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Photo ©: Sirotti

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Chicago Cyclo-cross Cup #7 - NE

Northbrook, Illinois, November 9, 2008


Sheer and Much dominate

Mike Sheer (Pony Shop)
Photo ©: Amy Dykema
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The 7th stop of the Chicago Cyclo-cross Cup travelled to the village of Northbrook, a suburb north of Chicago. The race brought out the dedicated to mix it up in the treacherous 'cross conditions. The mud filled course caused many of the riders to hit the deck multiple times. The culprit was a section near and around the stair case run-up section that got worse as the day went on. The muddy course had no barriers; however, the two-stair run-up was enough to keep the heart beats well elevated. The temperatures hovered around 30 degree Fahrenheit on a damp and partly cloudy day.

Elite Men

In the Elite Menís race, Mike Sheer (Pony Shop) made the trip down from Indianapolis to school the locals. He pressed on the gas early and got away very quickly. He was followed by yet another out-of-state visitor, James Lalonde (Ellis Cycles) of Wisconsin taking 2nd, with locals Scott McLaughlin (Sram) 3rd, Kevin Klug (Killjoy) 4th and Luca Lenzi (Pony Shop) rounding out the podium.

Elite Women

In the Elite Women's race, Rebecca Much (XXX Racing/AthletiCo), the current United States U23 TT Champion plowed through the field with an effort unmatched by any other rider. She arrived solo at the line taking yet another win in the series. The battle behind laid with the chasers Holly Klug (Killjoy) 2nd, Jessica Hill (Trailís End Cycling) in 3rd, Pam Loebig (Bike Reg.com) 4th and June Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes) completing the top five spots.


