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Chainbiter 5.0 'Cross - C3

Farmington, USA, November 30, 2003

2002 Results     Results    Past winners

McCormack and Milkowski Win at Chainbiter 5.0

By Nathan Mealey

Mens B race leaders
Photo ©: Paul Weiss
Mens B race 3rd place Alan Starrett (Bikeman.com)
Photo ©: Paul Weiss
Katrina Davis (Richard Sachs)
Photo ©: Paul Weiss
Anna Milkowski and Marriane Stover
Photo ©: Paul Weiss
The kids
Photo ©: Paul Weiss

With many of the big hitters at their home bases on the West Coast, today was a day where the top riders in New England would square off against one another in round four of the Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series, the Chainbiter 5.0 Cyclo-Cross, organized by former National Cyclo-Cross Champion and 1992 World team Time Trial Champion Jan Tanner.

McCormack Takes a Double Victory

Lining up at the start of the menıs elite race, all eyes were on US Pro Road Champion Mark McCormack (Saturn) and rising star Jeremy Powers (NCC/BikeReg.com), who many expected to fight it out for the win. But it was Powersı teammate and fellow under-23 rider Michael Cody (NCC/BikeReg.com) who got the hole shot and led through the first sand pit. But McCormack used the first sand pit to launch an attack that no one else at the front could follow, and he quickly opened up a gap on the field. Behind, Powers was caught in traffic, and had to work his way through the field as McCormack rode away. By the end of the 2nd lap he had caught and passed the chase group of Michael Cody, Mike House (CSK America), and Johs Huseby (Fiordi Frutta/Wheelworks) and set off in a solo pursuit of McCormack. Behind the two leaders, the chase group was gradually reeled in by a small group of riders, including Ben Turner (7-Up/Maxxis) who had suffered a mechanical on the first lap and was mired in traffic for most of the race. As McCormack soloed home for the victory, and Powers soloed in for 2nd place, Cody attacked the chase group and claimed the final podium spot, while Turner finished close behind him for 4th, and the big day for the NCC/BikeReg.com team continued as Matt White won the sprint for 5th. Notably, in the race for under-23 national ranking points, the trio of Powers, Cody, and White (all of NCC/BikeReg.com) finished 1-2-3.

With the victory McCormack also took over 1st spot in the Verge NECCS rankings, displacing the absent Marc Gullickson. Powers continues to lead the series under-23 overall rankings.

Milkowski and Stover Double-Up for Gearworks/SpinArts

The womenıs elite race was a team-affair from start to finish. Heading into the first sand pit Marianne Stover (Gearworks/SpinArts) attacked the field and established a solid gap over a chase group containing her teammate Anna Milkowski, Katrina Davis (Richard Sachs), and Maureen Bruno (Dankso/Wheelworks). By the end of the 2nd lap they had reeled Stover in, at which point the teammates turned on the gas, and began building an insurmountable lead over Davis and Bruno. With 2 laps to go, Milkowski turned up the heat, gradually establishing the winning gap. Stover raced home for 2nd on the day, and Bruno outsprinted Davis for the final podium spot.

The victory catapulted Milkowski into the overall lead of the Verge NECCS. And amid rumors that last yearıs NECCS champion Mary McConneloug may be done for the season, Milkowski could be the woman to beat for the remainder of the season.

Other winners on the day included John Verheul (Cycle-Smart) in the Masters 35+, who also retained his lead in the series overall standings; Jamey Driscoll (GMBC/Invensys), who continued his dominance of the Juniors category, winning his 4th straight Verge NECCS race; Max Kullaway (Hup United) in the B Mens race; Andrew Hollepeter (Bethel Cycle) in the C Mens race; Brenda Bahnson (Independent Fabrications) in the C Womens race; and Wayne Barlow (Coyote Hill) in the C Masters race.

Round five of the Verge NECCS will move on to South Kingston, Rhode Island for the W.E. Stedman Grand-Prix of Cyclo-Cross, on December 7th.

