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Wooden Wheels - C1

Granogue, Delaware, USA, October 23, 2004

2003 Results    Results     Past winners

Wicks and Howe win Wooden Wheels Cross at Granogue

By Tammy Ebersole

The 2004 Verge Mid-Atlantic Cyclo-Cross Championship Series stopped today near Wilmington, Delaware for day one of a UCI double weekend. Held on the grounds of the Dupont family's Granogue Estate, the Wooden Wheels course is infamous for its difficulty. Promoter Tom McDaniel always does a great job with his course layout and makes sure riders never race the same course twice. Said Mark McCormack (Clif Bar/Colavita Olive Oil) after the event: "It was a great course. It had a good combination of power sections and tricky technical sections. It was also nice to see a course with two run-ups per lap."

In the Elite Women's race, Marianne Stover (Independent Fabrications/SM Inc.) rocketed off the line and set the pace for the majority of the first lap. A lead group quickly formed that included Stover, Anna Milkowski (Rona), Christine Vardaros and Barbara Howe, teammates on the Velo Bella squad, Sinead Fitzgibbon (Aquafina/CRCA), Sarah Uhl (Quark) and Mackenzie Dickey (Team Bicycle Alley). Just as the lead group settled in behind Stover, Milkowski dropped the hammer and jumped clear, actually opening the gap up to fifteen seconds at one point. Behind her Vardaros and Howe got serious and starting showing the crowd what good teamwork can do. As Vardaros and Howe starting raising the pace, the remainder of the group dropped off and the Velo Bella team took off after Milkowski. With the combined horsepower of Vardaros and Howe, team Velo Bella caught Milkowski at the top of one of the run-ups. From there on it was the Velo Bella show with Howe pulling away at the end of the race for the win. Vardaros made it a 1-2 sweep by taking second; Milkowski claimed a solid third place.

Just as in the Women's race, a lead group immediately formed in the Elite Men's race. Contained within that group was the early leader, Jackson Stewart (Clif Bar Cyclocross), Matt White (NCC/BikeReg.com), Mark McCormack (Clif Bar/Colavita Olive Oil), Ben Jacques-Maynes (Sierra Nevada Cycling), Jesse Anthony (Cyclocrossworld.com), Tyler Johnson (CYBC -Richard Sachs) and teammates Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks (Kona). As the torrid pace started taking its toll, Stewart and White were the first riders to lose contact. With four laps to go, the group was down to six and Johnson was beginning to struggle. With three laps to go, Johnson was gone and now Anthony was fighting to maintain contact. He eventually lost contact when he let a gap open on the twisty, off camber descent to the pavement. Up to this point in the race, Trebon, who placed second at Granogue in 2003, was just sitting on the group and looked calm, cool and collected as the riders passed the start/finish line with two to go. Behind the lead group and behind Anthony, who was now ten seconds off the leaders, Johnson was riding solo in seventh. Stewart and White, riding in eighth and ninth positions, could now see Johnson ahead of them and started working to reel him in.

Climbing to the top of the course towards the end of the next to the last lap the front four riders were still together. They then disappeared as they rode a tricky off-camber section on the back of the hill. As they came back into view, it was immediately obvious that one Kona rider was missing and McCormack had taken the lead. As the riders started to descend the front of the hill, it was apparent that Trebon was the missing rider. McCormack, seeing Trebon's bobble, seized the opportunity and was flying towards the pavement. With the sound of the bell ringing, McCormack, Wicks and Jacques-Maynes had gapped Trebon and the battle was down to three. On the final climb of the race, Wicks charged up the hill, knowing he had to get a gap on McCormack before they hit the final section of road. He knew he did not want to take his chances in a road sprint with McCormack. McCormack, in hot pursuit, had to get through the traffic of a few lapped riders on the climb and hit the descent a second or two behind Wicks. Jacques-Maynes had not been able to match the acceleration of McCormack and was now having to deal with an accelerating Trebon who was back in the hunt.

