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BioWheels/United Dairy Farmers Cyclo-Cross - C2

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, October 15, 2006

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Cyclo-cross showdown in Cincinnati

Elite men's action
Photo ©: Jeffrey Jakucyk
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Betsy Shogren and Michael Cody saved their best for last in winning their respective UCI Elite Category races in the BioWheels/United Dairy Farmers UCI Cyclo-Cross race at Harbin Park Sunday. Both found themselves off the front in the company of strong competition, and played their cards perfectly to come across the line first.

The 7th race in the Ohio Valley Cyclo-Cross Series brought 165 riders from 18 states and Canada to Cincinnati's Harbin Park, the cross racing gem of the Ohio Valley. A fast and technical course created intense racing, as multiple rider crashes dictated the gaps between big groups. A long stretch of uphill road followed by an equally long highway of straight grass provided a launching point for attacks. The remainder of the course was very twisty and off-camber, and allowed for some chasing back on. All in all, many of the races came down to the final 200 meters, with no one in any category completely able to dominate their group.

The women's UCI Elite race saw 10 starters, with the heavy favorites, Anne Schwartz (Flying Rhinos), Betsy Shogren (Fort), and Cara McCauley (Team Cheerwine) all getting off to flying starts, but McCauley's flying start quickly went awry in the sand pit, where a crash put her out of contention. Shogren and Schwartz worked well with each other to keep the rest of the field at bay. The evenly matched pair rode perfect races, and it all came down to a final lap showdown. Shogren took to the front with a heavy tempo attack, and held off Schwartz through the twisty finale to take a five second win. Rachel Steele (Saturn of Toledo), Kim Sawyer (Travelgirl Magazine), and local Marilynn Hartman (Pedal Power) rounded out the podium.

The UCI Men's Elite race concluded the day. 39 riders lined up at the start. The list of potential winners was long: California's Chris McGovern (Sonic) and Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa), Massachusett's Michael Cody (FiordiFrutta), Wisconsin's Tristan Schouten (Trek/VW/Michelin), Pennsylvania's Ryan Leech (Meredith Group/Cannondale/GPOA, and last-minute entry Minnesota's Doug Swanson (Grandstay Suites).

Trek's Schouten was the first off the line to drop the hammer, pulling Cody, Swanson, and Leech away from the main group. Big Shark's Nate Rice got a great start as well. Sonic's McGovern and Celo's Prenzlow had issues on the start, and were unable to catch the train that was eventually driven by Swanson, who took over in the sand pit. Swanson and Schouten animated the front of the race, driving the tempo in an effort to maintain the gap to the chase group of Prenzlow and McGovern, who were at a tantalizingly close 6 seconds for much of the race.

The remainder of the field broke up into large chase groups, with riders moving back and forth between groups. Cane Creek's Jonathan Card made the best progress from back in the field, moving more than 10 places forward from his mid-pack start to finish seventh on the day. Back at the front, a full lap acceleration by Schouten had Leech on the ropes, and Swanson and Cody careful to hold his wheel. As they reached the uphill road section, Swanson put a huge move on Schouten that was marked by Cody, and a ten second gap was opened up prior to hitting the course's one set of barriers. With 3 laps to go, Swanson and Cody drove the pace in front while Schouten chased the gap down to five seconds. Cody took the front for good in the last lap's twisty finale, and managed to hold of a very tough Swanson at the line for his first UCI win of the season. Schouten came through third at 14 seconds, and Prenzlow held off McGovern for the final two podium spots.

Masters racing was huge as well, with Louisville's Papa Johns team dominating a six-strong lead group in the 35+. PJ's Robert Bobrow, Ward Zauner, and Tim Beirne took turns punishing the leaders with solo flyers, but Montgomery's John Gatch provided strong resistence, keeping the group together for the majority of the race. A couple crashes by Gatch late in the race softened up his resistance enough for Bobrow to tear off on a late-race move and take a 7-second win.

The 45+ race also featured a hefty lead group, and like in the 35+ race, it was dominated by Kentuckians. This one was a mix of Lexington and Louisville riders, but once again it was a Louisville rider as Brad Wunderlich (Team Louisville) soared away from the group for the big win. Other winners on the day were Travis Mullen (Pedal the Planet) in the 45-rider strong B cat, Sherry Downing (Kenda Tire) in the Women's B, Team Louisville's Charles Garner in the C Men, QCW's Jarrett Frauhiger in the Junior 10-14 boys, Tarrah Mossman in the Junior 10-14 girls, Tony Wieczorek (Sunrise Sports/Jittery Joe's) in the Junior 15-18 boys, and Michele Morris (QCW) in the Junior 15-18 girls.


