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SoCal Cyclocross Series #10

Glendale, CA, November 27, 2005

Turkey Trot 'Cross debuts the Turkey Gobbler!

By Sam Ames, Matt Gunnell, Dorothy Wong

With a full supply of turkey, ham and all the fixings in their legs, 216 riders (the highest turnout ever in Southern California cyclocross history) took to the Glendale Adventist-Verdugo Cycling Turkey Trot Cross on Sunday hosted by PAA/Merrill Lynch and Bicycle John's Serious Cycling. At the far end of the course was the infamous Turkey Gobbler which awarded racers special prizes throughout the day!

In men's A race action, a field of 23 riders took to the twisting, fast and dry grass course. Leading the first lap charge was Jeff Prinz of Celo Pacific who later fell victim to a stick in his gears. Fellow Celo rider Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa) along with Chance Noble (Scary Fast) and Nat Faulkner (Action Sports) took up the charge through the Ritchey sand pit and technical grass sections. Mike Easter (Shoreline Cycles/Kona) and Jeff Behrens (Celo Pacific/Salsa) fought hard to gain contact with the leaders but the order was established and the battle for first and second came down to a game of horsepower with Prenzlow pulling away for the win in the final 2 laps. Young Chance Noble took second with Faulkner in third. Chance won the USGP of cyclocross last Sunday at Golden Gate park and will be making his way to Europe to represent the United States later this year…. Go Chance!

The women's A race showcased national junior MTB champ, 13 year-old Brittney Van Vleet (KHS/Swamis - who earlier defeated first time crosser Coryn Rivera - Major Motion and junior road national champ herself) who took the holeshot and led the A Women's field for almost half a lap creating a race dictating gap in the field, before Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bike Co.) slipped past Brittney after the Detroit Coffee Run Up. Wong won the day's event with Van Vleet ending up 3rd and newcomer to cross, adventure racer, Teri Strayer (Backbone) getting second.

In the largest field ever in Southern California cyclocross history was the men's C race. A group of 53 riders roared down the pavement start, into the first grass sweeper and Ritchey sand pit where a pile up gapped a large part of the field. Griffith Vertican and Michael Lilly (Shoreline) took to the front and opened a the race with Grant Van Horn (Action Sports), Eddie Nilo (Encore) and Ron McKiernan (PAA/Merrill Lynch) in hot pursuit. Vertican and Lilly maintained a solid lead but eventual third place rider Van Horn kept the pressure on. Through the trees and short run up, Vertican was able to hold on for the with Lilly taking 2nd. and Van Horn finishing in third.

The highlight of the day, again with a historic turnout was the Glendale Adventist-Verdugo Cycling kids race, where 20 young riders made their way around the abbreviated cross course, but still included the infamous Kool N Fit triple barrier section! The kids were awarded cowbells and treated to Verdugo turkey dogs served up fresh and hot! All in all everyone enjoyed a beautiful fall day at the races!

With four races to go in the SoCal Cyclocross Series, this weekend will showcase a championship-level double header starting Saturday with the debut the Capital Choice/Shimano State Championship course in Irvine hosted by Encore Cycling, followed up Sunday at the 2003 State Championship course in Vista, CA hosted by Celo Pacific. For more info check out: www.socalcross.org