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Images by Luke Seeman

Images by Amy Dykema


Elite Men
1 Mike Sheer (Pony Shop)                           
2 James Lalonde (Ellis Cycles)                     
3 Scott McLaughlin (SRAM)                          
4 Kevin Klug (Killjoy)                             
5 Luca Lenzi (Pony Shop)                           
6 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)             
7 Christando Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)     
8 Michael Hemmi (Bicycle Heaven)                   
9 Kyle Jacobsen (Iscorp)                           
10 Matthew Stewart (Bicycle Heaven)                
11 David Sachs (VQ)                                
12 Ted Ramos (Get A Grip)                          
13 Mark McGeen (Mack)                              
14 Matt Silvia                                     
15 Ryan Cooper (Flatlandia)                        
16 Ara Oggoian (Bicycle Heaven)                    
17 William Nowak (Target Training)                 
18 Devon Haskell (Pony Shop)                       
19 John Dapkus (Bicycle Heaven)                    
20 Bryan Mcvey (VQ)                                
21 Chris Henning (Northbrook Garner)               
Elite Women
1 Rebecca Much (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
2 Holly Klug (Killjoy)                             
3 Jessica Hill (Trail's End Cycling)               
4 Pam Loebig (Bike Reg.com)                        
5 June Upshaw (Verdigris Custom Homes)             
6 Debbie Pielet (Albertos)                         
7 Leah Sanda (Flatlandia)                          
8 Wendy Gaddy (Albertos)                           
9 Beth Christensen (XXX Racing AthletiCo)          
10 Heidi Sarna (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
11 Gina Kenney (ABD)                               
12 Imelda March (Team Kenda)                       
Masters 30+
1 Robbie Ventura (VQ)                              
2 Christando Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)     
3 Lou Kuhn (Pony Shop)                             
4 Eric Sondag (VQ)                                 
5 Keith McMahon (VanWagner)                        
6 Brian Dougherty (Verdigris Custom Homes)         
7 Matt Silva                                       
8 Michael Heagney (The Bike Surgeon)               
9 John Gatto (Mars)                                
10 Walid Abu-Ghazalek (VanWagner)                  
11 Jason Wagner (Flatlandia)                       
12 Kyle Wiberg (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
13 Mark Feary (Pony Shop)                          
14 Bob Kaflow (Verdigris Custom Homes)             
15 Steve Holteczy (North Branch)                   
16 Howard Smith (Pony Shop)                        
17 Brad Dash (ABD)                                 
18 Marc Moeller (Main Street)                      
19 Jason Meshberg (Flatlandia)                     
20 Patrick Myers (Team Tati)                       
21 Joe Kallo (ABD)                                 
22 Brian Karlon (Project 5)                        
23 Greg Niedbala                                   
24 Eric Tobey (Roadhouse Bikes)                    
25 Danial Shauer (The Bike Surgeon)                
26 David Neis                                      
27 Wesley Walker                                   
28 Lucas Liado                                     
29 Dan Jerger (VQ)                                 
30 Keith Jeneski                                   
31 William Jackson                                 
Masters 40+
1 Tim Boundy (Verdigris Custom Homes)              
2 Tom Taylor (PYOC)                                
3 Chris Dimmick (Turin)                            
4 Steel Bokhof (Turin)                             
5 Michael Stanley (XXX Racing AthletiCo)           
6 Randy Warren (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
7 Pete Rolewicz (Comcast)                          
8 Jim Linn (Turin)                                 
9 William Huntsberger (DICE)                       
10 Vince Boyer (Village Cyclesport)                
11 James Brady (Pony Shop)                         
12 Ken Krebs (Guiness)                             
13 Tim Gallagher                                   
14 Danny Warer (Verdigris Custom Homes)            
15 Roman Mandzij (Pony Shop)                       
16 Andrew Hines (Mack)                             
17 Richard Prodans (Colavita)                      
18 EJ Lenzi (Pony Shop)                            
19 Robert Antinelli (DICe)                         
20 Dan Rudrup (Pony Shop)                          
21 Franco Panveno (Albertos)                       
22 Jeff Provisor (North Branch)                    
23 Paul Rzewuski (ABD)                             
24 Wells Jackson                                   
25 Paul Lipka (Colavita)                           
26 Kevin Flowers                                   
27 Frank Shapiro (Albertos)                        
28 Peter Diteresa (VC Velo)                        
29 Peter Bosma                                     
30 Ken Jurish                                      
31 Jim Nowak (ABD)                                 
1 Brandon Feehery (South Chicago Wheelman)         
2 Josh Trump (Turin)                               
3 David Lombardo (Verdigris Custom Homes)          
4 Adam Kosela (Bikeline of Naperville)             
5 Tommy Mosby                                      
6 Juan Gonzales                                    
7 Jacob Mosby                                      
Women Category 4
1 Eileen Neville (XXX Racing AthletiCo)            
2 Emily Cocks (VQ)                                 
3 Anona Whitley (Pony Shop)                        
4 Tamara Fraser (XXX Racing AthletiCo)             
5 Nancy heymann (Albertos)                         
6 Caroline Schuster (Team Tati)                    
7 Angie Koch (VQ)                                  
8 Liz So (Team Team Tati)                          
9 Amy Comstock (Mission Bay)                       
10 Lynne Arrigani (Redline)                        
11 Lynsey Gemmell (VQ)                             
12 Stacey Contad (Mission Bay)                     
13 Jamie Gavin-Smith                               
14 Anne Barnes (turin)                             
15 Rosanna Lloyd                                   
16 Mary Roe (Apache)                               
17 Carolyn Golz (Pony Shop)                        
18 Rebecca Chan (Turin)                            
19 Meredith Shull (Turin)                          
Masters 50+
1 Wayne Simon (Verdigris Custom Homes)             
2 Bob Garner (VC Bike Sport)                       
3 Greg Youngren (Blue Comp)                        
4 Tom Palmer (Brazen Dropouts)                     
5 Thomas Carlson                                   
6 John Craychee                                    
7 Eddie Bartley (tonen Racing)                     
8 John Dunker                                      
9 Al Weigel (UCR)                                  
10 Thomas Swetek                                   
11 Joel Roth (UCVC)                                
12 Richard Kryszak (South Chicago Wheelman)        
13 Walter Stoops                                   
14 William Kennedy (VQ)                            
