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NorCal Cyclocross District Championships

Granite Beach, CA, November 11, 2005

Justin Robinson sprinted ahead of his breakaway mate Andy Jacques-Maynes to take the Elite Men's championship for Northern California - Nevada at Granite Beach outside Sacramento on November 11.

On the fast, sandy course, the California Giant riders were quickly away with Simon Vickers (Rock Lobster) and Troy Barry (Alan Factory). They then escaped to cruise to a comfortable two minute lead over Vickers. In the Elite Women's event Josie Beggs (Starbucks) overcame a slow start to join a lead group of 4. She escaped Kristin Drumm (Village Peddler), Ann Fitzsimmons (Velo Bella) and Helene Drumm (Village Peddler) with a last lap surge.

In the Masters 35-44 Race, Rich Maile (Art by Opsal) showed his single speed prowess by besting an outstanding field that included all the best NorCal riders. "Rich just velcroed the final corners and got away" commented second place Jesse Scatton (East Sac). Michael Hernandez (Safeway) worked his way through several riders to claim third. Other category Champions were Henry Kramer (Cal Giant) in the 45-54, John Elgart (Webcor Alto Velo) in the 55+, Jeremy Ferguson (Sharp Bicycles) in Juniors 15-16, Logan Louder (Alan) in Juniors 17-18, Coleen Wanty (Missing Link) in Women 35-44, and Joan Gregg (CyclingTraining.com) in Women 45+.

NorCal District Championships were sponsored by Voler Team Apparel, Clif Bar, CyclingTraining.com, and BicycleChef.