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Images by Jeffrey Jakucyk


UCI Elite Men

1 Michael Cody (USA) FiordiFrutta Cycling Team        1.03.25
2 Doug Swanson (USA) Grandstay Suites                        
3 Tristan Schouten (USA) Trek/VW/Michelin                0.14
4 Brent Prenzlow (USA) Celo Pacific/Salsa                0.30
5 Chris McGovern (USA) Sonic                             0.38
6 Ryan Leech (USA) Meredith Group/Cannondale/GPOA        0.55
7 Jonathan Card (USA) Cane Creek/Caboto Velo             2.22
8 Nathan Rice (USA) Big Shark                            2.26
9 Kyle Jacobson (USA) Team Beans and Barley              2.52
10 John Minturn (USA) BioWheels Racing                   3.01
11 Anthony Slowinski (USA) Clarkesville A-Team           3.31
12 Jeff Weinert (USA) Cane Creek/Ride Blue                   
13 Michael Wissink (USA) Specialized                     3.43
14 James Holmes (USA) All9Yards.com                      3.52
15 Phil Noble (USA) BioWheels Racing                     4.13
16 Stephen Cummings (USA) Meredith Group/GPOA                
17 Shawn Adams (USA) Alan Factory                            
18 John Behrens (USA) Celo Pacific/Probikesupport            
19 Shawn Harshman (USA) Harshman Wealth/Primus Mootry    4.46
20 Robert Foshag (USA) Cane Creek                        5.27
21 Mike Hebe (USA) GPOA-Cannondale                           
22 Gunnar Shogren (USA) FORT Factory Team                    
23 Nathan Chown (USA) Cyclissimo/KONA Canada             6.01
24 Ryan Rish (USA) Alan Factory                          8.28
25 John Degele (USA) Inland Construction/BTD                 
26 Daryl Sawyer (USA) Camp Highland/Nouveau                  
27 Jesse Rients (USA) Nature Valley/Penn Cycles              
28 Ryan Myers (USA) Chiropower                               
29 Donald Galligher (USA) Chiropower                         
30 Rick Toler (USA) Kreitler Rollers                         
DNF Scott Rendall (USA)                                      
DNF Justin Becker (USA) BioWheels Racing                     
DNF Joshua Johnson (USA) Big Shark Racing                    
DNF Jeremy Walker (USA) Cane Creek/Caboto Velo               
DNF Kevin Atkisson (USA) Texas Roadhouse                     
DNF David Howe (USA) Neuvou Velo Cycling                     
DNF Ryan Gamm (USA) A&F a2coaching                           
DNF Chris Saunders (USA) St. Catherines C.C.                 

Elite Women

1 Betsy Shogren (USA) Fort Frames          38.30
2 Anne Schwartz (USA) Flying Rhino          0.05
3 Rachel Steele (USA) Saturn of Toledo      1.22
4 Kim Sawyer (USA) Travelgirl Magazine      2.33
5 Marilynn Hartman (USA) Pedal Power        3.13
6 Amanda McKay (USA) BioWheels Racing       3.25
7 Bridget Donovan (USA) BioWheels Racing    4.05
8 Cara McCauley (USA) Team Cheerwine        4.21
9 Anne Conroy (USA) Team Revolution         4.23
10 Amy Matson-Hyland (USA)                  5.52

B Men

1 Travis Mullen (USA) Pedal the Planet        42.29
2 Clayton Omer (USA) Papa Johns Racing         0.26
3 Andrew Llewellyn (USA) Papa Johns Racing     0.45
4 Andrew Messer (USA) Morris Trucking          0.49
5 Chris Mayhew (USA) Wissahickon               1.11
6 Marcus Moran (USA) Team Louisville           1.17
7 Brandon Jessop (USA) BioWheels Racing        1.25
8 Brad Nelson (USA) MOB Squad                  1.41
9 Dan Ott (USA) Darkhorse-Smitty's                 
10 Nick Tinsler (USA) Darkhorse-Smitty's       2.20
11 Jake Zimmerman (USA) Ohio Valley Velo       2.21
12 Allen Morris (USA) Queen City Wheels        2.30
13 Dan Tille (USA) I Pro                       2.41
14 Jay Moncel (USA) Trek Factory Racing        2.52
15 Kieran Sikdar (USA) Bikesource              2.53
16 Royden Kern (USA) CES/Schellers             2.54
17 Brian Neiport (USA) UC/Reser                3.09
18 James Turner (USA) I Pro                    3.41
19 David Emig (USA)                            3.51
20 Jeffrey Kiesel (USA) Team Louisville        3.53
21 Phil Gardner (USA) Ohio Valley Velo         3.56
22 Joe Bellante (USA) BioWheels Racing         4.16
23 James Rassmussen (USA) Bike Line Racing     4.24
24 Jakub Toborek (USA) Pedal Power Racing      4.36
25 Adam Rodkey (USA) Team Tortuga              4.41
26 Greg Charkoudian (USA) Pedal the Planet         
27 Andrew Johnson (USA) Buckeye Cycling            
28 Matt Fox (USA) BioWheels Racing             5.04
29 Ryan Lindsay (USA) Zephyr Wheel Sports      5.41
30 Marty Smith (USA) CES/PTP                   6.12
31 Bob Combs (USA) BioWheels Racing            6.46
32 Steven Rider (USA) www.truesport.com            
33 Josh Lahman (USA) Queen City Wheels             
34 Steven Gers (USA) 7 Hills Racing            8.09
35 Chip Dobson (USA) Darkhorse-Smitty's        8.11
36 Keith Morlen (USA) Bolla                    8.29
37 Matt Bell (USA) Darkhorse-Smitty's              
38 David Groen (USA) Team COBC                     
B Women