15 Chris Mailing (Turin)                           
Elite 3
1 Jason Knauff (Burnham)                           
2 Scott Aarrigoni (Vertigris)                      
3 Dave Norton (Johnny Sprockets)                   
4 David Thomas (Team Magnus)                       
5 Brian Parker (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
6 Greg Heck (XXX Racing AthletiCo)                 
7 William Nowak (Target Training)                  
8 Tim Yuska (Get A Grip)                           
9 Jacques Cartier (XXX Racing AthletiCo)           
10 Michael Sequin (XXX Racing AthletiCo)           
11 Jeffrey Wat (Vitamin Water)                     
12 Devon Haskel (Pony Shop)                        
13 Mike Heenan (My Wife Inc)                       
14 Cale Wenther (Pegasus)                          
15 Ryan Gingerich                                  
16 Peter Chradkowski (Killjoy)                     
17 Nicholas Demik (Turin)                          
18 Erin Ciccolini (VanWagner)                      
19 Jason Schisler (VQ)                             
20 Adam Clark (Chicago Cuttin Crew)                
21 Al Urbanski (Chicago Cuttin Crew)               
22 Jeff Holland (XXX Racing AthletiCo)             
23 Daniel Penner (CU Racing)                       
24 Luke Seeman (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
25 Dan Rudrud (Pony Shop)                          
26 Paul Mazurek (My Wife Inc)                      
27 Jason Alvarado (XXX Racing AthletiCo)           
28 Tim Strege (Half Acre)                          
29 Jason Para (Pony Shop Shop)                     
Category 4A
1 Phil Szyjka (Johnny Sprockets)                   
2 Garrison Riegel                                  
3 Maxwell Riordan (Chicago Cuttin Crew)            
4 John Kurtz                                       
5 Jason Senffner (Bicycle Heaven)                  
6 Brandon Leach (Johnny Sprockets)                 
7 Grant Austin (Cycle Smithy)                      
8 Michael Gibson (Chicago Cuttin Crew)             
9 Ken Dawson                                       
10 Troy Crady (Mission Bay)                        
11 Mike Conroy (Mission Bay)                       
12 Josh Bartyzal                                   
13 Cliff Golz (Pony Shop Shop)                     
14 William Pankonin (XXX Racing AthletiCo)         
15 Sam Schaefer (Ms. Racing)                       
16 Kendall Jackson (Mission Bay)                   
17 Colm Flannery (Boulder Cyclesport)              
18 Thomas Flynn (Killjoy)                          
19 Keith Ortiz (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
20 Emanuele Bianchi (XXX Racing AthletiCo)         
21 Andrew Yeaman (Team Pegasus)                    
22 Tony Rienks (Beverly Bike)                      
23 Elvis Falbo (Beverly Bike)                      
24 Damon Nelson (Beverly Bike)                     
25 David Moyer (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
26 Clemens Kyllmann (VQ)                           
27 David Piloito (Flatlandia)                      
28 Peter Garde (Mission Bay)                       
29 Helge Pedersen (Half Acre)                      
30 Scott Michalk (VQ)                              
31 Scott Logue                                     
32 Brian Stockmaster (XXX Racing AthletiCo)        
33 Ben Van Couvering (Pegasus)                     
34 Anthony Bustamante (HUP United)                 
35 James Sorrell (VQ)                              
36 Adam Stehura (Northwestern)                     
37 Tom Kenny (Team Extreme)                        
38 Ken Moll (Mission Bay)                          
39 Johnny Reiker (Bicycle Heaven)                  
40 Maurice Wills (VCR)                             
41 John Lionberger (Pony Shop Shop)                
42 Frank Shapiro (Albertos)                        
43 Ken Willow (XXX Racing AthletiCo)               
44 Mike McGarry (Ellis Cycles)                     
45 Dave Brigman                                    
46 William Jackson                                 
47 David Bowers (Half Acre)                        
48 Martin Michalowicz                              
49 Eric Puetz                                      
50 Joe Sutton                                      
51 Zach Conrad                                     
52 Philip Lisius (Mission Bay)                     
53 Robert Sliwinski (North Branch)                 
54 Vince Scorsone                                  
Category 4B
1 John Villena (Cycle Smithy)                      
2 Brandon Geeheny (South Chicago Wheelman)         
3 Kyle Fleener (Iowa Ortho)                        
4 Fyle Hagerman (Pegasus)                          
5 Jonathan Tarman                                  
6 Adrian Redo (XXX Racing AthletiCo)               
7 Jesse Williams (Team Tati)                       
8 Mike Morell (Chicago Cuttin Crew)                
9 Adam Hanzel                                      
10 Sean Kozak (XXX Racing AthletiCo)               
11 Lew Chin (Cycle Smithy)                         
12 Chris Strahm (Roscoe Village Cycle Sports)      
13 Brandon Scheiner (Pegasus)                      
14 Michael Gregor (Roscoe Village Cycle Sports)    
15 Jeff Norris (Team Team Tati)                    
16 David Cushman                                   
17 Joe Bippus (South Chicago Wheelman)             
18 Joseph Maxwell                                  
19 Jeorge Cerritos (Beverly Bike)                  
20 Daniel Houle (Team Tati)                        
21 Martin Michalowicz                              
22 Robert Curtis (Bicycle Heaven)                  
23 Colm Flannery (Boulder Cycle Sport)             
24 Kevin Dalton (Team Tati)                        
25 Jesse Moore                                     
26 Christopher Kreidl (Iscorp)                     
27 Alex Tweedie                                    
28 Matt Larson                                     
29 Matthew Stevenson (XXX Racing AthletiCo)        
30 David Dokko (XXX Racing AthletiCo)              
31 Robert Murray (Beverly Bike)                    
32 Ian Murray (Northwestern)                       
33 John Knouse (Albertos)                          
34 Cameron Pease                                   
35 Sergid Moreno (Beverly Bike)                    
36 John Reiker (Bicycle Heaven)                    
37 Tom Tohorst                                     
38 William Panronin (XXX Racing AthletiCo)         
39 Michael Kelly (South Chicago Wheelman)          
40 Peter Pricaccio                                 
41 Ernie Majaucon (Northbrook Garner)              
42 Joseph Caspello (Beverly Bike)                  
43 Eric Blankinship (DePaul)                       
44 Worachi Thapthinkuna                            
45 Paul Tyska                                      
46 Arthur Miles (VQ)                               
47 Bryan Conley                                    
48 Guy Graves (XXX Racing AthletiCo)               
49 Warren Bobyk                                    
50 Noel Mirasol                                    
51 Christian Ege (Pegasus)                         
52 John Duffort                                    
53 Jonathon O'Connell                              
54 Sean Grady                                      
55 John Mosby