PhotographyChainbiter 5.0 'Cross

Images by Paul Weiss/www.paulweiss.bz


1 Mark McCormack (Saturn)                              58.50
2 Jeremy Powers (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                       0.36
3 Michael Cody (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                        0.54
4 Ben Turner (7Up/Maxxis)                               1.00
5 Matt White (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                          1.08
6 Jonathan Hamblen (Fior Di Frutta)                     1.15
7 Johannes Huseby (Fiordifrutta/Wheelworks)                 
8 Matt Suatek (Sportsbook.Com)                          1.27
9 Mike House (Csk America)                              1.41
10 Matt Kraus (Independent Fabrication)                 2.18
11 Jonathan Bruno (Essex County Velo)                   2.50
12 Jeff Leake (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                         3.05
13 Sean Groom (Squadra Coppi)                               
14 Chris Peck (Fiordifrutta/Wheelworks)                 3.34
15 Noah Taylor                                          3.55
16 Andrew Freye (Giant Bicycles)                        5.03
17 Daniel Coady (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                       6.26
One lap behind
18 David Allen (Khsnm.Com)                                  
19 John Burns                                               
Under 23
1 Jeremy Powers (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                      59.26
2 Michael Cody (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                        0.18
3 Matt White (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                          0.32
4 Mike House (Csk America)                              1.05
5 Andrew Freye (Giant Bicycles)                         4.27
1 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks-Spinarts)                  33.54
2 Marianne Stover (Gearworks/Spinarts Cycling Team)     0.32
3 Maureen Bruno (Dansko Wheelworks)                     1.13
4 Katrina Davis (Richard Sachs)                             
5 Sara Cushman (Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team)      2.14
6 Pauline Frascone (Arc-N-Ciel)                         2.29
7 Kerry Litka (Dansko/Wheelworks)                           
8 Rebecca Wellons (Nebc/Cycleloft)                      2.33
9 Darcy Cornell (Dansko Wheelworks)                     2.34
10 Maryann Martinez (Ccb)                               2.46
11 Susan Maclean (Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team)    2.56
12 Celeste Drumm (Mean Wheels Bike Shop)                3.01
13 Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs)                        3.57
14 Stephanie White (Dansko/Wheelworks)                  5.22
15 Katherine Farago                                     6.35
Masters 35+/45+
1 John Verheul (Cycle-Smart)                           47.42
2 John Funk (Fiordifrutta/Ridgefield Bank)              0.04
3 Michael Bernard (Gearworks/Spin Arts)                 0.13
4 Mark Stotz (Cyclonauts)                                   
5 Scott Wade (Gearworks/Spinarts)                       0.31
6 Tim Haitz (Dupont/Ritchey)                                
7 Jonny Bold (Cccc/Corner Cycle)                        1.06
8 Paul Boudreau (Ecv)                                   1.27
9 Christopher Long (Independent Fabrication/Gotham)     1.41
10 Matthew Domnarski (Cyclonauts Racers)                2.07
11 Steve Dudley (Bicycle Link)                              
12 Al Senft (Nuvo/Bicycle Action Project)               2.12
13 Paul Curley (Gearworks)                              2.37
14 Timothy Groesbeck (Ccb)                              3.00
15 James Walsh (Cox Communication)                      3.06
16 William Sawyer (Gearworks)                           3.10
17 David Rath (Team Gmbc)                               3.24
18 Paul Nyberg (Benidorm/Eastern Bloc)                      
19 Robert Bisson (Gearworks/Spin Arts)                  3.29
20 Ken Gonsalves (Housatonic Wheel Club)                3.35
21 Gray Eldridge (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)                
22 Kevin Callahan (Bicycle Link)                        4.21
23 Ron Gutierrez (Sycip)                                4.31
24 Greg Pelican (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)                   
