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Prophecy Creek Cross - C3

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, October 26, 2003


Vergegear.com Mid-Atlantic Cyclo-Cross Championship Series # 4

Trebon and D'Aluisio claim wins at Prophecy Creek Cross

By Tammy Ebersole

The second day of the Mid-Atlantic UCI double-header was held at a new venue in Blue Bell, PA that drew rave reviews from both spectators and riders. The course was quite the opposite of the previous day's course at Granogue that featured lots of climbing and tricky technical sections. The Blue Bell course was wide open and fast, really fast. Two stream crossings made things interesting and claimed a fair share of flat tires. Optimum tire pressure was a big discussion point of the day.

With a paved road start, the Elite Women's race took off at warp speed and by the time the riders hit the first section of grass, Clif Bar teammates Carmen D'Aluisio and Gina Hall had already established an impressive gap. Newly signed Colavita Bolla rider, Charm Breon was about 50 meters back and behind her sat Christine Vardaros (Velo Bella/ Sally Spicer). While D'Aluisio and Hall set about widening their lead, Vardaros got down to business and slowly reeled in Breon. By the race's halfway point, Vardaros overtook Breon, moved into third and kept on going. Working hard behind Breon was track star Sarah Uhl (Saturn). At the front of the field, D'Aluisio eventually pulled away from Hall and soloed in for her second UCI win in two days. Hall finished second and Vardaros rolled in for third. Same top three finishers both days. Breon held off Uhl who took fourth and fifth, respectively.

In the Elite Men's race Todd Wells (Mongoose/Hyundai) set out to duplicate D'Aluisio, by claiming back to back wins. Other riders were out to make sure that didn't happen. One of those riders was Saturday's runner-up, Ryan Trebon (Kona) who got the hole shot and came flying into the first grass section. Trebon's gap didn't hold and a large group of riders were together early in the race. Within that group was Jackson Stewart (Clif Bar) who attacked early on but was no match for the combined horsepower of the group. As the pace took its toll on the group, Wells, Andy Jacques-Mayne (Clif Bar) and Trebon broke free. Once free of the group, Wells and Jacques-Mayne surged, opening up a five second gap on Trebon. That gap grew slightly at times and it looked like the race was leaving Trebon. Trebon obviously had a different view of that opinion and as the riders came back into view on the next lap, Trebon had not only closed the gap, he had blown past both Wells and Jacques-Mayne.

Wells matched Trebon's attack and that put Jacques-Mayne in difficulty. As the riders got the bell Jacques-Mayne had fallen off and Trebon started to pull away from Wells. As the crowd anxiously waited at the finish line, Trebon came storming in off the pavement all alone. He had opened an impressive gap over Wells and was able to enjoy the last part of his final lap. Wells soloed in for second and Jacques-Mayne wrapped up third. Bart Bowen (Kona) put in a great ride to claim fourth place and Jackson Stewart took fifth.

The Masters 35+ race proved to be one of the most exciting of the day as Rob Hacker (Lite Bites) survived a blazing last minute charge by Chris D'Aluisio (Clif Bar) to take the win. Other winners of the day included Jamey Driscoll (GMBC/Invensys) in the Junior's race, Erica Allar (Fuji) in Women's B and Todd Cassan (Rocinante) in the Men's B race. Brian Webster (SVVC) won the Men's C category.

Next week the series moves to Bridegeton, New Jersey for Beacon Cyclo-Cross.  