1 Sherry Downing (USA) Kenda Tire          26.40
2 Lindsay Hatfield (USA) Texas Roadhouse    0.15
3 Nancy McElwain (USA) Team Louisville      1.00
4 Shannon Holmes (USA) All9Yards.com        1.22
5 Lisa Tashjian (USA) Title Nine            2.30
6 Lindsay Rodkey (USA) Vello Bella-KONA         

C Men

1 Charles Garner (USA) Team Louisville                23.00
2 Greg Johnson (USA) Flying Rhinos                         
3 Duane Walker (USA) Team Louisville                       
4 Kyle Wingler (USA) Savage Hill                       1.10
5 Bill Timberman (USA) Springfield Cyclery             1.35
6 Mark Kimmerle (USA) Alan Factory                         
7 Adam Balz (USA)                                      1.58
8 Dominick Wieczorek (USA) Sunrise Sports/Jittery Joe's    
9 Martin Meadows (USA)                                 2.30
10 Bret Brevoort (USA) Darkhorse-Smitty's              2.36
11 Ben Sweeney (USA) BioWheels Racing                  2.38
12 Andy Paskins (USA)                                      
13 Clifford Stambaugh (USA) Dayton Dental Cannons      3.10
14 Brian Bishop (USA)                                  3.26
15 Kyle Combs (USA) Univ of Cincinnati                 3.32
16 Mason Morgan (USA)                                  3.38
17 Alex Hasse (USA) Darkhorse-Smitty's                 4.03
18 Mark Luking (USA) Team Louisville                   4.30
19 Chris Rawls (USA)                                  11.50
DNF Chris Kazlauskas (USA) Ohio Valley Velo                

Juniors 10-14 Boys

1 Jarrett Frauhiger (USA) Queen City Wheels    25.50
2 Sam Dobroszi (USA) Queen City Wheels          8.50

Juniors 10-14 Girls
1 Hannah Mossman (USA)     34.50
2 Samantha Nissen (USA) Queen City Wheels

Juniors 15-18 Boys
1 Tony Wieczorek (USA) Sunrise Sports-Jittery Joes    40.50
2 Josh Lahmann (USA) Queen City Wheels                 3.20
3 Ambrose Dobrozsi (USA) Queen City Wheels             5.04
4 Jarrett Frauhiger (USA) Queen City Wheels            5.32
5 Joe Meister (USA) Queen City Wheels                  6.20

Juniors 15-18 Girls

1 Michele Morris (USA) Queen City Wheels

Masters 35+

1 Robert Bobrow (USA) Papa Johns Cycling Team         
2 John Gatch (USA) Montgomery Cyclery/Specialized     
3 Tim Beirne (USA) Papa Johns Cycling Team            
4 Don Cameron (USA) Specialized                       
5 Christian Zauner (USA) Papa Johns Cycling Team      
6 Mark Strecker (USA) Queen City Wheels               
7 Steve Roszko (USA) www.bikereg.com                  
8 Bill Crank (USA) Pedal the Planet                   
9 Morgan Webb (USA) Barbasol                          
10 Jerry Witham (USA) Chiropower                      
11 Joe Collins (USA) Team Louisville                  
12 Ramon Corpuz (USA) Team COBC                       
13 Layne Peters (USA) Bikesource                      
14 Lars Anderson (USA)                                
15 John Riedel (USA) Independent Fabrication          
16 David Hyland (USA)                                 
17 Dave Nissen (USA) Queen City Wheels                
DNF Anthony Hergert (USA) Camp Highland Racing        
DNF Scott Lyle (USA) Queen City Wheels  
Masters 45+

1 Brad Wunderlich (USA) Team Louisville               
2 Roger Wilson (USA) Pedal the Planet                 
3 Joseph Brown (USA) Flying Rhino Cycling             
4 Mark Wolowiec (USA) Flying Rhino Cycling            
5 Matthew Baroli (USA) Paint Creek                    
6 Rick Lyons (USA)                                    
7 DA Fleischer (USA) Pale Ale                         
8 Harry Wicks (USA) BioWheels Racing                  
9 Mike Otting (USA) 7 Hills Racing                    
10 Dennis Barber (USA) Bicycle Station                
11 John Schnatter (USA) Papa Johns Cycling            
12 Doug Hamilton (USA)                                
13 Matthew Koehn (USA) Oz                             
14 Chip Ellison (USA) UDF/Queen City Wheels           
15 Jeep Barrett (USA) Mafic Cycles                    
16 Robert Zeman (USA) Team Louisville                 
DNF Fred Steinbrecher (USA) Pedal Power Racing        
DNF Walter Lay (USA) Team Louisville                  

Past winners

2005 Matt Kelly (Alan Factory), Mandy Lozano (CCA/Kona)
2004 Tyler Johnson (CYBC-Richard Sachs) 2003 Phil Noble (Airborne.net), Betsy Schauer (ESSM/GPOA)