing him to chase. I crashed and smashed my face into the ground, which put a damper on the race for me."

He continued to increase his margin while the formation of a small chase group came together behind. The chasers included Jacques-Maynes, White and Justin Linden (TargetTraining). However the hunt for Timmerman swelled as Driscoll eased his way back into the mix after having a slow start. He pulled Chris Jones (Jittery Joe's) up with him.

"I didn't have the greatest initial start but I've learned not to waste energy getting up into the top three on the first lap," said Driscoll. "I let the front group fade before trying to catch back up. I felt a little panic knowing Dan was off the front but I knew if I kept it to within a couple second it was still manageable."

Jacques-Maynes assumed the front position in an effort to regain contact with the solo leader. "I kept my fingers crossed that we could bring Dan back at the beginning," said Jacques-Maynes. "It was also easier to be at the front on most of the technical sections, instead of having to jump out of every corner. It was more comfortable for me and I didn't have to worry about the other guys pace."

Timmerman's advantage steadily diminished when Driscoll decided it was time to pick up the pace. His effort not only brought Timmerman back but it also shed Lindine out of contention. A crash eliminated Jones as well.

Reshuffling of riders in the first half resulted in the formation of two distinct groups. The leaders included Driscoll, Jacques-Maynes and Timmerman. As the front group became more organized, the chase group that included Lindine, Davide Frattini (Colavita/Sutter Home), Under 23 rider Nick Keough (Louis Garneau) and Josh Dillon (Fiordifrutta) fell further behind.

Timmerman crashed entering the sand pits on the penultimate lap, causing Jacques-Maynes and White to bobble from behind. The only rider with a clear shot to the exit was Driscoll and he took the opportunity to make a run for it.

Driscoll gained a sizeable advantage while alone at the front, leaving the others to race for second. "Things got a little dicey at the end but luckily we are all good bike handlers so we kept it up right," said Jacques-Maynes. "It was very aggressive and a fun sprint for second."


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Images by Paul Weiss


1 Jamey Driscoll (Cyclocrossworld.com/Cannondale)                         1.01.29
2 Matt White (BikeReg.com / Joe's Garage)                                    0.08
3 Andy Jacques-Maynes (Specialized/KMC pb Cal Giant)                         0.09
4 Dan Timmerman (Reynolds/Swan Cycles)                                       0.10
5 Davide Frattini (Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light)                   1.05
6 Josh Dillon (Fiordifrutta / Cannondale)                                        
7 Nicholas Keough (Sonic/ Louis Garneau)                                     1.17
8 Justin Lindine (TARGETRAINING)                                             1.18
9 Derrick St. John (Steven's Cross)                                          1.50
10 Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart/Van Dessel)                                         
11 Alec Donahue (BikeReg.com / Joe's Garage)                                 1.51
12 Matthew O'keefe (CCB/Volkswagen)                                          2.16
13 William Dugan (RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS - BOATHOUSE INC)               2.39
14 Ethan Gilmour (U23 National Team)                                         2.40
15 Matt Kraus (RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS - BOATHOUSE INC)                  2.41
16 Kevin Wolfson (Independent Fabrication)                                   3.16
17 Rickey Visinski (Exodus Road Racing)                                      3.39
18 Nathaniel Ward (BikeReg.com / Joe's Garage)                                   
19 Simon Lambert Lemay (Hottubes cycling)                                    4.16
20 Bill Elliston (Fuji)                                                      4.27
21 Robbie King (Rite Aid p/b Shebell & Shebell)                              4.56
22 Brendan Cornett (Mechanical Services/Cyclemania)                          5.18
23 Pete Smith (Embrocation/Cambridge p/b Mad Alchemy.com)                    5.33
24 John Burns (Bikeman.com)                                                  5.34
25 Peter Rubijono (Embrocation/Cambridge/Igleheart/madAlchemy)               5.55
26 Adam Sullivan (NBX/Narragansett Beer Cyclocross Team)                     6.03
27 John Peterson (www.bikebarnracing.com)                                    6.04
28 Todd Wheelden (Portland Velo Club/KONA/661)                               6.06
29 J Gabriel Lloyd (TARGETRAINING)                                           6.25
30 Jonathan Bruno (FT / IF powered by Lionette's)                            6.26
One lap down
32 Benjamin Coleman (BikeReg.com Cycling)                                        
33 Christian Favata (Favata's Tablerock Tours and Bikes)                         
34 Brad Sheehan (MetLife)                                                        
35 Michael Norton (Verge Sport/Test Pilot)                                       
Two laps down
36 Michael Patrick (Bikebarn.com/29ercrew.com)                                   
37 Jonathan Awerbuch (NorEast)                                                   
Three laps down
38 Scott Dolmat-Connell (MetLife p/b unlose.it)                                  
39 Ryan Kelly (NorEast Cycling)                                                  
Four laps down
40 Michael Rea (NorEast)                                                         
Five laps down
41 Adam Snyder (3-D racing)