Elite Men
1 Justin Robinson (Cal Giant)                        
2 Andy Jacques-Maynes (Cal Giant)                    
3 Simon Vickers (Rock Lobster)                       
4 Jason Moeschler (Giant/Tonc)                       
5 Anastasio Flores (Cal Giant)                       
6 Mark Christian (Sunshine Bike)                     
7 Brian Mohrlant (Team Metric)                       
8 David Gates (Capitol Velo)                         
9 Spencer Kenner (DBC)                               
1 lap down
10 Jay Buenaventura (3rd Rail)                       
11 Troy Barry (Alan)                                 
Elite Women
1 Josie Beggs (Starbucks)                            
2 Kristin Drumm (Village Peddler)                    
3 Ann Fitzsimmons (Velo Bella)                       
4 Helene Drumm (Village Peddler)                     
5 Lauren Costantini (Sycip)                          
6 Sarah Maile (ArtbyOpsal)                           
7 Claire House (NorCal Velo)                         
8 Kelly McDonald (CTcom)                             
9 Betina Hold (WebcorAltoVelo)                       
10 Linda Eckart (Bicycles Plus)                      
11 Lori Cox (Velo Girls)                             
12 Julie Adams (LaPierre Ritchey)                    
Women 35-44
1 Coleen Wanty (Missing Link)                        
2 Rhonda Blankenheim (CTcom)                         
3 Andrea Mackie (VeloBella)                          
4 Janel Lodge (Blackmarket Racing)                   
5 Nichola Cranmer (Village Peddler)                  
6 LorriLee Lown (Velo Girls)                         
Women 45+
1 Joan Gregg (CTcom)                                 
2 Linda Elgart (Webcor Alto Velo)                    
3 Diane Hayford (Webcor Alto Velo)                   
4 Lorraine Jarvis (Village Peddler)                  
5 Betty Jordan (Velo Bella)                          
Men 15-16
1 Jeremy Ferguson (Sharp Bicycle)                    
2 Cody Kaiser (SGW)                                  
3 Collin Samaan (TBB)                                
Men 17-18
1 Logan Loader (Alan Factory)                        
2 Blake Anton (DBC)                                  
Men 35-44
1 Rich Maile (ArtbyOpsal)                            
2 Jesse Scatton (ESBNB)                              
3 Michael Hernandez (Safeway)                        
4 Dave Eastwood (ArtbyOpsal)                         
5 Chris D'alusio (Morgan Stanley)                    
6 Scott Fifield (Bicycle Warehouse)                  
7 James Coats, (Amgen/Felt)                          
8 Mark Howland (Blackmarket Racing)                  
9 Reed Maxwell (Safeway)                             
10 Brij Lunine (Missing Link)                        
11 Daniel Harting (Soulcraft)                        
12 David Hejduk (Sycip)                              
13 Joseph Staron (ESBNB)                             
14 Steve Ouzounian (Bianchi)                         
15 Erik Zimmer (Morgan Stanley)                      
16 Nick Hanni (Fusion Sport)                         
17 Donald Langley (Morgan Stanley)                   
18 Dan Sovereign (ESBnB)                             
19 Dave Carr (Camelbak)                              
20 Phillip Sims (Team Santa Cruz)                    
21 Scott Clark (Visenka)                             
22 Jordi Cortes (Missing Link)                       
23 David Pauls (Infineon)                            
24 John King (Cycling-Training)                      
25 Paul Duncan (ESBnB)                               
26 Scott Lynch (Sycip)                               
27 James Wood (Team City)                            
28 Jeff Poulsen (Safeway)                            
29 William Carslay (Missing Link)                    
30 Ron Rouse (Rio Strada)                            
31 David Hinz (unat)                                 
32 Robert Nelson (Missing Link)                      
33 John Kammeyer (Le Pierre Ritchey)                 
34 Rick McElman (ESBnB)                              
35 Matt Kowta (Bollo)                                
36 Jeffrrey Galland (Epic Racing)                    
37 Hans Kellner (Sycip)                              
38 Darrel Brokeshoulder (Easton/Specialized)         
39 Jeff Mitchell (Rio Strada)                        
1 lap down
40 Ken Todd (SGW)                                    
41 John Matoba (Rio Strada)                          
42 Curt Ferguson                                     
Men 45-54 (started 2 minutes down on 35's)
1 Henry Kramer (Calif Giant)                         
2 Larry Hibbard (Family Cycling)                     
3 Mark Abele (Boure)                                 
4 Sam Giles (ArtbyOpsal)                             
5 Anton McGready (Boure)                             
6 John Roysen (DFL)                                  
7 Jon Suzuki (Missing Link)                          
8 Robert Kurosawa (Missing Link)                     
9 William Sans (Sycip)                               
10 Russ Watts (RioStrada)                            
11 John Sievert (Sierra Express)                     
12 Tom Kellner (Davis BC)                            
13 John Slavonic (Sierra Express)                    
14 Chris Holmes (Bicycles Plus)                      
15 Dave Snyder (Pedersen)                            
1 lap down
16 Tom Snyder                                        
17 Bruce Kaiser (SGW)                                
18 Brian McCleary (Rio Strada)                       
19 Alex Rodriguez (Team City)                        
20 Brian Birch (Berkeley BC)                         
21 Tom Wood                                          
22 Steve Itano (Rio Strada)                          
23 Bruce Lodge (Blackmarket)                         
Masters Men 55+ (started 2 minutes down on 35's)
1 John Elgart (Webcor)                               
2 Tom Regan (Alta Alpina)                            
3 Frank Cuaresma (Cal Giant)                         
4 Hank Mini (Ragdoll)                                
1 lap down
5 Gary Noe (Rio Strada)                              
6 Alan King (Alta Alpina)                            
7 Mike Macdonald (Alan)                              
8 Michael Gomez (Monticello)                         
Women B
1 Lizzy Allbut (CTcom)                               
2 Julie Schmidt (La Pierre Ritchey)                  
3 Shannan Kentera (CTcom)                            
4 Kelly Wilgus (CTcom)                               
5 Kate Lynch                                         
Women C
1 Kristie Hamilton (CyclingTrainingcom)              
2 Soni Paulsen (Safeway)                             
3 Catherine McDonald (Summersett)                    
Men's B's
1 Eric Nelson (ESBNB)                                
2 Jim Macdonald (ESBNC)                              
3 Mack Chew (Arete Racing)                           
4 Steve Tam (DiSalvo)                                
5 Brendon Lydon (Davis BC)                           
7 Steve Barsun                                       
8 Andrew Brooks                                      
9 Mike Eagan (SGW)                                   
10 Brent Hart (Reno Wh)                              
11 Tim Granshaw (LaPierre Ritchey)                   
12 Erick Brady (LaPierre Ritchey)                    
13 Mike Lucaccini (MissingLink)                      
14 Steve Woo (Fusion Sport)                          
15 Channing Chen (FusionSport)                       
16 David Allbut (TBB)                                
17 Brian Krall (BBC)                                 
18 David Pedersen (LaPierre Ritchey)                 
19 Jason Sage (FFBC)                                 
20 Johannes Schmidt (LaPierre Ritchey)               
21 Frank Shoemaker (Bicycle Planet)                  
22 Paul Mitchell (CTcom)                             
23 Alan Lukka (CTcom)                                
Men C's
1 Travis Tonn (SJBC)                                 
2 Channing Chen (Fusion Sport)                       
3 Eric Lowe                                          
4 Ryan Williams (Flow)                               
5 James McNeil (Extreme Outfitters)                  
6 Jack Seargent (CTcom)                              
7 Paul Mitchell (CTcom)                              
8 Reginald Caselli (Willowglen Bike)                 
9 Josh Carling                                       
10 Reese Gary                                        
11 Ryan Wenker                                       
12 Kurt Weidmann (CTcom)                             
13 Michael Siemering                                 
14 Brian Woods (MadCat)                              
15 Ryan Clark (KeyDollarCab)                         
16 Bruce McGagain (CTcom)                            
17 James Peters (Webcor)                             
18 Jim McDonald (Somersett)                          
19 Stepeh Nowicki (CTcom)                            
20 Tim Warriner (CTcom)                              
21 Nicolas Schweizer (SGW)                           
22 Donald Eipper                                     

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