Elite Men
1 Ryan Trabon (USA) Easton Kona CCA
2 Todd  Wells (USA) Mongoose
3 Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Cliff Bar
4 Bart Bowen (USA) Kona
5 Jackson Stewart (USA) Ofoto.com-Lombardi Sports
6 Charlie Storm (USA) Fuji Se
7 Michael Cody (USA) NCC / BikeReg.com
8 Gunnar Shogren (USA) Fort/GPOA Cross Racing
9 Matt White (USA) NCC / BikeReg.com
10 Andy Applegate (USA) Kona/Easton/CCA
11 Jeff Leake (USA) NCC/BikeReg.com
12 Jon Hamblen (USA) Fordi
13 Kyle Wamsley (USA) Fuji Se
14 Gregory Wittwer (USA) LSV/Trek
15 Joe Reynolds (USA) Wissahickon
16 Ryan Leech (USA) FORT/GPOA
17 Jacob Stechmann (USA) Alan Factory Team
18 Michael Yozell (USA) Wissahickon
19 Joey Thompson (USA) Balance Bar/Devo
20 Robert Lea (USA) Fuji Se
21 Nathan Deibert (USA) Faulkner Honda Racing
22 Bill Elliston (USA) YSG Racing
23 John Hanson (USA) Benidorm/Createx
Elite Women
1 Carmen D'Aluisio (USA) ClifBar
2 Gina Hall (USA) Clif Bar
3 Christie Vardaros (USA) Vello Bella / Sally Spar
4 Charmain Breon (USA) Colivita Bola
5 Sarah Uhl (USA) Saturn
6 Sinead Fitzgibbon (USA) Century Road Club
7 Katrina Davis (USA) Richard Sachs
8 Amber Itle (USA) Wissahickon
9 Susan Maclean (USA) Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team
10 Cara McCauley (USA) Asheville Bicycle Racing Club/CCA
11 Betsy Schauer (USA) FORT/GPOA
12 Erica Miller (USA) Wissahickon
13 Celeste Drumm (USA) Mean Wheels Bike Shop
14 Caitlyn Tuel (USA) Sobe Cannondale
15 Kami Trembley (USA) Essex County Velo
16 Anna Milkowski (USA) Gearworks/SpinArts
17 Lisa Most (USA) Wissahickon
18 Tammy Ebersole (USA) Evolution Racing/Independent
19 Pam Shue (USA) Wissahickon
20 Bonnie Stoeckl (USA) Evolution
21 Megan Render (USA) Team Snow Valley
22 Michelle Suplick (USA) Wissahickon
Juniors 17-18
1 Jamey Driscoll (GMBC Invensys)
2 Konrad Lebas (Richard Sachs)
3 Geoffrey Johnson (Portland Velo)
4 Gonzalo Escobar (COPPI / M SAAB)
5 Chris Ruhl (East Coast Velo)
6 Kyle Gregg (First State Velo)
Juniors 10-16
1 Kyle Gregg (First State Velo)
C - Men
1 Brian Webster (S.V.V.C.)
2 Mark Featherman (Breakaway)
3 David B. Chambliarn (Tim Cycle)
4 Jed Kornbluth (Team Bike Therapy)
5 Joseph Dickerson (Swarthmore College)
6 Todd Chewming (L.S.V.)
7 Ron Hermann (Lateral Stress Velo)
8 Christopher Stine (Cedar Bike)
9 Gustavo Sanchez (Evolution Racing)
10 Chuck Wahl
11 Rolf Windh
12 Tom Hart (Verge Test Pilot)
13 Jim Watkins (Somerset Wheelmen)
14 Benjamin Medaugh (Drive Sport)
15 Jay Rothberg (Evolution Pro Shop)
16 Greg Gorel (Somerset Wheelmen)
17 Paul Reiss
18 Daniel Hoover (Quacker City)
19 Len Depue
20 Robert Sands (Evolution Racing)
21 Peter Syre
22 Thaddeus Ziegert
23 Brian Gilmore
24 Cliff Saper (Century Road Club)
25 Daniel Warnick (Tri Speed)
B - Women
1 Erica Allar (T.E.A.M. Fuji)
2 Catherine Powers (New Canaan Cycles)
3 Rebecca Koh (CRCA / Raidcal)
4 Krista Schultz (Trispeed)
5 Karen Tourian
6 Lauri Jenkins (First State Velo Sport)
7 Andrea Brunhofer
8 Megan Metroka
9 Christina Lindsey
10 Nina Santiago (Liberty Cycle)
11 Lana Courtney
Master Men 35+