25 Paul Lynch (Bicycle Link)                            4.39
26 Alan Buday (Rotations Racing)                        4.56
27 Phil Bannister (Putney/West Hill)                    5.07
28 Paul Lapierre (Capital Velo Club/Pig Iron Sports)    5.12
29 John Mosher (Nebc/Cycle Loft)                        5.15
30 Christopher Smith                                    5.41
31 Peter Crowley (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                      5.49
32 Rob Belcher (Bicycle Link)                           5.52
33 Chris Milliman (Putney/West Hill)                    6.01
34 Michael Tucker (Berkshire Cycling Assoc.)            6.11
35 Tom Macniven (Hampton Velo)                          6.15
36 Kevin Glenn (Unattached)                                 
37 David Schachte (Providence Velo Club)                6.24
38 John Baker (Putney/West Hill)                        6.34
39 Geoff Sullivan (Eastern Bloc/Benidorm)               6.44
40 Wayne Cunningham (Nebc/Cycle Loft)                       
41 Richard Brown (Nhcc)                                 6.50
42 Tim Shea (Bob)                                       7.32
One lap behind
43 Paul Weiss (Portland Velo Club)                          
44 Mark Gunsalus (Bike Barn Racing)                         
45 Richard Sachs (Richard Sachs)                            
46 David Genest (Richard Sachs)                             
47 Stephen Cruickshank (Boston Road Club/Ata Cycles)        
48 Paul Alachoyan (Team Bike Alley)                         
49 Matthew Carpenter (Team Edge/Bikers Edge)                
50 Theo Kindermans (Cyclocrossworld.Com)                    
51 Richard Costa (Unattached)                               
52 Patrick Ferri (Unattached)                               
1 Scott Wade (Gearworks/Spinarts)                      48.13
2 Paul Curley (Gearworks)                               2.06
3 Timothy Groesbeck (Ccb)                               2.29
4 William Sawyer (Gearworks)                            2.39
5 David Rath (Team Gmbc)                                2.53
6 Phil Bannister (Putney/West Hill)                     4.36
7 Peter Crowley (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                       5.18
8 Tom Macniven (Hampton Velo)                           5.44
9 Kevin Glenn (Unattached)                                  
10 David Schachte (Providence Velo Club)                5.53
11 Geoff Sullivan (Eastern Bloc/Benidorm)               6.13
One lap behind
12 Richard Sachs (Richard Sachs)                            
13 David Genest (Richard Sachs)                             
14 Paul Alachoyan (Team Bike Alley)                         
1 Jamey Driscoll (Gmbc)                                47.19
2 Charles Marzot (Corner Cycle Cycling Club)            2.08
3 Noah Harwood (Daigel Corp/Nhjca)                      2.11
4 Morgan Macleod (Portland Velo/Jamis)                  3.29
5 Mike Wickman (Peerless/Hnecc)                         3.42
6 Tucker Olander (Peerless/Hnecc)                       4.49
7 Ian Gordon (Unattached)                                   
8 Jon Belcher (Bicycle Link)                            4.57
9 Timothy Halliday (Pedals N Packs)                     5.38
10 Will Dugan (Unattached)                              5.46
11 Jerome Townsend (Team Bicycle Alley)                 6.24
12 Ben Mills (Hampton Cycle)                            6.34
13 Patrick Goguen (Nebc)                                8.13
B Men
1 Maxwell Kullaway (Hup United)                        48.12
2 Steve Rescigno (Bethel Cycle)                         0.08
3 Alan Starrett (Bikeman.Com)                           0.33
4 Anthony Alessio (Remax)                               0.38
5 Tom Hopper (Rei/Team Novara)                          0.43
6 Andrew Crooks (If/Hampton Velo)                           
7 Matt Demeis                                               
8 David Connery (Boston Bicycle Club/Community)             
9 Stuart Jensen (Benidorm/Eastern Bloc)                     
10 Donald Snoop (Verge Test Pilot)                      1.38
11 Ari Dewilde (Benidorm/Eastern Bloc)                      
12 Jeff Murray                                              
13 Mike Magur (Verge Sport)                                 
14 David Keefe (Boston Bicycle Club)                    2.13
15 Brant Hornberger (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                       