Junior Men Under 18
1 Didier Jourdain (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                                   16 pts
2 Ian Moir (Major Motion Cycling Club)                                  13
3 Miles Ludi (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                                        10
4 Morgan Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)                                        7
5 Blake Van Vleet (KHS/Swami's Cycling Club)                             5
6 Ben Bertiger (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                   3
7 Sam Hoke (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                                           2
8 Vu Le (Unattached)                                                     1
9 Mitchell Pratt (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                  
 Shane Skelton (Unattached)                                               
Men 30+
1 Jeff Prinz (Celo Pacific)                                             16 pts
2 Carlos (Matias) Mendigochea (Kahala/'Velo Club La Grange Westwood)    13
3 Frederick Bottger (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)             10
4 Mark Vandermolen (Coast Velo Cycling)                                  7
5 Mike McMahon (Team Velocity)                                           5
6 Thaddeus Sparrow (Celo Pacific)                                        3
7 Armin Rahm (Pasadena Athletic Assoc (PAA))                             2
8 Theodore Posch (Team Velocity)                                         1
9 Jeffery Schmela (Team Adelante)                                         
10 Derek Hermon (3 Pines/Bear Valley Bikes)                               
11 David Boulton (Met-Rx/ Alliance)                                       
12 Steven Smith (UCSB Cycling)                                            
13 Miguel Sutter (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                  
14 John Skellenger (Veloworx Racing)                                      
 Scott Evans (Veloworx Racing)                                            
 Kelly Grief (Unattached)                                                 
Men 40+
1 Christopher Gallup (Celo Pacific)                                     16 pts
2 Rob Abell (Durango Wheel Club)                                        13
3 Jessie Gascon (Team Shimano)                                          10
4 Mark Sauer (Excel Sports)                                              7
5 James Pappe (Simply Fit/Action Sports)                                 5
6 Johnny Rondash (Velowerx)                                              3
7 Brad House (Bike Palace/Keller Williams/Back on Trac)                  2
8 Alan Braff (Non-Stop Cyclismo)                                         1
9 Steve Silva (Platinum)                                                  
10 Bryan Martinez (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                 
11 David Bales (Celo Pacific)                                             
12 Mark Tucker (Amgen Cycling Club)                                       
13 David Gibson (Team Velocity)                                           
14 Jeffrey Moreton (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                
15 Mark Luke (Platinum)                                                   
16 Gregory Townsend (Unattached)                                          
17 Wally Drake (Turin)                                                    
18 Brian Carrico (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                  
19 Brian Hill (Southbay Wheelmen)                                         
20 Richard Murphy (Celo Pacific)                                          
21 James Keiser (Adams Avenue Bicycles)                                   
22 Chris Hipwell (Big Orange Racing)                                      
23 Howard Gillingham (Unattached)                                         
 Charles Morris (Celo Pacific)                                            
Men 50+
1 Jonathan Livesay (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)              16 pts
2 Jon Miller (Amgen Cycling Club)                                       13
3 Rick Swanson (Radsport Cycling Team)                                  10
4 Rickey Russell (Met-Rx/ Alliance)                                      7
5 Tom Reilly (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                     5
6 Howard Miller (Paramount Racing)                                       3
7 Randi Perkins (Shoreline Cycles)                                       2
8 Kevin Ryan (Amgen Cycling Club)                                        1
9 Robert Meeker (Specialized)                                             
10 Robert Llamas (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                  
11 James Cushing-Murray (Celo Pacific)                                    
12 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                                          
13 Brian Olson (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                    
14 Steve Brown (Covina Valley Racing)                                     
15 Cully White (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                    
16 Bruce Steele (South Bay Wheelmen)                                      
Men A
1 Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific/Salsa)                                   16 pts
2 Chance Noble (Scary Fast Racing)                                      13
3 Nat Falkner (Action Sports)                                           10
4 Mike Easter (Shoreline)                                                7
5 John Behrens (Celo Pacific)                                            5
6 Jeff Herring (Celo Pacific)                                            3
7 Gary Hanson (Amgen Cycling Club)                                       2
8 Walter Tate (Cal Giant)                                                1
9 Samuel Ames (Simply Fit/Action Sports)                                  
10 Carlos (Matias) Mendigochea (Kahala/La Grange)                         
11 Dillon Clapp (Unattached)                                              
12 Garnet Vertican (Unattached)                                           
13 Frederick Bottger (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)              
14 Lawrence Leonard (Tangelo Velo)                                        
15 Bill Dean (Veloworx Racing)                                            
16 Erik Flockoi (Cycles Veloce)                                           
17 JP Partland (Kissena Cycling)                                          
18 Thaddeus Sparrow (Celo Pacific)                                        
19 Derek Hermon (Bear Valley Lodge)                                       
 Christopher Gallup (Celo Pacific)                                        
 Perry Paolini (Amgen Cycling Club)                                       
 Jeff Prinz (Celo Pacific)                                                
 Paul Hernandez (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)                          
Men B
1 Jason Vorell (Encore Cycling)                                         16 pts
2 Mark Damaske (SC Velo)                                                13
3 Ryan Ferro (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                                        10
4 Michael Eaton (Amgen Cycling Club)                                     7
5 Michael Lilly (Shoreline Cycles)                                       5
6 Roger Wotton (Big Orange Racing)                                       3
7 Jamie Stathas (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                                      2
8 Bernard Georges (Hup United/Stoller)                                   1
