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So Cal 'cross series #6

Harbor City, CA, October 30, 2005

Kendall Ryan
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Two rider race
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Low angle
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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Brent Prenzlow
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
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The Urban CyclocrossTM Series, known for its unique, urban settings on was no exception on Sunday, October 30th. Using the now infamous Ken Malloy Park in Harbor City, home of Reggie the alligator, racers enjoyed the sunny and dry conditions as the long twisty grass section gave spectators a great view of the racers right before the finish area. The long, flat dirt roads helped keep small groups together throughout the day as speeds were fast and drafting became a factor.

Back On Track's Black Cat CrossTM provided additional entertainment for select categories as they grabbed a cat on the barriers for bonus points in the Urban CyclocrossTM Series. Junior National MTB Champion Brittney VanVleet (KHS/Swami's) brought home the first cat of the day and treated us with a show as she struggled to free the cat's tail that had wrapped around her shift cables!

The day's racing also began with the 50+ race which was dominated by JL Livesay (PAA/Merrill Lynch) who used his pedal to the metal approach to ride away from the chasing group of Jon Miller (Amgen) and Ricky Russell (Met RX). Didier Jourdain (SDBC/Karl Straus) flew across the course to take the win over his rival, Ian Moir (Major Motion) in the Junior Men's race. In the 40+ race, Durango Wheel Club's, Robert Abell, who works here in So Cal took his first win of the series from leader, Chris Gallup (Celo Pacific). In the 30+, Jeff Prinz (Celo Pacific) continued his winning ways while in the Men's C race, Michael Lilly (Shoreline Cycles) took his first win over Encore Cycling's Eddie Nilo. A fantastic turnout from the new Encore Cycling team shows that this team is in the mood for cross! Team members, Lisa and Jason Vorell, also husband and wife are both current SoCalCyclocross Cup leaders in their respective categories.

The Men's A race quickly sorted out to a lead duo of Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa) and Mark Noble (Amgen Racing) who battled yet again throughout the race. Mark Noble took the win at the end with John Behrens (Celo Pacific/Salsa) taking the 3rd podium spot. In the Women's A race, the growing field of women were no match for Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bike Co.) as she powered her way through the grass to take first. Last week's winner, Carolyn Popovic (Evomo) battled it out with Mandy Eakins for most of the race, until black cat luck crossed paths with Mandy who flatted with less than 3 laps to go. Amy Bowem (Platinum Performance) took third place.

A big thanks to Specialized and the Bike Palace as the featured demo day bike and local Specialized dealer for the day. Specialized Tri-Cross bikes were loved by those who got to demo them in the race. Also a special thanks to series sponsor, InCycle for wrenching on racers bikes throughout the day and donating prizes to the race. In the Ali Grail team competition, PAA/Merrill Lynch has now inched past SDBC/Karl Strauss to move into second, while Celo Pacific continues to dominate the competition. Visit www.socalcross.org for more details.