16 John Legere (Benidorm/Eastern Bloc)                      
17 Peter Rubijono (B2C/Community Bicycle Supply)            
18 Zac Daab (Hup United)                                    
19 Daniel Abbe (Unattached)                             2.54
20 Chris Brown (Corner Cycle)                               
21 Todd Crisafulli (North Atlantic Velo/Mercury Web)    3.03
22 Brian Rutter (Berlin Bike )                          3.12
23 Joe Rodrigues (Bike Alley)                               
24 Jerome Hughes (Rei/Team Novara)                          
25 Steve Roszko (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                           
26 Joel Dexter (Bikeman.Com)                                
27 Wayne Maceyka (Brc/Ata Cycles)                           
28 Wade Summers (Benidorm/Eastern Bloc)                     
29 James Coropask (Tokeneke Road Club)                      
30 Damien Colfer (Nhcc)                                 4.16
31 William Palm (Uc - Berkeley Cycling)                     
32 Ethan Parsons (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                          
33 Mike Spangenberg (Bca/Tosk)                              
34 Joshua Thiel (Outlaw Bicycles)                           
35 Sam Stevens (Berlin Bike, East Berlin Ct)                
36 David Rath (Gmbc)                                        
37 Ben Harper (Verge Sport)                                 
38 Jude Demeis (Unattached)                                 
39 Hunter Pronovost (Gruppo Spoztivo)                       
40 David Drumm (Mean Wheels Bike Shop)                      
41 Matt Soucy (Vernon Cycle)                                
One lap behind
42 Mark Robson (Team Bicycle Alley)                         
43 Rory Mason (Stage 1 Cycling)                             
44 David Spore (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)                
45 Nathan Mealey (Cycle-Smart)                              
46 Ross Krause (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                            
47 William Keller (Necsa/Mike Fraysse)                      
48 Jed Kornbluh (Team Bicycle Therapy)                      
49 Anthony Parent (North Haven Bike)                        
50 Tim Shea (Bob)                                           
51 Richard Rude (Cycle Center Racing)                       
52 Brian Koski (Stage/Mercury)                              
53 Nate Rex (Cycle Center Racing)                           
54 Thomas Carr                                              
C Men
1 Andrew Hollopeter (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)          45.29
2 Ryan Barlow (Necsa)                                   0.34
3 Jason Hughes (Unattached)                             1.26
4 Ray Hoff (Unattached)                                 2.02
5 Royce Yeomans (Unattached)                            2.41
6 James Dowling (Maine Cycling Club/Rainbow)                
7 Kurt Zimmerman (Unattached)                           3.28
8 Greg Martin (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)                 3.42
9 Darius Greenbacher (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                  4.03
10 Robert Bauer (Minuteman Road Club)                   4.24
11 Mike Provost (Arc-En-Ciel)                               
12 John Smey                                                
13 David Saquet (NCC)                                   4.51
14 John Meyerle (Unattached)                            5.14
15 Kenneth Hamel (Afd/Osvc)                                 
16 Benjamin Moore (Team Berlin Bike)                        
17 Ernest Muzzatti (Nautilus Velo Club)                     
18 Joshua Owen (Laurel Bicycle Club)                    5.27
19 Aaron Bean (Unattached)                              6.03
20 Jay Mongillo (Nautilus Velo Club)                    6.10
21 Rob Magadini (Housatonic Wheel Club)                 6.18
22 Chris Carlton (Team Good Boys)                       7.00
23 Dan Barrett                                          7.16
24 Bill Doonan                                              
25 Bill Callahan (Nautilus Velo Club)                   7.25
26 Ralph Gulemmo (East End Cycle Team)                  7.40
27 Edward C Parsons Jr (Essex County Velo)              7.51
28 Yuri Whitehead (Housatonic Wheel Club)               8.01
One lap behind
29 Frank Dally                                              