Wicks continued to give it everything as he flew up the final run -up. His gap still held as his wheels touched pavement and he dug deep, powering up the road. He was all smiles as he held off McCormack and crossed the line, scoring a UCI C.1 win. McCormack claimed second Jacques-Maynes beat out Trebon for third. Trebon was fourth with Anthony riding in for fifth.

When asked about his win, Wicks said: "This was a fun course. It's really different than a lot of courses I've raced. Ryan (Trebon) told me how much fun he had out here last year and he convinced me to come along. I'm glad I did."

Racing action continues for the Verge Mid-Atlantic Series tomorrow with Wissahickon Cross (UCI C.2) in Philadelphia, PA.


Elite Men
1 Barry Wicks (USA)                                             58.37
2 Mark Mccormack (USA)                                           0.10
3 Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA)                                       0.13
4 Ryan Trebon (USA)                                              0.19
5 Jesse Anthony (USA)                                            1.16
6 Tyler Johnson (USA)                                            1.20
7 Jackson Stewart (USA)                                          1.51
8 Matt White (USA)                                               2.44
9 Jed Schneider (USA)                                            2.53
10 Jonathan Baker (USA)                                          3.08
11 Ben Turner (USA)                                              3.30
12 Johannes Huseby (USA)                                         3.49
13 Joshua Snead (USA)                                                
14 Ryan Leech (USA)                                                  
15 Jon Hamblen (USA)                                             4.12
16 Jeff Weinert (USA)                                            4.22
17 Greg Marini (USA)                                             4.31
18 Jonathan Bruno (USA)                                          4.38
19 Gunnar Shogren (USA)                                          5.26
20 Joseph Reynolds (USA)                                         5.34
21 Jamey Driscoll (USA)                                          5.46
22 John Hanson (USA)                                             5.52
23 Matt Kraus (USA)                                              5.54
24 Joey Thompson (USA)                                           6.07
25 Kristopher Auer (USA)                                         6.09
26 Greg Wittwer (USA)                                            6.25
27 Leslie Leech (USA)                                            6.32
28 Jacob Stechmann (USA)                                         6.34
29 Greg Ferguson (USA)                                           6.57
30 Adam Hodges Myerson (USA)                                     7.12
31 Nathan Chown (Can)                                                
32 Chris Samuel (USA)                                            8.23
33 Kyle Wamsley (USA)                                                
34 John Degele (USA)                                                 
35 Mike Yozell (USA)                                                 
36 Nathan Deibert (USA)                                              
37 Curt Davis (USA)                                                  
38 Jeff Herring (USA)                                                
39 Myron Baker (USA)                                                 
40 Zak Grabowski (USA)                                               
41 Joseph Piccillo (USA)                                             
42 Ryan Dewald (USA)                                                 
43 Jon Hansen (USA)                                                  
44 Jeremy Walker (USA)                                               
DNF Bobby Lea (USA)                                                  
DNF Konrad Lebas (USA)                                               
DNF Ben Harper (USA)                                                 
DNF Andrew Wulfkuhle (USA)                                           
DNF Nicholas Shaffer (USA)                                           
Elite Women
1 Barbara Howe (USA)                                         46.02.00
2 Chrisstine Vardaros (USA)                                      0.10
3 Anna Milkowski (USA)                                           0.14
4 Sinead Fitzgibbon (USA)                                        1.57
5 Sarah Uhl (USA)                                                2.45
6 Katrina Davis (USA)                                            2.46
7 Mackenzie Dickey (USA)                                         2.51
8 Marianne Stover (USA)                                          3.04
9 Betsy Schauer (USA)                                            3.22
10 Amber Itle (USA)                                              3.33
11 Dorothy Wong (USA)                                            3.43
12 Caroline Hacker (USA)                                         3.59
13 Melanie Swartz (USA)                                          4.05