Men A
1 Mark Noble (Amgen)                            
2 Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa)           
3 John Behrens (Celo Pacific/Salsa)             
4 Jeff Herring (Celo Pacific/Salsa)             
5 Shawn Olin (US Armed Forces)                  
6 Bryan Vanvleet (Cyclovets/KHS)                
7 Bill Dean (Veloworx Racing)                   
8 Lawrence Leonard (Shoreline Cycles)           
9 Mark Vandermolen (Coast Velo Cycling)         
10 Mike Easter (Shoreline Cycles)               
11 Derek Hermon (Bear Valley Bikes)             
12 Waylon Smith (Unattched)                     
Women A
1 Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bike Company)             
2 Carolyn Popovic (Evomo)                       
3 Amy Bowen (Platinum)                          
4 Molly Hartsough (Warriors Society)            
5 Carol Ruckle (Jelly Belly)                    
6 Brittany Vanvleet (KHS Bicycles/Swamis)       
7 Keli Roberts (PAA/Merrill Lynch)              
8 Martina Sturm (PAA/Merrill Lynch)             
9 Mandy Eakins (AFP/Velosport)                  
Men B
1 Fritz Bottger (PAA/Merrill Lynch)             
2 Jason Perkins (Encore Cycling)                
3 Jason Vorell (Encore Cycling)                 
4 Andrew Juskaitis (Giant Bicycles)             
5 Bernard Georges (Hup United/Stoller)          
6 Darin Taniwaka (Unattached)                   
7 Phillip Gray (Celo Pacific)                   
8 Alex Ter-Vrugt (Celo Pacific)                 
9 Michael Lilly (Shoreline Cycles)              
10 Al Morinaka (Team Velocity)                  
11 Jamie Stathas (PAA/Merrill Lynch)            
12 Lyle Warner (Subaru-Helens)                  
13 Scott Joiner (Unattached)                    
14 Rich Holtzman (Hup United/Stoller)           
15 Michael Hotten (Southbay Wheelman)           
16 Steve Smith (Tailwinds)                      
Women B
1 Heidi Kanayan (Bear Valley Bikes)             
2 Beth Gentry (Team Pro Cyclery)                
3 Lisa Vorell (Encore Cycling)                  
4 Donna Bertiger (Unattached)                   
5 Beth Dressel (Unattached)                     
6 Maeva Pennucci (Unattached)                   
7 Tessa Nilo (Encore Cycling)                   
8 Ali Valle (Unattached)                        
Men C
1 Michael Lilly (Shoreline Cycles)              
2 Eddie Nilo (Encore Cycling)                   
3 Didier Jordan (Karl Strauss/SDBC)             
4 Jason Lowetz (PAA/Merrill Lynch)              
5 Ron Mckiernan (PAA/Merrill Lynch)             
6 Al Morinaka (Velocity)                        
7 Mark Conner (AFP Velosport)                   
8 Alex Hall (South Bay Wheelman)                
9 Jose Nilo (Encore Cycling)                    
10 Richard Murphy (Celo Pacific)                
11 Matt Gunnell (PAA)                           
12 Robert Yula (Unattached)                     
13 Roberto Jourdain (SDBC)                      
14 Mike Baldivino (South Bay Wheelman)          
15 Michael Lutzker (Pro Bike Support.com)       
16 Randall Putz (Three Pines)                   
17 Todd Whitehouse (Unattached)                 
18 Mike Shaw (Unattached)                       
19 Paul Avila (Garden City Cyclists)            
Masters 30+
1 Jeff Prinz (Celo Pacific)                     
2 Mark Vandermolen (Coast Velo Cycling)         
3 Sam Ames (Simply Fit/Cannondale)              
4 Paul Dalton (Specialized/LB Elite)            
5 Ted Posch (Team Velocity)                     
6 Scott Evans (Veloworx)                        
7 Dahveed Boolton (MetRX/Alliance)              
8 Darin Tanikawa (Unattached)                   
9 Eric Woods (Celo Europa)                      
10 Kelly Grief (Unattached)                     
11 Steve Smith (Tailwinds)                      
12 Matt Gunnell (PAA/Merrill Lynch)             
13 Robert Yulo (Unattached)                     
14 Brent Vandenberg (Unattached)                
Masters 40+
1 Robert Abel (Durango Wheel Club)              
2 Chris Gallup (Celo Pacific)                   
3 Eddie Arnet (MBA)                             
4 David Bales (Celo Pacific)                    
5 Jessie Gascon (Team Shimano)                  
6 Mark Tucker (Shoreline Cycles)                
7 Larry Vanzant (Echelon)                       
8 Alan Braff (Nonstop Ciclismo)                 
9 Jeff Moreton (PAA/Merrill Lynch)              
10 Brad House (Back On Track/Bike Palace)       
11 Victor Viscio (Long Beach Elite)             
12 Paul Garcia (Bicycle Johns)                  
13 Don Scales (Long Beach Elite)                
14 Marq Prince (Southbay Wheelman)              
15 Gregory Townsend (Unattached)                
16 Richard Murphy (Celo Pacific)                
17 David Collins (Team Velocity)                
Masters 50+
1 Jonathan Livesay (PAA/Merrill Lynch)          
2 Jon Miller (Team Amgen)                       
3 Ricky Russell (Met Rx/Alliance)               
4 Bob Conklin (RADS)                            
5 Bruce Steele (South Bay Wheelmen)             
6 Howard Miller (Paramount Racing)              
7 Randi Perkins (California SCNA)               
8 Kevin Ryan (Team Amgen)                       
9 Bob Llamas (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                
10 Charles Anderson (Lightning Velo)            
11 Brian Olson (PAA/Merrill Lynch)              
12 Steve Brown (Covina Valley Racing)           
13 R. Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)               
14 John Rahn (Team Amgen)                       
Junior Men
1 Didier Jourdain (SDBC/Karl Strauss)           
2 Ian Moir (Major Motion)                       
3 Miles Ludi (SDBC)                             
4 Ben Bertiger (PAA/Merrill Lynch)              
5 Blake Vanvleet (KHS/Swamis)                   
6 Phillip Young (3 Pines/ Bear Valley Bikes)    
7 Sander Putz (Three Pines Lodge)               
Junior Women
1 Brittany Vanvleet (KHS/Swamis)                
2 Kendall Ryan (Scary Fast)
3 Alexis Ryan (Scary Fast)

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