9 Ian Moir (Major Motion Cycling Club)                                    
10 Paul Welsh (Celo Pacific)                                              
11 Eric Woods (Bear Valley Bikes/Specialized)                             
12 Jeffery Schmela (Team Adelante)                                        
13 Glenn Masuda (Celo Pacific)                                            
14 Neil Browne (Long Beach Elite)                                         
15 Al Morinaka (Velocity Cycling Team)                                    
16 Vernon Smith (Elemiento Basico)                                        
17 Steven Smith (UCSB Cycling)                                            
18 Tom McDonald (Unattached)                                              
19 Gregory Page (Lightning Velo)                                          
20 Jeff Rowe (Unattached)                                                 
 Rich Holtzman (Unattached)                                               
 Drew Englemann (B&L Bike)                                                
 Greg Hammond (Team Shimano)                                              
 Phillip Gray (Celo Pacific)                                              
 Didier Jourdain (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                                      
Men C
1 Griffith Vertican (Unattached)                                        16 pts
2 Michael Lilly (Shoreline Cycles)                                      13
3 Grant Van Horn (Simply Fit/Action Sports)                             10
4 Eduardo Nilo (Encore Cycling)                                          7
5 Ron McKiernan (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                  5
6 Oliver Martin (Unattached)                                             3
7 Jason Schippers (Backbone Racing)                                      2
8 Matthew Hale (Celo Pacific)                                            1
9 Cameron Dickinson (Encore Cycling)                                      
10 Russell Fortin (Team Velosport)                                        
11 Alex Hall (South Bay Wheelmen)                                         
12 Drew Englemann (B & L Bikes)                                           
13 Jason Lewiss (Team Adelante)                                           
14 Jose Nilo (Encore Cycling)                                             
15 Mike Leone (Swami's Cycling Club)                                      
16 Miguel Sutter (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                  
17 Sean Zook (Unattached)                                                 
18 Kevin Martin (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                   
19 Mike Shaw (Unattached)                                                 
20 Bryan Manning (Team Pro Cyclery)                                       
21 Dave Kirkland (Unattached)                                             
22 Todd Whitehouse (Simply Fit/Action Sports)                             
23 Roydog Ervin (Shoreline)                                               
24 Brandon Heflin (Unattached)                                            
25 Matthew Conner (AFP/Team Velosport)                                    
26 Noah Dimit (SDBMA)                                                     
27 Joseph Espinosa (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                
28 Henry Tonarely (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                 
29 Richard Murphy (Celo Pacific)                                          
30 Lyle Warner (Team Helens/Subaru)                                       
31 Todd Munson (Stoler)                                                   
32 Craig Pittman (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                  
33 James Keiser (Adams Avenue Bicycles)                                   
34 Steven Totleben (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                
35 Dylan Byrd (Unattached)                                                
36 George Korn (Equinnox)                                                 
37 Jesse de Jegus (Unattached)                                            
38 Matt Lay (Pasadena Cyclery)                                            
39 Nick Bashich (Unattached)                                              
40 Zach Crowe (Budget Bicycles)                                           
41 Nathan Dauglash (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                
42 John Sumner (Unattached)                                               
43 Scott Seaway (Unattached)                                              
 R Lee Willmore (Celo Pacific)                                            
 Paul Mitchell (Cycling-Training.Com/ARPT)                                
 Peter Morris (Celo Pacific)                                              
 Nicholas Jones (AFP/Team Velosport)                                      
 Michael Brown (Frank Xray)                                               
 David Bales (Celo Pacific)                                               
 Steve Brown (Southern California Velo)                                   
 Michael Sobray                                                           
 Samuel Elenes (Incycle)                                                  
 Jason Lowetz (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                     
Junior Women Under 18
1 Brittney Van Vleet (KHS/Swami's Cycling Club)                         16 pts
2 Coryn Rivera (Major Motion Cycling Club)                              13
3 Kendall Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)                                      10
4 Amanda Duarte (Karl Strauss/SDBC/Adams Avenue)                         7
5 Alexis Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)                                        5
Women A
1 Dorothy Wong (Kelly Bike Company)                                     16 pts
2 Teri Strayer (Backbone Racing)                                        13
3 Brittney Van Vleet (KHS/'Swami's Cycling Club)                        10
4 Keli Roberts (Southbay Wheelmen)                                       7
5 Martina Stum (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                                       5
6 Carol Ruckle (Jelly Belly/Pool Gel)                                    3
Women B
1 Elizabeth Gentry (Team Pro Cyclery)                                   16 pts
2 Megan Cordes (Unattached)                                             13
3 Robin MacDonald-Foley (Conejo Valley Cyclists)                        10
4 Lisa Vorell (Encore)                                                   7
5 Sara Gordon (B&L)                                                      5
6 Donna Bertiger (Unattached)                                            3
7 Mandy Gamble (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)                          2
1 Bert Blanchlette (Backbone)                                             
2 Joshua Wiggins (Veloworx Racing)                                        
3 Dale Raymond (Southern California Velo)                                 
4 Paul Hernandez (Bicycles Johns Serious Cycling)                         
5 Tom McDonald                                                            
6 Jeffrey Steinhart (Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling)                       
7 Todd Whitehouse (ADT Event Center)                                      
8 Todd Munsan (Team Stoller)                                              
9 Matthew Gunnell (Pasadena Athletic Assoc/Merrill Lynch)                 
10 Noah Dimit (SDBMA)                                                     
11 Michael Brown (FrankXray)                                               

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