14 Celeste Drumm (USA)                                           4.21
15 Sami Fournier (USA)                                           4.46
16 Pauline Frascone (USA)                                        4.53
17 Jennifer Maxwell (USA)                                        5.28
18 Lisa Most (USA)                                               5.47
19 Kami Tremblay (USA)                                           6.11
20 Susan Maclean (USA)                                           6.22
21 Megan Clark (USA)                                             6.36
22 Alicia Genest (USA)                                           7.10
23 Lisa Vible (USA)                                              9.20
24 Michelle Supland (USA)                                        9.52
25 Katherine Fargo (USA)                                        10.20
26 Lesley Honsberger Can                                             
27 Tammy Ebersole (USA)                                              
28 Tina Kunstbeck (USA)                                              
29 Catherine Powers (USA)                                            
30 Jill Neumann (USA)                                                
DNF Maryan Martinez (USA)                                            
B Men
1 Weston Schempf (Fort-Gpoa)                                     
2 Dan Wilson (First State Velo Sports/Cycleops)                  
3 Patrick Cusack (Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro Shop)    
4 Joseph Ruggery                                                 
5 Logan Hodson (Alan Factory Team)                               
6 Eric Ragot (Kissena Cycling Club)                              
7 Michael Magur (Vergesport.Com / Test Pilot)                    
8 Chris Mayhew (Fort/Gpoa)                                       
9 Elliot Mcallister (Ardmore Cycling)                            
10 Tom Mains (Velocity Sports/Cce)                               
11 Colin Sandberg (Fort/Gpoa!)                                   
12 Evan Ellicott                                                 
13 Brett Biddle                                                  
14 Trevor Williams (Guy's Bicycle Racing)                        
15 Mark Wilson                                                   
16 Jason Babcock (Yellow Breeches Racing)                        
17 Christopher Johnson (Nittany Velo Club)                       
18 Andres Wright                                                 
19 Bruce Freehoff (Beacon)                                       
20 Wayne Scott (First State Velo Sport)                          
21 Luke Sauder (First Capital Velo)                              
22 Ray Ignosh (Gotham Cyclists)                                  
23 Fj Hughes                                                     
24 James Revere (Team Cobblestone)                               
25 Alec Riendeau (Highland Park Hermes)                          
26 Wade Hess (Team Beacon)                                       
27 Matt Bergerson                                                
28 David Lowe (Ardmore Bikeline)                                 
29 David Stauffer (Cycleworks)                                   
30 Phillip Hines (Team Zephyr/Dogtown Bicycles)                  
31 John Bernardi (Action Wheels)                                 
32 Michael Kirk                                                  
33 Kevin Zutell (Green Mountain/Aquafina)                        
34 Montana Norvell                                               
35 Jonathan Kahler (Team Ardmore Bike Line)                      
36 Christopher Consarto                                          
37 Eric Morgan                                                   
38 Chris Nystrom (Lsv/Kelly)                                     
39 Chip Hoover                                                   
40 Craig Callan (Highland Park Hermes)                           
41 Eben Weiss (Gs Gotham)                                        
42 John Hostetter Iii (Alan Mid-Atlantic)                        
43 Chris Evans (Wissahickon)                                     
44 Daniel Brill (Team Beacon)                                    
45 David Flickinger (Ashby Street Racing)                        
46 Greg Black (Vergesport.Com / Test Pilot)                      
47 John Linvill (Bikyle)                                         
48 Chad Totaro (Breakaway Endurance Sports Club)                 
49 Adam Szczepanski (Yellow Breeches Racing)                     
50 Michael Doolan                                                
51 Buddy Briggs (Wooden Wheels Racing)                           
52 Robert Campbell (Ncvc/Edge Technologies)                      
53 Larry Von Moss                                                
54 Joe Mulligan (Peninsula Velo / Kondra)                        
55 Brad Lang (Team Cobblestone)                                  
56 John Cleary (Wooden Wheels Racing)                            
DNF Alvaro Arnal (Ardmore Cycling)                               
DNF Charles La Punzina (Kissena Cycling Club)                    
