If you would like to reach the largest Internet Audience of cyclists around the world, www.cyclingnews.com offers a wide range of cost-effective and targeted advertising packages.

Since its inception in 1995, Cyclingnews has grown to become the worldwide leader on the Internet for the sport of cycling, with a growing and dedicated readership in 90 countries around the world.

A campaign on Cyclingnews can provide exposure to tens of thousands of cyclists around the world. Not only are they interested in cycling products - they also travel, eat, entertain themselves and use the Internet.

Who do you reach?
Our audience rules! They are knowledgeable and passionate about their chosen sport. Based on demographic survey data, Cyclingnews readers range from professional racers at the highest level, team management, cycling industry executives, through to tens of thousands of cyclists from around the globe.

In a snapshot, some 74.2 per cent of Cyclingnews readers are active bike racers who spend thousands of dollars each year on their chosen sport - from tyres and tubes through to travel. The majority of the audience are males with 65 per cent of the audience aged between 25 and 42, and 99 per cent of our audience own and ride bikes regularly.

Where do they live?
The Cyclingnews audience lives in over 90 countries around the world, with the major markets being North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The most recent traffic audit showed that in April, 2001, the site served over 4.3 million page impressions. To enhance accuracy, Cyclingnews is now tracking "user sessions", which is a series of pages served in an unbroken sequence from within the site to the same user. The most recent audit shows that each day the site records over 80,000 user sessions - and growing. All audience figures quoted on Cyclingnews are analysed and audited by the independent Circulations Audit Board (CAB).

How can I reach them?
Cyclingnews offers advertisers the ability to target specific countries and regions, so if you are only interested in the USA or Asia Pacific - then we can make sure your message is only sent to those countries.

Cyclingnews can also offer tracking and counting of clickthroughs to enhance the accountability of your marketing program.

To learn more about advertising online and obtain copies of the official Web site traffic audits and a detailed Media Kit with full demographic data, please contact advertising@cyclingnews.com

There are other sites - what makes Cyclingnews special?

  • Content
  • readership
  • audience size
  • credibility
  • currency

Content - Cyclingnews provides global coverage of a global sport

Quality readership - based on survey data, our readers live in 90 countries around the world; are knowledgeable, educated and in full employment. In addition, riders in the pro peloton are regular readers, as well as their managers, mechanics, soigneurs, friends, family and team-mates from home.

A big audience, independently audited - Cyclingnews has audits performed by an independent authority - the Circulations Audit Board (CAB). The traffic figures we quote are their's.

Credibility - Cyclingnews' journalists share (dare we say it) over 60 years editorial experience. Our reports and interviews are known for their accuracy, fairness, Dr Jeff's dry wit, independence and occasionally, brutal honesty. Cyclingnews' reports and photos are often quoted or used by major metropolitan newspapers around the world.

Currency - cycling is a sport about speed and endurance, and Cyclingnews takes pride in bringing you the results, live reports and news as soon as it happens.

Where did Cyclingnews come from?
Cyclingnews was started in 1995 by Professor Bill Mitchell, a professor of economics at the University of Newcastle and active bike racer. It was acquired in September 1999 by Knapp Communications Pty Limited, a Sydney-based publisher of high-end Information Technology magazines, including Image & Data Manager, idm.net.au (Image and Data Manager's companion website), and Internet World Australia.

Knapp Communications has used its resources and knowledge of the Internet to develop the site and grow the audience, which is now increasing by 300 per cent per annum.

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