30 Sean Grady (Team Good Boys)                              
31 Andrew Kaplan (Nautilus Velo Club)                       
32 Mark Flynn (Mudhounds)                                   
33 Chris Desena (North Haven Bike)                          
C Women
1 Brenda Bahnson (Independent Fabrication)             53.30
2 Melanie Swartz (Squadra Coppi)                            
One lap behind
3 Jenn Magur (Verge Sport)                                  
4 Tracy Elmes (Brc/Ata Cycles)                              
5 Laura Jensen (Eastern Bloc Cycling Club)                  
6 Sheila Senft (Airborne.Net)                               
7 Rachel Brown (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                            
8 Michele Smith (Boston Cross)                              
9 Courtney Lana (Unattached)                                
10 Christine Beriau (Bike Alley)                            
11 Lesli Comp (Team Berlin Bike)                            
12 Donna Lacasse (Bca)                                      
13 Sarah Hewitt (Rage/Harpoon)                              
14 Susan Harris (Unattached)                                
Two laps behind
15 Dorothy Held (Dansko Wheelworks)                         
C Masters 35+/45+
1 Wayne Barlow (Coyote Hill)                           46.03
2 Michael Dameron (Cox Communications)                  0.24
3 Eric Marro (Bob)                                          
4 Ron Deangelis (Cox Communications)                    1.08
5 James Patterson (Unattached)                          1.33
6 Jeff Papineau (Cyclonauts)                                
7 Michael Olbrys (Nebc/Cycleloft)                           
8 David Reed (Aurora Cycle Club)                            
9 Rick Comshaw (Cvc)                                        
10 Doug Aspinwall (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                     1.49
11 David McHale (Unattached)                            1.59
12 Michael Schmidt                                      3.18
13 Steve White                                          3.35
14 Joe Sconzo (Cycle Fitness Racing)                    3.43
15 David Singleton (Pfizer Cyclists)                        
16 Anthony Pace (Eastern Bloc Cycling)                  3.50
17 Bruce Thompson (Minutemen Road Club)                 4.53
18 Paul Crowley (Mbl Missing Link)                      5.21
19 Thomas Downey (Mbrc)                                 5.36
20 Dave Beals (Cbrc/Ck Cycles)                              
21 Jim Quinn (Bicycle Link)                             5.52
22 Richard Tallberg (Don's Cycle)                       6.05
23 Brian Bicki (Team Hawaiian/Vittorio)                     
24 Garabed Minasian (Mm Bicycle)                        6.13
25 Mike Troisi (Chocksett Inn Racing)                   7.02
26 James Chopas (Boston Road Club)                      7.27
27 Skip Kuzel (Cox Communications)                      8.17
28 Dan Tieger (Essex County Velo)                           
One lap behind
29 Joe Ceppelelli (NCC/Bikereg.Com)                         
30 Tim Kelley (State Line Cycles)                           
31 Jim Merrifield (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)             
32 Paul Brais (Team Hawaiian/Vittorio)                      
33 David Rioux (Boston Road Club)                           
34 Jerry White                                              
C masters 45+
1 Ron Deangelis (Cox Communications)                   47.11
2 Michael Schmidt                                       2.10
3 Steve White                                           2.27
4 Bruce Thompson (Minutemen Road Club)                  3.45
5 Paul Crowley (Mbl Missing Link)                       4.13
6 Thomas Downey (Mbrc)                                  4.28
7 Dave Beals (Cbrc/Ck Cycles)                               
8 Jim Quinn (Bicycle Link)                              4.44
9 Brian Bicki (Team Hawaiian/Vittorio)                      
10 Garabed Minasian (Mm Bicycle)                        5.05
11 Dan Tieger (Essex County Velo)                           
One lap behind
12 Jim Merrifield (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)             
13 Paul Brais (Team Hawaiian/Vittorio)                      
14 Jerry White                                              

Past winners

2002 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose/Hyundai)  Mary McConneloug (Seven Cycles)