DNF Jonathan Gibbs                                               
DNF Douglas Dicks (Crca/Bennetts Bicycles)                       
DNF David Fahnestock (Lsv/Kelly)                                 
DNF Kenneth Gilliland (Liberty Cycle)                            
DNF Jeffrey R. Guy (Fort-Gpoa!)                                  
DNF Chris Harshman (Lsv/Kelley)                                  
DNF Ron Hermann (Lateral Stress Velo)                            
DNF Kenny King (Team Bicycle Therapy)                            
DNF Michael Kirk (Wooden Wheels Racing)                          
DNF James Mc Cain                                                
DNF Sean Pfaff (Lsv/Kelly)                                       
DNF Michael Rea                                                  
DNF Brian Steele (Ncvc/Edge Technologies)                        
DNF Zombor Zoltani (Alan Midatlantic)                            
DNF Shaun Johnson                                                
DNF Joseph Dickerson                                             
DNF Matthew Yoder                                                
DQ Joel Nace (First Capital Velo)                                
B Women
1 Lynda Maldonado (Amoroso's/Victory Brewing/Tri State Velo)    41.14
2 Lana Courtney (Dansko/Wheelworks)                              1.47
3 Janet Olney (Alan Mid-Atlantic)                                1.58
4 Karen Tourian (Club Wissahickon)                               2.09
5 Pamela Wahl (Evolution)                                        2.29
6 Tracy Lea (Team Fuji)                                          4.53
7 Nina Santiago (Liberty Cycle)                                      
8 Christina Lindsey (Yellow Breeches Racing)                         
9 Lauri Jenkins (Fsvs)                                               
10 Misty Carew                                                       
Men C
1 Robert May (Tailwind)                                         35.14
2 Chip Hoover                                                    0.04
3 Dennis Smith                                                       
4 Robert Campbell (Ncvc/Edge Technologies)                       0.42
5 T.G. Taylor                                                    0.46
6 Turner Johnson                                                 0.49
7 Henry Tremper                                                  1.15
8 Rob Collins                                                    2.06
9 Bernard Mcdonald (Lsv/Kelly)                                   2.24
10 Christopher Salice (Team Bbc)                                 2.48
11 John Williams                                                 2.51
12 Kevin Dillard                                                     
13 John Kamenick                                                 3.06
14 Bill Bradley                                                  3.18
15 Rob Lea (Team Fuji)                                           3.55
16 Chris Thaler (Tri-Sate Velo)                                      
17 Kevin Deemer                                                  4.08
18 Jamie Debuque (Evolution Racing)                                  
19 Mark Drajem                                                   4.25
20 Nicholas Nudy                                                 4.31
21 Roland Peterson                                               4.36
22 Craig Shaffer                                                     
23 Syd Lea (Team Fuji)                                           5.15
24 Sean Croce (Action Wheels)                                    5.18
25 Bob Perna (Beans Bikes)                                       5.26
26 Brent Lehen                                                   5.27
27 Robert Sands (Evolution Racing)                               5.31
28 Rolf Windh (Guy's Racing)                                     5.40
29 Mark Vareschi (Rutgers University)                            6.23
30 Rob Spillman                                                  6.35
31 Jason Yeager                                                  6.40
32 Matt Peterson (Hp Hermes)                                     6.55
33 Richard Bilson                                                7.34
34 Gary Kelly                                                        
35 Joseph Manning                                                7.46
36 Glenn Silvasy                                                 8.27
37 Michael Williams                                              8.41
38 Ed Morgan                                                    10.42
39 Esteban Velasquez                                            10.49
40 Cesar Picco                                                       
DNF Len Depue                                                        
DNF Jeff Dubeck                                                      
1 Ransom Weaver (Guys Bicycles)                                 36.41
2 Eric Schlauch (Somerset Wheelmen)                              0.01
3 John Verheul (Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery)                          