1 Robert Hacker (Team Lite Bites)
2 Christopher D'Alivisio (Cliff Bar)
3 John Verheul (Cycle-Smart)
4 Eric Schlauch (Somerset Wheelmen)
5 Robert Campos (Hampton Velo Club)
6 Richard Maile (Cliff Bar)
7 Wiliam Crecelius (Rapid Transit)
8 Ransom  Weaver (Guys Bikes)
9 Mike Hebe (Monex)
10 Christopher Long (Independent Fabrication/Gotham)
11 Bill Alcorn (Speed Goat)
12 Fred Wittwer (Charlottesville Racing Club)
13 Stephen Caffrey (First State Velo Sport)
14 Martin Jones (Somerset Wheelmen)
15 Larry Kaufman (KMK Velo)
16 Douglass Gray (First State Velo Sport)
17 Fred Handel (nittany velo club)
18 Gary Keblish (CRCA / Conrads)
19 Kirk Reisinger (Wissahickon)
20 Scott Wilson (Evolution Racing/Indy Fab)
21 Mark Elasser (Wissahickon)
23 Leo Pizzini (F.S.V.S.)
24 Robert Bobrow (TexasRoadhouse/Roark)
25 Christopher Stutz (Susquehanna V.S.)
26 Kevin Breckenmaker (Team Harrisburg)
27 John Fox (Verge Test Pilot)
28 John Lux (First Capitol Velo Club)
29 Marc Bechtold (Tri State Velo)
30 Scott Seifert (Team Harrisburg)
31 Fafar Bayart
33 Scott Reynolds (Evolution)
34 Nunzio Dibiasi (Team Harrisburg)
35 Dave Genest (Richard Sachs)
36 Charles McDaniel (Wooden Wheels)
37 Gary Dugovich (Allegheny Cycling Association)
38 Michael  Gibbons (Team Bike Therapy)
39 Cliff Saper (CRCA / Conrads)
40 Patrick Leonard (evolution racing)
41 Charles (Mike) Harvey (Breakaway)
42 Christopher Byrne (CRCA / Conrads)
43 David Mitchell (QCW/Bike Addicts)
Master Men 45+
1 Fred Wittwer (Charlottesville Racing Club)
2 Leo Pizzini (F.S.V.S.)
3 Kevin Breckenmaker (Team Harrisburg)
5 Scott Reynolds (Evolution)
6 Nunzio Dibiasi (Team Harrisburg)
7 Dave Genest (Richard Sachs)
8 Gary Dugovich (Allegheny Cycling Association)
9 Charles(Mike) Harvey (Breakaway)
B - Men
1 Todd Cassan (Rocinante)
2 Wade Hess (Team Bacon)
3 Jesse Semanchik (First State Velo Sport)
4 Chris Samuel (PRO Pedals)
5 N. Johan Anestad (Evolution Racing)
6 Chris Mayhew (FORT/GPOA)
7 Christian Skinner (Beacon Cycling)
8 Daniel Wilson (first state velo sport)
9 Jason Babcock (Nittany Velo Club)
10 Wayne Scott (First State Velo Sport)
11 Toms Mains (Ready PAC CCE)
12 Gary Keblish (CIRCA / Conrads)
13 Colin Sandberg (ESSM/GPOA Cycling Team)
14 Adam Szczepanski (Nittany Velo Club)
15 Bruce Freehoff (Beacon)
16 Drew Guldalian (Wissahickon)
17 Ethan  Townsend (LSV -Trek - VW)
18 Steve Craig (Monex)
19 Alan Buday (Rotations Racing)
20 Brendan Marshall (Team Beacon)
21 Taylor Jones (Cycling Spoken Here/App. State Univ.)
22 Erik Desilva (Drexel University)
23 Andrew Neumann (Evolution Racing)
24 Ray Ignosh (Monkey Hill)
26 Justin Polinski (Skyline Bicycle)
27 Eric Morgan (Wissahickon)
28 Elliot McAllister
29 Andrew Albright (Aquafina)
30 Brian Burgess (Team Beacon)
31 Nate Simms (N. Atlantic Velo)
32 Ian Sandberg (Evolution Racing)
33 Craig Callan (Highland Park Hermes)
34 Jay Downs (A1 Guinnes)
35 John Linvill (Main Line Cycle Club)
36 Jeffrey R. Guy (Speedgoat/Allegheny Cycling Association)
37 Shawn Johnson (Lateral Stress Velo)
38 Nick Rinker (First Capital Velo)