4 Blaiir Saunders (First State Velo Sport)                       0.56
5 Randall Root (Team Snow Valley)                                    
6 Richard Mihills (Fsvs)                                         1.05
7 Bradley Patches                                                1.13
8 Christopher Long (Independent Fabrication/Gotham)              1.22
9 Martin Jones (Somerset Wheelmen)                               1.29
10 Kirk Reisinger (Club Wissahickon)                             1.57
11 John Lux (First Capital Velo)                                 2.14
12 Robert Campos (Hvc/Jessies)                                   2.19
13 Paul Nyberg (Benidorm/Createx Colors)                         2.28
14 Mark Gunsalus (Bike Barn Racing)                              2.37
15 Fred Wittwer (Charlottesville Racing Club)                    2.44
16 Douglass Gray (First State Velo Sport)                        3.05
17 Bob Reuther                                                       
18 Tom Macniven (Hampton Velo)                                   3.32
19 Rob Frederick (Evolution Racing)                              3.39
20 Stephen Caffrey (First State Velo Sport)                      3.44
21 Mark Laser (Yellow Breeches Racing)                           3.49
22 Kevin Breckenmaker (Team Harrisburg)                              
23 Kevin Saint Clair                                                 
24 N. Johan Anestad (Evolution Racing)                               
25 Fred Handel (Nittany Velo)                                    4.14
26 James Perren                                                  5.13
27 Kelly Cline (Wissahickon)                                     5.16
28 Paul Incognito (First State Velo Sport)                           
29 Brian Poochigian (City-Bikes)                                 5.36
30 Albert Greene (Yellow Breeches Racing)                        5.45
31 David Jablonski (Husker Road Club)                            6.01
32 Chip Sovek (Potomac Velo Club)                                6.06
33 David Genest (Richard Sachs)                                  6.10
34 David Paul (Artemis)                                          6.21
35 Mike Czupryna (First State Velo Sport)                        6.38
36 Jeffrey Appeltans (Timecycle)                                 6.58
37 Karl Kensinger (Alan Mid-Atlantic)                                
38 Leo Pizzini (1St State Velosport)                             7.10
39 Pete Smith                                                    7.41
40 Jay Downs (Fort-Gpoa)                                             
41 Jim Arnold                                                        
42 Don Morrison (Wissahickon)                                        
43 Kevin Kuzas (Squadra Coppi)                                       
44 Gary Dugovich (Snitgers/Aca)                                      
45 Joseph Kenas (Guy's Racing)                                       
46 Mark Zach                                                         
47 Nunzio Dibiasi (Team Harrisburg)                                  
48 Chuck Wahl (Evolution Racing)                                     
49 Richard Sachs (Cybc-Richard Sachs)                                
50 Tom Ekberg (Liberty Cycle)                                        
51 Gustavo Sanchez (Evolution Racing)                                
52 Christopher Houston (Yellow Breeches Racing)                      
53 Rob Spillmann                                                     
54 Richard Bauch (Colavita-Bolla Racing)                             
55 Patrick Leonard (Evolution Racing)                                
DNS Carey Steelman (Lateral Stress Velo/Kelly)                       
DNS Ben Williams (A1Cycling/Potomac Velo Club)                       
DNS Tim Haitz (Team Dupont/Ritchey)                                  
Juniors 10-16
1 Michael Garretson (Yellow Breeches Racing)                    38.31
2 Zac Felpel (Redrose)                                           1.12
3 Zach Adams (Yellow Breeches Racing)                            1.58
4 Morgan Gerlak (Lsv/Kelly)                                      2.10
UCI 17-18
1 Charles Marzot                                                35.06
2 Morgan Macleod                                                 0.57
3 Noah Harwood                                                   1.23
4 Colt Mcelwaine                                                 3.16
5 Patrick Ryland                                                 3.19
1 John Hansen                                                   55.19
2 Marc Vettori (Spot Brand Whore)                                1.10
3 Matt Thompson                                                  5.28
4 Albert Green                                                   5.49
5 Eric Lowenstein (Highland Park Hermes)                             
6 Butch Ramsey (Team Bigtime)                                        
7 James Ambagis (Wooden Wheels Racing)                               

Past winners

2003 M: Todd Wells (Hundyndi)       W: Carmen D'Aluisio (Clif Bar)
2002 M: Marc Gullickson (Mongoose)  W: Carmen D'Aluisio (Clif Bar)